Kellen Moore signs with Cowboys’ practice squad


After spending three seasons on the sideline in Detroit, quarterback Kellen Moore is heading to Dallas.

Moore told the Idaho Statesman he is signing with the Cowboys’ practice squad. The move reunites Moore with Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, who was the Lions’ offensive coordinator for Moore’s first two years in Detroit.

The Lions cut Moore on Saturday and reportedly wanted to bring him back to their own practice squad, but Moore chose Dallas instead. It’s not clear if the Cowboys offered Moore more money than the typical practice squad salary of $6,600 a week, or if Moore just thought Dallas was a better place for him to advance his career.

Moore spent the last three years with the Lions after signing as an undrafted rookie in 2012, but he was never active for a regular-season game.

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  1. If Stafford goes down, choosing between Orlovsky or Moore is a lot like choosing between Laverne and Shirley. Neither back up distinguished themselves this preseason but Orlovsky, who is most notable for being the starting QB for two of the worst teams in NFL history, has reached his ceiling, which could be Moore’s floor. While KM may be weak armed, he is smart and accurate and young with a potentially higher upside than Orlovsky, so why not try to develop him? A serious injury to Stafford ends the Lions’ season either way and Orlovsky has already proven that he can lead to the bottom of the standings.

  2. .
    Not a serious loss. He is a nice guy and can run the offense – but he just doesn’t have the arm strength required to be successful in this league.

    At least Dallas won’t have issues with him off the field…

  3. Yeah you’re right genius the most mediocre franchise in sports was 11-5 last year and has been to the playoffs two out of the last four years. Some peoples lack of intelligence should get them barred from the internet until they’re able to demonstrate that they can say things that make sense.

  4. To even say the Lions are mediocre is ridiculous. The Lions are the most inconsistent football team in the past 40 years. They have had 2 seasons above .500 in the past 15 years, 0-16 season 6 years ago and they swept the Bears in 2013 and still finished 7-9 behind them in third place. No one is scared of or believes the Lions are a threat until they win consistently(except the Vikings, of course.)

    Oh yea and the only thing megatronowns is 2 choke playoff appearances and 0-16 season.


  5. megatronownsyou is correct on both accounts when writing, “the most mediocre franchise in sports was 11-5 last year AND has been to the playoffs twice in the last 4 years.” However, megatronownsyou gets needlessly nasty after that, confusing a state of believing with a state of understanding. One can believe that a team is no longer mediocre after a brief spike of success. One understands when one recognizes the context of progress when assessing status. If our Lions can sustain success, make the playoffs 7 out of ten years and win multiple playoff games then, and only then, might the mediocre tag be shed. Right now, a team that has only a handful of playoff appearances in a 25 year period and zero playoff wins in the last 20 is the very definition of mediocre, and, perhaps even mediocre is a compliment.

  6. Actually megatronownsyou, the Cowboys were 12-4 last year. And for the people who always like to call the Cowboys the most mediocre franchise in sports, they’re just straight up jealous of America’s Team.

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