NFL dumps quarterback photo that omitted Brady, Romo, others

The NFL made a bit of a stir with a photo posted Sunday night on its Twitter page. The NFL possibly has laid the foundation for even more of a stir by deleting it.

The tweet contained a fill-in-the-blank proposition, seeking predictions as to the two teams that will remain when the season ends at Super Bowl 50. The photo accompanying the tweet had the Super Bowl logo as the centerpiece, with seven quarterbacks surrounding it: Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees Carson Palmer, and Aaron Rodgers.

Between them, they have six Super Bowl wins. Three quarterbacks omitted from the photo — Tom Brady, Eli Manning, and Joe Flacco — have seven.

Much of the criticism that sprang up on social media centered on the decision to omit Brady, who has four Super Bowl wins, six appearances, and whose team will be raising the Super Bowl XLIX banner on Thursday night. But the photo also omitted Tony Romo, the quarterback whom the NFL Twitter page trolled in June regarding the cancellation of his fantasy football convention. A lawsuit over the cancellation of the convention has been filed against the NFL.

The tweet that directly took a shot at Romo was quickly deleted. The tweet that didn’t directly take a shot at anyone has been deleted, too.

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96 responses to “NFL dumps quarterback photo that omitted Brady, Romo, others

  1. I think you counted Roethlisberger’s 2 in your count of six, just didn’t name him in your list.

    However, the NFL got it right – those omitted are not elite, or are cheaters/gamblers. LOL

  2. It’s truly remarkable how petty and bitter people get over the Patriots.

    So dominant… and so great… Everyone from fans and media members, all the way up to professional coaches/GMs/owners – choose to cry & act like immature 6 year olds rather than simply show respect.

  3. But they had one just like it on NFL . Com today that had Brady in it. Soooo what’s the big deal. Do they need to give everyone a participation trophy and have all of them on there? Keep stirring the pot and feed the PC machine in this country.

  4. Why in the he’ll would the NFL post a pick like this and exclude ANY of the teams? Oh, yeah, they’re morons.

  5. The writer skipped Roethlisberger, who has 2 rings, giving the photographed QBs 8 rings, not 6. That being said, Carson Palmer should be replaced by Tom Brady. Then nobody would have any issues with the photo. Arizona has a shot like any other team, but Carson is not a poster boy, Tom and the others are though..

  6. Never mind, he simply forgot his name. Still 6 rings.. But yeah, switch Carson with Tom and there’s no issue at all. Nobody cares about Romo not being in it since he has no business being in it. It’s pretty simple. Replace Carson with Tom. Forget about deflate gate for one second and do the obvious thing. Switch Carson with Tom. Oh, and they should just switch Carson with Tom.


  7. Quarterbacks are so overrated. The NFL rule changes are forcing QB to be the most important player on and field and its just not how the game was ever supposed to be played. Back in the day the middle linebacker used to mean a lot. However, in the new head injury NFL and Junior Seau blasting himself in the chest, you can’t glorify the most important position on defense; middle linebacker.

  8. Say what you will about the Pats, but how can you not see the NFL is crooked with an agenda!? What other sport trolls athletes on social media? What other sport starts a witch hunt against the league’s best player? What other sport would leak false info to try and make themselves look good while trying to make their best franchise and its star look bad for 6 months? Just look how the MLB has handled the Cardinals situation! They may or may not be guilty, bit the FBI is involved for crying out loud and not one peep since its happened! Just more examples on why the NFL and Goodell are the biggest jokes around.

  9. This might be an issue if anyone actually believed that anyone in the NFL offices were actually competent. Nobody over there has any clue what they are doing from leadership on down. It’a pretty sad.

  10. At some point, you’ll have to give up the anti NFL crusade, because sympathy will turn in their favour, and we don’t want that.

    By overexamining every tiny piece of NFL office minutiae, you’re in danger of looking obsessed.

    I really don’t care what 7 QBs they throw around their logo. Why is Palmer there, and not say Rivers or Newton or Tannehill – 3 quarterbacks who just got big paydays. Or Bradford, it’s a huge year for him. In other words, you could make a case for a lot of guys.

    It doesn’t really matter. The average sane fan doesn’t go overboard about this kind of thing.

  11. How many rings they have is fairly irrelevant to whether their 2015 team is strong enough to have a good shot at making it. Given that, I’d say Palmer, Brees, Flacco and Eli all pretty much could be interchangeable. With Flacco and Palmer probably having the edge this year (and last).

  12. I can’t remember where I saw the NFL promo for the Thursday night kick off between NE and Pitts, but they left Brady out of that also. Now at the time I saw it, his court battle had not concluded. Still think it’s all petty. I wonder how much money Brady has lost due to the slander he has to endure?

  13. Brady clearly should have been in there. Four SB rings, and defending SB MVP. Eli has 2 rings, so he should probably be on there for good measure, but no one really expects much from the Giants this year I don’t believe. I can see leaving Romo off. He’s never been to a SB, and there are a number of teams people believe have a better shot this year.

    The tweet trolling Romo is out of line, however. As an Eagles fan it pains me to stick up for any Cowboy, but he certainly didn’t deserve that. When you file a legitimate lawsuit, however, the NFL acts about as mature as a prissy teenager it seems. We all know what happened to his fantasy football expo. Given the following: There’s no gambling at the venue the expo was to take place, and the NFL has participated in functions where gambling actually does take place; the NFL’s reason for shutting down the expo is bogus. The NFL has simply come to realize how much money can be made from such expos. Instead of letting players do them on their own, the NFL wants to take over and pay players an appearance fee for attending. In other words, the NFL wants to get the cake, and let the players that the fans want to meet have the crumbs.

  14. Still doubt that going after Brady and the Patriots through Deflategate is not personal?

    Brady is in a league of his own. This juvenile taunt is amusing.

  15. I don’t trust the No Fun League any more, I think they have their favorites and fix the games.

    I have a DVR recording of one of the championship games advertising the Super Bowl, and exclaiming “Watch as a NEW team is crowned champion”.

    This while the Seahawks are still playing, and wouldn’t be a new champion, just a recurring champion.

    Too many coincidences that have happened throughout the years to make it seem on the up & up. Ray Lewis announcing his retirement midway through the season and the Ravens winning? The Saints winning after Katrina devastating New Orleans? Etc, etc…

  16. They omitted Brady cause they act like juveniles… They omitted Romo because he simply doesn’t belong. Palmer on the other hand is a head scratcher..

  17. This is the only source I trust for nfl news. Sad that the nfl’s own website is subject to bias and childish antics. Keep up the good work Florio.

  18. I can’t wait to see the look on Goodell’s face when he hands the Lombardi trophy to Robert Kraft after Super Bowl 50!!! He’ll probably let Troy Vincent hand Brady the super bowl MVP though!

  19. Wineshard says:
    Sep 7, 2015 12:04 AM

    I think you counted Roethlisberger’s 2 in your count of six, just didn’t name him in your list.

    However, the NFL got it right – those omitted are not elite, or are cheaters/gamblers. LOL
    Even on something small like this, the NFL fumbled and have acted like they are under 10 years old….Is that your age as well, since you approve of this nonsense??
    When will the NFL act like a professional league and NOT like a bunch of morons???
    Clean house from Roger to the whole bunch of bitter idiots in Operations!! maybe then will the large brown stains disappear from the Shield!! NFSmell….

  20. Maybe they will put a new photo up every week with different QB’s to make then all feel special. Then at the end of season, all teams will get a trophy for participating.

  21. In the future, a best-selling movie will FOREVER PRESERVE the disgraceful actions of the current NFL office.

    The NFL is blinded by their environment (their perceived power and nobody is above them).

    Also, many folks in the media and public took a stand against the Patriots based on fake information.

    NFL office, breaking news: THIS IS AMERICA!

    The NFL thought they could wiggle around their official 19 Jan. letter to Mr. Kraft that stated all tested Colts’ footballs were within the permissible PSI ranges — INCREDIBLE and UNTRUE letter sent by the NFL.

    Then …. the TRUTH and WRATH of the Ideal Gas Law (IGL) deflated their paper ship.

    Is it surprising the Missouri Supreme Court, in a separate case, ruled in May, 2015 against Goodell and stated: ….“the terms of the contract designating the NFL commissioner, an employee of the team owners, as the sole arbitrator with unfettered discretion to establish the rules for arbitration are unconscionable and, therefore, unenforceable”.

    Also, who made the decision at halftime to STOP testing the Colts’ remaining 8 footballs (only four balls tested, 3 found deflated)?


  22. The NFL front office personnel need to be purged! What a bunch of morons! Their legal team makes the three stooges look smart!

  23. The league originally wanted the promo to include Goodell, Wells, Vincent, Kensil, Irsay and Harbaugh with middle fingers extended but the league reconsidered and went with a more subtle approach of showing how they feel.

  24. This is really just a teeny tiny insignificant issue. However, when you look at the stuff the NFL does…like the PSI tweet a couple of months ago…and it is clear that the NFL has some really immature employees or said employees are getting some really immature guidance. Nothing quite like the Goodell regime for dumbing down the NFL.

  25. any qb related pic that shows manning over brady is without relevance.
    their careers ran parallel, manning got all the plaudits and brady got all the rings.

    also the only evidence that claims brady cheated was created by the league in their lying and leaking campaign, like the police planting evidence.

    it worked when the nfl were able to keep everything sealed and lie and leak to their hearts content, however once it came before an impartial judge the game was up.

  26. These guys are so out of touch I am surprised that they did not feature Goodell, Pash, Kensil, and Ted Wells’ ‘stache in the picture

    Why would they ever include Brady with his 6 appearances and 4 wins, not to mention the Pats are the defending champs?

    And yes, Eli and Flacco should definitely be there too.

  27. This shows you how unprofessional and vengeful the NFL management is. There’s no doubt that the decision makers purposefully left Brady and Romo out due to issues with the league. That’s about as unprofessional as it gets. Then to DELETE the tweet shows even more. What a bunch of morons. Goddell needs to go.

  28. More ammunition for the Patriots bulletin board. Like they need extra motivation to plow through the NFL with a vengeance. If your team is on the Patriots schedule, be afraid. Be very very afraid.

  29. The pettiness of the NFL is ASTOUNDING. The NFL, with this ‘mistake’, have admitted to the witch hunt of the G.O.A.T……..They are still playing mind games.. What a bunch of losers.

  30. pastabelly says:
    Sep 7, 2015 12:54 AM
    This might be an issue if anyone actually believed that anyone in the NFL offices were actually competent. Nobody over there has any clue what they are doing from leadership on down. It’a pretty sad.

    You hit the nail on the head. It seems like the NFL front office has a big wheel full of choices they can make – only 99% of the choices are the wrong ones. They spin the wheel and boom, they screw up whatever it is they’re doing.

  31. sunset145 says:
    Sep 7, 2015 6:16 AM
    I can’t wait to see the look on Goodell’s face when he hands the Lombardi trophy to Robert Kraft after Super Bowl 50!!! He’ll probably let Troy Vincent hand Brady the super bowl MVP though!

    Goodell doesn’t have the (excuse the pun) balls to come to the opening at Gillette to raise the banner, you really think he’d have the guts to go to the Superbowl if the Pats are in it this year? I feel he has a headache coming on.

  32. Since the league office is full of Jets execs I’m surprised we didn’t see Geno and his broken jaw. For those of you that think this is no big deal, don’t fool yourself the league is liable to pull anything this year.

  33. absolutely mixjuan, The NFL is being run by kindergartners. It does not lend a good image as most all of the Deflategate fiasco as not lent a good image of the IQ and emotional development of not only the average NFL fan but certainly the ownership and the league office. Romo and the Cowboys are definitely in the picture as are the Ravens. I am a Pats fan and I can tell you that the Ravens are the toughest team for the Pats to beat. The Ravens are always in it and Flaco is one of the reasons. He just makes plays. Please, let the games begin. Obviously the SB champs are in the picture. Please let the games begin because all is answered on the playing field.

  34. The NFL tipped their hand, after DeflateGate there is just no way they let Brady in SB 50. they are determined to GET Brady 1 way of another. why else leave the GOAT off your Promo pic? he IS the SB. 6 appearences 4 wins and 3 time MVP and you leave him off? #thefixisin

  35. 3 teams had 4k QB and 1k RB last season. Steelers – Packers (both represented ) Aaaand the Fins, flying under the radar and ready to take over the top.

  36. a 4K QB and 1K RB netted Neither a Playoff Birth in 14, why is 15 different. LOL Fans being Fans

  37. The others have seven…and Brady has 4 of those…stupid NFL, would anybody be surprised to find out that Roger was behind it?

  38. patsfan1960 says: Roger goddell is a moron.and so are all the people that he hires.


    Dang straight, unlike Bob Kraft who hired Tom Brady. Instead those moron owners that hired Goodell . . . .wait a minute. Never mind.

  39. I just looked closely at the doctored photo and had to post again!

    Do you really freakin’ think the NFL would put Palmer in the photo?

    You guys give a whole new meaning to the word DUMB!

  40. Maybe like the rest of us, the NFL was tired of Tom Brady? Some of us actually like the game of football and don’t worship at Brady’s alter. Some of us think Manning is a better QB. Some of us don’t give a rip which NFL players they put on which advertisements.

    But then again only SOME of us are sane human beings that want to avoid feeding the conspiracy theory nuts.

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