Saints cut 2014 second-rounder Stanley Jean-Baptiste

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Maybe the reason the Saints aren’t announcing cuts is because they’re embarrassed.

According to Field Yates of ESPN, the Saints have waived 2014 second-round pick Stanley Jean-Baptiste.

That’s a big surprise, and kind of humiliating to give up on such a recent pick (the 58th overall last year).

The cornerback from Nebraska played just 19 snaps last year, but they drafted him knowing he’d need to be developed. They apparently got tired of waiting.

Kind of like the people waiting for them to announce their moves, nearly four hours after they were submitted to the league office.

32 responses to “Saints cut 2014 second-rounder Stanley Jean-Baptiste

  1. Saint’s are always #1 in my heart…… But I feel this isn’t the year for them. I wonder if Sean hasn’t gotten a little out of control with his decisions… Good or bad, they don’t seem to coherent anymore. I love my Saints!! Who dat nation, but glad the Bills are my second favorite!!!!

  2. Hwy deddmunnie; what about the part that says “The cornerback from Nebraska played just 19 snaps last year…”?

    Reading comprehension: it’s a beautiful thing.

  3. 19 snaps and you’re ready to cut a 2nd round pick???

    Wow. That’s just way too short sighted.

    Oh wait, that’s the same GM that traded his best receiving threat, Jimmy Graham, right???

    I hope he catches on with a team that can give him a real shot.

    And can stick it to the Saints.

  4. What a GM the aints have…I figured he would have cut Brees in the first round of cuts. Let’s see, no Graham, no defense and only one wide out.

    Ummm, get out the paper bags.

  5. enemylines, I hope it’s your team, because he is awful and would be a guaranteed 6 pts for Brees over the top.

    And that same GM drafted Jimmy Graham in the 3rd rd, after your team and many others had passed.

    Dont count the Saints out just yet.

  6. Not good when a second round pick who’s been on the team for an entire year get burned TWICE for TDs in a preseason game by WRs who were cut today.

  7. I wanted the Saints to draft this guy. He has the look of a Richard Sherman with his height and wingspan, but this guy just can’t play.

    He has extremely stiff hips and backs away from contact. No aggression at all in this dude.

    Good look elsewhere SJB.

  8. Deddmunnie… If you can read properly it says “the cornerback from Nebraska played just 19 snaps last year”
    Typical saints fan…

  9. Get him now Reggie Mack…the Raiders have crap at CB until another draft/fa period. Might as well give this size/speed guy a tire kicking to go with Carrie, Hayden and the similar Keith McGill.

  10. noteamforlosangeles says:
    Sep 5, 2015 10:19 PM
    Don’t worry, Stanley…you can always join our toast support group.

    Corey White, Patrick Robinson, Jason David, Jason Craft and Fred Thomas
    *Slow Clap*

  11. nowillrepeat says:
    Sep 5, 2015 9:22 PM
    enemylines, I hope it’s your team, because he is awful and would be a guaranteed 6 pts for Brees over the top.

    And that same GM drafted Jimmy Graham in the 3rd rd, after your team and many others had passed.

    Dont count the Saints out just yet.


    You’re right. My GM passed on Graham because we already have/had one of the best TEs in the history of The NFL; Jason Witten.

    Oh, and instead we drafted Dez in the 1st Rd; who just happens to have more TD receptions than any other receiver since he was drafted.

    And then in the 2nd we drafted Sean Lee, who I’ll give you has been injured a lot, but when he can play he’s pretty good.

    And since then 4 of out last 5 1st round picks have become Pro Bowlers (Dez, Smith, Frederick, Martin).

    And oh yeah, my GM has 3 SB rings.

    What was your point again? 😉

  12. I think it might be time to move on from payton and loomis. They started out hot but have fallen flat on their faces the past couple years. Last years draft class is already gone except cooks. They cut a second rounder after 1 year. They trade away our two best receiving threats. They pick a tackle when we have nobody on defense. They waist 20 percent of the cap in players not on the team anymore and another 20 percent on brees. They keep spending tons of money on hurt bills rejects. To many mistakes.

  13. The confusing part isn’t that they cut him, but the fact they picked him in the second round to begin with. He likely would have still been there in the third or fourth round, which you could maybe justify on a “developmental” pick. Second round picks should have about an eighty percent chance of being a servicable player on your roster.

  14. Look people ,
    Im a husker fan so i ll tell you
    Stanley is a good player but hes a young man
    He might have struggled to mke meetings practices etc
    This also might be saints are deep at this position and need to carry
    At another position
    Or it could be personal reasons
    This is a business and some times things dont work out
    In the workplace
    Good luck stanley
    I got a feeling jerry jones will be calling

  15. enemylines, my point was the SBJ is a terrible football player and that you are an idiot.

    Also, my GM has won a SB in the last 5 years. How about yours?

  16. As a Saints fan, I’m sad to see him go, mainly because my friends and I had taken to calling him “THE FRENCHMAN,” which gave us great joy

    Oh, and LOL at the Cowboys fan who’s in here trying to mix it up. Good luck with Christine Michael.

  17. Have fun with Corey White Cowboy Fans (if you haven’t cut him already). I’m sure OBJ, DeSean, Cruz and other NFC East wideouts are already licking their chops at that awesome CB combo of White and Mo Claiborne. Good luck with that.

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