Bryan Stork remains out of practice for Patriots

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The Patriots found out last week that Tom Brady would be at quarterback for their season opener against the Steelers, but it continues to look like they’ll be without their starting center.

Bryan Stork missed a third straight practice Tuesday because of the concussion that kept him off the field for a good chunk of August as well. Stork was able to practice with the team on Saturday before returning to the bench and a return to the concussion protocol suggests a setback that could delay Stork’s return to the field until after the Patriots face the Steelers.

If Stork can’t play on Thursday night, the Patriots could turn to Ryan Wendell as their starter. Wendell’s versatility was praised by coach Bill Belichick during Belichick’s Monday press conference and he played center in 2012 and 2013, so there probably isn’t much doubt on New England’s part about his ability to handle the job on an interim basis.

Wendell spent time on the PUP list this summer after shoulder surgery, but returned to the field before the end of August. If he starts, he may be flanked by rookies Shaq Mason and Tre’ Jackson in their first NFL game. That makes the interior of the offensive line a bit of a mystery for the Patriots, although what we’ve seen of the Steelers defense this summer makes it difficult to predict that Pittsburgh can turn it into a problem for the home team.

21 responses to “Bryan Stork remains out of practice for Patriots

  1. C’mon ESPN….get on this! stork is probably out rounding up playbooks from all of the Pats’ 2015 opponents, plus video that hasn’t even been recorded yet

  2. “At my signal, unleash hell.” —- Steeler head coach Mike Tomlin who had all of 1 year of experience as a defensive coordinator before becoming the Steelers head coach and in that one year the Vikings finished dead last — as in #32 —- in pass defense. The thing was he “blew the Rooneys away” in his job interview. LOLZ

  3. These Patriots’ injury reports are cruel. Steelers’ fans throw a party, only to be disappointed when they get humiliated again. January 3, 2015.

  4. Denial is not a river in Egypt, how many dynasties have been in sports history? A lot, most recently the Miami Heat reached four finals winning two of them, yet no “dynasty” in sports history has been associated with cheating scandals, of all sorts, like the New England Patriots. Think whatever you want, but if there is definitely something fishy going with that organization. Two other teams have been accused of illegally filming too, the Jets (Mangini HC) and the Broncos (McDaniels HC), both a product of the Bill Bellichick cheating system (McDaniels is back). Coincidence? I think not.

  5. ESPN just reported that if this keeps Stork out they may try to put Brady under the concussion protocol. Goodelie was quoted as saying “If you can’t beat them, smear them”.

  6. If I were Belichick, I would hide little fortune cookie notes everywhere in the visitor locker room just to mess with the whiners. “Shouldn’t you be worried about what’s going to happen on the field?” “If this were a Jets locker room a teammate would have punched you in the face by now.” Etc

  7. The sports illustrated dot com article on the patriots and their escapades was pretty brutal. Never have outdoor practices before playing the patriots.

  8. Good grief. Do you Pats fans even hear yourselves? We’ve all have been enduring your 3 page essays full of cheese and whine for months now. Your team and QB cheated, but let’s just keep blaming others and making excuses. You were one of the 31 teams that signed the CBA giving your buddy Goodell all of the power. Own it. Just because this site has been a complete homer on the subject, it doesn’t mean every sports network is.

  9. The next ESPN report will have Stork dressed as a bus driver digging through the Steelers luggage looking for playbooks. Maybe the Steelers should make fake playbooks to throw him off

  10. Where theres 19 organizations, 2 media outlets and two full on investigations worth of smoke… theres fire. Pats fans are quick to anoint Ben a rapist with much less evidence than whats come out the past 3 months.

    Get over yourselves.

  11. It’s been well reported that the Steelers defense looked bad in the preseason. Keep in mind, the Steelers starting 11 that will line up on defense Thursday night played exactly zero snaps together in the preseason.

    The truth is, their front 7 will be pretty solid. The big questions are in the secondary. Not unlike the questions about the revamped Patriots secondary.

    Game should be a shootout. Take the over.

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