Making sense of Washington’s will-call policy

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It’s been a rough week, a rough month, a rough year, and for the most part a rough decade for the NFL franchise in Washington.

But one at least one aspect of the franchise’s rough week was unnecessarily made rougher than it needed to be, with criticism arising from the imposition of a $50 “envelope fee” for the use of will call by non-season-ticket holders.

The entire practice of “will call” has become outdated in recent years, with most customers getting their tickets electronically. (When I went to FedEx Field in April for a soccer match, I bought the tickets, they emailed them to me, and I printed them.) “Will call” has become a tool for ticket brokers, and the team didn’t want to be in the middle of a dispute regarding, for example, whether the envelope should have had four tickets instead of two.

The “envelope fee” was used on a case-by-case basis, with the money being charged when the circumstances suggested justified it. Now, there’s no “will call” at all for non-season-ticket holders, which shouldn’t be a problem. Anyone who has the money to buy tickets to an NFL game surely has the money to buy a computer, a printer, and an Internet connection.

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  1. Finally fairness. The Washington Redskins are in the business to win and make money. If people don’t like the last part of that, tough. Get with the time folks. Let’s play football. #HTTR

  2. Or just watch the games at home in glorious HD, my own grub/drinks, and ability to switch the channel from Redskins games

  3. People will call tickets all the time. Saves paper. You are old stop saying what young people do.

  4. No matter what process or medium you use to buy tickets, someone will always figure out a way to make you pay 20-30% more than just the actual price of the ticket. That’s just how things work anymore, and it’s a big reason I’ve pretty much quit going to any type of event where that kind of scam is part of the equation.

  5. the policy can be described by one simple word – GREED -and greed on a vast scale

    Snyder is one of the most disgusting owners there is. The Washington franchise will remain utter and total bottom feeders until Snyder sells the team. And if never does you’re guaranteed failure at every level of the organization

  6. “Anyone who has the money to buy tickets to an NFL game surely has the money to buy a computer, a printer, and an Internet connection.”

    Totally agree with this sentiment but some people have strange priorities… like those who have the latest electronic gadget but keep getting their utilities shut off, for example.

  7. Redskins worst franchise in pro sports! Fan base using tears of anguish and sadness yo wipe away the dust from and old trophy case that only they care about. Welcome to last place boys and girls. It’s lonely in the basement.

  8. Yeah your printed tickets off of your printer are so much more memorable than the actual ticket.

    I love the real tickets not the printer on the piece of paper kind.

    Im sure the Redskins and Snyder are struggling for money though. Amazing more money is being made than ever, and corporations and organizations are getting cheaper and cheaper.

    Sure sometimes its more convenient to have tickets to be emailed, but gimme the real tickets if I have the choice.

  9. Dear Florio,
    Aside from not mentioning the Redskins by name, I must admit this appears to be the first non bashing article by you about my team. For that I thank you.

    Okay people get in line I got your checks in hand. They are all signed by reality. There are 32 football teams in the NFL owned by 32 different billionaires. Now I know you think your billionaire dosent care about money but remember this your billionaire charged you to build his stadium ours didn’t. Once upon a time your billionaire would black out your games if you didn’t fill up his stadium that you paid for. Not here in fact our billionaire has been forced to share his money to keep your billionaire from blacking out your games. Our billionaire came in as a baby, he is slowly growing and learning but he is not as bad as your billionaire I’m sure.

  10. Only thing is most teams and Ticketmaster charge for the “privilege” of printing tickets at home, on top of all the other BS fees they add to the face price of the ticket. Buying a ticket at the box office or using will call was one of the few ways to avoid these fees.

    Always follow the money.

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