Devon Still: Nothing but love for the Bengals organization

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When the Bengals cut Devon Still last season, they brought him back on the practice squad so that he would have access to health insurance and a salary while his daughter Leah battled cancer.

Still was cut again on Saturday and the practice squad option is no longer available to him, but insurance wont be a problem for Still in the near future. He’s entitled to five years of health insurance under the CBA whether he signs with another team or not and Leah has been in remission since March, which makes for less pressure than he faced this time last year. Still remembered what the Bengals did last year, though, after getting the news about his release and posted on Instagram to say that he has “nothing but love” for the team and the city of Cincinnati for helping him during “one of the darkest times of my life.”

In an interview with Coley Harvey of, Still said that he respected that the Bengals did what they thought was best for the team and that he hoped others did as well.

“People are saying they’re not going to be going to games or they lost respect for the organization,” Still said. “I just want to clear everything up with everybody. The Bengals did everything that they could do to help me with my daughter.”

Still is a free agent and can sign with any team in the league.

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  1. What the Bengals did for Devon Still and his daughter is one of the classiest things any professional sports team has ever done for a player and his family.


  2. They’re still a football team who needs to make moves to put the best squad on the field each week. It says a lot about the organization that they made helping him and his daughter a priority when they needed it.

  3. What a great role model for all those players in the NFL who hold out for more money, get arrested and bad mouth teams or players. This guy has life in perspective.

  4. Devon,
    Wishing you and your family well. I hope you land somewhere. You are a rock, I am grateful I never had to endure your stress and thank god daily. Peace be with you.

  5. If you look up class act in the dictionary there would be a picture of Devon Still next to the definition. You can’t help but root for a man like him. I would love him to come to SF, but I know we’re pretty much set on the DL. I think anyone should be psyched to have Still signed by their home team.

  6. One of the greatest stories I witnessed as a football fan in my lifetime. The girl is recovering, in part, thanks to the Bengals.

  7. can we put to rest the trash that has been talked in the past about the Cincinnati Bengals. Mike Brown has put his franchise in a different light and should have tons of respect in both the sports and real worlds.
    Doing what they did for this child much less the father is a shining example of how the rest of us should act given any similar situation. They helped save a sick childs life.
    I dont know what can top that.
    Mike Brown, my hat is off to you Sir.
    I’d suggest we all follow Mr Brown’s lead.
    Mad crazy props to the entire Bengals organization.

  8. As follow up to ending the trash talk about the Bengals, note the long list of players starting the season on suspension includes zero of them.

    Yes, they still have to win a playoff game.

  9. I’m a Giants fan, and have seen the team take care of it’s own, in several cases Chad Jones a 3rd round pick who never played a game, but the giants paid all his expenses after a bad car crash. David Wilson a #1 pick who spine was in dire shape and had to retire, again the giants paid him his salary.

    Cinny imo has a good team, but now that this comes to light, I’ll be rooting for them as they after that playoff win.
    Good things happen to good people.
    God bless the team and it’s decision to help this young guy and his daughter.


  10. rofeo says:
    Sep 6, 2015 10:24 AM

    As follow up to ending the trash talk about the Bengals, note the long list of players starting the season on suspension includes zero of them.

    Yes, they still have to win a playoff game

    Yes the Bengals have lost recently, but they were AFC champs twice in the 80’s.

    And then there’s four franchises — the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars — who have never been to the Super Bowl.

  11. Good Luck Devon. I was not aware of your family situation until the “we’re on to Cincinnati” game. The Patriot cheerleaders at Gillette Stadium were wearing Bengals colors with #75 in the third quarter. I then learned of the move the Bengals made on your behalf. A very classy move by the Bengals.

  12. I would say this is a classless move by an organization only concerned with winning, but I know that’s not the case.

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