Goodell: NFL “absolutely” didn’t tell Patriots to suspend Jastremski and McNally


During his appearance on ESPN’s Mike and Mike Tuesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked several questions about Deflategate.

Among them was a question about the suspensions of John Jastremski and Jim McNally, the two Patriots employees whose interactions with each other and the balls used in the AFC Championship game made up a good portion of the Wells Report. The two men were suspended by the Patriots despite a strong defense of their actions in the team’s response to the report and without any specific explanation of why they were disciplined.

Adam Schefter of ESPN later reported that the suspensions came at the request of the league, but Goodell denied that on Tuesday.

“Absolutely not. That was a decision by the Patriots,” Goodell said.

If it were merely a team decision, it’s a bit hard to reconcile the league’s reference to the two men in their release outlining the punishments against the Patriots and Tom Brady in May. The league said that neither Jastremski nor McNally is eligible to be reinstated without the prior approval of the league, which isn’t usually the case when it comes to team-issued discipline.

On Twitter last week, Vincent said that he has not heard from the Patriots regarding Jastemski or McNally. During an appearance on WEEI Tuesday, Brady said “of course” he wants the two men back with the team and that he feels “terrible” that they aren’t with the club right now.

73 responses to “Goodell: NFL “absolutely” didn’t tell Patriots to suspend Jastremski and McNally

  1. Goodell was generally aware that someone at the NFL told the Patriots to suspend them.

    Seriously, the man could not be any less credible. And I kind of suspect he thinks we believe it. Reminds me of Baghdad Bob in that respect.

  2. Goodell is either a liar or clueless (i.e., completely left out of the loop) or both. It’s obvious Vincent directed their suspension since he’s required to approve their reinstatement.

  3. Goodell is going on the offensive. He’s not going to let Kraft and few owners strip his powers. This is about one man… one vision… sure, NFL shield is tarnished a bit, but only one man can restore its luster. The commissioner himself.

  4. In his opinion at page 9, Judge Berman quoted the letter from Troy Vincent to the Patriots, which states that the equipment guys cannot “be reinstated without prior [NFL] approval.” So what is Goodell talking about. From Judge Berman’s opinion:

    “The Vincent Letter to Kraft imposed the following discipline: (I) “for the violation of the
    playing rules and the failure to cooperate in the subsequent investigation, the New England
    Patriots are fined $1,000,000 and will forfeit the club’s first round selection in the 2016 NFL
    Draft and the club’s fourth round selection in the 2017 NFL Draft,” and (2) “neither [McNally
    nor Jastremski] may be reinstated without my prior approval. If and when he resumes working
    for the Patriots, Mr. Jastremski is prohibited from having any role in the preparation, supervision,
    or handling of footballs to be used in NFL games during the 2015 season …. Mr. McNally is
    barred from serving as a locker room attendant for the game officials, or having any involvement
    with preparation, supervision, or handling of footballs or any other equipment on game day.” Id. at 3″

  5. Oh, looky here, the NFL and Goodell got beat hard in court and suddenly the pandering Pravda BSPN media blitz is on. Goodell saying things that blatantly aren’t true, Pravda coming out with a giant Spygate hatchet job.

    It’s like it wasn’t planned at all. Just compeltely coincidental it all happened at the same time, the first workday back after getting his butt handed to him in court.

    Ah, the people that believe all this stuff Goodell is peddling… It’s like trying to understand serial killers or people who hate others because their skin is a different colour. It’s out there. It happens. They have their “reasons”. But by god, normal people simply can’t understand it at all.

  6. This is rediculious! EVERYONE knows the Patriots are CHEATERS. Brady got off, not because he is Innocent, but because the Suspension is against Union Rules. I don’t like Goodell at all, but he is now being made to be the Scapegoat. Where there is smoke there is fire. The Patriots were altering the Balls and no way Brady was not in on it! I think it is in the best interest of everyone to let this go. Brady was never innocent… just not convicted. You know, like our friend OJ Simpson. Move on already.

  7. Did Goodell tell Brady to pay off the ball boys and disappear
    so they couldnt bust Tom too?

  8. They suspended the 2 for “losing weight”, they totally did nothing wrong.

    Struggling deflatriot fans everywhere****

  9. Also, apparently he didn’t read Judge Berman’s orders in which he specifically points out (pages 7-9) that Vincent, in a letter to Kraft, ordered the Patriots to suspend the two and them not allowed to be re-instated except by prior NFL approval.

    Like, seriously? How does this even work?

    Oh, that’s right. Appeal to the hatred so that simple facts will be weeded out, lol.

  10. To the Pats: Really simple defense for the ball boys suspensions: Produce the memo from the NFL suspending them. Everyone knows damn well there is a memo or email informing them to suspend. The NFL would never suspend anyone without documentation of the decision to cover their butts

  11. So if the league had nothing to do with suspensions then why do patriots need permission from league to reinstate? Sounds like league is fibbing again

  12. Either Goodell is clueless or he really thinks NFL fans are stupid. Both are equally likely. Vincent’s disciplinary letter to the Patriots clearly stated that McNally and Jastremski were to be suspended indefinitely, and could not be reinstated without prior approval from the league.

  13. It seems Roger is really butt-hurt over the Brady ruling. He now realizes that he can never set foot in Gillette stadium again and that he will be watching the rising of the SB banner from his couch. He has become completely unraveled.

  14. This is a Scorched Earth attempt by Goodell and his minions (in the League Office AND at ESPN) to smear the Patriots by propagating lies that were unfounded to begin with and subsequently NEVER proven because they are untrue. They look like the petulant children that they are and are truly unworthy of their current position.

    I believe Adam Schefter, who stands apart from his “peers” at the shamed sports network in speaking the truth instead of these leaked lies from the defeated teams and league officials all.

  15. ESPN is looking and sounding more like DEADSPIN everyday. The articles lack factual evidence. As much as I would love to throw both Belichick and Goodell under the bus, it’s hard to believe either side because the ESPN reporters are either flat out lying, using rumors from liars, or they embellish the facts.

  16. The NFL and ESPN are spinning like a top. They can’t keep the lies straight.

    This just shows what a colossal screw up the NFL and ESPN see their loss in Judge Berman’s court to be. Instead of moving on they are going all out smear, even smearing the judge.

  17. Hmmm…Should be believe the man who told a bald-faced lie about Brady’s appeal testimony and then sealed it to cover his backside? And then lied about who wanted the seal? A man deemed by a federal judge in Minnesota to be guilty of perjury? I think not. I don’t know what the truth about the Pats locker room guys are right now but I do know with unquestioned certainty that Roger Goodell is an absolute liar.

  18. Roger my boy the axe is coming down and you can’t stop it.
    Now the NFL is accused of altering written statements placed in their care.
    It just keeps getting better al the time.

  19. So wait, any other time something inaccurate about the NFL came out that the NFL didn’t like, it was corrected within seconds.

    On this occasion, NFL doesn’t correct this little nugget of misinformation until now! Because Goodell has never lied before. Ya, right. Nice try liar. You will never be believed or trusted again.

  20. There’s a fine difference between providing direction to suspend the players, and just heavily suggesting the team should suspend them. I’m sure the NFL did the second, and now are using the “we didn’t put it in writing” defense.

  21. Another Goodell lie since there’s been a published memo from Troy Vincent to the Pats telling them the league suspended them.

    Goodell must go

  22. I can’t wait for the “Ballboys” book to come out and tell the WHOLE story !! They payoffs will run out pretty soon. So get your popcorn ready. “Mein Deflator”

  23. Is it possible for Goodell to not lie about something for at least a week. Last week he said (he)”believes the focus should be on the game on the field and the festivities celebrating the Patriots’ Super Bowl championship.” Did he think that would happen as long as he stayed away from the game. But that there wouldn’t be a problem with him going to his personal support group (ESPN) and continuing to sully the Patriots.

    Take Goodell to court again and sue him for defaming the Patriots and Brady. If you do that and can subpoena his files, you will probably find that he instructed Vincent to tell the Patriots to suspend Jastremski and McNally. Vincent makes the call and finds that the Patriots already suspended them, and with good reason. After stammering for awhile because he was preempted, Vincent then writes his letter stating then, that Jastremski and McNally cannot be reinstated without his (Vincent’s) approval.
    So did the NFL instruct the Patriots to suspend Jastremski and McNally? Yes but after they were already suspended. How does Goodell the Narcissist play it? The Patriots suspended them. And after we were advised of that action, we told the Patriots that they could not be reinstated without our approval. What he is not saying is that had the Patriots not beaten us to the punch, it was our plan to have them suspended.
    Will this truth ever be revealed? Not voluntarily. It will require a court order to provide the documents and to make them public.
    So what’s the option? Go back to court and sue Goodell. And do it quickly so that his minions see they are not safe. Because if they believe they will still be protected by Goodell, they will do his bidding and start shredding documents.
    Get rid of this pox on the shield, this rotting carion Goodell.

  24. willycents says:
    Sep 8, 2015 10:56 AM
    To the Pats: Really simple defense for the ball boys suspensions: Produce the memo from the NFL suspending them. Everyone knows damn well there is a memo or email informing them to suspend. The NFL would never suspend anyone without documentation of the decision to cover their butts


    If Pats suspended them on their own, then why can’t they re-hire them without NFL approval? Explain that please.

  25. My guess is that the NFL didn’t tell them to suspend them, but suggested strongly that suspending them would be helpful.

  26. So why do they need the NFL approval to hire them back? Stated by Troy Vincent…

    This is such a joke.

  27. Its time to talk football and all were hearing is deflategate and spygate. I blame Goody. First he was so dam worried about football having a strike like baseball and the bad vibes it brings to revenue that he signed a huge CBA agreement that ties the NFL’s hands together and causes all this stuff to just go on and on.

    Had he held his ground, in the long run he would have the fianal say and take command and issue suspentions timely and it would be done. Now its all in the coursts and dragged out ad nausium thanks to him. Give the farm away and thats what you get.

  28. Of course not.
    The Patriots ditched the two guys (two out of three actually) who absolutely knew what went on, to keep them out of Goodell’s reach.

    ..and if the NFL didn’t order their removal, then why haven’t the Patriots reinstated them?

  29. I think the FBI needs to pay Goodell a visit and pay all his homes a visit and confiscate every phone and computer at 345 Park Ave and all the League employees.

    This guy is a compulsive liar and needs to be locked up in jail.

  30. The focus remains on the Patriots and their “did-they-or-didn’t-they cheat” allegations and the stories investigating the violence against women are again pushed off the front page.

    Everyone thinks that Goodell is ruining the league, but there is a reason the owners keep him around.

  31. So the Patriots need to ask Troy Vincent of the NFL to give the ball boys jobs back yet they did not ” absolutely” asked the Pats to suspend them? O.k. Maybe not ” absolutely” , he’s playing with words here again just like ” destroy the phone”.

    Maybe ” request” is the right word. Maybe the Patriots could ” request” Troy to give the jobs back. Bottom line, Goodell and the NFL has the power not the Patriots. Bet you they’ll fine the Pats quick if they give the jobs back without the NFL permission.

  32. Patriot’s homers are absolutely ridiculous. The idea that the NFL told the Patriots to suspend those guys was a made up lie by Patriot fans to try and defend Tom Brady in all of this. The NFL (and everybody else with a functioning brain) thinks Tom Brady directed the equipment guys to deflate the balls. They even suspended Brady for it. If they thought it was the equipment guys’ idea to do it on their own, why would they go after Brady the way they did? Give it up Patriot homers. Your team is and has been cheaters for a long time. You’ll never convince anyone outside of Boston otherwise.

  33. Whatever. Goodell means that he didn’t call Kraft and tell him to suspend those guys. But the wells report made it seem like they did something wrong and then the punishment came down FROM THE LEAGUE stating those guys couldn’t be reinstated without NFL agreement and they can never again do the jobs they were doing prior to this. I re-read the punishment and it doesn’t explicitly say suspend those guys, but it is unquestionably implied and expected.

  34. If this is true the Miami Dolphins are owed a high draftpick for “telling the Dolphins to Suspend Incognito”. What do you think Patriots Fans? Should we open Pandoras Box? You should quit while you are ahead. Absolutely were Cheating and got away with it over a drawn out Kangaroo Court proceeding. Seriously, lets get back to Football… I am kinda happy Brady will play. It is time to see if his skills have diminished or not.

  35. Pointed this out a while ago. And the fact that the NFL wants final say on whether 2 guys who helped a conspiracy to cheat are restored to full employment has nothing to do the fact that the Patriots organization is the one that suspended them indefinitely in the first place. Of course, you can imply that, because there are plenty of lemmings who will swallow your implication hook, line and sinker without thinking for themselves…

  36. Goodell is lying. AND neither Mike nor Mike called him on it. It is in Judge Bermans decision where he quotes the letter from the NFL concerning these two.. This is a travesty that he does not get called out on his lies on ESPIN. They are the TMZ of sports and allow lies and innuendos to be repeated over and over again.

  37. Well Godell wants to win the war of public opinion but apparently dealt understand that impugning a jurist and making things up and getting a few duped to print his BS will win in the courts and save his job.

    He sounds like a very desperate man.


    These “stories” have become…

    Simply Unbelievable !!!

    ESPN and Goodell deserve each other.

  39. Now we know why Goodell said he would ‘Stay away from Foxboro on Opening Night this Thursday’.

    Goodell & ESPN are on the same script they started since the Patriots pummeled the Colts 45-7 AFCCG.

    The SCRIPT is clear and repeating = Slander & Defame Brady & Patriots to prevent a Super Bowl win. Use social media to perform as executioner via the airwaves controlling the minds of the Sheeple who believe = what they are told to believe.


    You are being PAWNED.

  40. How can the NFL, as big as they are,have a commissioner that everyone knows is deceitful as he is.
    He speaks of protecting the integrity of the league, he is the one that’s making the league office look like a bunch of clowns running around with no sense of direction.
    Goodell is a lier and is making the NFL look like a bunch of fools.

  41. I can just imagine that there is going to be a new report every week this football season trying to pin something, anything on the Patriots, especially if they are winning a lot of games. There will be more talk of bending the rules. More talk of paranoia from opposing teams coming into Gillette Stadium. More talk of soft footballs and spying. (I saw a woman in section 6 row 14 seat 43 with an I Phone, I think she’s filming hand signals. She must be employed by Belichick.) I guess this is all Tom Brady’s fault. If only he had just taken the damn punishment for the cold weather shrinking the footballs, Goodell wouldn’t have had to resort to this petty, childish behavior. He’s starting to look as pathetic as Harbaugh looked when he damn neared cried about “illegal formations”.

    Goodell should quit while he’s ahead, before Kraft decides that he’s had enough and files a defamation suit against everyone in the NFL front office.

  42. Robert Kraft said they were suspended for various reasons. If the Pats could have pinned this on the NFL they would have. And seriously, if you believe the Pats spin on the texts, they were planning on stealing from the team.

  43. Goodell is a proven LIAR and continues as such.
    Pash has violated ethics under BAR Association and should be fired and removed from practicing law.
    Ditto for Well$.

    Jamenskry and McNally have NOTHING to even remotely support Goodell & the NFL’s slander program against the Patriots. If there was anything, no matter how small, the NFL would of had J & M as witnesses. Fact is, J & M testimony is damming against the NFL, thus their disappearance and silence. That is how the NFL works = You can only speak if you slander & accuse the Patriots, otherwise you are banned from the media.

  44. limakey says:
    Sep 8, 2015 6:41 PM

    Robert Kraft said they were suspended for various reasons. If the Pats could have pinned this on the NFL they would have. And seriously, if you believe the Pats spin on the texts, they were planning on stealing from the team.

    Yeah you can’t have it both ways. If the ball boys had been in the wrong then what does it matter who fired them? Pick a side.

    This is like a fired/quit standoff. Did witch-Kraft really set these two up with gigs on his soccer outfit?

  45. Goodell, limaky and others are liars that just don’t know when to quit, because they TRULY BELIEVE they are right.

    A mind that convinces itself of doing right when in fact it is doing wrong is a very dangerous mind.
    History is full of people that have chosen to believe a lie over reality & facts. These people end up living a lie because they embraced the lies as truth. Money, fame, power, politics & religion are often the motivating factors that when combined with the negative emotions of hate, jealousy, suspicion & envy will always lead down a hurtful and destructive path = such as Goodell, the NFL, ESPN & the Sheeple that are led by these blind leaders.

  46. I’m patiently waiting for the tell all book from these two. Going to be a page turner and you have to think Belicheat and Brady will get the “Pete Rose” ban from the NFL.

  47. rcali says:
    Sep 8, 2015 8:56 PM

    I’m patiently waiting for the tell all book from these two. Going to be a page turner and you have to think Belicheat and Brady will get the “Pete Rose” ban from the NFL.

    The Federal Prosecutor who investigated Pete Rose said that Goodell & the NFL’s attempt to persecute Brady had “NO MERIT” and is a “SHAM”.

    He said that on National TV about a month ago.

    Judge Berman asked the NFL’s lead Attorney & Investigator – “What direct evidence do you have of Brady involved in a scheme to deflate footballs?”

    Pash’s answer = NONE your Honor !!!

    Everyone needs to do themselves an honor and accept te FACT that the NFL is operating by Hate, Lies and a Nefarious Political Agenda which they call “PARITY” & “INTEGRITY of the Shield”.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE – You are being PAWNED

  48. Would be funny to see a realty show give contestants the task of deflating 12 balls to 12.3 PSI in a small bathroom with a time limit of 120 seconds

    if any of the balls are under 12.1 or over 12.5 PSI the contestants lose….how many obese 50 year old men could accomplish this task ?

    I anticipate that no contestant over the age of 40 could accomplish such a task, and maybe 1 in 100 men under the age of 30 could deflate 12 balls in under 120 seconds

    In fact if McNally was offered $1 million dollars if he could successfully deflate 12 football to 12.3 PSI in under 120 seconds he would fail , 50 year old obese men are not quick. Would be surprised if he could do 7 balls.

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