PFT’s 2015 season predictions


Here it is, your annual opportunity to tell the PFT staff that we’re idiots who hate your favorite team.

These are our predictions for the 2015 NFL season, where we’ll tell you our picks for the six playoff seeds from each conference, how we see the playoffs playing out, and our pick for Super Bowl 50.

Will we get these picks right? Well, probably not. Last year at this time, no one on the PFT staff picked the Patriots to win the Super Bowl. But we did all pick the Patriots to win the AFC East and the Seahawks to win the NFC West, and we all correctly predicted the Broncos, Colts and Packers to win their divisions as well. So it’s not like we’re making these picks by throwing darts at a list of teams.

But if you think your picks are better than ours, well, that’s what the comments section is for. Any commenter who correctly predicts the winner of Super Bowl 50 gets to read PFT for free all through 2016.

Josh Alper


1. Patriots; 2. Colts; 3. Broncos; 4. Ravens; 5. Dolphins; 6. Chiefs.

Wild card: Dolphins over Ravens, Broncos over Chiefs.

Divisional round: Broncos over Colts, Patriots over Dolphins.

Conference championship: Patriots over Broncos.


1. Packers; 2. Seahawks; 3. Eagles; 4. Saints; 5. Cowboys; 6. Vikings.

Wild card: Eagles over Vikings, Cowboys over Saints.

Divisional round: Packers over Cowboys, Eagles over Seahawks.

Conference championship: Packers over Eagles.

Super Bowl: Packers over Patriots.

Curtis Crabtree


1. Colts; 2. Broncos; 3. Patriots; 4. Ravens; 5. Dolphins; 6. Steelers.

Wild card: Patriots over Steelers, Ravens over Dolphins.

Divisional round: Patriots over Broncos, Colts over Ravens.

Conference championship: Colts over Patriots.


1. Packers; 2. Seahawks; 3. Cowboys; 4. Falcons; 5. Eagles; 6. Vikings

Wild card: Cowboys over Vikings, Eagles over Falcons.

Divisional round: Seahawks over Cowboys, Packers over Eagles.

Conference championship: Packers over Seahawks.

Super Bowl: Packers over Colts.

Darin Gantt


1. Colts; 2. Ravens; 3. Patriots; 4. Broncos; 5. Dolphins; 6. Steelers.

Wild card: Patriots over Steelers, Dolphins over Broncos.

Divisional round: Dolphins over Colts, Ravens over Patriots.

Conference Championship: Ravens over Dolphins.


1. Packers; 2. Eagles; 3. Cardinals; 4. Falcons; 5. Seahawks; 6. Cowboys.

Wild card: Cardinals over Cowboys, Seahawks over Falcons.

Divisional round: Cardinals over Eagles, Packers over Seahawks.

Conference championship: Packers over Cardinals.

Super Bowl: Ravens over Packers.

Zac Jackson


1. Patriots; 2. Colts; 3. Chargers; 4. Steelers; 5; Broncos; 6. Texans

Wild card: Chargers over Texans; Steelers over Broncos.

Divisional round: Steelers over Patriots; Chargers over Colts.

Conference championship: Chargers over Steelers.


1. Packers; 2. Eagles; 3. Seahawks; 4. Falcons; 5. Cardinals; 6. Lions.

Wild card: Seahawks over Lions; Cardinals over Falcons.

Divisional round: Packers over Cardinals; Seahawks over Eagles.

Conference championship: Packers over Seahawks.

Super Bowl: Packers over Chargers.

Michael David Smith


1. Patriots; 2. Colts; 3. Broncos; 4. Ravens; 5. Steelers; 6. Chiefs.

Wild card: Broncos over Chiefs, Ravens over Steelers.

Divisional round: Ravens over Patriots, Broncos over Colts.

Conference championship: Broncos over Ravens.


1. Seahawks; 2. Packers; 3. Eagles; 4. Falcons; 5. Vikings; 6. Rams.

Wild card: Eagles over Rams, Vikings over Falcons.

Divisional round: Seahawks over Vikings, Eagles over Packers.

Conference championship: Seahawks over Eagles.

Super Bowl: Seahawks over Broncos.

Mike Florio


1. Patriots; 2. Colts; 3. Ravens; 4. Broncos; 5. Chiefs; 6. Steelers.

Wild card: Ravens over Steelers, Broncos over Chiefs.

Divisional round: Ravens over Colts; Patriots over Broncos.

Conference championship: Patriots over Ravens.


1. Packers; 2. Seahawks; 3. Cowboys; 4. Saints; 5. Vikings; 6. Eagles.

Wild card: Cowboys over Eagles; Vikings over Saints.

Divisional round: Seahawks over Cowboys; Packers over Vikings.

Conference championship: Packers over Seahawks.

Super Bowl: Patriots over Packers.

210 responses to “PFT’s 2015 season predictions

  1. Wow, quite shocked at how much love for the Broncos there is with the staff. I honestly feel its going to be the Chiefs who take the division and the Broncos who take the wildcard.

  2. I cannot predict the Packers will win it all……nobody can. But it bodes well that persons that make their living assessing talent on a daily basis placed them in contention in all but one case.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed like all Packer fans. They should win it, but can they? I can only hope so.

  3. Kingmj4891 says:
    Sep 8, 2015 7:22 PM

    All of you who picked the Vikings are just stupid. No way they go better then 7-9 and thats if AP returns to form.

    Since you seem to be a some kind of a genius, lets see your predictions for the year.

  4. Darin Gantt — please keep this column handy, for your post-season “apology tour” as an atonement for possibly the worst picks ever. Really, Ravens win it all? Dude — you’ve been hanging with Martavis Bryant and friends.

  5. Packers, better football for better people.
    I agree. The people are pretty good, and the beer ain’t bad, either.

  6. What if the chargers win the super bowl? Will Dean Spanos be a part of the celebration/parade? Or will he stay behind the scene Ike has some Feb?

  7. Zac Johnson is on drugs. I hope he’s right, I wasted $50 on SD to win the AFC and get those 24-1 odds in Vegas. Thankfully I have it to waste. As a (Carson) Chargers fan most of those picks in the AFC are spot on. I have KC and that D competing for the division and aren’t handing the Donkeys anything. Don’t follow the NFC as much but I think Seattle/GB are the safe picks.

    Out on a limb picks I’d make – Indy over Buffalo AFC tittle
    And Philly over GB. (Maybe out of my mind picks is better)

    Cue me scanning the comments for LogicalVoice in 3..2..1…

  8. Not one of you picked the Bills? Best D in AFC, tons of offensive talent & with Tyrod, an exciting QB who will make plays & keep opposing D guessing who to cover. No way they don’t make the playoffs.

  9. Packers getting the NFC championship in everyone but Michael David Smith. I think the Packers are a contender but not that much of a favorite in fact Seattle is still better IMO. But who knows injuries and bad calls happen.

  10. Mr Rodgers (6-5 playoff record, 2-5 since SB run) and the Packers will continue to choke playoff games away.

    I’m interested how the Pats are going to cheat this season even though they have lived in that poor excuse of a division forever.

    The Pats and Browns should switch divisions.

  11. What the hell is with all this hype over the Dolphins? They haven’t had a winning season in 6 years. Signing one player to a hilariously bad contract and then bringing in a few scrubs on offense won’t help with their path to mediocrity. 8-8.

  12. Seems the majority feel pretty good about the Pack. MDS is calling for a superbowl 48 rematch. Crabtree doesn’t like the Seahawks to beat the Packers?

    Honestly, I’d actually be happier if someone left Seattle OFF their list entirely. Seahawks play better with a chip on their shoulder.

  13. As always, the packers are greatly overrated. Hawks over the ravens in our third Super Bowl appearance in a row.

    Other teams fans envy our teams players. Other teams players envy our teams fans. #12manisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes

  14. I’ll never understand the obsession with the Colts. After 17 years of similar play, isn’t it obvious what they are by now–a soft team with a good to great QB and no defense that feasts on a cupcake division? They are good enough to win the October Lombardi trophy every year and bad enough to stink up the joint in January.

    The only teams to win more than one SB since Manning entered the league are the Ravens, Patriots, Steelers, and Giants. And what did these four teams have in common? Good to great play on defense.

    The only time the Colts won was when their defense caught lightning in a bottle in the 06-07 title run.

  15. As a Packers fan, I credit the whole staff at PFT for their informed and knowledgeable predictions of the Packers making a deep run and about half of you predicting them to win it all. Nice job everyone!

  16. No way the Pats repeat. They’re seriously out of favor right now given the obvious smear campaign going on against them and Brady. The powers that be have ways to keep them from repeating.

  17. tokyogasblaster says:
    Sep 8, 2015 7:35 PM
    No o-line no playoffs for packers!

    This is just more Viking troll nonsense. Their opinions are based on hate. That’s it.

  18. “you got it right Mike, Pats to repeat, and will be priceless to see Goodell present the trophy”

    I don’t know, pal. Everyone knows they cheat (except you and your fellow cult members), and Goodell’s got their number now.

  19. Picking the Patriots to repeat is lazy and quite frankly dumb. It is quite obvious they are not as good as they were last year. Losing the best cb in the league and the best second cb in the league will hurt.

  20. Anyone who fallows the AFC North will tell you the ravens will finish third in the division and will be lucky to be 8-8. Steelers and Bengals will both finish 10-6 or better and both crack the playoffs. A 90 year old wash up is the ravens only viable offensive threat, and that will not cut it in todays league.

  21. I think the AFC will come down to either the Ravens or the Patriots, and be a coin toss from there. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Harbaugh with his incessant mewling, but there is no way the Colts get past both teams and make the SB. I’d say they instead have another participation banner in the offing, but 45-7 doesn’t really indicate meaningful participation. So let’s instead call it an Attendance Banner.

    As for the NFC, it’ll be either the Saints or the Cardinals.

  22. eagles are loaded. dall misses playoffs because romo gets hurt. caro repeats in south. pack with Rodgers gets it done without nelson. seat and ariz still best in nfc west. det may benefit from suh leaving. and Miami suffers with suh. Houston breaks thru this yr. denv may be on way out. indy and pats are in as usual. buff more rex sizele than steak and no qb spells no playoffs.

  23. .
    The picks seem fine, but as always injuries will be the deciding factor. The team with the best September roster wins the ” Autumn Bowl “. The team with the best December roster wins the Super Bowl.

  24. when will people learn the lions are the most complete team in the nfc north and the packers are the most overrated in the nfl?? oh, right. Soon.

    green bay has the worst defense ever predicted to win the super bowl.

  25. It would be interesting to have them pick these teams again next week after the Bills destroy the Colts by 25 on Sunday.

  26. Vikings over Saints is just dumb-dumb lol

    Drew Brees > Teddy Bridgewater and A. “All Day” P., together as a whole lol

  27. stellarperformance says:

    I cannot predict the Packers will win it all……nobody can. But it bodes well that persons that make their living assessing talent


    Umm, you think the writers here spend all day “assessing talent”?

    Do you read the stories? They pass on or create football- related gossip.

  28. Moneyballzs says:
    Sep 8, 2015 7:26 PM
    Wow, quite shocked at how much love for the Broncos there is with the staff. I honestly feel its going to be the Chiefs who take the division and the Broncos who take the wildcard


    all you gotta do is look at the two rosters side by side. theres no comparison. its very easy to see the love for denver. they are deeper than just peyton manning, trust me. and i root for the pats. only two teams from the afc scare me as a pats fan, steelers and broncos.

  29. Never pick-a-packer*
    Nice picture accompanying the picks. Those WERE the good ol’ days. Right cheesebay?

    *see last season, then the one before, & the one before that…etc.

  30. I have to agree with Florio (I know what a shocker). However, I would make a few changes. I would say the AFC is about right, but for the NFC take out the Saints and Vikings and replace them with the Panthers and Cardinals.

  31. While I don’t think that my Raiders are strong enough yet to compete for a playoff spot this year, I also don’t think that the AFCW will produce a Wild Card playoff team (I therefore disagree with Alper, Florio and Smith). In fact I think the AFCW winner (toss-up between Chiefs/Broncos/Chargers) will be around 9-7 at best and make a quick playoff exit.

    I also think that Dallas will go back to their usual pattern of missing the playoffs which means that Goodell (under Jerry’s instructions) will force an expansion in 2016 of the number of playoff teams against most fans’ wishes.

  32. Just read that outside the lines report. Im sick as a Dolphins fan. I feel cheated for sure. Pats should be stripped of all their wins from 2000-2007. Unreal

  33. With all the Pats comments on here you’d think they’ve dominated the league for 15 years or something!

    Oh wait…

  34. I laugh at all of you who picked the Vikings to get a wild card spot over the Lions. This indicates a complete lack of both football knowledge and plain ol’ common sense.

  35. For what it’s worth my NFl predictions (That are 100% accurate at all times money back not guaranteed).

    1.Patriots 2. Colts 3. Chargers 4. Bengals 5. Steelers 6. Texans

    Wild Card: Texans over Chargers, Steelers over Bengals

    Divisional: patriots over Texans, Steelers over Colt’s

    AFC Conference title game
    Steelers over Patriots

    1.Cowboys 2. Packers 3. Falcons 4. Seahawks 5. Rams 6. Lions

    Wild card
    Falcons over lions, seahawks over Rams

    Seahawks over Cowboys, Packers over Falcons

    NFC Championship game
    Seahawks over Packers

    SuperBowl L……(that’s 50 for those that don’t know Roman numerals aka Alabama)

    Seahawks over Steelers ….the ghost of Matt Hasselback has his revenge.

  36. What does this all matter? The seedings have been predetermined the cast is set and it is up to Goodell to make sure they all follow the script… NFL = WWE

  37. Having a Mike McCarthy coached team in a championship game is blind faith after watching him coach Green Bay to a loss in last years playoffs. That coach is not changing his spots.

    The Miami Dalphins are coached by Joe I’m going call time outs to help the other team. Never happen in Miami with that head coach.

    The Pats know how to and do win under any circumstances. Philadelphia’s starting QB stays healthy no one going to beat them in NFC.

    Can’t understand why no one gives the Redskins a chance!!!

  38. Team Heidi gets tabbed as a contender, but are their fans stoked about that? Nooooooo… their comments are instead reserved for running down the Pack’s chances. Amazing.
    Btw, with Nelson out I think the Pack still has a chance to win it all – but favorites? Not really.

  39. Blatant New England homer review:

    Florio gets a gold star for his prescient predictions for the upcoming season.

    Alper gets a silver star for at least putting the Pats in the Super Bowl.

    Gantt & MDS get bronze stars for pointing out the Patriots’ significant vulnerability to the Ravens.

    Jackson’s prediction of a loss to the Steelers is highly suspect given the recent history of that particular matchup, but dunce cap honors are respectfully reserved for Crabtree and his laughable suggestion that last year’s 45-7 drubbing will be any different this year after the Colts made virtually zero improvements to their defense.

    As for the rest of the league… ummmm… Go Packers, I guess. See ya in February!

  40. SB50 will need to be special, and remove the stench left by the Cheats and Goodell. That being said, two franchises will meet for the first time; two fan bases that are uber passionate yet polar opposites. SB50 will break all viewership records when the Raiders beat the Cowboys 30-24 in a cinderella shocker…I like my koolaid shaken and not stirred please.

  41. Although I usually despise the 3, 2, 1 comments…

    Wow, free internet access for a whole year!
    Clarification in 3…2…1…

  42. All you guys missed the fact that the NFC South goes thru Charlotte NC. Panthers pull off the hat trick this year. I doubt any of you guys picked them to win the division the last two years either. See you in 18 weeks!!!!,

  43. Way too much love for the Patriots. They won’t even win the AFC East.


    …said someone 20 years ago, practically the last time they didn’t. Good luck with that one.

  44. 1. Florio picks the Pats – I’m stunned (thick sarcasm here)

    2. The Bengals have made the playoffs 4 years running and have a full season of Jeremy Hill with Marvin Jones, Eifert, and Geno Atkins healthy. Michael Johnson and Pat Sims return to bolster their d-line rotation. Yet they are everyone’s favorite to miss the playoffs? Lets see, the Ravens lost Ngata, Steve Smith and Suggs are dinosaurs, and the Bengals swept them last year. But I guess predictions require no logic.

  45. Laughing at all those sleeping on the Ravens. cant bieve I’m saying this but I agree with Gnatt – however steelers won’t even sniff the playoffs – they’ll be tanking it for top draft pick this year. Team needs all the help it can get.


  46. Pkrjones’ Picks
    AFC – 1. Indy; 2. KC; 3. Pitt; 4. Buffalo; 5. Cincy; 6. Miami

    Wild card: Pitt over Miami, Cincy over Buffalo.

    Divisional round: Indy over Cincy, KC over Pitt.

    Conference championship: KC over Pitt.

    NFC 1. Packers; 2. Dallas; 3. Cardinals; 4. Carolina; 5. Seahawks; 6. Detroit.

    Wild card: Cards over Detroit, Hawks over Panthers.

    Divisional round: Packers over Seahawks, Dallas over Cards.

    Conference championship: Packers over Dallas.

    Super Bowl: Packers over Chiefs ~ Super Bowl 50 ends the same way #1 did ~ 35-10.

    I’m so confident in my picks that I’ll keep reading PFT ever day… for free!

  47. I understand the lack of respect for the Bengals for NO play off wins. But really? Cincinnati has very talented and deep team. They have Marvin Jones and healthy A.Green back, along with two quality OT back ups this year. I know I’m crazy, it will be Cincinnati vs Minnesota for the Superbowl. Cincinnati winning it.

  48. Sorry Colts fans

    Looks like you’re a long shot to repeat as “AFC Finalists”

    But that “AFC quarter finalists” banner is going to look great next to all the rest

  49. I love reading PFT and this always one of my favorite articles of the year, it’s just so funny and ridiculous. Almost like guys picked their favorite colors or whoever won the year before. Great stuff!

  50. I’ll believe the Cowboys in the playoffs when I see them on the field prior to kickoff. I’d love to see the Texans there, but I don’t see it happening this season. And the only reason I’d want to see the Pats win the Super Bowl would be to see The Most Awkward Moment in NFL History. And only for that reason.

  51. I know we can’t expect the bengals to win any playoff games, but someone please explain why all the “experts” don’t even have them in. They’ve actually gotten deeper and better, there’s no reason to think they won’t make it in again.

  52. The Vikings may or may not finish ahead of GB. They will however finish ahead of Detroit.
    I don’t think the Vikings HAVE to make the playoffs this year for it to be deemed a success. The O-line is very suspect atm. I’m excited for some close, exciting football games in the NFC North this year.

  53. Super Bowl: Patriots over Packers.
    A Super Bowl 31 rematch is tasty.

    I still think Parcells threw that game. Sorry but we all know the circumstances and his coaching job in that game was the worst I have ever seen at the pro level.

    Plus his comments before the game about never winning a ring for Kraft are still curious to this day.

  54. A few observations based on the various comments:

    1. Stop with the nonsense about the Bills being “much improved”. They lost some players, and added some. They still don’t have a proven QB, or a coach. Last I checked, those 2 things were kinda important.

    2. Anyone who denies that the Vikings were ascending last year in Zimmer’s first campaign was not paying attention or is in denial.

    3. I would never bet anything on Cincinnati with Dalton at QB. Sorry.

    4. Everytime I watched the Packers last year, Jordy Nelson was diminant, uncoverable and running into the clear. They are a different team without him.

    5. What about Peyton Manning’s performance last year gives anyone any hope that he’ll rebound? Based on the way last year ended, I think he’s far more likely to be injured or benched than he is to lead them deep into the playoffs.

    In the AFC I like Baltimore, in the NFC I’ll take Arizona.

  55. There is no way the NFL will allow the Patriots to win. I personally dont think they will get that far anyway but if they do the league will find a way to stop them even if other teams do not!

  56. Here’s my prediction: Patriots see their penalties double while Brady doesn’t get a single RTP call, despite throwing his arms in the air after every single hit.

    All you loonie Pat fans so excited about “winning” in court are about to feel what Raider Nation felt after Al Davis sued the league. Careful what you wish for.

  57. What an honor it is to be a fan of the NFL record 13 time World Champion Green Bay Packers. I look forward to another enjoyable season of contending for glorious #14.

  58. Has Josh Alper ever not picked the Patriots to make it to the superbowl?

    Looks like these PFT writers just screwed over the Packers.

    Oh and a big “LOL” to Florio thinking the Pats will repeat.

  59. ’07, ’11, ’15… Giants win a SB every 4 years… sneak into a wildcard and let Elite-i take it from there… See ya in January Suckahs!!!

  60. thereyougo2 says:
    Sep 8, 2015 7:55 PM

    Having a Mike McCarthy coached team in a championship game is blind faith after watching him coach Green Bay to a loss in last years playoffs. That coach is not changing his spots.

    Interesting point considering McCarthy has gotten the Packers to the NFC Championship game three times in nine seasons (that’s 33% to you and me). Not many coaches out there can make that claim.

    As far as him not changing his spots, he’s giving u[p play calling this year so he can put his attention to more aspects of the game (defense, special team).

    Go ahead and not like the guy for any reason you want, but he tweaks his coaching style a little bit every year, so he does “change his spots”.

  61. While I think the Pats can go back I have to be realistic. The Steelers and ravens ALWAYS give the pats their toughest playoff games, and the colts and broncos while not likely CAN beat them, especially this year.That said my pick is Pats in the afc, and yes, I’m a big unrealistic homer!!! Lol the NFC will come down to Seattle or green bay. If green bay can play a complete game against Seattle I think green bay takes it from them. Although I believe Jimmy Graham is set to have a BIG year with playaction off of Lynch and Wilson bootlegs. So……green Bay vs NE……NE wins a high scoring game 42-31. I believe belichick will take away Rodgers’ only true target in Cobb. Devante Adams has a massive game but it’s just not eenough. Look gents, this is all for fun, and truth be told, looking back on this prediction age come February we will more than likely all be wrong!!!! Lol the NFL is back and the withdrawalhas almost subsided. Good luck to your teams.

  62. I don’t get why virtually no writer has the Lions in the playoffs. I suppose they figure they lost Suh and he was the whole defense. But that offense will improve markedly in year 2. the defense will stay pretty solid too. They went 11-5 and got jobbed in Dallas. It s good team that has gotten sneaky better everywhere but losing Suh. And they replaced him with a 31 year old HoFer but I’m supposed to believe a 31 year old HoFer in Minnesota at running back will put them on top of the lions? Not seeing it.

  63. As much as I loathe the Dallas Cowboys and the despicable things for which they stand…..they’re a smart pick to win the title. They’re going to run over people. Give that O-line to Seattle and they’d win the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and your office pool

  64. 1) A lot of disrespect for the Lions at PFT.

    2) You guys will look very, very stupid for picking the vikings to be over .500.

    3) Some of you forget how well the Cardinals were doing until their starting QB was injured.

  65. My Cowboys were supposed to go 7-9 last year, according to the “experts”……..We saw how that turned out…..I love flying under the radar….We beat the ‘Hawks at their house, so it can be done and no problem this year w/the Pack 🙂 Sorry, Mr. Florio, the Pats will not repeat! The microscope on them will be so large this year, it will be interesting 🙂 All imho…….

  66. Most of these are reasonable and or spot on………..but Zac seemed to pick absolutely randomly like when you fill out a crazy March Madness bracket hoping something will stick and you can then act like a genius.

  67. Seahawks??? They’ll never get over throwing away the Super Bowl and being a bunch of drama queens during the offseason. They will go 7-9 and the Super Bowl will be Cardinals over Dolphins.

  68. Every year is different. Injuries play a big part in success or failure of a team. I think teams that made the playoffs may not see them this season. That happens every year. Too hard to predict anything until games are played.

  69. Florio is reading ‘The Writing on the Wall’.

    He, like many of us, see that there are hidden powers watching over the scandal created by Goodell & the corrupt owners ordering his decisions. Their play script has been written because they have chosen to make war through nefarious means = Slander, Lies, Hate, Smear Campaigns and Falsely accusing their fellow brethren in football.

  70. My prediction is the Patstericks will again be cheating. The NFL will again catch them and Kraft will pay off a judge to get them off.

  71. I believe there is some form of karma in life, the Pats will not win this year and I’d take that to the bank. Did they forget their secondary sucks now?

  72. No playoffs for the Steelers.

    Mike Tomlin should be selling cars or something because he is not head coach material and adds absolutely nothing to the team and now that Dick LeBeau is gone the Steelers will fall down an elevator shaft.

    Big Ben will have 4 good games, 4 average games, and 8 crappy games as usual.

  73. Boy, with all this knowledge why even play the games? Seems to me ALL TEAMS are starting UNDEFEATED! What ever happened to just watching football?

  74. The Rams are going to win the Super Bowl.

    …the Los Angeles Rams.

    …in 2035.

    …at the earliest.

  75. after 4 games the pats will probably be 2-2 and will be beaten by 20+ points. Just like last year when they were down by 14 twice against the ravens and came back with clever play calling to beat the simple folk of Harbaughia.

  76. I understand the lack of respect for the Bills. Considering their recent track record it’s deserved. I can understand the Vikings pick. I can kind of understand Miami but only cause of Tannehill.

    What I can’t understand is the abundant respect for a Steelers team who has an absolutely horrific defense. Also cannot understand the Texans pick. They’re less talented than teams who received less respect (Bills, Chargers Bengals & Lions). SD, Cinci and Detroit have considerably better QB situations. Buffalos isn’t any worse.

  77. @carlosasieter- It’s plain ignorance on your part to claim the Bills aren’t improved. Everyone they “lost” was replaced with someone better. Their coaching staff is undeniably improved, because their offensive coaching staff last year was literally the worst in the NFL and the worst I have ever seen. As evidence by the fact their HC and OC were both relegated to position coaching jobs for the worst team in the league 3 years running.

    You mention about the Vikings “you just weren’t paying attention”. I say the same to you about the Bills. Now I’m not saying they’re going to make the playoffs- because I’ve learned to level my expectations with them. But your analysis of why you think they aren’t good is quite simply inaccurate.

  78. When you FAIL to learn from History, You are doomed to repeat it.

    You must of forgotten what happened in 2007 when Goodell & the NYC Jets created Spy-Gate.

  79. Eagles will beat the Packers if they get lucky! They will beat them. And I hope this time I don’t have to be near annoying Packer fans.

  80. Can’t see the Pats repeating with that secondary

    Eagles will either win the division, or miss the playoffs. If Bradford is healthy for 12+ games, they win the division. If he isn’t, they will crash and burn with Sanchez. Dallas will take a step back without Murray and Scandrick (Scandrick may be the bigger loss)

  81. It’s surprising that so many “experts” are being dismissive of the impact that losing almost 100 receptions, 1,500 yds, and 13 touchdowns at the receiver position will have on the Packers. Regardless of the quarterback, that type of production is not easily replaced. Adding to that, the Packers No. 2 receiver will be battling a shoulder injury all year. Lions are hungrier and healthier.

    My picks in order:
    Seahawks Lions Giants Saints Packers Cowboys

    Steelers Patriots Colts Chiefs Ravens Bengals

    SB 50 – Steelers over Lions

  82. h0metownzero says:
    Sep 8, 2015 8:26 PM

    What an honor it is to be a fan of the NFL record 13 time World Champion Green Bay Packers. I look forward to another enjoyable season of contending for glorious #14.
    Can you call it a world title if your away schedule included Decatur and Moline?

  83. Pats #1 really???
    With the league watching them 24/7 …. Cheating is going to be hard to do.
    I would be surprised if they make the playoffs unless of course the league (refs) want them to make the playoffs.

  84. As much as I hate to admit it, I think the Seahawks make it back and win it….over the Bills.

    (that last part was a joke)

  85. As a huge Packers fan I must say I’m totally terrified of the Vikings this year. Pack has looked weak and desperate all preseason. I’m really concerned the Vikings have a chance to take it all, they look fierce!

  86. Dolphins pretty popular playoff pick for a team whose last winning season was 7 years ago and has Philbin coaching them.

  87. NFC
    1. GB 2. Philly 3. Zona 4. Saints 5. Minny 6. Dallas

    Wild Card: Zona over Dallas, Minny over Saints
    2nd Round: GB over Minny, Zona over Philly
    Championship: Arizona over GB

    1. KC 2. *** 3. Indy 4. Cinc 5. Miami 6. Buff
    Wild Card: Buff over Indy, Miami over Cinc
    2nd Round: KC over Buff, Miami over ***
    Championship: KC over Miami

    SB: KC over Zona

    No Seahawks. No Forehead. Smith vs. Palmer SB!!

  88. Two of these bozos really picked Minnesota and Dallas to go into New Orleans and win a playoff game ? Hahahahahaha that’s as comical as it gets. Saints are far from the best team, but they WILL NOT lose at home in the playoffs I don’t care who they play.

  89. I’m growing a bit uncomfortable with all the favorable Viking prognostications, as the schedule is tough and the O-line is already beat up. Nine wins is likely the upside, but I doubt that’s strong enough to make the playoffs. As for the other NFCN teams, the Lions won’t be much better than the Vikes if at all, and the Pack without Nelson will still win the division, but not the SB.

  90. Not a fan of neither Pack or the lions, but all you Pack fans are in La la land! Yes, I’m a Vikes fan but if they don’t win the division my money is on Detroit. The pack have zero defense and please tell me besides Rogers who else is really on that team…..Jordy saves your team and he’s gone. Good luck with that Super Bowl, lol! Then again, who am I, we are all fans of our home team, of course we all think we’re better than the rest! Cheers to the 2015-16 season, 🍻!! Let the games begin….SKOL!

  91. “Greatest Dynasty of All-Time keeps rolling through the crybabies another year”

    What do the Yankees have to do with anything?

  92. Predictions are fun and they make us all “experts”.

    I’m a Packers fan, so I like reading people think they will win the Super Bowl. But I’ve been around too long to think that anyone can predict that far ahead. There are just too many obstacles to overcome, starting with injuries.

    Here’s my prediction: I want the Packers to beat the Bears on Sunday, and predict that I will be rooting like heck they do it.

    The other thing I hope is the Lions and Vikings both lose.

  93. With the AFCN playing their death gauntlet schedule (AFCW + NFCW + AFCN x2) the division winner will be the only team going to the postseason from there & that team = Bengals (My Precioussss)

  94. It’s amazing how much people are slobbering over the Eagles and Chip Kelly. I’m not saying that they can’t have a good/great season, but there are so many question marks on that team that anointing them a favorite is silly. Meanwhile, most figured that the very young and rising team that already went 12-4 last season and got better will finish worse than the Eagles. Huh, interesting.

  95. A .327 winning percentage since 2003 and has gotten worse every yr under fisher for the last 3yrs…how does Smith see them making playoffs?

  96. As a Pats fan, I can respect predictions that have the Ravens beating out the Pats to get to the SB. All other AFC predictions are laughable, especially if the Patriots have the first seed. Whether they win the SB is a whole other matter, it’d be more likely they just make it to the SB again than win it again… But Gronk and Chandler may be a force to be reckoned with!

  97. Not a single pick of the bengals making the playoffs. Not one? I can understand not picking us to win the Super Bowl, but to not make the playoffs? At all? Come on guys. So dumb.

  98. Too much love for the Pack with a very suspect defense and O-line. Oh and top of that they just lost their second best offensive weapon. 9-7 season

  99. I don’t see the Pats making it back to the SB. Their losses in the secondary are too big. I actually think the rediculousness of Deflategate is a distraction and not a motivator.

    As for Spygate coming back 8 years after… Something is fishy on the NFL’s and ESPN side. Write a story and no names? It’s like middle school all over.

  100. Packers, Hawks and Patriots are not going to Super Bowl. They might get to the playoff but I bet on any thing that these teams are not going there. Not hate but the truth.

  101. Eagles – #1 Seed in NFC
    Colts – #1 Seed in AFC

    Packers – Biggest bust in NFC (don’t make playoffs)
    Steelers – Biggest bust in AFC (don’t make playoffs)

  102. In the NFC IMHO, it really comes down to who gets home field between the Packers and the Seahawks. I sincerely doubt lightning is going to strike down GB twice at home, fluky as that loss was last year at home. Seattle’s lost a lot and this Kam Chancellor thing is going to hang over their heads. Not a good thing when they play so early and that’s a huge tiebreaker edge. Give me the Packers if they have HFA.

    In the AFC…yes. Hate this post, flame this post, I’m a Steelers fan and I cannot find a team that’s going to get the 12-13 wins the Patriots are going to get. Seriously. They have to beat Ryan Tannehill, Tyron Taylor and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yeah, those 3 guys are sure keeping Hoodie up at night. They have 2 tough games, @IND and @DEN. They will kill my Steelers in Week 1 and then play Buffalo and Jacksonville before the bye week. They play Houston, Miami, Buffalo and the Jets the final week of the season. No one is going into Foxboro and beating them in the playoffs. Heaven knows the Ravens have tried.

    I cannot argue with anyone who has Packers/Patriots in the Super Bowl. Right now, for my money, they are the two best run franchises in the NFL.

    Sleeper playoff team possibility in the NFC: Rams. Yes, I know Nick Foles is basically a millionaire now due to one improbable statistical year. But this team has a solid defense and talent, and San Francisco already has the funeral wake uniforms ready to go. If the Rams can split with Arizona and Seattle and take both from SF, they’ve got a shot (Though feel free to laugh at this by Week 6, they play Seattle, Pittsburgh, Arizona and Green Bay with a nice feel-good win over Washington coming Week 1).

    Sleeper playoff team possibility in the AFC: Chargers.
    No, they aren’t going to the Super Bowl. This isn’t 1994 or even 2001. But you have to figure Phillip Rivers is going to get them over the hump sooner or later, and outside of any team not named Oakland, this division seems a lot more wide open then it’s been recently. One good hit on Manning and Denver’s cooked. And do you REALLY think Alex Smith is going to scare anyone? The final 5 weeks will be telling with both games against Denver, and trips to Kansas City and Oakland.

    Aaron Rodgers gets another ring and everyone not in New England rejoices, GB 31, NE 28

  103. So, only one of you picks the Lions to even get to the playoffs. Yes, our defense cannot possibly be as stifling as last year’s…but it won’t be bad…and we have one of the better sets of linebackers in the league. Offensively, we’re going to light it up this year…you folks are going to have a lot of fun watching our games. If we stay healthy, we’ll outscore a lot of teams.

  104. I’m certain it will be Seattle, Green Bay, Dallas, or Detroit. None of the afc teams have good defenses to compete with these four. Don’t say denver has a championship defense. They lost their run stuffer knighton and have traffic cones as linebackers.

  105. Love the love the Vikings are getting! I’ll gladly take a wild card win. You lions fans are silly and packers are overrated. Bears fans are quiet as usual. AP should gain 1200 yards against the north alone

  106. GB will win this year if Mccarthy does go on vacation at halftime during the playoff games. He handed it to seagulls last year. Then the refs handed NE a ill gotten win when Revis tackled a receiver in the endzone that would have put Ravens in SB witrh Seagulls. Then Carroll hand NE a gift by throwing into traffic on first down in the red zone. What a mess last year was. Bad decisions by coaches and refs hand another SB with an asterisk to the cheaters.

  107. It’s hilarious how many of you get worked up because a bunch of “experts” who never played the game didn’t pick your team.

    Any given Sunday fellas and let the best team (who doesn’t cheat) win.

  108. The only reason the Packers got in last year is because the Refs screwed over the Lions AND the Cowboys. And they got in the year before by screwing over the Bears thanks to Clete Blakeman. Packers OWN the media. Haha

  109. Glad to see not everyone is overlooking the Ravens. For those of you that think they have no shot, think back to how the Ravens had the Pats on the ropes twice during the playoffs last year but could put them away because they had 3rd stringers playing in their banged up secondary. Well that has changed and the NFL will be put on notice when the Ravens piss everyone off by beating the Broncos this Sunday.

  110. osiris33 says:
    Sep 8, 2015 7:29 PM

    MDS congrats on being the only guy with brains in this operation.

    I find this funny in two ways:
    1) Broncos won’t be going to the SB…Manning is the choke artist who
    @) chokes in the games that count and it’s funny because it’s the Seahawks that bring them down AGAIN FYI..not a Hawks fan but don’t see Manning beating them

  111. The idea that the current Colts can beat the current Patriots in the playoffs or any other time is delusional. That’s like saying the Lions will win in Lambeau even with the Packers having a 3 TD handicap.

    It’s like…what game are you even watching?

  112. How about no one wins it because Congress will suspend the league’s operations before next February?

    But I’d love to see the look on Goodell’s face if Pretty-Boy Uggs comes to collect it from him again.

  113. Pittsburgh’s offense can be outstanding, but someone needs to explain to me how that defense is going to make any noise in the playoffs. The defensive backfield is an absolute train-wreck and the front seven has a ton of new faces, in addition to a new DC.

  114. brendafortheboyz says:Sep 8, 2015 8:55 PM

    My Cowboys were supposed to go 7-9 last year, according to the “experts”……..We saw how that turned out…..I love flying under the radar….We beat the ‘Hawks at their house, so it can be done and no problem this year w/the Pack Sorry, Mr. Florio, the Pats will not repeat! The microscope on them will be so large this year, it will be interesting All imho…….

    The same Cowboys that lost to Colt McCoy and the Redskins?

  115. thejetssuck2001 says:
    Sep 8, 2015 7:46 PM
    Moneyballzs says:
    Sep 8, 2015 7:26 PM
    Wow, quite shocked at how much love for the Broncos there is with the staff. I honestly feel its going to be the Chiefs who take the division and the Broncos who take the wildcard


    all you gotta do is look at the two rosters side by side. theres no comparison. its very easy to see the love for denver. they are deeper than just peyton manning, trust me. and i root for the pats. only two teams from the afc scare me as a pats fan, steelers and broncos.
    So that week 4 beat down KC put on the Pats last season didn’t convince you that the Chiefs are worthy of respect huh? As for roster comparisons, KC and Denver are pretty much head to head in overall roster talent this year. Denver is by no means an automatic champ in the AFC West this season.

  116. I don’t know. The pattern for this year is a Patriots – Giants rematch. When they play each other in the regular season, they end up playing in the Superbowl.

  117. Count me among the camp that thinks the Colts are super overrated.

    That team is a soft team with a weak defense. Adding a bunch of aging skill position talent will do little to help them take next step.

    In addition, Luck turns the ball over way too much to be considered an elite QB (though I understand he will be considered that by the masses because of his volume production)

    I see a surprise team emerging in AFC South to Challenge Indy: Houston

  118. This is a great time of year. We all have hope for our teams and we go crazy with predictions. Our last days of virginal bliss until they kick it off tomorrow night. I love it.

    My Chargers could go 6 and 10 or 12 and 4. That offense when all the starters were in looked very, very good. The D could surprise.

  119. saints12013 says:
    Sep 8, 2015 10:06 PM
    Two of these bozos really picked Minnesota and Dallas to go into New Orleans and win a playoff game ? Hahahahahaha that’s as comical as it gets. Saints are far from the best team, but they WILL NOT lose at home in the playoffs I don’t care who they play.
    Oh my god. . .my greatest wish would be that the Vikes go into NO and majorly kick their butts, over and over. The revenge we’ve been wanting since Bountygate, 2009. SKOL!!!

  120. Superbowl 50 will be commemorated by having the same 2 teams who were in the first one. It will be the Packers vs. the Chiefs, and the results will also be the same, with a Packers victory. As a Chiefs fan, that is hard to state, but the Packers are actually my 2nd favorite team and close to being my favorite, as they were as a kid back in the Lombardi days!

  121. The Eagles are on their way to 0-16 or the most 8-8 this season with Mr. Mediocre Glass under center. Mark my words! Cannot believe these so called experts pick them to the SB. LOL!!

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