Keep an eye on Cassel to the Texans

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Often, an effort to connect obvious dots makes no sense. Sometimes, it makes perfect sense.

As the Texans deal with the season-ending injury to quarterback Tom Savage and as former Bills quarterback Matt Cassel deals with the fact that he needs a job, the Texans make plenty of sense from a dot-connecting standpoint.

Cassel and Texans coach Bill O’Brien overlapped for two years in New England, with Cassel serving as the backup to Tom Brady and O’Brien working as an offensive assistant in 2007 and receivers coach in 2008.

Cassel would join a depth chart already consisting of a pair of former Tom Brady backups in Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett.

So Cassel would be able to pick up the system, and he’d provide a viable option as the No. 2 in the event either Hoyer or Mallett end up joining Savage on IR.

With hardly enough good quarterbacks to go around, Cassel could have other options, and he could be more attracted to a team that would give him a chance to be No. 2 instead of No. 3.

22 responses to “Keep an eye on Cassel to the Texans

  1. Houston: where Brady’s former backups go to die.

    Look upon this place and know it well, Jimmy Garoppolo, for someday it will be your tomb.

  2. Cassel is an adequate starter when he has good players around him as evidenced by the Pats going 11-5 the year Brady got injured at the start of the season

    I don’t know enough about tge Texans roster to say if he has enough good offensive players around him to do a good job. Maybe a Texans fan can comment about that

  3. What a tribute to Bill Belichick’s acumen. His old coaches look for his players on the waiver wire or free agency, his old adversaries look for his players, and with few exceptions, none of his old players are anywhere as effective once BB cut’s them lose.

    I think Bill O’Brian will be one of the exceptions and get the most out of Belichick’s cast off as Bill O learned you adapt the playbook to the player, not the other way around. Versatility has been the hallmark of most of BB’s players, they are rarely the “best” at their position but almost always can adjust to whatever game plan BB has put in place for that week’s opponent. The QB position is one of those exceptions. Cassell has proved he can be an effective game manager, much like TB12 was until he developed more to become the GOAT.

  4. Everyday, passing on Bridgewater looks like a bigger blunder. I said it before that draft; Clowny looked like he would be very good if he wasn’t injured, but you better make sure Bridgewater wasn’t a franchise QB. Well, he looks every bit like a franchise QB, and they don’t exactly grow on trees. But I guess they can take solace that every other team passed at least once too including the Vikings.

  5. With Mallett considering practice optional and Hoyer iffy to start with — a move for Cassell definitely does appear to make some sense.

  6. If you can’t have Brady, get the next best thing: three of his former proteges.

    Besides, what’s better than 2 former Brady backups? A third that twice has won double digit games.

  7. Bill O’brien new name is The Collector. He collects Patriots leftovers, traps them in a antique suitcase and ships them to a place called Houston where they can revive themselves as Texans.

  8. Bob McNair will have the final say on whether Cassel can join the team. Cassel will need to sign an agreement that he will be like all the other good citizens on the Texans and never seek a competitive advantage.

    Poor Bill O’Brien! Two backups competing to be the starter is already enough for the media to concoct a quarterback controversy. And O’Brien has been too damned obliging dealing with it. With three backups in the chase, the media would be like flies invading an open trash barrel. It would be Hard Knocks for the entire season.

    O’Brien should have learned from Belichick that the only way to deal with the media is to slam the lid on the can airtight.

  9. he will be like all the other good citizens on the Texans and never seek a competitive advantage

    So far I’d say mission accomplished.

  10. First of all, always do the exact opposite thing as Rex Ryan when it comes to QB’s. Second of all, Cassell could be a very decent veteran backup on at least half the teams in the league. The Vikings traded him because you don’t pay $4.5 mil to a backup.

  11. Matt Cassel was traded to Buffalo because he wanted to compete for the starting job. Why wold he take #3?

    Why would we pay that much for a 3rd string? Sorry, but this doesn’t make sense.

  12. Sometimes the “system” only works for the team it’s named after.

    The Patriots’ Way is what it is. Having 3 guys whose biggest endorsement is that they backed up a great QB is kinda myopic.

    Why not develop some youth via 3rd QB / practice squad?

  13. You guys DO know the Texans went 9-7 last year with Ryan Fitzpatrick and 3 other JAG’s at QB, right?

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