Saban, Giants another potential fit


With I’m-not-going-to-be-the-Alabama-coach Alabama coach Nick Saban potentially more miserable than usual and suddenly talking about how he’d still be coaching the Dolphins if the team had signed Drew Brees in what became Saban’s second and final year with the team, Saban could be letting the NFL know that he’s ready to return to a team with a franchise quarterback.

The most obvious potential destination is Indianapolis, where quarterback Andrew Luck has blossomed — and where coach Chuck Pagano is in the last year of his contract and believed to be on the hot seat. But the Giants also make sense, given the presence of franchise quarterback Eli Manning and the perpetual perception that coach Tom Coughlin could be on his way out.

Like the Colts, the Giants once made a play for Saban. The issue of control derailed the talks. Even if the Giants were willing to fire G.M. Jerry Reese in conjunction with a Coughlin retirement/termination, there’s no indication that they’d be willing to part from their longstanding strong-G.M. structure for a 60-something coach with a habit of not staying in one place for very long.

Also, the Giants don’t seem to be in the sizzle business. Hiring Saban would definitely fall into the sizzle category.

The sizzle would become an inferno once Saban and the New York media begin to get better acquainted. For a guy driven at least in part by pride, ego, and vanity, the prospect of gracing the back pages of the tabloids with labels like “Nicktator” and “Nicky Satan” would be enough to keep him away from the job — or at least to get him to demand the kind of hazard pay that would push his annual salary above $10 million.

The Colts make more sense than the Giants, if both teams eventually are in the market for new coaches. As the owners of those franchises (along with any others having franchise quarterbacks) consider the possibility of changing coaches if/when this year’s expectations begin to be unfulfilled, the possibility of getting Saban should occupy a spot in the middle of their radar screens.

For now, that seems to be the message that Saban, who does nothing accidentally, seems to be sending.

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  1. Can we get at least half way through the season before we start talking about coaching changes? I mean seriously, the season just started and we’ve seen 10 stories on where Nick Saban might like to coach.

  2. Yeah sure… The NY media and Fans will crush this guy. He is a proven liar everywhere he goes. He left Miami because his Wife wasn’t happy or he was not planning to leave Miami or he left because he couldn’t sign Drew Brees… His only talent is Recruiting top players and quite frankly Alabama’s deep and deserved reputation does that without him and Kirby Smart and Lane Kiffin actually Are the reason for their success. He is an inflated ego personality like Bill Parcells. They take credit for given success and when it comes time for them to perform under the solo spotlight… They can’t and Quit, Blame and Run.

  3. Hope the Giants or someone else grabs him before Irsay makes a “football move” – or so he thinks. My beloved Colts don’t need a “celebrity” coach like this. Keep Chuck. dump Jim.

  4. Your list of teams should just consist of senile owners, as I don’t think any in their right mind would give this guy another shot in the NFL.

  5. You mean with a different QB? No way Saban can put up with a guy who has led the NFL in interceptions like 4 or 5 times, not to mention he’s headed toward the end of his career here real soon. Time flies, but Eli is already 34. As I tried to explain to my Saint fan homer saying 36 isn’t that old for a QB when citing how Brees is near the end, despite nearly every good QB in the world never having good seasons after 35 again as statistical evidence and most of them never winning Super Bowls would attest too, the Giants need to start thinking of a contingency plan too before they end up in Dave Brown/Kerry Collins purgatory again.

  6. I have 1 question regarding your not so logical idea that Saben is the ideal fit as savior/coach of the Colts. Where does Pep fit in? As Saben comes in and cleans house bringing his own crew with him, where does that leave one of the best and brightest Offensive Coordinator working in the NFL now, who just so happened to have held the same position with Stanford while Luck was there? There is little doubt that Pep will be a Head Coach in the near future. So if you are looking to find a replacement for Coach Pagano all you have to do is look a couple of office doors down.

  7. “The Clintons do nothing by accident; everything they say is part a devious scheme” – abridged quote of Rush Limbaugh (he of no agenda).

    “For now, that seems to be the message that Saban, who does nothing accidentally, seems to be sending.” – actual quote of Mike Florio (another he of no agenda).

    Here’s a tip in life. When someone’s argument hinges upon: “this guy calculates every word he says so only a deep thinker like me can draw the true, secret conclusions about what he means”…
    change the channel.

  8. There are myriad reasons Saban in NY is a terrible idea but more than anything else I can’t see the Giants abandoning their buttoned down approach when it comes to organizational structure long enough to even give it consideration. Which in this case is a good thing

  9. Saban not feeling that sweet home Alabama love….Since he has two faces does that mean you get one free or that he’s just twice the head case.

  10. @ncphinsfan:

    Alright, clearly you dislike Saban and that is totally your prerogative. But you said that 1) Alabama’s reputation recruits itself and 2) Smart and Kiffin are the real keys to success and 3)Bill Parcells and Saban can’t succeed under the spotlight. All 3 of those statements make you sound like you’ve never actually watched a football game. Alabama couldn’t recruit ANYWHERE NEAR the level they do now before Saban. That’s why they had zero players drafted in the 2008 draft, the year after Saban got there. Now they have a Top 3 recruiting class every year. That’s not just a coincidence. Secondly, Smart and Kiffin weren’t with Saban at LSU, where he won a title, and Kiffin hasn’t been part of any of Saban’s 4 titles…so I don’t think you can chalk Saban’s success to guys who weren’t on the staff. And lastly, saying that Saban and Bill Parcells run from the spotlight is as laughable as someone saying that Jordan could never win the big one… flies in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Are Saban and Parcells both control freaks? Absolutely. But are they winners? Well, two Super Bowl wins in three appearances (BP) and four national titles (NS) would indicate that. I get that you feel like Saban screwed over the Dolphins….Daunte Culpeper’s knee did that for you.

  11. We’ve seen it time and time again with these egotistical, control freak college coaches come to the NFL and never truly get the trust and respect of the veteran players. That’s kind of essential to a quality football team. I think him and Bobby Petrino have burned those bridges to the point that they’d never get real respect in an NFL locker room even if they chose to return. Coaches demand accountability from their players, and that should go both ways, something they have a hard time realizing.

  12. Not a Saban fan – don’t really care but the idea that Lane Kiffin is the reason for his success is laughable.

    Particularly when he’s never really been successful anywhere and he didn’t join Alabama until Jan 2014.

    Last I checked – Alabama was pretty good long before a 17 months ago.

  13. Pagano will be gone from the Marshmellos after the Pats humiliate them and crush the soft little whiners again

  14. People saying Saban couldn’t succeed relly need to talk to former players. I’ve heard too many of them say he’s brilliant, even the ones who don’t like him, and there are lots of them. He did go 9-7 with Gus Frerrote at QB. I do think if he came back that he’d have a different approach this time even though ironically the NFL has moved more in his image of the coach or front office holding more power since the players got screwed on the last CBA.

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