Eagles try out quarterbacks Josh Johnson, Thad Lewis

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The Eagles have kicked the tires on a couple of quarterbacks.

Josh Johnson and Thaddeus Lewis both tried out with the Eagles today.

Johnson, who was cut by the Jets on Saturday, is one of the most athletic quarterbacks not currently under contract to an NFL team. He hasn’t developed much as a passer, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Chip Kelly give Johnson a shot at some point: Johnson’s running ability gives him the potential to be a unique weapon in the NFL.

Lewis, who was cut by the Browns on Saturday, started five games for the Bills in 2013 but never got on the field in the 2014 season.

The Eagles currently have three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster: Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Stephen Morris. The Eagles aren’t expected to add a quarterback soon, but Kelly wants to be ready if a quarterback is needed.

41 responses to “Eagles try out quarterbacks Josh Johnson, Thad Lewis

  1. Chip is foaming, begging, waiting for rg3. Then logical will have to buy a eagles jersey. Lol

  2. Starter – Native American
    Backup – Hispanic
    3rd string – African-American

    Seems that Chip isn’t that good at being the racist some fools make him out to be

  3. It looks pretty obvious to me that Chip Kelly’s hidden hand here is to wait for Washington to completely screw up and cut RG3. Then he will swoop in and park him in Philly to back up Bradford (while developing him perfectly for his system). And if Bradley goes down with injury he will still have Sanchez to lean on until RG3 is ready to challenge. IMO that is what those movements with the Eagles were all about. And Snyder is terrified about that happening.

    But I do believe Dallas, Kansas City, St Louis Rams, New York Jets and a few other teams are also waiting and baiting the same colossal Redskins mistake.

  4. I’ve never seen the third string quarterback position get so much play as it had with this team this year. Thank God the season starts the day after tomorrow.

  5. Sam Bradford is Native American? Trade him to the Washington team for RG3. That way the ‘Skins could get their glass quarterback but this one is native American. And the Eagles could get their glass quarterback too but this one likes Subway.

  6. dolphins4 says:
    Sep 8, 2015 7:22 PM

    I’d like to see the Eagles sign Bryan Bennett or Phil Simms to the practice squad.


    I didn’t know Phil Simms was still eligible to come back to the NFL, let alone the practice squad, but wouldn’t that be a sight.

  7. @crappygovernment
    1 playoff win and now Chip is literally trying to find any guy that isn’t Tebow. Give it up, Chip was the only guy who would give him a shot and he cut him in favor of Stephen Morris who was so good the Jags couldn’t find room for him.

  8. Torn ACL Dream Team 2 goes 7-9. Chip back with teenagers by 2017. Full-time hurry up football is a cheapo gimmick anyway. Eagles fans should be(even more) ashamed in mixed company.

  9. “dolphins4 says:
    Sep 8, 2015 7:22 PM
    I’d like to see the Eagles sign Bryan Bennett or Phil Simms to the practice squad.”


    Phil Sims ego would like that too!

  10. Josh Johnson should fire his agent if he hasn’t already. He was with the Bucs for a few seasons and was a decent backup QB, and got used a few times per games on Wildcat and other versatile plays. But he wanted to try his luck as a starter, and everyone and their mom knew that wouldn’t work, so he left and Bucs and has been all over. Oddly enough, he’d have been a good backup for Jameis Winston had he stayed. That said, maybe he can indeed help out the Eagles…but frankly…Tebow is a better running QB.

  11. Dream Team 2????

    Everyone was laughing when Chip was making his trades, saying he was ripping the team apart, and they would be horrible. I didn’t see anyone talk about how good they were going to be, much less call them a Dream Team.

    Looks like subconsciously, you believe the Eagles have a shot at being pretty good, as you are the only one I’ve seen talk about how good they look on paper.

  12. RG3 is not going to sign in Philly. Period

    Would he fit Philly’s system? Tough to say. The athletic ability is obviously a great weapon, but the amount of read option plays in the Eagles offense is vastly overrated. Probably more than anything in professional sports these days.

    The 1st point of concern for a QB in the Eagles (Chip’s) offense, is to be able to read and react, and get the ball to the open man fast. The offense has more guys getting completely wide open than any offense I can remember. But those mismatches have to be identified and exploited quickly. Not exactly RG3’s strong point. The read and run style won’t work in Chip’s offense.

    If anything, from what I’ve seen in his first 3 pro seasons, he could be the worst possible fit, unless you fall for the false narrative of a read option heavy offense

  13. Johnson can run but has problems passing, just like Tebow. If they pick up Johnson when they cut Tebow, then something’s fishy there.

  14. No matter who they tried out, the Eagles will be 0-16 this season. Why? it’s called Karma. The way Chip Kelly backstabbed Tebow for no good reasons was as LOW as can be, and it will get back at him.

  15. I love all the Eagles hate. No one reads or comments on Browns or Raiders posts and they are terrible. So when everyone is reading and hating on all Eagles post just means they are worried there going to be good.

  16. ragnarthemagnificent says:
    Sep 8, 2015 7:30 PM

    This doesn’t sound like a team that is confident in their QB.

    They’re not sure about their THIRD QB; I’m sure that Chip would take his first two over practically anyone else. Except for, you know, Rodgers, Brees, or Brady.

  17. Thad Lewis is definitely worth a look – he played here in Buffalo a couple years ago and showed he can play – tough guy who can move around too.

  18. crappygovernment says:
    Sep 8, 2015 8:08 PM
    Torn ACL Dream Team 2 goes 7-9. Chip back with teenagers by 2017. Full-time hurry up football is a cheapo gimmick anyway. Eagles fans should be(even more) ashamed in mixed company.

    As an Eagles fan i love to see how the other NFC East fans fear our winning.

    Yes when we win we will be unbearable to be around .

    And as an Eagles fan i couldn’t care less what you think of us.

    Surprise .we know you hate us and We Don’t Care 🙂

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