Report: Giants and Eli Manning close to four-year, $84 million deal

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Eli Manning doesn’t really do the passive-aggressive thing as well as Russell Wilson.

But when he said this week he didn’t like negotiating during the season, the message was apparently received.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Giants and their quarterback are “finalizing” a four-year, $84 million extension “that could be signed tomorrow.” PFT has confirmed the deal is close, and that one of the final hold-ups is whether the guaranteed money will include offset language.

He was headed into the final year of his contract.

Of course, the details will tell the true story of the deal once it’s signed, and whether Manning will in any way be considered the highest-paid player in the league — even though that’s not important to him. At first glance, it’s off Aaron Rodgers-level money by a million a year, but Eli isn’t an Aaron Rodgers-level quarterback either.

What is important is the Giants have their two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback one step closer to taken care of.

63 responses to “Report: Giants and Eli Manning close to four-year, $84 million deal

  1. Meanwhile, the champagne is chilling in the locker room of every NFC East team. Please sign this overrated interception machine to that deal….PLEASE

  2. A fair price for a proven QB. I would like to see what other QB’s do with the O-line that the Giants have had over the past few years. Let’s not forget he never gets injured so. The only thing they need to do now is look at drafting his replacement in the next three years.

  3. The Manning Paradox. Peyton lights up the regular season and cools off in the postseason, Eli can limp into the playoffs but gets hot when needs to most. Winning Rings against the team his brother can’t seem to beat, nonetheless.

  4. Good…

    The Cowboys signed Greg Hardy and drafted Randy Gregory.

    With Lawrence, Crawford and Mincey already on that D-line, have fun running for your life the next four years, Eli…

  5. And queue more Eli bashing in 5, 4, 3…

    The only QB in the NFCE with rings but haters will pile on anyway

  6. Signing a very good but not top level QB is probably not worth the massive percentage of cap that it occupies. With the cap rising, it’s hard to see when that point will come, though. Signing an older QB to that kind of deal seems risky especially on a team that doesn’t look like much of a contender right now.

  7. When anyone in the Manning family ever goes out to dinner with anybody else, I sure hope they’re the ones picking up the tab.

  8. How much of that does he owe to Odell Beckham? Hard to believe this would be happening with Cruz going down last year if ODB hadn’t stepped up last year

  9. Does anybody else notice that nobody has the balls to exceed Rodgers 22M? Sure Brady could based on past performance, but any other player would be mocked for being paid more than the best QB in the league. I’m waiting to see if Luck is stupid enough to put himself in a position to be looked down on by the entire league.

  10. Negotiations between Eli and the Giants must be pretty interesting. Do you pay him less than Philip Rivers, who is clearly the better QB or do you may him more than PR because he is a 2X SB MVP?

  11. snakeplizkn says:
    Sep 10, 2015 5:12 PM

    Meanwhile, the champagne is chilling in the locker room of every NFC East team. Please sign this overrated interception machine to that deal….PLEASE


    Tony Romo – no rings
    Brandon Weeden – yeah theres a winner

    RGIII- cant even start in Washington
    Kurt Cousins- REALLY?
    Colt McCoy- peaked in college

    Sam Bradford – injury prone
    Mark Sanchez- do I even have to type anything

    I’d take Eli if you ask me…

  12. Meanwhile the Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1995. The Redskins since 1991. And the Eagles, well we all know about the Eagles pitiful saga, lol.

  13. At the end of the day, its the fans that pay these salaries. As a nation, I don’t know how many overcooked hotdogs and warm beer purchased at outrageous prices we are willing to buy. But apparently the owners believe we haven’t come close to saturation yet.
    Nothing against Manning. He is certainly entitled to earn as much as he is offered. I don’t think he is worth what is being reported to be making. Which is true of the majority of players in professional sports. And that being said, I also don’t believe the owners deserve to be earning what they earn and Goodell doesn’t deserve to earn what he earns and a majority of the journalists don’t deserve to earn what they earn and on and on it goes.

  14. I guess he’s worth it even if he looks as if he’s falling asleep in the huddle. He owns more Rings than big brother, RGIII, Sam Bradford and Tony Romo combined. It pains me, as an Eagles fan, to make that observation.

  15. Eli’s not a Rodgers level QB but that didn’t stop him from stealing his 15-1 lunch money in his own house now did it?

  16. As most of you Cowboy and Redskin fans were not even born when your teams won a super bowl you need to shut up and sit down and respect the two time two time Super Bowl MVP.
    For those of you in Philly well need I say more.

    The Giants have played in 10% of all Super Bowls and won 80% of those

    They are the only team in the NFC East that has been relevant since the turn of the century.

    So yes he has had some bad years and some bad games but he has more rings then all of the rostered QB in the NFL with the exception of Brady and he is tied with Ben.
    So with 64 QB in the league he is tied for second with most Super Bowl wins
    Eat your hearts out!

  17. Not a Giants fan but its hard to argue against the two SB rings. A QB along can’t win you a Championship but they can certainly lose you one so clearly he does something right.

  18. Mannings love their money. “Me” first till the end. In the mean time, the greatest QB of our lifetime will watch his 4th SB banner be unveiled tonight…while playing for pennies on the dollar.
    If the choice is $$$ vs immortality, Archie’s boys take the coin every time.
    PS …for $20 mill/year, shouldn’t a Manning be able to throw a spiral?

  19. Good for Eli:

    Rookie deal: 6 yrs, $59 Million
    Contract 2: 6 yrs, $97 Million
    Contract 3: 4 yrs, 84 million

    16 yrs, $240 Million

  20. Leave it to the giants fans to dig up the past because the gmen have no future. Eli the interception machine Manning has 2 rings so that must make him relevant today………. Alright. Enjoy that Giants fans.

  21. Wow. All you have to be is a decent QB, be in the right place ant the right time, and be a good guy. Sounds easy, but it’s not. Good for you Eli. Your dad is a stud (literally).

  22. Some of these teams committing huge guaranteed amounts are going to get stung on over the hill QBs. OK – these are the going market rates, but historic performance is not guaranteed for future results. I think the Giants just got fleeced.

  23. Damn if only Eli had the offensive line that all these other great QBs have had. Plus the Giants have led the league in injuries for the past 3 years. Pair that with a couple of washed up Gilbride seasons doesn’t help the man out much.. Last year 4,410.. 30/14 with another subpar OLine, rookie RB, no Cruz and awful defense? Not bad.

  24. Easy Eli is the Mann. A legend in NY and football royalty. True Blue all the way. He will go into the hall of fame as one of the greatest Giants of all time.

  25. snakeplizkn says:Sep 10, 2015 5:12 PM

    Meanwhile, the champagne is chilling in the locker room of every NFC East team. Please sign this overrated interception machine to that deal….PLEASE


    Eli enjoyed the champagne after Super Bowls 42 & 46. When was the last time the Cowboys, Redskins or Eagles took a sip?

  26. Look at the other two QBs that got drafted in the first round with him Ben and the cry in SD
    Eli has done more then the two of them combined

    I will be in the Stadium when the retiree his Jersey and in 9 years I will be in Canton to watch in go into the HOF

    But for now

    Dallas Romo bad back one good hit away from a back brace or wheel chair.

    Washington Who knows who or what will be under center this year.

    Philly one snap away from the Butt Fumble II

    Eli 24 weeks away from his 3rd SB Championship and I hope it against Brady

  27. Interceptions, Interceptions, Interceptions…. everyone wants to mention them but no one mentions that Brett Favre owns the all-time interception record and they’re currently shaping a bust of him that will sit in the HOF FOREVER!

    Sure Eli throws the ball to the other team, it happens when you’re not scared and you’re on the field every single week. You know what he does after he throws an interception??? He brushes it off and goes back out there and wins Superbowls.

    All you divisional haters get brushed off just as easily. And I can’t even imagine what you’d give to see your weak ass QBs hoist 2 Lombardis…

  28. Redskins fan here. Don’t understand the hatred to Eli. He won two Super Bowls and is clearly a great quarterback. True, he is not as good as Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady. But he appears equal to or better than Phillip Rivers. All these trolls are so annoying.

  29. but Eli isn’t an Aaron Rodgers-level quarterback either.
    REALLY?!?! Ask any Packers fan about their team and all they will do is bring up SB wins (and pre SB wins). Well, by my count, Eli is TWICE as good as Rodgers!!!

    Oh wait, I guess starting today regular season wins is now how we rate QB’s? All of you people complaining are crazy. I’ll take 2 SB wins, give that QB a lifetime contract, and die happy!!

  30. Good…

    The Cowboys signed Greg Hardy and drafted Randy Gregory.

    With Lawrence, Crawford and Mincey already on that D-line, have fun running for your life the next four years, Eli…


    One great player
    A rookie who is undersized for his position
    And 3 mediocre players

    Wow, he must be really scared.

  31. Obviously this guy is no RG3 or Kurt Cozins but he could be a QB with some development and the right coaching situation. I mean hisi brother Peyton is good and has to live in Eli’s shadow of how the QB position is played and all but he could play at profiecient level one day and win a playoff game. He deserves more money but it’s ok he could settle here.

  32. I don’t care how many picks he throws in the regular season as long as the team tries hard besides that. I care that they win Super Bowls every so often. I don’t care about having the best QB. Why would I? What has Peyton Manning or Rodgers done better? They throw less interceptions in the regular season, win more regular season games, and lose more playoff games. Great. I want them.

    You guys act like Eli it was a hot streak or accident is retarded. He said before the playoffs both times. I’m not going to be the same quarterback I’ve been in the regular season. So he reduced his interceptions/fumbles on purpose. I’m sure you can find his quotes on a blog like this or video clips.

    Meanwhile, Peyton, Favre, Rodgers, Romo, Stafford, Ryan, Brady (post 2004 game manager days trying to keep with Peyton) all said that will play just like what got them there.

    So even if only guy is smart enough to treat the ball like gold heading into the Playoffs then I’m thrilled he’s on my team. He predicted it. It’s verifiable for every QB on the list. I care more about winning it all. I don’t even care QBs. I hate them. I love smash mouth football. They are just there to get knocked down. Eli never missed a game either. So you can root for your QBs that get hurt and lose playoff games or playing games. I’ll take Eli over anyone in the league. Brady is the recipient of Belicheat hiring 3 guys to develop 100 ways to cheat every Sunday for 15 years. Eli and Big Ben weren’t provided with that, and I’m glad they haven’t. The Giants and Steelers went to 3 Super Bowls in 15 years and won 2 each. Adding to their legend status already. 3rd and 4th all time in NFL championships…That’s what I care about.

  33. purplepackerhater says:
    I think B+ is a bit generous. C+…Maybe?
    I have no dog in the NFC east fight, but I’d take Romo over Manning any day of the week and about 20x on Sundays.

    I would gather you are referring to regular season Sundays. Playoff Eli (8-3) takes playoff Romo’s (2-4) lunch money. Big time players show up in big moments. Eli has never had close to the supporting cast Romo has enjoyed.

  34. I find it comical how people want to bash Eli. He has played with less talent on offense then any of the “elite” QBs. His best WR untitled OBJ was an undrafted free agent in Cruz. He had Plax for 3.5 seasons and that’s it. Has never had an great online or running back. The best running back he has played with was a 7th round pick Ahmad Bradshaw. He played in an offensive system under Gilbride that was predicated on attacking downfield off play action the only problem the Giants couldn’t run the ball.

    He beat Favre and Rodgers in Lambo. Went to San Fran in a rainstorm and was pounded the entire game by that 49ers defense and won. Went into Dallas when Dallas was the #1 seed and won. The only QB to beat the Cheaters/Pats in the Super Bowl (twice). Hasn’t missed a game in 12 years. But the guy sucks.

    Rivers has played with Hall of Famers (LT and Gates) and has how many playoff wins? Matty Ice in Atlanta has played with more talent than Eli ever has in a much weaker division and has one playoff win. I am not even going to discuss Romo and all the talent he has played with that has produced 1 playoff win. Big Ben might have two rings but he has never been the best QB on the field in the three Super Bowls he played in.

    Wilson has hid behind a defense for three years. Breese plays in a pass happy offense and has benefited from guys like Sproles and Graham who caught like a combine 150 passes a season. The Giants TEs haven’t caught 100 balls in five season or a running back catch more than 50 balls in a season. It’s easy for QBs to compile numbers drinking and dunking balls to RBs and TEs

  35. Not so sure any other QB in the league could play in NY and take what that city dishes out. Eli is perfect for NY. He loves to play football and does so quite well. He doesn’t let anything get to him, keeps his mouth shut and has won two rings. I’m a Philly fan (sigh), but I love Eli. Smart move Giants.

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