Stories emerge about Terrance West, part of Browns bad draft record

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In the wake of the Browns trading running back Terrance West to the Titans for a sack of beans, comes the predictable story of what a bad teammate, guy and running back West was.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns had grown weary of West’s “inconsistency on the field and immaturity off of it.”

(Of course, the same could be said of the Browns themselves, but we’ll get there in a minute.)

West led them in rushing last year (allowing them to chase off a productive but grumbly veteran in Ben Tate), but that never translated into this year, when West had to play most of the preseason finale with the scrubs. But this story doesn’t center on football, rather the kind of ex post facto character assassination common with failed picks.

West is described as having “maturity issues,” and “wasn’t well-liked by some in Berea” and “not exhibiting the professionalism the Browns were seeking.”

Yes, because the high standard the Browns have set can not be sullied in any way.

It’s worth noting here that they seemed OK with West a year ago, when they traded up to take him in the third round of the 2014 draft. They sent a fourth- and a sixth-rounder to the 49ers, so they could move up to 94 to take the Towson State star, ostensibly so the Ravens wouldn’t at 99.

Of their 10 picks in the 2014 draft, they have two starters (left guard Joel Bitinio and linebacker Chris Kirksey, second and third-rounders). They haven’t gotten much from the guys they moved around to get in the first round, cornerback Justin Gilbert and quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Of course, this is also the same team that just used a fourth-round pick this year on wide receiver Vince Mayle, who was so bad in the preseason that not only was he cut, but he wasn’t invited back to the practice squad.

So maybe instead of texting his coaches during games in the future, maybe suspended General Manager Ray Farmer could solicit texts from Mel Kiper, Jr. and Mike Mayock on draft day.

51 responses to “Stories emerge about Terrance West, part of Browns bad draft record

  1. Mary Kay Cabot’s entire job is to carry the water for the Browns’ incompetent front office. As such, her articles aren’t to be taken seriously. She may as well write their press releases for them, really.

  2. Now, I hate to be THAT GUY……. No, wait. No I don’t.

    However, Mike Manock is not their GM, nor is he a draft guru.

    Mike Manock is the version who got cable instead of DirecTV.

  3. Not only do you have to see the picks that were part of the “bad draft record”. Take a look sometime at the players that were available for them to pick and they passed on. When I see them pass on Sammy Watkins, move down and take Justin Gilbert it is heartbreaking. And there are many instances of this happening. I thought West was all right, however, he seemed to be running sideways a lot this year. I have always liked Crowell over West.

  4. If you can’t draft in the age of salary cap or find diamonds in the rough via FA you are destined to fail.

    The Browns have no clue when it comes to drafting. I am not sure why their owner can not see that.

  5. So, because the Browns have been a bad they should put up with bad behavior by guys who don’t want to be there? That’s silly, that’s not how you build a winning culture, that’s how you continue down a bad path. If the player isn’t good enough to be on the team, they should be cut no matter where they were drafted. Yes, 4th rounders should be contributors but you shouldn’t prolong the problem because of pride. At least Farmer realized they were mistakes.

  6. Mel Kiper Jr. was incredibly high on West. Kiper being a Baltimore guy and West playing at Towson, Kiper said he saw a lot of West and liked what he saw. So if Kiper had texted Farmer he would have told him to take West.

  7. Not that I disagree with you but I take solace in the fact that Farmer can admit his mistakes instead of trying to save face and force these guys on the coaches. I just hope this isn’t a trend.

  8. Whether it’s hypocritical or not, I had heard all of this about West long before he was traded. Not sure it is character assassination when a dude who follows the Vikings and has zero vested interest in knowing anything about the Browns knew this weeks ago.

    Not defending the Browns either, just saying that this is old news.

  9. Terrance West went to Towson University. “Towson State” hasn’t existed since 1997.

    Of course, I suppose he may have attended the school when he was six. But I doubt it.

  10. So, because they haven’t been successful they should keep a guy around who they clearly thought was a problem? I guess I don’t see how that would help them get better. So they made a mistake drafting him. Why compound it by keeping him. Cut your losses.

  11. It sucks these picks haven’t worked out, but I’m glad Farmer is smart enough to cut ties sooner than later. I’d like to see a team that has its entire draft class intact for every year and see how well that works out for them. On the other hand, Farmer better improve on drafting in the early rounds if he wants to keep his job.

  12. So the Browns can’t have standards because they’re not good? I don’t understand….West is a chump who showed up out of shape.


    Probably more-so due to the fact that from the owner on down, they have failed to show much, if anything, in the way of standards in recent years.

  13. Thanks eveyone for clarifying Towson vs Towson State. You should be pissed that Cleveland can’t employ a GM that could take all those picks they traded for and do better than that awful offense we have to watch again this season. But the future is bright with our 35 year old starting QB and no WRs worth mentioning!

  14. Draft Day really is an underrated comedy classic.

    The premise of the Browns having a great, let alone competent, draft is hilarious.

    I knew after the scene where a fire was put out that it couldn’t be based on real life.

    In real life, someone would have thrown gasoline on the fire.

  15. Since Farmer is such a late round draft genius maybe he should trade away all of his picks in the first 2 or 3 rounds for a pile of late round picks.

    Farmer is outsmarted and over-matched when it comes to the draft. Haslam is a fool for not firing him, especially in light of his texting suspension. Farmer must think the rules don’t apply to him.

  16. Any mention how the guy who beat out West (Isaiah Crowell) was an undrafted free agent last year and scored 8 touchdowns? Farmer and his staff has been good finding some diamonds in the rough. Guess you’re probably too busy hanging out at Towson State. Pfffftt..

  17. I am sick and tired of the excuses please just sale this team to some one who cares. I’m a life long fan and I may never get to see them win the division let on a championship. I’m now in my 60’s how much longer will I have to wait? So many of my family and friends who were life long fans have since passed on and I feel like I may have that fate one day too.

  18. It’s a weird conundrum. The Browns are more competitive under Farmer than they’ve been in a while but Farmer’s draft record is atrocious.

    The Browns are already at a disadvantage being in the division they’re in; they will never make up ground if they waste first round picks. Out of Farmer’s 4 1st-rounders, 2 are busts (Manziel, Gilbert), one is a role player (Cameron Erving) and one looks to be a stud (Danny Shelton).

    That’s simply not good enough for a team already playing catch-up.

  19. Let’s take a look at the significant starters who Farmer has brought in only 2 years.
    Whitner, Dansby, Gabriel, Hawkins, Hartline,
    Shelton, T. Williams, K. Williams, Crowell, D.Johnson, Bitonio, Kirksey, Starks, McCown, Lee

    Now the future significant starters on team.
    Manziel, Desir, Erving, Gaines, Meder, Orchard,
    Cooper, Campbell, Pryor, Bibbs

    The team is WAY better than it was 2 years ago with a lot more depth. The vets and coaches did not want West. They got rid of him. I’ve never read so many winy wimps holding on to a tired narrative like its some kind of badge of honor.

    We have a great coach, staff and front office. We go 10-6. Get on the bus or cheer for the bengalettes.

  20. Farmer is a joke and is so self absorbed he thinks he knows it all so much he was telling his coach what to do with text messages during a game. Sad part is Mike Pettine has been a well-respected defensive guru in the league and his rep with go down the toilet just like everyone else who steps foot in dia-Beria.

  21. Seriously… it’s soooo easy for internet trolls to hate on the Browns. In fact, it’s just toooo easy.

    But if you take a broader look and realize that the Genius, (you know… the one that had a 6th round miracle fall into his lap), Billy B blows draft picks all the time and only keeps HIS kind of guys. But with him they say it’s the “Patriot Way”…. right?

    Tom Brady can cover up a lot of mistakes… that’s for sure.

  22. The last paragraph says it all. I’d give Pettine the GM job before I’d go with Farmer and any more of his drafts. The ability to waste your top picks and live by his free agency picks, won’t work.

  23. The Browns are always worried about what the Ravens do. Goes back to Ngata and Kamerion Wimberly. What I want is some of the stuff that Browntuff is smoking. If he seriously thinks the Browns are going 10-6 with Josh McCowen as their QB in the AFCN he either has really great weed or needs to back on his antipsychotic meds.

  24. Maybe someone should make a movie about the NFL draft and cast the team which is the worst at drafting? That would be awesome! smh

  25. rlspls says:
    Sep 7, 2015 11:15 AM
    I am sick and tired of the excuses please just sale this team to some one who cares. I’m a life long fan and I may never get to see them win the division let on a championship. I’m now in my 60’s how much longer will I have to wait? So many of my family and friends who were life long fans have since passed on and I feel like I may have that fate one day too.

    My exact thoughts. I’ll be seeing my maker before I see the Browns in the SB.

  26. From an article on the top 10 teams who’ve drafted the most pro-bowlers in the last decade on NFL’s website…

    “10 (tie). Cleveland Browns — 8

    Pro Bowl players drafted: Josh Gordon (2012 supplemental draft), Jordan Cameron (2011), Joe Haden (2010), T.J. Ward (2010), Alex Mack (2009), Joe Thomas (2007), D’Qwell Jackson (2006), Braylon Edwards (2005).

    The skinny: Thomas is building a resume that will make him a strong consideration for enshrinement in Canton, earning Pro Bowl spots in each of his eight NFL seasons. Mack scored one of the most memorable touchdowns in Pro Bowl history. The Browns sacrificed a second-round pick in the 2013 draft to get Gordon in the 2012 supplemental draft. He was a Pro Bowl pick after posting a league-leading 1,646 yards receiving in 2013.”

    You were saying?

  27. Oh no! They let a running back who couldn’t find a hole with a flashlight, map, and tunnel boring machine walk away.


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