Kam Chancellor: I’m not asking for much, Seahawks should do it

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Seahawks holdout safety Kam Chancellor says the Seahawks could have him at practice tomorrow if they’d just meet him halfway on his contract request.

Chancellor told NFL Network that he’s not asking for much, and the Seahawks should meet him halfway.

“This deal could have been over with,” Chancellor said.

Chancellor says that all he’s not asking for more money, he’s just asking for some of his $6.8 million 2017 salary to be pushed into 2016. Of course, that actually is asking for more money: With inflation a dollar in 2016 is worth more than a dollar in 2017. And when the Seahawks signed Chancellor through 2017, they did so planning for the annual rise in the NFL salary cap. They can’t just give in to every player who wants money pushed forward in his contract, or else they won’t be able to fit under the salary cap in 2016.

The Seahawks are also concerned that if they give in to Chancellor, every other player will threaten to hold out unless they get advanced some of their future salary. The Seahawks have given in to players in the past, but eventually they figure they have to hold the line. And that’s what they’re doing with Chancellor, whose holdout may not end any tie soon.

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  1. How different do you think his tune would sound if the Seahawks were asking him to take a pay cut… rather than just honor his contract?

    Do you think he’d take kindly to them telling him it’s not much?

  2. The ink hasn’t dried on your last contract yet.

    Get a one year contract if you want a new one every year.

  3. Kam, fire your agent, go back to your team. That advice is free. Your agent is about to cost you $267K each week…aside from making you embarrass yourself in press releases trying to negotiate. Stop the madness. Seattle will welcome you back with open arms…fines forgiven…on to 2015.

  4. Missing the Rams game won’t be fatal.

    Missing the Packers game might be of more consequence.

  5. You might not be “asking for much”, but you’re going to end up getting nothing as long as you continue your hold out.

  6. His position is weak and he knows it. He’s showing it now. You don’t just get to decide your deal is no good when you just signed it in good faith 2 years ago.

    Seahawks–don’t cave.

  7. And of course, Kam’s entire holdout was ill-conceived from the beginning anyway. He gave them no advance notice–nothing. If he would have worked with them, then perhaps something could have been worked out–something that didn’t seem like the ‘Hawks were reworking a contract with 3 years left on it. If he had quietly mentioned it behind the scenes early on, they could have come out with it as if it were their idea and hey were rewarding his leadership and skills.

    This is ALL about very poor advice from his agent. Yes, he followed it, but nobody will work with his agent again. He hurt Kam and did his best to hurt the Seahawks. The ‘Hawks will be fine but it never had to come to this.

  8. Problem is, in the real world, the Seahawks have to be conscious of setting a bad precedent. Today they meet Kam halfway, cuz it’s not much. Tomorrow they have to meet Bennett half way, cuz it’s not much. Then they have to meet Sherman halfway, Wilson halfway, Chancellor halfway (again), Bennett halfway (again). Etc etc etc

  9. Show up tomorrow, take a physical, and I’ll ask the Seahawks to waive all fines.
    Nice try, Wildman, but you and the Hawks should feel lucky you didn’t hurt yourself in pre-season

  10. Kams getting desperate. Agent gave him bad advice. He feels the need to negotiate thru the media cuz he knows this team will win without him and he’s about to start losing a quarter mil a week. Get to camp Kam, ur losing all the respect the fans had for u

  11. Sounds like Kam finally realizes he is not gonna win this.
    I agree with the team completely and hope they are fining him the maximum daily and will refuse to forgive ANY of the fines., otherwise it will not dissuade other from trying this MEvis tactic.

    I hope they make him sit till he returns to the team, then make him ride the bench the rest of the year.

  12. Yep they are plYing hardball with you! Hold out buddy! They did it for that for lynch why not you? Show them just how rare a in the box safety is!

    Oh on second thought box safeties are a diying breed just like fullbacks! Better get your but to camp!

  13. Aha, “They should do what I want”, that’s a great concept. I agree with him though, give him the money and be done with it already. I don’t care if he just signed the new deal a year ago, he should be making around the same annually as McCourty and should definitely be making more than Berry and Byrd. If they aren’t going to pay him, trade him to the Giants and recoup a first round pick to replace the one they gave to New Orleans and they could probably also get a third rounder in that deal as well. Maybe Chancellor isn’t bluffing, might as well get something for him.

  14. One of the most over rated DB in the league… A solid DB but there are many better playing for much less. Honor the contract you signed. I hope Seattle doesn’t cave in and makes this fool pay the fines and makes him play out his contract. He is scared he will have a bad year and then will be cut or asked to take a pay cut. His running mate Sherman is another over rated DB that only covers the number 2 or sometimes number 3 WR. All the hype these guys get is all brought on by themselves. Selfish over rated athletes.

  15. If they are only $500,000 apart in negotiations, they just waived Turbin and his contract was for $660k this season. Perhaps they freed up that money to pass along to Kam.

  16. I am actually torn reading his statement. I know Seattle should not renegotiate but if he comes back Seahawks should move some guaranteed money around for Kam.

    I know I was attached to guys like Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, Lofa and Mike Rob who were all shown the door.

    Guess it doesn’t really matter what I think but just how Seahawk brass handle it. The way he played last year, it was the closest thing to Sean Taylor since he passed.

  17. I’m a big Kam fan, in fact I have his jersey. He has no leverage here, and cannot win. If the Hawks start off 2-0, that solidifies the teams case. If the team starts out 0-2, the team and fans will turn against him.
    I fear one day the Hawks will just trade him (cut bait). Other GM’s have already stated Dion Bailey, whose playing his SS position, is a stud and can play on several teams.

  18. Keep it up Kam. Keep it up Seahawks. Fragile locker room and wacky QB spells disaster.

    Mr. Bennett you wanted more money to right or was it to play in Atlanta?

  19. I think the easiest way to do this is to fire the agent who signed you to the bad deal. If you were misrepresented, you should get a better agent. I don’t see how you can come back to the table with the same agent, while complaining about the lousy deal he negotiated for you. That should be the policy of every team. Fire your agent, then let’s talk. How many agents will be advising their clients to renegotiate?

  20. Here’s what needs to happen…

    The Seahawks need to give him the guarantees he wants conditionally. In order for him to get the money moved to this year and guaranteed he would need to meet a series of specific on-field AND off-field goals. Some performance based and some community activity based.

    Nothing horribly unattainable but nothing that’s a walk in the park either. On field goals that are roughly the average of what he done annually so far. Off field things that bring talent value to the organization. Like public appearances to smaller colleges and places where UDFA’s might come from. Almost an Ambassadorship for the team.

    This allows them to save face and hold their ground (to a small degree) and yet it also allows Kam to save face and get what he deserves.

    And if all else fails pay the guy under the rug and move on! 🙂

  21. Sounds like someone owes IK more than $600….

    Unless you’re in serious financial troubles, why would you forsake $4.55M for $6.8M when you’re not holding any leverage? Pretty greedy example to set for his other teammates.

  22. He better fill out an application for an EBT card then, only way he earns money without football

  23. noladat says:

    Oh on second thought box safeties are a diying breed just like fullbacks! Better get your but to camp!
    Kam Chancellor may be a lot of things, but a “box safety” isn’t one of them.

  24. What has been unusual about this holdout is Kam has been quiet which I respect instead of turning it into a “he said, she said” situation.

    It is a good sign as the season approaches that Kam has broken his silence. Kam is a prideful person. By no means am I suggesting the Hawks should cave, but if they threw him a small scooby snack so he felt some sort of victory this could be resolved. Obviously easier said than done, but why not guarantee future years just as long as Kam meets certain requirements (pro bowl, interceptions, tackles, games played, etc.). Put the ball back in Kam’s court and if he flops then the Hawks are off the hook and if he balls out its good for Kam and the team.

  25. “With inflation a dollar in 2016 is worth more than a dollar in 2017”

    Not entirely true. The value is also tied to the overall strength of the dollar which has been improving this year, in some cases dramatically. At the same time the Chinese Yuan has been getting devalued by its government and an awful lot of things come from China these days.

  26. Don’t give in, Kam. You went to college and can make money hand over fist with that degree. Be strong.

  27. Kam, what about Okung’s contract next year or Bruce Irvin’s contract next year or your other team mates whose contracts expire next year? You want to kick them to the curb so you can get paid when you are already the second highest paid at your position?

  28. Wow, you people are so ignorant. Some guy thinks you could trade Kam for a 1st and a 3rd round pick?? Do you watch football? Do you pay attention. You might be able to get a 3rd but more likely a 4th and that’s it. This is coming from a hawks fan and Kam is my favorite player. Strong safeties just aren’t worth that even when they are at Kams level. Another guy says he should be making mccourty money or berry money. Again, he plays strong safety you dummies. You can’t compare free safety contracts to SS contracts. That’s just the way it is. Pay attention or keep your comments to yourself.

  29. Bottom line….all he has to do is show up now and he still makes the same amount of money. He should do the exact same thing next year as well.

  30. “This deal could have been over with,” Chancellor said.
    It also could have never started if Chancellor had shown up to camp and honored the contract he signed.
    At that time Chancellor said ” I just feel great right now. The Seahawks organization has blessed me. It just feels good. I’m a happy person right now,”
    Short memory I guess…

  31. I wonder what would happen if the guy playing his position that is starting actually begins to play quite well, and then we all realize that chancellor is just good because of the scheme they play or because earl Thomas makes him look good?? It’s just a maybe, then Seahawks wouldnt care if he plays or not, chancellor is the one losing money and the Hawks are just okay with it. Then chancellor gets traded to a team with less money

  32. Kam,

    You are the greatest football player ever and the Seahawks are totally disrespecting you. Unless they double your contract you should, by all means, hold out!

    Arizona Cardinal fan

  33. I don’t blame Kam these NFL contracts give all the position of power to the teams… If a player out performs his contract he is screwed, he gets blasted by fans saying he is greedy, selfish, however a team can cut him when he doesn’t perform, or he gets old, or when they think they found someone better, and most fans agree, he is old he stinks etc…. I don’t blame the guy; he’s on top right now, he should get what he can.

    If I am Kam, I remember Emitt Smith, held out into the regular season, the cowboys lost every game he missed. Emitt got a new contract and another Super bowl ring. Now if Seattle plays good without him, Kam is now expendable, and he is traded. Guess what he still gets paid..

    The stupidest thing would be that the Seahawks sit on this guy and get nothing for him, because every year he is out of football/older, his trade value goes down.

  34. “How different do you think his tune would sound if the Seahawks were asking him to take a pay cut… rather than just honor his contract?”

    That happens to players all the time. It happened to Logan Mankins.

  35. Also, there is no guarantee that he wouldn’t just hold out again next year…given the fact that he would then technically be making less than other safeties in 2017. When fed, the “I need to get paid now” bug never dies. It grows & grows & grows until the host dies.

  36. I’ll be happy to give him a loan if he needs money that badly right now. 31 percent interest to match his jersey.

  37. Kam sounds just like the bums chilling at the bus stop asking for change to get a beer. Mad desperate like he owe’s el chapo for some lost kilos.

  38. It’s one thing if your slot receiver holds out and another when the heart of your defense holds out

  39. The ‘Hawks aren’t asking for much either. All they want is for you to honor your ONE YEAR OLD contract. You should do it

  40. In this sport your next pay check could be your last and every NFL players knows this. If your outplaying your contract wouldn’t you try to squeeze out a little more…. knowing you might be all done by the time the your contract runs out?

    They like all of us.. have to think of their families and themselves. It’s a billion dollar business we all keep bringing that out when it serves our purpose. I think he has a right to try. What’s the average playing life of an NFL player?

  41. Please everyone stop talking about his trade value. You live in some fantasy land where everyone of note is worth a 1st round pick. Just because you’ve heard of him doesn’t mean someone’s going to give up a first rounder. The Seahawks don’t want a draft pick. And they definitely don’t want a fourth rounder for him which is all they would get. You think the Giants would give up a likely top 15 pick for him?? And then have to pay him what he wants?? Seriously??? The reality is yes, he’s very important to our defense. But he either comes back at his current deal or they ride it out.

  42. He signed a contract, and thought it was good getting it early, bad advice from an agent ( Alvin keel ). Should have waited like the rest. He thought it was good last year. Let him sit for two years don’t pay and see how good he is.

  43. Not mentioned here, how much of his 2017 salary is guaranteed? Moot point. Not just the NFL, all teams in professional sports that pay blackmail end up regretting it. There are financial reverberations with other players and holdouts destabilize the whole team. Personnel planning stretches out years. Contracts have two sides and both sides are expected to honor their side. If you don’t like it, don’t sign it. He misses the point that bonafide shutdown CB’s are far more rare and valuable than even the best safeties. Sherman plays for his team so he should know this. In fact, Sherman allows him to narrow the field and play at a level that he likely would not reach without that island. Kam needs to get back to work, tail tucked.

  44. Stick to your guns Kam don’t let them diss respect you. A brother has got to eat.

    signed the rest of the NFC west

  45. I am always in the middle on these kind of issues. As a player your not guaranteed to have a contract tomorrow and often times players are asked to take paycuts, restructures, etc when their play slips then you have players like this who are at the top of the game and want to capitalize while they can and knowing that if he blows out his knee in week2 that he will be asked to take a paycut most likely or releeased

  46. Don Draper on “Mad Men” said: “If you don’t like what is being said, change the conversation.” The Seahawks can stop all the Cam Chancellor posts, media stories, and negativity, by simply trading Cam. Everyone will move on to the next topic – end of story. Keeping him around simply allows all this negativity – every interview by a Seahawks player includes the Cam questions, every story about the Seahawks has a Cam paragraph. To change the conversation – trade him and move on. Cam ceased being a team player when he held out – compare his move with Michael Bennett. Bennett is not happy with his salary, but he was a man and honored his contract. How can Cam be a team leader when he does something like this. Mr. Snyder, its time to change the conversation. Go Hawks!

  47. This is embarrassing because he’s been a stand up guy on and off the field. You’re getting bad advice. You’ll give before the Seahawks do…and you better not get hurt for all this bs

  48. He has no guaranteed money after this year. That’s why he’s holding out. He wants security.

    Yes he signed the contract, bla bla bla, This is a legitimate gripe in a sport without fully guaranteed contract. He’s not asking to rewrite, just extend.

    Ask yourselves this, would you want more guaranteed(not average salary) after cleaning up the field with a damaged knee. I absolutely would and anyone who denies they would feel the same way is full of it.

  49. So he is holding out for NO extra money? And for NEXT YEAR’S money?
    What kind of logic is that?
    Does he have a balloon payment on his mortgage next year he has to make?

    Maybe he is just spending it all and is desperate. Otherwise it makes no sense.

  50. Screw him. The Seahawks aren’t asking for much either. They want you to HONOR THE CONTRACT YOU SIGNED. Wow, how horrible is that.

  51. Seahawks made a big mistake when they redid lynch’s contract, they won’t make that same mistake with kam (this would allow Bennett to do the same thing)

  52. One player, regardless who it is, does not a TEAM make!
    Kam’s actions border on the juvenile. “If you do not play the way I like, then, I won’t play at all.”
    This will have an effect on relationship of coaches, players, front office. Not on the surface, but an undercurrent. Wait and see…

  53. Love this argument/post from above.

    “The reality is that the players on defense know that they had more to do with winning a SB than Wilson. So they see Wilson getting vastly overpaid as a QB who is not even in the Top 10 and it is like a slap in the face to them.”

    Then go play quarterback. I don’t fault the QB’s, the market for the QB is what it is. You think the Long Snapper would like to earn QB money? Sure he would so have him be the QB. Oh wait, he can’t do it. Ah…

  54. If his bump in salary isn’t that much, no way he doesn’t play losing $237,000 per game. He will show up before he starts losing money. Right now he’s trying to save face with public perception by stating he’s not asking for much, as well as a last ditch effort to get what he wants before his holdout starts to count.

    I don’t have a problem with players wanting more money when they are outplaying their contract by a large margin. But when you are making at or near the league high at your position and want even more money, you’re being a little ridiculous especially if you are fresh off a new contract that you just agreed to. How can teams plan their cap space with players that do this regularly? My suggestion would be for teams to put clauses in contracts for highly paid players, if they hold out of camp or practice they are fined every day they do so for at least the first two years of the contract. If a player won’t agree to that, it tells you something.

  55. There’s a reason he wants to move 2017 money to 2016. It’s to improve his bargaining position for his next renegotiation.

    Live with the contract you signed. If you didn’t like it, you shouldn’t have signed it.

  56. Poor decision, worse tactic. He says he isn’t asking for much so that the team looks bad by not just giving it to him. The flip side of that statement is that he is willing to sabotage his team’s chances and his teammates’ goals for “not much”. He is selfish and has overvalued himself here. Get to work.

  57. Kam,

    There is a Pay Day Loans about five blocks from CenturyLink Field.

    You can $300 loan for 20 bucks.

  58. You should keep holding out. Sure, you just signed your contract and it has 3 years left on it…but some other guy who isn’t as good as you just got even more money! And next year another guy is going to get more than him. Make them pay! Since it’s Seattle, I’m loving every minute of this.

  59. Kam., if you’re not asking for much then why have you lost the respect of the fans and you’re going to be playing for a different team eventually??

  60. No.

    You already HAVE a contract that you’re refusing to honor with 3 years left on it.

    Sorry, dude, want you as a Seahawk, but you need to honor what you’re signed.

  61. At least Marshawn would have showed up, so he wouldn’t get fined.

    Alvin Keels needs to improve on his PR and negotiation skills.

    Being the only pro NFL athlete to sit out games due a contract dispute (with 3 years left) is pretty pathetic, and makes the player look greedy.

  62. He wants to be met halfway…..

    Great, cut his fine for missing preseason in half….
    If he misses the entire season, he pays the entire $1,140,000.00 fine.

  63. Ppl need to wake up this happens all the time yes these players sign contracts but contracts mean nothing why is it ok for the team to sign someone then cut them before the contract is up. But it’s terrible when a player holds out for more money that he deserves. He has out played his contract by far I’m one who believes he should get paid. They need him that secondary isn’t the same without him. Yea you give in to one u have to give in to all but everyone isn’t a kam…meet him half way and pay him

  64. Pats fan here. Love chancellor. Actually like what Seattle has built and I think that there are some parallels between this situation and Lawyer Milloy back in 2003. Pats made best decision for the long term and it turned out quite well. I think chancellor is better, and more important but management can’t cave to a guy one year into his deal. I think chancellor caves by week 2. If not, someone might give up something special for him and if Seattle has built the kind of team, like New England that has strong leadership and can withstand distractions they may benefit long term.

  65. 31 teams are ready to deal for him and give him an extension… seahawks can play this out right up to trade deadline if they want. they still win the division w/o him.

  66. Seagags and that lame 12th man are history. They are finally relevant after 30 years and now see you later dreary Seattle!!! Where were you fans 10 years ago on the road. Worst road draw in history of NFL until pasty man started supporting the team. Dont you prefer soccer in Seattle?

  67. You can’t pay everyone, but this guy is a team leader. It will pay off in the long run if they guarantee some of his 2016 pay buy paying it now. I’m a Pats fan and respect Sherman and Chancellor as players who make that defense great and set the tone. I have no dog in the fight in the NFC, but love watching Seattle.

  68. This doesn’t make sense. Kam is either lying to us or not being very smart. I think he is asking for more than what he is telling us. If not and this is all he is asking for, then I think it is foolish for him to miss game checks this year for this issue.

    I bet he could take ONE game check from this year, like for the game he will miss this week, and go get an insurance policy that guarantees him his 2017 salary in case he gets injured or cut. And frankly, his play would have to fall off the face of the Earth for the Seahawks to cut him after next year. And, and, and, he would probably get a great free agent deal if ge got cut after 2016.

  69. Times up homeboy..the season is here..they called yur bluff..you lose and they win. Now put yur tail between your legs and go back. You say yur only a million apart, miss 4 games and you lose a million. Lesson learned.

  70. If anyone believes that he’ll take his future money now and then not complain for more money when those future years come, I have a nice bridge to sell you.

  71. Rome fell because the church, the politicians, the wealthy, and the common people became so obsessed with their ENTITLEMENT to wealth and power that they turned on each other. “GREED” is the word. Just saying….

  72. He’s just trying to buy time. What nobody knows, is that he blew off a finger in a 4th of July fireworks accident and he’s avoiding team doctors until he has healed. 😛

  73. Seahawks fan talking tough, chirping on about how the team should hold the line. Pretty sure the same group will cave and start bagging on the org once things aren’t as chipper on the defensive side of the ball. This team is weaker than they were last year.

  74. yeah, deal could have been over with if Kam would have just gone to practice and honor the contract.

    Good Players don’t just get cut. Sure the NFL teams cut a lot of 2 million or less players. But not top 100 players. 2 million dollar players are replaceable by younger rookies. If you want job security, become a librarian.

    Kam got terrible advice, on the contract, and on financial planning. As multiple ex NFL Players, and MC Hammer have mentioned before, you don’t need 5-6 cars, multiple million dollar + homes, supporting everyone around you, etc. Gronk lives off his endorsement money alone, JJ Watt has a 100 million dollar deal but still plays his ass off in the Pro Bowl so he can get the MVP car. Too bad Kam does not have the same work ethic as his fellow teammates.

  75. Wow, is he that broke he needs the money asap?!?!? And i wonder how much he wants moved, he has dropped like $1 million in fines for missing so much practice already, it cant be worth it.

  76. Only in pro sports is a millions dollars petty. Sounds like Kam should shut up and suit up or be shut out.

  77. The NFL needs to band together and quit signing guys who have a contract and holdout. Maybe guys would think twice before holding out on a contract that they previously signed. Just let them play under the contract or work for no one…..ever.

  78. Way way back in time John Hannah & leon Grey held out like this, cost the Pats a few games and a chance at the playoffs.

    Didn’t like it then, still don’t like it now. You signed a contract, honor it.

  79. This guy is supposed to be a team leader?!?! Hope he sits out all season, or even better, trade him to Cleveland, Oakland, or some other awful team.

  80. C’mon Kam!
    We get it, you are awesome and want your pay to reflect that, however…

    You are asking more than you think:
    1) You are asking the team to cut another player either this year or the next – for the sake of pride or making a point…

    2) You are asking the team to go against a delicate financial balancing act that (so far) has been working for more players than most teams can boast.

    3) You are asking the team to be ok with setting precedent that will result in players holding out EVERY SEASON just because you did.

    4) You are asking the team to play without you.

    5) And finally, you are asking the fans to support you in all of the above.

    The fans love you, your team-mates love you, your coaches love you. You have made your point, your message has been sent – please don’t let pride make [literally thousands of] others pay the iron price.

    Come home, Kam.
    Come home.

  81. “Not asking for much”

    You have no right to ask for ANYTHING. You signed a contract that spelled out exactly what you were getting paid and even got a hefty advance on a good part of that deal, now you don’t like that contract?

    I’m sorry but you shouldn’t have agreed to it in the first place then. You have only yourself to blame (and your dumber than a brick agent).

  82. Kam…you realize I’m asking for a raise at work…and I’m still showing up for work. If I don’t then I will get fired. Sure most people are in the same situation. Oh well, next man up. GO HAWKS!

  83. how can he outplay his contract when he is already one of the highest paid players at his position?

    bottom line is that SS just doesn’t pay like corner or FS

    he is risking loosing 250K per game just to get an extra million??? doesn’t make financial sense at all

    he is a beast tho, and definitely the best SS in the league

  84. Maybe he has a nagging injury, and actually needs a few more weeks of rest to be fully recovered, so he decided to “sit-out” , knowing he would be sitting on the sidelines anyway…or he is an immoral moron who is a fool to listen to his agent and not play.

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