Nothing has changed between Seahawks, Kam Chancellor

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An old tweet regarding the naming of Seahawks captains has created a mini-stir on Twitter, since it appeared that the Seahawks had made safety Kam Chancellor a defensive captain. It was a major surprise, given that Chancellor skipped training camp and the preseason — and hasn’t shown up yet. But the tweet referred to the 2014 season, so it sheds no light on the current relationship between the Seahawks and Chancellor.

Which prompted me to attempt to shed light on the current relationship between the Seahawks and Chancellor.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, nothing has changed. With six days to go until the regular-season opener against the Rams, the clock is now ticking loudly.

Many in the media have insisted that Chancellor would never miss a game check; few players ever would. But Chancellor is cutting it close enough that, at least for now, it makes sense to pay attention to this one on a daily basis.

Preparations for the Week One game begin in earnest on Wednesday. Chancellor would lose more than $267,000 if he doesn’t show up.

74 responses to “Nothing has changed between Seahawks, Kam Chancellor

  1. As much as it hurts the Seahawks not to have him on the field – renegotiating with the time he has left on his contract hurts them worse because that’s a bell that can’t be un-rung.

    Lose a game or whatever but that’s a one time deal (Kam won’t play forever anyway) but open the gates on re-negotiating contracts 25% of the way in – you screw the franchise until the NFL or team folds – forever.

  2. The aderall is finished. No sane person who is off the stuff would want to stay and live in Seattle. I think the RGIIIWannabe Wilson is on something though because he’s staying and talking to invisible people. #HTTR

  3. He’s got no choice but to hope Seattle folds after a few games. Otherwise, John Schneider can trade him to my packers. I’d be ok with that lol.

  4. Seems so simple from the outside looking in. Seahawks defense will be fine without him. Trade the man for all he’s worth and move on. Obviously there’s a reason the Hawks haven’t done this and I’d like to know why.

  5. The team need to send a message to the players (greedy players).

    You don’t get to re-negotiate a contract every year.

  6. Kam has to make a living……he’s not stupid enough to miss game checks……………or is he?

  7. “I think the RGIIIWannabe Wilson ”

    Freaking hilarious. RGFragileEgo can only dream of being in the same class as Wilsn

    When RGFragileEgo is gone from the league in a year or two anyway, and only someone with zero actual football knowlege would think that a guy with 2 SB appearances and 1 ring would want to be a bust a loser like Griffin

  8. A key piece on the back end of their cover 3 scheme. Don’t act like he isn’t important. He gives Earl Thomas the ability to roam sideline to sideline.

  9. Guys as big and physical as Chancellor historically don’t age well. They lose a step sooner than most and as soon as they do, they’re linebackers trying to play safety.

    Going on his 6th season, it’s likely Chancellor’s best days are already behind him. I understand his urgency to redo the deal now, but there’s no reason for Seattle to do this.

  10. Yea, he’s bad with his money and has a bad agent. I’m tired of this hold out. Trade him, since giving in would only make him holdout again next year and that after. Oh by the way kam, you owe half a million in fines for holding out and you can be sued for your partial signing bonus. Seahawks need to stand put and they need to get their money back.

  11. Hope Kam sticks to his guns on this,stay away until they pay him his true worth to the team. set an example for all those other players who believe they have outplayed their contracts and show them that fortitude and willingness to sacrifice a few hundred thousand dollars or more has much more meaning than playing for the paltry sum they are paying you.its getting close to the start of the season now Kam where your threats of sitting out becomes reality and the hundred dollar bills sprout wings and fly away but dont worry about that,you have a statement to make for all the league to see and fear.stick to your guns on this,keep listening to your agent,he knows bets whats good for you after all.

  12. Nobody can afford to trade for this guy and the Seahawks can’t afford to trade him. It has to play out all the fines have to be collected and Chancellor will have to comeback under the negotiated terms or retire. I’m sorry that the Seahawks have to bite the bullet, but this is bigger than them and the player. Contracts seem to always favor the team but if your doing something about it you must do it at contract signing time. Good agents will be able to maximize the deal at signing time or find one that will.

  13. I usually side with the player in these disputes but Kam is already the highest paid safety in the game. He’s being selfish as hell. Not a guy I would want on my team. I’d trade him to Jacksonville and get a good draft pick for him. Seattle will survive without Kam.

  14. Chris Carter & Warren Sapp just checked in and said Kam needs a “fall guy” to get out of this mess…

  15. Move on. Hawks preach that they need players on the field that are all-in. He is “all-in” for himself. With a year left on a deal, I’m sure his teammates (brothers) and coaches understand. But with 3 years left, his teammates and coaches are verbally telling him they understand but shaking their heads behind his back. Not one person in that locker room wouldn’t say no to another dollar on their contract, but there is only one on the Hawks (in the entire NFL) that is holding their team hostage.

    JS, ship this guy to the Jags or Giants so he realizes after the fact how he let his greed ruin his career. Sniff 7-9 or 8-8 with your extra million or two…. Likely you’ll end up with a lot less after you become a cap casualty on a team (or fan base) that has no loyalty towards you.

    Kam needs to fire his agent to save his career.

  16. icallbs81 says:
    Sep 7, 2015 11:27 AM

    A key piece on the back end of their cover 3 scheme. Don’t act like he isn’t important. He gives Earl Thomas the ability to roam sideline to sideline.

    Wait a minute, Kam Chancellor allows Earl Thomas to be a… free safety? Amazing. Imagine that. A free safety being a free safety.

    This whole thing is getting overblown. Sure Kam is a great player and sure, he’s a good teammate. But, the locker room still has some great leaders without him and anybody who watched Dion Bailey in the preseason saw the potential he has. He looked pretty good and given a few games to get comfortable out there, I think he’ll be a dang good player himself.

    At any rate, Kam is in a lose lose situation here and the longer he sits at home, the worse he makes it on everyone. The Seahawks aren’t going to cave and they’re not going to trade him, reports have said that they’re not even considering it. He needs the Seahawks a lot more than the Seahawks need him. A quarter million $’s per week is a lot of money to lose and it’s going to add up quick.

  17. Kam should have only one condition if he is traded.. any team but to the permanent bottom of the barrel, with the diva QB RGMEEE , that washington team.

    but yeah, him getting run over by JE11 in SB49 was awesome,

  18. Kam must be getting his advice from the same clowns who are advising Goodell. He needs to suck it up and play. No way the Seahawks should give in to his demands. He is a great player, but it would set a terrible precedent.

  19. This is a tough spot for the Seahawks. He is the 3rd highest paid strong safety by total contact and 2nd by yearly average (150k from the top spot), so for his position he’s well compenstated . However, Thomas is making $3 million more this season and a $12 million total contract. Thomas is the 5th highest paid free safety, which means he’s actually not getting the same treatment as Chancellor. But that’s dollars to doughnuts for Chancellor who seems to feel cheated despite the difference in positions. What makes this really hard on the Seahawks is knowing it’s not outside players causing his desire for higher pay but one of their own.

    This is quickly becoming a no win for the Seahawks if he isn’t bluffing.

    Don’t pay him he holds until the deadline for the season to count, and starts this song and dance again.

    By not trading him sooner his value is doing nothing but going down.

    Pay him and the locker room knows it can hold out for more cash.

    Cut him and lose the cap space.

  20. flaccosmoustache says:

    If they cave and give him more money it sets a far more damaging future precedent than losing a few games. You think the Patriots would pay him ? They would cut him.

    You’re half right. With the other guys they have on the roster that feel they are underpaid, the contracts they have expiring after this season and their tight cap space renegotiating a 4 year deal after only 1 year would be opening Pandora’s box. Thinking about the better GM’s in the league, and only a fool would say Schneider isn’t among them, I doubt any of them would just cut him. The Hoodie, Newsome, Ted Thompson, Steve Keim (insert your idea of a top flight GM here) I couldn’t see any of them cutting him. They would all get something for him if it really came to that.

    Say what we will about the me fir$t attitude of this supposed team guy but the man can ball and he does it at a position of need for plenty of teams. If Schneider decides he needs to move him there will be a market.

  21. Considering that NFL teams can terminate contracts whenever it suits them, I’ve got no problem when an NFL player who knows his performance has outperformed his contract value, does what he can to max out his earning potential during his most productive years.

  22. Seattle has already signed McCray from the Chiefs, and worked with 2nd year man Dion Bailey and 4th year guy Deshawn Shead from OTA’s through preseason to cover SS…Seattle isn’t going to budge…Earl Thomas has been off PUP for 4 weeks, with full contact for 3 by the time Seattle faces St Louis in week one…Sherman has been back since week 3 of preseason…they have an even better front 7 than last year (maybe as good as 2013)…Seattle can still play defense without Kam…they’re not going to budge on this…St. Louis will not start Gruley this week, and their #2 guy Tre Mason is injured as well…that’s a gift for Seattle in week 1 against the Rams.

  23. Don’t do it Seahawks! You will be setting a bad precedent with the other players on the roster.

  24. Kam may be the MV defensive player in the NFL. He is the Godfather of the best defense in football. There is noway Seattle doesn’t get him on the field this week.

    Precedent has been set, when the renegotiated Lynch last year. All that noise about players living up to their contracts, shows how little people know about NFL contracts, which a team can terminate at any time. The are not worth the paper written on.

    I want Kam to report, but if he doesn’t, I understand. His play in SB48 won the game in the fist quarter. He takes souls. Ask Vernon Davis and Demaryius Thomas. Schneider will capitulate or he’s the dumb one, not Kam.

  25. -Set a deadline, be with the team or be fined. Fine him, and double the fine amount and give to his charity. He at least can’t complain about the fine that way. Sets an example that the Seahawks mean business. Call next years training camp, Training Kamp. Who would not show up to their own event.

  26. Why is Kam at fault? Wilson signed a new contract he never finish his 1 st one? also others on the team did too. why not give them crap to,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hawks will go down…………….. GO PACK GO

  27. sonoco says:
    Sep 7, 2015 12:07 PM
    Considering that NFL teams can terminate contracts whenever it suits them, I’ve got no problem when an NFL player who knows his performance has outperformed his contract value, does what he can to max out his earning potential during his most productive years.

    What player doesn’t think they deserve more money “because they outperformed a contract?! Aaron Rogers? Golden Tate? Or what about RGIII after his rookie season?

    There is a reason Kam is the only one in the entire NFL right now. Everybody else recognizes the commitment they made except him. Greed will unfortunately unravel any semblance of a legacy he is trying to leave. Sadly his legacy is tied to this team and he’s burning that bridge plank by plank.

    Greatest SS ever? Hardly, more like Greediest SS.

  28. Kam is my favorite player on the Seahawks. I even own his jersey. That said, I really don’t understand the whole “Kam outplayed his contract” business. When Kam signed his contract in April 2013, he was not yet an All-Pro, and the Seahawks had not yet won a Super Bowl. Regardless, the contract extension made him the highest paid SS in the game. He currently is the second highest, by only $150K. At the time that Kam signed, the Seahawks were widely considered to have overpaid for his services. History now shows the Seahawks were correct to pay Kam what they did, as he set the tone early in SB38 (arguably could have been named MVP), and he earned All-Pro status the past two seasons, as well as becoming a captain. Now he’s holding out for more after just ONE year into his extension!?! Makes no sense.

  29. Dion Bailey is equal to ore greater than Kam Chancellor, and all the seahawks fan agree with that……..yep i am sure Dion has the same presence, and leadership skills in the locker room as well…keep telling yourself that on gameday as well

    I just hope the raiders signing his cousin that the seahawks cut Saturday, leads to other things as well

  30. After signing the contract, Kam was super happy. Just check his instagram posts. He was always talking about being blessed, and being committed to the team.

    2 years pass. Kam has a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Range Rover, fully customized Escalade, Audi R8, house in the hills, Diamond encrusted Rolexes, multiple Superbowl appearances, and is set to make 7 million this year for playing a sport which brings the spotlight on him to make millions more in endorsements, and allow him to be a positive contributor to many community events, and charities. Despite all of this, Kam is unhappy.
    Some people, a very small percentage of humanity, will never be happy, regardless of the decisions they make or the achievements they attain.

    Money will not solve this issue folks. Kam needs some serious help from his friends, and agent. So far, they may have been afraid of being cut off from the money tree.

  31. seabreezes51 says:
    Sep 7, 2015 11:24 AM

    Ray Didinger says the Eagles could be his new home.


    Raelly dumb to trade him to a NFC contender.

    But then again, I didn’t like the C. Michael trade to Dallas.

  32. Don’t hate the player, Hate the game. Seahawks will trade him to the Raiders: Cap Space, West Coast, Ken Norton Jr., brother on the team.

  33. Kam won’t play an entire regular season in any case. He plays so hard all the time: he gets hurt in practice. Practice!

    Seahawks should just leave him on ice until he honors his contract. They’ll need him for a playoffs run

  34. After the Seahawks claw back their $3 Million of the pro-rated signing bonus, Kam will have played 5 years for $11.17 Million.

    Had he just finished his 3 years, he would have totaled $31 Million. Unbelievable.

  35. C’mon Kam… Set this aside, for now, for this season. Revisit it next year or perhaps in 2 when you are nearing the end of the contract. If you are worried about injury, look into an insurance policy.


  36. People act like Kam has not outplayed his contract. If any of us were in his shoes, we’d feel the exact same way.

    If they were smart, they would extend him, but they won’t do that.

  37. Chancellor’s agent has a name: Alvin Keels

    This pretty much working out how you diagrammed it, Alvin?

    Kam’s already hurt the team btw. His preseason absence highlighted some hidden gems deep in their defensive backfield, which then got snatched up on waivers rather than reverting to the practice squad. This depth will matter when Kam pulls a hammy within his first five minutes on the field.

    Meanwhile Kam’s reputation as a team leader, the kind of thing that pays dividends after retirement, is suffering serious, likely permanent, damage with each passing day.

    Yep, this holdout is working out greeeaaaaaat.

    Slow clap for Alvin Keels.

  38. I applaud the Seahawks for sticking to their guns and anybody who would trade what likely would be multiple picks including a #1 would be crazy. Ask the Saints if they are happy with Byrd. No doubt he will crack.

  39. Bam Bam will be a big miss, but the Hawks’ front seven and especially the D line will be significantly better than last year.

    So overall I’d expect the defense to be as good or even slightly better without Bam Bam but much better should he return.

    Keep dreaming NFC.

  40. I’m sure the Jaguars or Raiders would happily pay you, Kam.

    There comes a time where you have to choose between chasing every last dollar you can possibly get or chasing titles.

  41. JaminJake says:
    Sep 7, 2015 1:47 PM
    People act like Kam has not outplayed his contract. If any of us were in his shoes, we’d feel the exact same way.

    If they were smart, they would extend him, but they won’t do that.


    So when Kam has a crappy season is he planning on giving some of what the Seahawks paid him back?

  42. I love how people are saying the Hawks should pay him what he is worth. Um real talk, they are, his agent screwed him in a long deal, and didn’t allow him to leverage multiple good seasons. His value may have gone up, but when he signed his contract, it was was based on his projected value. Now he is stuck, and that’s his fault for not getting on himself.

    They won’t renegotiate. That would be incredibly reckless, and the only organization dumb enough to do that would be the pathetic Redskins.

  43. After reconsideration I really dont believe Kam will have the balls to stay away for very long,any day now he will report,money talks and bullcrap walks and he wont walk unfortunately.

  44. I hope they have drawn a line in the sand and don’t cave in to him. I don’t see how they can or else every other player will do the same thing. They need to put him on the inactive list and just let him sit out the year if that’s what he wants. He’s making a truckload of money and he’s already unhappy with a contract he just signed two years ago which made him very happy. Now he’s not.

    Oh, and Russell Wilson was in the last year of his contract. That’s much different than Kam’s situation so trying to compare the two is ignorant. Nice try though.

    This holdout shows just how much Kam cares about the rest of the team. I don’t remember the name but there’s another player that wants more money (Michael Bennett) but he’s not sitting out. Kam is selfish and I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded him to a bottom-feeder team. It would serve him right.

  45. If Chancellor thinks playing for $7 million/year I fully support him sitting out and making zero dollars. His agent is giving him criminally bad advice, but ultimately this is on Chancellor. If being on a championship-caliber team, having the love/respect of his teammates and making top-dollar for his position doesn’t get him to come to work, what will? No trades, I hope the Seahawks hold his contract and force him to retire. #byebyebambam

  46. Kam? Listen up my man, if you read this forum. And want to escape with any semblance of pride, money and dignity. You’re playing a 10 high card only, in a 5 card stud poker game. Against a foe with 4 aces in the hole, with only a deuce showing! Bail out on this ill fated quest right now! And hope they settle for just paying you the checks you missed.

    The Seahawks know if they renegotiate you. Every bloated ego on that team will be at their door the very next day, demanding a new deal. Not gonna happen dude. Get your millions. Fire you agent who led you down this foolish path. And just move on when you have at least a straight or full house in that card game. Because right now, “you got nuthin!”

  47. The argument that a player should sit have the ability to sit out because the team can cut him at anytime is false in this case. Kam is entering the third year of a five year deal with guaranteed money still on the contract. Once his guaranteed money years are done, then he has the moral standing to hold out for guaranteed money.

  48. I’m getting tired of seeing that pathetic mug of his looking like he’s ready to start crying. Just two years ago the Seahawks gave him a 4 yr 28 mil contract making him the highest paid strong safety in football. But because he got a huge chunk of it up front this year he only gets 4.5 mil. So now he says HE TOOK A PAY CUT ! You jerk. The Seahawks have treated him like a king and this is how he pays them back. I want this jackass gone.

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