NFL: Pats have not yet requested reinstatement of Jastremski and McNally

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Plenty of confusion still lingers regarding the status of Patriots employees John Jastremski and Jim McNally, regarding both how their suspensions happened and whether the team has asked that the suspensions end.

As to the initiation of the suspensions, some have reported that the NFL asked the Patriots to suspend the men whose text messages at a minimum raised real questions regarding whether they were deflating footballs. On Tuesday, Commissioner Roger Goodell told ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning that the league “absolutely” did not make that request, and that the Patriots decided to suspend the men.

It could be a matter of semantics, with the Patriots taking action that they believed the NFL wanted them to take in the aftermath of the release of the Ted Wells report. Or perhaps the Patriots decided on their own that imposing the suspensions would secure special consideration for quarterback Tom Brady — in the same way that owner Robert Kraft believed the team’s decision not to appeal the punishment imposed against it would potentially help Brady.

As to the whether and when the suspensions will end, the NFL tells PFT that the Patriots have not yet asked for either guy to be reinstated. That meshes with a statement made by NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent during a Monday Twitter chat: “We have not heard from the Patriots in regards to their 2 employees.”

But it’s one thing for the league’s P.R. department to answer a question from the media; it’s another for Vincent to comment on an internal league matter during a social media question and answer.

Separately, it’s unknown whether the Patriots want to re-employ either of the two men, especially since the Wells investigation generated text messages in which McNally expressed a high degree of anger, with profanity, at quarterback Tom Brady.

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  1. Guys, who are you going to believe – Goodell the confirmed liar and smearer, or Adam Schefter who was quoting a league source? Here’s what Schefter said:

    Adam Schefter, Facebook, 19 May at 03:17:
    For those asking why Patriots suspended two employees if those two did nothing wrong, as New England claims: NFL asked Pats to suspend them prior to discipline being handed down, per a league source in New York. New England obliged with the NFL’s request.

    Schefter (on WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan show that Tuesday): “Essentially, the NFL called the Patriots prior to the discipline being handed down and basically explained to the Patriots that in the best interest of the league the smart thing to do would be to suspend those two employees. New England went along with it.”

    I know who I’m believing – the NFL has zero credibility.

  2. I bet there’s a book contract coming that will reveal Tom knew exactly what they were doing, and in fact he ordered them to do it.

    Cheating *** organization!

  3. .
    The Goodell Playbook

    Step 1 . . Leak. Discipline. Appeal. File lawsuit. Investigate the investigation. Negotiate. Exhaust all legal options. Settle (sometimes). Rinse and repeat.

    Step 2. Fabricate a tapestry out of unsubstantiated claims from unknown sources, release it through your media lackeys at ESPN and Sports Illustrated and wait for the others to follow suit.

    I wonder if the opening storyline for Thursdays opener has been altered by the league office. Instead of Goodell’s proven incompetence. It will be a bunch of tales spun by nameless has beens, alleging that the Patriots were involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

  4. Suspended?? That’s impossible. Everyone keeps saying the patriots fired them, and they fired them because they were deflating footballs…

    In other news, belichick puts itching powder on the toilet paper in the visiting locker room

  5. If it’s true the league didn’t call for their suspensions, then why would the Patriots have to ask the league for their reinstatement?

    The hard thing about lies is keeping track of all of them.

  6. What why?? The team basically fired and I’m sure paid them off for cheating at Bradys request.

    The hearing proved that THE NFL CAN’T unfairly punish someone beyond the CBA. It did NOT PROVE innocence anyone saying that is plain retarded!!

    Any amount of common sense says they purposely deflated the balls to gain an advantage but can the NFL prove Brady ordered it to be done? No, Does anyone believe some equipment guys went full on Rouge to set up Brady and THAT THE TEAM WOULD REINSTATE THEM once Bradys suspended was equitted. GTFOH that’s a seriously stupid claim,if these guys come back immediately fine and suspend Brady for ignorance!

  7. I’m confused. Why would the Patriots need to ask the NFL for permission to reinstate the employees if the NFL never suspended them?

    And why didn’t they? If they didn’t ask the Patriots to do it, and the NFL clearly believes the employees did something wrong, why didn’t the league suspend them as part of the Vincent ruling? It’s so completely beyond ridiculous that the NFL would pretend that the Patriots suspending the employees was their own idea and the league couldn’t care less. It’s like the argument of a twelve year old.

    And maybe the Patriots don’t want to reinstate the employees because of other things that came out in the report.

  8. So, if the league didn’t require the Patriots to suspend JJ and McNally and the just did it on their own, why would they need to request reinstatement? Why wouldn’t they do that on their own?

  9. The reason why the Patriots have not reinstated Jamenskri & McNally has to do with legal maneuverings

    Kraft has to be super careful so that he is not set-up once again by the NFL.

    The NFL cannot be trusted and should be investigated by the FBI already.

  10. They didn’t do anything wrong and are just victims of a sinister conspiracy perpetrated by Rodger Goodell, ESPN, sports illustrated, every team that has ever lost to the patriots, “haters”, the man on the grassy knoll, the NSA, the illuminati, and the lizard people. Signed Patriots fans.

  11. Of course they have not gotten there jobs back. The Pats orginazation has to come up with a new way for them to help Brady cheat before they
    can give them there jobs back. So maybe a couple hour meeting with the big boos billy bleacheat
    will get them ready for the season.

  12. Hmmm. Considering the Patriots believed Jastremski and McNally were innocent scapegoats, they have been awfully reluctant to bring them back in from purgatory.

    Are they on a slow round the world trip paid for by Kraft or what.

  13. The claim is that the league let it be known that it would be good for the Patriots to make these suspensions.

  14. Let’s see. The NFL bases the entire premise of their case on the deflation of footballs by McNally and Jastremski but expects us to believe they took no position on their status with the Patriots. That their suspension was a unilateral move by the team. Doesn’t add up at all Goodell. Someone is obviously lying here and I’ll put my money on the guys behind the shield.

  15. It’s unfortunate that the two guys who aren’t multi-millionaires lost their jobs over this. Tom Brady’s true colors show by letting them take the fall instead of just accepting responsibility.

  16. If I recall correctly, the upshot of being angry with Brady was a threat to over-inflate his footballs, not under-inflate them. It was only natural that Wells paid no attention to that since it didn’t support his thesis.

    It’s hard to imagine Brady being offended by profanity directed toward him. He’s been known to hurl a few cuss words himself.

    On the other hand, if the Patriots’ upper management felt that the childish exchanges between Jaatremski and McNally were unprofessional and made the organization look silly, it would be easy to understand.

  17. In a perfect world, Kraft would have these two guys unfurl the championship banner Thursday night, wearing FIRE GOODELL shirts. Please let this happen.

  18. 1) The suspension of the two guys was handed down by the NFL- FACT

    2) Goodell saying the NFL didn’t suspend those guys – LIE

    3) “Troy Vincent during a Monday Twitter chat: “We have not heard from the Patriots in regards to their 2 employees.” – Pandering the NFL agenda

  19. According to Goodell, it was the Patriots who had the sole discretion to fired the two Ball Boys. The NFL never told them to fire them. It is establish fact when any team wishing to Rehire/Reinstate someone, they must get the Approval of the NFL.
    Can’t make this up….. Looks like the Right hand of the NFL does not know what the Left hand is doing….

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