Gruden optimistic RG3 will be cleared early this week


Washington coach Jay Gruden insists that he still has hopes for Robert Griffin III, even though he made Griffin a backup to Kirk Cousins — and even though Gruden won’t say whether Griffin will be the second-string or third-string quarterback this season.

Gruden said today that he’s optimistic Griffin will get medical clearance to play this week. The team has been holding Griffin out since saying he suffered a concussion in the second preseason game.

“He’s got to see the independent neurologist one more time early this week,” Gruden said.

Once Griffin is healthy enough to play, Gruden says, he’ll have a role on the 53-man roster.

“We feel like he’s a quarterback that’s young and talented that’s done some good things,” Gruden said.

But while Gruden might see some talent in Griffin, he’s unwilling to commit to putting Griffin ahead of Colt McCoy on the depth chart. Gruden said that determination won’t be made until the doctors clear Griffin to play.

If Griffin is behind McCoy on the depth chart once the medical clearance comes, that’s a strong sign that no matter what Gruden says publicly, privately he simply doesn’t believe Griffin is good enough.

24 responses to “Gruden optimistic RG3 will be cleared early this week

  1. He doesn’t believe Griffin is good enough because Griffin ISN’T good enough.

    An everyone in the world knows that except Griffin and Danny-boy

  2. Gruden is in a tough tough spot. He is stuck with mediocrity at QB, the most talented guy can’t play due to injury and due to always being injured so what the heck is he to do?

    I still don’t get it why they didn’t forsee some of this and draft a QB to develop as a just in case. Hundley was picked in the 5th by the Packers and tossed 4 TD’s the other night.
    Just from what I saw of him he is heads above Cousins. He is tall, can see the field and is mobile as hell.

    Cousins and RGIII will take Gruden down. Not having the go to QB always does.

  3. I know some posters have a hard time feeling sorry for a multimillionaire like RG3. But it still has to be tough emotionally for the guy. I really hope something can be salvaged of his football talents. And if not, I hope it all ends quickly so that he can get on with his life.

  4. Smoke and mirror coach speak. If/when he is cleared it is in their best interest to get him off the roster, that 5th year injury guarantee is an albatross though. I doubt there is a team that would trade for him because of it.

  5. I don’t believe anything Gruden says. He’d be better off not saying anything in reference to RG3 until there’s actually a decision made. He was quick to tell RG3 to shut up & focus on his game last year – same goes for him.

  6. Haven’t we established that it doesn’t actually matter if and when this guy is cleared to play?

  7. If once he’s medically cleared, the Redskins don’t cut him, then they are the most dysfunctional and stupid franchise in Sports. To risk an injury to this guy and be on the hook for $16M is just idiotic.

  8. Roger Griffin will go down as the biggest draft bust in NFL history. No other player in the NFL has destroyed a team and ran two great coaches out of town like Griffin has. Three 1st round draft picks and 2nd round pick, for a third sting QB. Danny’s boy.

  9. Cousins has only won 1 game. Didn’t McCoy come in and win his other start? At 2-7 i have a hard time seeing Cousins as a clear number 1. I think Grudens unwillingness to form an offense for RGIII until he can find a QB to run HIS offense, is going to cost him a job. I haven’t seen anything from Cousins to prove he is the guy.

  10. “Washington coach Jay Gruden”

    He took over the Huskies program?

  11. does anyone understand what is happening here?

    1. If Washington released him now, it is with the injury designation
    2. RGIII could find a doctor to ‘fake’ the concussion into 2016
    3. In that scenario, the REDSKINS are on the hook for $16M
    4. Washington will WAIT until RGIII is cleared to play by SEVERAL doctors – then release him with a $3.6M departure gift

    Washington now knows that RG3 set the team back 5 years (well what does it matter; it has been since the 1990’s since the team was relevant) and it is now time to move on with as little as future damage as possible

  12. It will be a great day in Washington when Gruden is fired and that will be coming sooner rather than later. Terrible football coach.

  13. Are the Redskins cursed? Has some smart, revengeful Native American elder hexed them for defiantly using a term deemed racist, as their team name?

    Well, maybe it’s just karma, but anyway, I can tell you that Jay Gruden shows as much ability coaching an NFL team, as I would. It’s almost like Snyder couldn’t get Jon, so he settled. Yeah, that Jon. The same one who is credited with winning a Super Bowl with Dungy’s players. He’s done nothing since, except to parlay his celebrity into a fat career, as a “QB guru”.

    He’s the same guru, who declared Johnny Manziel would be a star. To me, he’s as much the snake oils salesman that Donald Trump is. While you can’t blame RG3’s demise totally on Gruden, he certainly gets an “F” for his handling of things. If they go 1-3 after 4, I’d fire him at halftime of the 4th game.

  14. All u RG3 haters are idiots. He’s a very good qbpop at his stats then look at Kirk Cousin’s stats. If RG3 didn’t get hurt the Skins would have made the playoffs every year since he’s been there.

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