Eagles cut Tim Tebow


Out-playing Matt Barkley in the preseason wasn’t enough to earn Tim Tebow a roster spot in Philadelphia.

The Eagles have released Tebow, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

That means Philadelphia is going with just two quarterbacks, Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez. There was some talk that Eagles coach Chip Kelly liked Tebow’s mobility enough to keep him on the roster and use him in certain situations, but in the end Kelly decided not to use a roster spot on a third-string quarterback.

It’s still possible that Tebow could return to the Eagles at some point this season, if Bradford or Sanchez suffers an injury, or if Kelly decides to add a third quarterback. It’s unlikely that any other team will sign Tebow, which means he’ll be available to the Eagles if they decide to call.

But for now, anyway, Tebow is out of the NFL. He’ll likely go back to working as a commentator for SEC football, and wait for his phone to ring.

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  1. But wait..all of the “experts” said he had made the team when they traded the other backup to the Cardinals.

    Just goes to show, no one really knows anything at all.

  2. Like throwing deck chairs off the Titanic. Hilariously bad defense, overrated offense. 2 wins at best. #ZeroSuperbowlsForever

    NFC East Standings 2015
    Washington REDSKINS 12-4
    The New York Team 6-10
    The Dallas Team 5-11
    The Philadelphia Team 2-14

  3. Get your head out of your behind and change positions. This Tebow guy has become an epic failure of a man. How much NFL money and endorsments has he missed out on just for not playing another position. WOWOWOWOWOWOW just WOWOOWOW.

  4. He had his chances.

    Oh Well. Would have liked to see him succeed.

    It will be difficult now for anyone to credibly say anything other than ability kept him out of the NFL.

  5. I always liked Tebow, but was worried about his accuracy and QB skills. That last game showed me otherwise, when it was apparent that he did learn from previous flaws in his game. He was dead-on with most of his passes, and that last TD, when he was running for the endzone but threw the ball instead was a learning moment from the 3rd preseason game when he had a open receiver in the endzone but decided to run it in instead. He learns, and that’s a great sign. Hopefully he has another chance soon.

  6. That’s too bad. I think Tebow is a great ambassador for the game of football. He sets a fantastic standard for what NFL players SHOULD be vs. what of a lot of them are in terms of how they handle themselves both on and off the field. I wish himthebest, but he’ll be fine, guys like him will always have opportunities in life.

  7. Bradford, historically, is unlikely to hold up for an entire regular season. So, if Bradford goes down especially before post-season, then you’re stuck with The Sanchize again to get you through. That is a “low percentage” formula for success.

  8. Tebow has gotten plenty of chances over the years and EVERY TEAM has cut him. It’s nothing personal it’s just the fact that he isn’t very good.

  9. Well this is surprising. How long now until the Eagles are smited and Bradford goes down with another knee injury?

  10. johnnieaborigine says:
    Sep 5, 2015 12:33 PM

    RGIII will be traded to the Eagles

    Nobody is taking on that contract!

  11. Haters gonna hate. Interesting reading the comments here. I don’t know what Mr. Tebow has to make people hate him so much; from what I’ve seen he is an exemplary young man. Maybe he shows them what they aren’t and the conviction, rather than causing self improvement, causes anger in these folks. Perhaps he’s not an NFL quarterback, but I don’t understand why that causes so much hate towards him. Good luck to him in whatever he finds himself doing.

  12. Tebow DESERVES a chance to play in the NFL. After all, he’s only been cut by the Broncos, Jets, Patriots and Eagles! There are still 28 other teams who haven’t given him a chance. That’s not fair!

  13. The football gods are fickle and Timmy got screwed by the fickle finger of fate.

    When a dud like RG 3 can sit on his butt this season and collect big bucks to pick his nose, Tim Tebow got a pink slip for playing a fine last game of the pre season.

    Go figure-

  14. Matt Leinert also couldn’t play in the NFL. A lotta college systems don’t translate to the NFL.
    AND maybe the Eagles will call Tim later but I just wouldn’t buy any Tebow jerseys.
    Now the Eagles must have an emergency QB but I don’t have any idea who that would be, do you?

  15. I feel for guys like Tebow. Puts it all out there for 10-15 years to follow a dream. Is better than 98% of folks that play football just to make it this far. And gets nothing but ridicule when he gets cut. Rather than making fun of people like Tebow, we should be praising them for their courage. It sure doesn’t take any courage for folks like us to sit on our fannies writing these posts behind the anonymity of our fake user names.
    Good job Tim. And best of luck in whatever you do next.

  16. Chip makes 2nd mistake…should have Dumped Sanchez, he’s yesterday’s newspaper. What do you do with it?
    Wise to keep Barkley & Tebow. They’ll need it, wait & see…

  17. How do you roll with 2 QB’s when your starter has paper knees? Tebow will be back – MARK IT!

  18. I was not a Tebow fan and didn’t want the Eagles to sign Tebow.

    That said it really pisses me off to see so many people try and kick this guy at every chance just because he doesn’t hide his religion!

    Is this the new America?

    Really sad to see so many people just delight he got cut.

  19. xpensivewinos says:

    I thought he looked pretty good the other night………


    Against 3rd and 4th stringers.

    This shouldn’t need to be pointed out.

  20. A number of college QB’s have changed position in order to make it in the pro level. Tebow seems to have talents which translate to someone keeping him at another position. His feeling he can be a QB in spite of being cut a number of times is a good example of not adjusting your thinking to advance your career. Foolish for a seemingly intelligent guy.

  21. Trapshhoot; A lot of players work hard and deserve a chance. WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT ONE GOSH DARN MINUTE; TIM TEBOW HAS HAD 5 CHANCES IN THE NFL, “FIVE” CHANCES and you say that he deserves “A” chance? JUST WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Please explain.

  22. I feel for guys like Tebow. Puts it all out there for 10-15 years to follow a dream. Is better than 98% of folks that play football just to make it this far. And gets nothing but ridicule when he gets cut. Rather than making fun of people like Tebow, we should be praising them for their courage. It sure doesn’t take any courage for folks like us to sit on our fannies writing these posts behind the anonymity of our fake user names.
    Good job Tim. And best of luck in whatever you do next.
    Give me a break. How many medicare QB’s have come and gone in this league? All these guys have word their butts off to get where they are, not just Tebow. Do you praise every player for their “courage” when they get cut?
    Bottom line is, he didn’t turn out to be the next Great White Hope that all of you expected and youre upset. You don’t have to admit it. This time.

  23. Meanwhile that train wreck of a team in DC just demoted RG3 to third string. Hahahaha. Speaking of deck chairs on the Titanic. Maybe Tebow can QB the deadskins

  24. Will TT please go to Canada and play there.he has proven for years that he isnt NFL quality.if you aint got it you just aint got it and poor Timmy aint got it.

  25. Looks like Sanchez was right about this one. Tebow was brought in just to be a camp arm. I realize football is a business but I just lost a ton of respect for Chip Kelly and the Eagles. If I were Tebow, I would let the Eagles blow and move on with a new career.

  26. Thursday night’s game was the best Tebow has ever looked throwing the ball. I’d keep him over Sanchez.

    When Tim plays, the guys are going to expect to win. That’s half the battle right there.

  27. This is where Tim Tebow being Tim Tebow works against him. He definitely played well enough to be a 3rd string QB.

    BUT because of the media coverage, the circus around him and everything it isnt worth having him just sit there on the bench while everyone wonders when he’ll play? Does Chip have plans for him? Is he going to be in on 2 pt conversions? What if Bradford gets hurt who plays next?

    If his name were John Doe he’d be an Eagle right now

  28. Maybe he will just fadeaway into his good charity and evangelical work. I sure hope he takes all the Tebowites with him.

  29. Chip will be back on the College sidelines next year after going 4-12 this year. To cut Tebow after going through all of that shows a low character and quite a bit of nastiness. Chip knew all along that he would go with 2 QBs, so why fool both Tebow and the public that cheers for him? Hopefully, Tim will get signed elsewhere, and when the Eagles need a backup, they will have to get somebody like Josh Freeman or Terrell Pryor. Chip Kelly is not only a loser, he is now in God’s gunsight!

  30. He’s not an NFL QB. How much more evidence is needed? And no, it’s not because he believes in God. Kurt Warner was never blackballed for all his religious babble, was he?

  31. wow..I thought he’d make it, he looked good the other night. Too bad. I was rooting for him. Best of luck to him in the future. I always liked watching him though, he was always exciting.

  32. Most folks don’t dislike Tim Tebow, he is a really good guy. They are just sick and tired of the Tebow worshipers and the circus that follows him around.

  33. Credit Chip Kelly with getting something out of him.

    If Bradford gets hurt, the Eagles can bring him up to be the backup.

  34. Kelly is a great coach, and may even affect pro football in a way similar to his impact on NCAA ball. Tebow is a great human being however, often giving more than taking. At the present among a larger cast of sometimes doubtful characters, Tebow would have added an element of personal integrity to a league and sport which is sometimes lacking those essential qualities.

  35. I don’t know why Chip Kelly brought Tebow in if he didn’t do enough to make the team. Everyone knows he is a gamer not a practice player. He did more than what could have been expected of him in a preseason format. It just turns out to be a waste of time for Chip Kelly, Tebow, and everyone else involved now.

  36. Thank goodness. I thought Kelly had lost his mind by acquiring him in the first place. Tebow can’t hit a barn door with a John Deere tractor! I hope this ends the Tebow saga. One that should have never started to begin with.

  37. The cynic in me suspects Chip Kelly invited Tebow to camp merely to cut him after making it look like Tebow had a chance to make the team; this would shut up the likes Lesean McCoy, etc. The optimist in me thinks the cynic is on to something.

  38. rootpain says:
    Sep 5, 2015 12:43 PM

    I feel for guys like Tebow. Puts it all out there for 10-15 years to follow a dream. Is better than 98% of folks that play football just to make it this far. And gets nothing but ridicule when he gets cut. Rather than making fun of people like Tebow, we should be praising them for their courage. It sure doesn’t take any courage for folks like us to sit on our fannies writing these posts behind the anonymity of our fake user names.
    Good job Tim. And best of luck in whatever you do next.


    That can be said about virtually every athlete that sets out to be a professional but falls short. Why is Tebow special… because he is an extreme bible thumper? Does that somehow make him more worthy of praise and admiration than an atheist that worked his ass off most of his life to be a pro but came up just short? I think not.

    In fact, if Tebow was just some random player coming out of college that didn’t make a big show of being a religious nutjob, he probably would have bombed out of the league in his first year and never been heard of again…. mentioned only occasionally when the topic of draft pick busts come up.

    That’s not to say the guy should be mocked or anything, but just that there shouldn’t be any sort of special praise for him either. He’s like every other player out there that just wasn’t good enough to be a pro… and he should be treated as such, nothing more nothing less.

  39. This is what else I think about Tebow playing back-up QB for Philly. First he would have been playing for the Eagles, the same team which picked up Michael Vick in 2009. A better quarterback in many regards than Tebow, but also someone that had been dropped by Atlanta for ‘issues’, let us say, pertaining to ethical and legal gaps. That the Falcons dropped Vick showed some mettle. That the Eagles re-instated him said something else. The elements I see Tebow possessing and adding as Eagle backup QB are personal leadership on the field, running ability, and perhaps a short-passing threat. But most of all him being active in the league says a lot about the ‘sport’ of professional football. Is it a true sport, or just a money making enterprise?

  40. To all the Tebow supporters,he has tried to impress NFL coaches and assistants for a long time that he actually belongs in the NFL and has continually failed in his quest,do you really think that all those experts are stupid and cant assess true NFL quarterback talent? wake up Tebow lovers,they know a hell of alot more than you in matters concerning NFL talent and they say Tebow isnt NFL calibre to even be a backup,accept it and forget about him as an NFL player,he had his chance and failed miserably.he is a nice guy but isnt NFL quality,live with it.

  41. A lot of you guys don’t get it:

    People hate Tebow stories because one guy,
    who isn’t even a 2nd stringer,
    gets more coverage than half of the league’s
    starting QBs combined!!!

    And Tebow doesn’t get that attention because of his football skills, it’s because millions root for him for religious reasons.

    I’m not sick of Tebow because he’s “such a good citizen” or “doesn’t hide his religion” or any of these other made up excuses.
    I’m sick of him because he can’t get a starting job 9or maybe ANY job) but I hear 50x more about him than the guys that DID earn starting QB spots

  42. Unreal. I like Tebow but some of you are just out of your minds. “Lost respect for Kelly” “Garbage Organization” Who else gave Tebow a shot? That’s right, Nobody! He wasn’t good enough to make it. These are the fools that make religion look bad and abortion look appropriate.

  43. Stop worshiping people you don’t know. Tim “might’ be a great guy but you’ve probably never met him. No one knows what he’s like in his personal life. What we do know is he is a QB that can’t make an NFL roster. “But, but… he played great!” in the FINAL PRESEASON GAME OF THE YEAR AGAINST 4th STRINGERS!!!. I look forward to the day I never have to read another article about this kid. Looks like that is coming soon, thankfully.

  44. Tim Tebow don’t deserve to be on a team because you think he sucks? I am sick of hearing someone say this dude sucks. John Fox got fired for hiding behind Peyton Manning. Coaches who can’t coach want a Manning. Someone they can take credit for when they’re actually doing nothing but holding a damn clipboard. Kelly did a great job with Tebow. We saw that he can throw and throw well. Now, take my Team for the reverse. I saw Mike Vick do nothing but embarrass himself. But he still on my team. For what? What has he done football wise? Nothing. He’s not a champion in anything. No Heisman trophy or major bowl wins. So when I read people cutting down Tebow, I say it’s a religion thing. Because the 3 string QB for Arizona Cardinals last year sucked something awful and he had a job. Mark Sanchez really sucked in NY but he has a job. Vick sucked and he has a job. AND OMG RG3 is a pitiful as it gets and he has a job. Not only is Tim a winner and winning is what this is about. But he’s one heck of a leader. When people say he did very little to win those games in Denver I said, ” Another man did a lot with very little. ” fed a multitude with a little bread and a few fish. Go figure.

  45. Hold up a second here, 4 teams gave him a chance? No, they didn’t. The Broncos signed him, and only let him play when their starter, Kyle Orton started off the season 1-4. Tebow was then allowed to have a chance, and the team finished 8-8, which was good enough to make the playoffs. The Bronco’s then had to face the Steelers, which had a much better record at 12-4, and the Steelers’ defense allowed the fewest points, passing yards, and total yards in the 2011 NFL season. In other words they had to play against the best defense in the NFL. Guess what? Tebow and the Broncos beat the Steelers, and won their first post season game in 6 years. Yes, they lost to the Patriots (who went on to the superbowl), but that was quite an achievement. Tebow went 7-11 regular season, and was 1-2 post season. However, John Elway was now in charge of the Broncos, and it was quite apparent that he didn’t like Tebow, even before he had a chance to play. Once Tebow started playing better than the “traditional” quarterback they had, and Elway’s team started winning, he grimaced, and never had much nice to say about him. But it’s John Elway, the guy is pretty much an ass. He dumped Tebow to get Payton manning, who was pretty much broken at that point. Yes, Manning did recover from his surgeries, and the Broncos have gone to the Super Bowl, but haven’t won.

    So Tebow gets dumped after saving the Broncos from oblivion, and the Jets pick him up. But they won’t play him at quarterback, he has to be a “punt protector”. The lousy quarterback Mark “Sanchize” gets to start. Then the Jets dump Tebow, and the Patriots pick him up. OK, like Tebow was really going to beat out Tom Brady for the position. No. He was released before the season started. This year the Eagles pick him up, he does well, but they decide to keep the injury prone qb’s Sam Bradford and (once again) Mark “Sanchize), have no 3rd string QB, and one again Tebow is without a job.

    So to anyone that says that 4 teams gave Tebow a chance, they are full of crap. Tebow should change his position? Why? His passing game has improved, he’s still a beast, he can still read the defense and run when needed, and he knows how to win.

    There are quite a few teams in the NFL that would benefit from Tebow being on their team, not just as a quarterback, but as a starting quarterback.

  46. Actually that should read that Tebow went 7-4 in 2011 (for a total of 11 games), my bad. My point was that he brought the team back, and won more than he lost.

  47. That’s an EXCELLENT way to get people to root against your team! Create an outstanding comeback, underdog story–make sure everyone knows how much he worked is rear end off and sees how much he improved…and then cut the guy. Set default = root for whoever the Eagles are playing.

  48. This is a very insightful comment. Go around the NFL over the this year and past two years, and look at the backups and some of the starters: RGIII, Mark Sanchez, Micheal Vick, and you will see that Tim Tebow exceeds over 50% of the backups. Yet he is out of the league. Point well made!

  49. One gets the sense there is more at work here with Tebow other than simply his talent or football proficiency. Perhaps there is a bias against his public display of his religion. It might be that he is being made an example, regardless of his field performance or his outstanding character. If that is the case then there is little he can do on the field to overcome the politics off the field.

  50. Surprising coach Kelly is playing the gambler to wait and see what QB hits the wire to fill the 3rd qb spot. If I was the owner, there was one thing for certain Tebow did for the team, he filled the seats! Tebow does a whole lot more and has several intangibles most coaches desire. However, it appears to me as a local the Eagle with Live or Die with the Kelly system. Kelly has blinders on and a player is a piece of the puzzle. It is the “system” and only the system that matters. There is more positive than negative to having Tebow on your team. I like Kelly and had like Reed prior but it appears the “Egos” are getting the best of them.

    Just my opinion.

  51. A lot of people saying things along the line of “he played good enough to make the team” obviously didn’t watch the first three preseason games or read about him in practice. The dude can’t play.

  52. dustyditto says:
    Sep 5, 2015 11:55 PM

    This year the Eagles pick him up, he does well, but they decide to keep the injury prone qb’s Sam Bradford and (once again) Mark “Sanchize), have no 3rd string QB, and one again Tebow is without a job.


    That’s just completely wrong. He didn’t do quite well. He was quite awful. He didn’t put together consecutive good practices. He was lost in the first three preseason games. That’s a fact. In game 3, he fails to dive into the endzone when there is a wide open receiver not 6 yards directly in front of him, unobstructed view. He couldn’t punch it in himself from the two and in fact failed to convert any two point conversion in the first three games. He plays decently in the 4th preseason game, the laughingly meaningless one. The one where no one who actually plays during he season, plays more than 5 minutes – and most don’t suit up. People who are playing Tebow as a victim have some sort of weird agenda. It’s kind of sad, definitely transparent.

  53. The 2015 season is over and this is how Bradford compared to Tebow’s first 16.
    Bradford threw 65% for 19 TDs in 532 attempts with 14 interceptions, 0 rushing scores in 14 games.
    Tim Tebow threw 47.3% for 19 TDs in 374 attempts with 9 ints, 15 rushing scores in his first 15.5 games and 13 plays.
    Why does Tebow score more often? He is patient in the pocket and throws longer passes.
    Bradford averaged 10.7 yards per completion and Tebow averaged 15.3 yards per completion.
    Bradford scored every 18.2 completions and 28 attempts in 2015.
    Tebow scored every 9.3 completions and 19.6 attempts in 2010/2011.
    Tebow scored almost twice as often per completion and much more often per pass attempt and added 937 yards rushing. The Eagles would have won their division and gone to the playoffs with 15 more scores, another 937 yards rushing and 5 fewer interceptions from their quarterback.
    Tebow scored 34 times in 549 touches.
    Bradford scored 19 times in 558 touches.
    Kelly and the Eagles went 7-9 in a weak division with an injured Romo because he cut Tim Tebow, the highest and fastest scoring player on his team, passing or rushing.
    We knew this about Bradford before the season started because Bradford needed 590 attempts to score 18 TDs when he was dinking and dunking in his first 16 games. He has never scored more than 22 times in a season and has never had a winning record in 5 years.
    It was obvious that Tim Tebow was light years ahead of him and better suited for a read option offense.

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