Report: IK Enemkpali faces at least a four-game suspension

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IK Enemkpali lost his spot on the Jets’ roster for punching quarterback Geno Smith, and now he’ll be losing some of his Bills paychecks.

Enemkpali faces at least a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s personal-conduct policy by breaking Smith’s jaw, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

The vast majority of personal-conduct policy suspensions are for actions taken away from the team facilities, but the personal-conduct policy can be applied to violations occurring in the locker room as well. So it makes sense that Enemkpali should face discipline for what is a clear violation of proper conduct at any workplace.

Of course, Enemkpali is only on the Bills’ practice squad, not the active roster, so he wouldn’t play in any games anyway. But a four-game suspension would also keep him from practicing for four weeks, and keep him from collecting his paychecks for four weeks. So it’s a real punishment.

But considering that Smith has already missed a month of practice and is expected to miss a few more weeks, you could argue that Enemkpali is getting off easy if he only gets four games.

67 responses to “Report: IK Enemkpali faces at least a four-game suspension

  1. Is that a 4-game suspension from watching football? Because he won’t be seeing the field any time soon…

  2. How about Smith not be a punk and just pay IK in the first place. Smith got what he deserved for being a jerk. Too bad more people cannot have that happen to them it would make the world a better place.

  3. No mention of this punishment while he was still with the Jets.

    Still no discipline for Sheldon Richardson doing 120 in car with a gun, marijuana, and a 12 year old.

    Almost like the Jets dont have to worry about discipline for their players.

  4. “Wheel….! Of…….! Punishment……!”

    Starring Roger’s Ayjackass and Troy Vincent.

    “I’d like to buy a corrupt liar for $44million”

    Give that wheel a final spin, Rog!

  5. AND, if Geno had hit this low level player…
    It would just be “Boys being boys.”
    We’d never have heard about it beyond and initial report…

  6. You make it sound like Geno Smith missing games is a bad thing. It is bad for opposing teams because I would much rather face him than just about anyone else (including Tebow). The Jets got a brake when IK punched that diva in the jaw.

  7. Just 4 games for knocking out a starting QB?

    Seems like time well spent

    He did the Jets a favor

    Let’s also not forget – no one is defending IK’s temper – but for a so-called team “leader” to allow a locker room to fall apart because he refuses to reimburse a guy $600?

    I’d bench Smith for at least 4 games myself if I were the coach

  8. 4 game suspension for a guy highly unlikely to have seen field action anyways. Way to send a message.

  9. So far not one Brandon Marshall reference to how this is the man tryin to bring a brotha down.

    You guys must not have had your coffee this morning.

  10. It appears Geno tried to punk the wrong guy. This was Geno’s fault and he got what he deserved…..but so did IK, (got to have the ability as a man to walk away). I failed and paid a price as a young man as well. Hope they both learn from this

  11. How does that work? I’ve never seen a practice squad guy suspended before. Is it only for games on the active roster or does he leave the PS for 4 weeks? Either way it is a weird deal. Either the Bills have to activate him off the PS and waste a roster spot for 4 weeks or he serves his 4 game suspension on the PS for about 20% of what it would cost an active player making league minimum.

  12. Would Pats fans please SHUT UP and stop commenting on every article about.2 psi and the ideal gas law?! Who cares!! Your cheating diva got away with it again with no punishment!! Move on and prepare your excuses for the next inevitable cheating scandal in a few weeks. Something tells me the whole world is a Steeler fan tonight and hoping for an epic beat down of the Patriots

  13. 4 game suspension? Is there a theoretical possibility that he might have had ‘general knowledge’ of something irrelevant to the game’s outcome or integrity happening?

  14. Parents always say violence is never the answer. I tend to think that’s a big part of the “wussification” of our society. If people had to fear real violence as a consequence for their lousy actions then I think there may be a lot less lousy actions. I think Ik should be suspended, probably for as long as Smith is out, but I agree with the poster above who says if Smith had punched Enemkpali then this wouldn’t even be a story and Smith wouldn’t be punished. It’s the double standard of NFL punishments. If you are a good player (or in Smith’s case just a starter) then you get treated much better than the low level players.

  15. Funny because when scumbag Steve Smith broke the jaw of a Panther’s rookie with a sucker punch in the locker room I don’t remember him being suspended or fined by either the league or team.

    That’s the nfl. Its called a double standard. And the league constantly applies double standards and every time they do so show their lack of fairness.

  16. Ik will appeal it to Judge Berman. Word is that Woody Johnson was at the same party with him and Kraft.

  17. Geno Smith needed punching, not for the money he owed enemkpali, but for what he owes the Jets for drafting him. They have not gotten their money’s worth.

  18. For those of you defending him..really in the real world if you punched your co-worker in the face and broke is jaw you would most likely end up in jail. You certainly wouldn’t be collecting paychecks from another organization in the same franchise group. I agree he had a beef with Geno Smith but you can’t go around punching people in the face every time you have a financial disagreement. There are legal remedies for those disputes in civil society.

  19. 4 games…wow….I mean it’s not like he did something earth shattering… being more probably than not generally aware that…..oh forget it… point would be missed by haters and the NFL alike.

  20. Suspending players for fighting is a slippery slope. Are they going to suspended Cam Newton for his fight this preseason? Did they suspend Steve Smith when he broke a teammates jaw? No…

  21. Meanwhile, the couple dozen or so other players who threw punches during joint practices in the preseason go completely unaddressed.

    More consistency, NFL league-office style!

  22. It’s all GOODELL’s fault right?

    NOT !!!!

    It is the PLAYERS fault, HE broke the rules. He was educated on the rules by his employers, by the NFL, by the NFLPA, etc yet he STILL chose to break the rules.

    Zero tolerance – this is the ONLY way to protect NFL teams and the NFL itself from further player discipline litigation.

    The NFL is an EMPLOYER, NOT a court of law where players can break rules/laws and expect everything to be like a court. Employers hire, fire, and employ people with the ultimate goal of making a profit. The NFL should NOT be forced to babysit idiot players who cannot follow simple rules.

  23. that stupid boy G Smith should have been a man and paid his debts and we would not have ever heard of this guy.
    I am guessing that G boy learned a lesson here as well, dont go stiffing people out of cash money

  24. Well that makes sense.

    If a franchise QB steals a Superbowl then the penalty is going to be 4 games.

    Just like in like if a guy robs a 7 -11 of $100 you get 40 years in jail.

    If you steal 40 Billion they put you in a country club and out in 10 living the good life.

    But yeah the NFL like life is 100% fair lol.

  25. IK should fight the suspension and appeal using the “Brady Defense”– just like Brady didn’t know he could be suspended for cheating, I’m sure IK didn’t know he could be suspended for punching someone in the face.

  26. granadafan says:
    Sep 10, 2015 11:00 AM

    He already received punishment when he was fired from his job.

    Getting fired from the Jets isn’t punishment.

  27. He should pull a Brady and swear it never happened,I don’t see any proof,Brady broke his phone,Geno broke his jaw,he probably tripped over his own feet.

  28. He will miss four pay checks? Unless he makes $150 a game…that punch could cost him a whole lot.

    Not a smart business person.

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