Dolphins stick with the two-QB plan, cut McLeod Bethel-Thompson

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The Dolphins continued to stick with two quarterbacks, as they released McLeod Bethel-Thompson and Josh Freeman today.

That leaves Matt Moore as the only backup to Ryan Tannehill, though that wasn’t completely unexpected.

They freed up veteran kicker Caleb Sturgis for future kickball action, going with rookie Andrew Franks there instead.

The Dolphins also released wide receiver Damarr Aultman, center Sam Brenner, defensive tackle Deandre Coleman, linebacker James Davidson, defensive end Emmanuel Dieke, running back Mike Gillislee, wide receiver Cobi Hamilton, tackle Donald Hawkins, linebacker Mike Hull, defensive tackle Anthony Johnson, safety Don Jones, guard Michael Liedtke, linebacker Jeff Luc, tight end Tim Semisch, tight end Jake Stoneburner, kicker Caleb Sturgis, safety Cedric Thompson, linebacker Jordan Tripp and tackle Aundrey Walker.

They also waived-injured wide receiver Christion Jones.

20 responses to “Dolphins stick with the two-QB plan, cut McLeod Bethel-Thompson

  1. Good Riddance to Caleb Sturgis… The reason the Dolphins did not have 9 or even 10 wins. No real surprises except Brenner a decent, versatile backup for Center and Guard. However, Tripp is the only real loss. He can play,but has been injured for the last year now. Time to move on. The Dolphins Starters were the #1 Offense and the only team that did not give up a single TD in Pre-Season. However, lack of depth is a concern. Fingers crossed for no injuries!!

  2. I think we were all rooting for a clean slate, even if it does mean taking a chance. Sturgis should have been cut after the 2013 season. Glad to hit the reset button.

  3. Wow a couple of these names came out of no where. Anthony Johnson, Jordan Tripp, Sam Brenner to name a few. So I might be mistaken but the Dolphins currently only have 2 TE’s on the roster, no real back up to Pouncey at center, and 3 running backs with Jay sidelined with a broken rib. I hope they know what they’re doing! Johnson will get picked up by someone, kinda shocked they weren’t able to get at least a conditional pick for him.

  4. …..Sturgis should have been cut last year. It seems if a coach wants TO REALLY put his mark on the team…they have to bring thier own choice as kicker. So the NFL has 6 rookie kickers….jags…browns…dolphins…bucs. and chargers and broncos…Wow…dont look for job security if your a kicker.

  5. Look, we all know that sometimes coaches just want an “extra arm’ in camp, that has no chance of being on the club…but will take some reps so the real QBs don’t work too hard.

    but “McLeod Bethel-Thompson” ?? C’mon, that’s obviously a made up name!! :p

  6. There are a couple surprises. Brenner, Tripp, Jones and Hull. I noticed Will Davis is still on the 53 (unless I missed a trade). I thought Brenner would be the backup center and was really hoping Hull would make it (he will get claimed)

  7. Thank goodness Sturgis has gone. He was horrible last season. I am surprised Sam Brenner has been cut, he was the backup centre.

  8. 1)Good to hear Hewitt(LB), Davis(CB) and Thomas (FS) is still on the roster…

    2)Looking forward to Tannehill(QB) scoring with the deep pass early and O. Vernon(DE) making opponents lose from the backfield just like he did in 2013!!!

    3)Hopefully there’s a chance we can look at C. Chancellor(FS) and veteran MLB…

    4)Surprised C. Jones (PR/KR) didn’t go to PUP (if even possible)…

  9. Yeah that QB name sounds like the collage playing the U of M today.

    Don Jones was a staple on ST. They may want Trusnik back. If ST falters. Got 6 Wr’s now.

  10. There are no doubt two or three of these guy’s will make the PS. Bethel Thompson being one. I am very surprised to see Brenner on the list….

    But it has now become very clear that The Dolphins are steadily trimming away any player who’s developmental rate isn’t well above average.

    Miami usually doesn’t go poaching right after training camp… I’m laying that is no longer true with Tannenbaum in the house.

  11. WR Damarr Aultman
    QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson
    C Sam Brenner
    DT Deandre Coleman
    LB James Davidson
    DE Emmanuel Dieke
    RB Mike Gillislee
    WR Cobi Hamilton
    S Don Jones
    G/T Michael Liedtke
    LB Jeff Luc
    TE Tim Semisch
    LB Jeff Luc
    T Aundrey Walker
    WR Christion Jones (injured)
    QB Josh Freeman
    TE Jake Stoneburner
    K Caleb Sturgis
    S Cedric Thompson
    T Donald Hawkins
    L Mike Hull
    DT Anthony Johnson

    For PT I would like
    C Sam Brenner
    RB Mike Gillislee
    S Don Jones
    LB Jeff Luc
    L Mike Hull
    DT Anthony Johnson

  12. I’m a little bummed about Jordan Tripp being cut, not a first string player but plenty of potential to be one if you ask me. I know Sturgis didn’t have the greatest year last year but I’m also a little bummed about that cut as well (not losing sleep over that one) it’s just hard to say goodbye to a player like that, say what you want but he’s a Damn good kicker all around… not the best but pretty Damn good

  13. Hull might not get claimed. If someone claims him, he has to be on their 53 man roster. He looked good, but not ready. I suspect he’ll clear and Miami will be able to keep him.

    Johnson is the one that will almost certainly be claimed by someone. For any team with DE issues, he’s ready to play now…

  14. Johnson will Def be claimed. Brenner is a koss. We will need a back up versatile lkneman. And please don’t screw up the chemistry of the DBs by going after over rated Kam Chancellor

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