Terrelle Pryor: Cutting me for Robert Turbin will be a mistake for Browns


When PFT reported that the Browns were pulling the plug on wide receiver Terrelle Pryor’s stay with the team, we didn’t yet know who the Browns were bringing in to take his roster spot.

Pryor confirmed that he’s out in Cleveland and he also broke the news about who the newest member of the team will be. Pryor told Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com that the Browns have claimed running back Robert Turbin off of waivers from the Seahawks. The Browns have confirmed a move that Pryor predicts will come back to haunt them.

“This will be a mistake by them,” Pryor said.

When Pryor was waived by the Bengals in the spring, there were reports that teams lower in the pecking order put in claims for his services so Pryor may have a chance to prove the Browns right in the near future. Perhaps even sooner than Turbin will be able to play for the Browns as he was placed on injured reserve with an ankle injury before reaching the injury settlement that set him free from Seattle.

43 responses to “Terrelle Pryor: Cutting me for Robert Turbin will be a mistake for Browns

  1. Hire this acting GM and fire Ray Farmer! Finally someone who makes a move that improves the team. Turbin becomes the best RB on the roster…even with a broken ankle.

  2. It was ridiculous that he made the roster in the first place. If he wants to play receiver he should go to the CFL and work on his craft there.

    You can’t just become an NFL receiver over the course of one summer.

  3. Seattle cut Turbin after carrying him for 3 years with ZERO improvement. Big arms, and nothing else. Turbin goes down if a single defender is a yard away from him. Didn’t Cleveland view any tape on Turbin? It’s all there. I’d have stayed with Pryor, whose unproven at WR, but with athletic skill, which one can’t teach. Turbin has proven he won’t last in the NFL.

  4. Turbin would have had a lot better stats in Seattle if most of his big runs hadn’t been called back. I think Cleveland isn’t a bad spot for him, he’ll get a chance to shine. If he doesn’t, it’s on him.

  5. Only a mistake if the Browns want him back and he gets signed by someone else and is successful. A lot of ifs. Good move. Already been cut by Raiders, Seahawks and Browns. Third time was not a charm. Time to fall back on that education you were suppose to get…

  6. He’s right. He’s gonna be a play-making receiver once he catches on. Something the Browns don’t have.

  7. I hope Turbin does really well with the Browns. But, then again, it IS the Browns. It doesn’t seem to matter if you have talent or are physically gifted. Once you put on that uniform, you just don’t get anything accomplished.

    Turbin is a lot like Justin Forsett. If you can block for him, then he does pretty well. But if he has to run through traffic he gets stuffed pretty easily. Seattle has been very successful with Lynch because Lynch breaks tackles left and right and flat out runs over people. Turbin couldn’t do that. He just has a different running style. Best of luck to you Turbo! I’m rootin’ for ya!

  8. They will need to get “Turbo” in OPEN space to really thrive. Browns do have a good O-Line tho…….

  9. Turbin is a great signing for the Browns, about the only right move I have seen from them in a while. He’s a solid, but not spectacular running back who hits the hole with authority and does the little things well. He’s not going to break off many long runs, but he consistently good for 4 yards which means he’s automatically the best back in Cleveland.

    Seahawks fans have a ton of respect for him as he was a great backup to Lynch but he was never going to get a chance to be the starter here as long as Lynch was around.

  10. People like throwing him under the bus for what happened with Ohio State, but all he did was sell property that belonged to him. Meanwhile the coach parlayed that into becoming a college president, with no academic background. The AD and all kinds of other people got rich. And a lot of people in coaching, administration, other roles, Columbus business, etc made a lot more money off these guys than tattoos and golden pants.

    FWIW, this is at least the 4th time he’s been cut. A couple of you smart guys forgot the Chiefs.

  11. I guess the mature and polite tweet thanking the Browns for the opportunity and wishing them well against the Jets was written by his agent; this one dumping on them for the Turbin pick up he wrote himself.

  12. What’s the big deal that he was cut? He has no experience. Sure he is a great project and a great athlete but those are a dime a dozen in the nfl. If everyone thought he was that good they all would have claimed him earlier.

  13. He’d have a better case if he had an nfl resume,,, which he does not. Now you know why Tressell wouldn’t let him talk in College,,, he sticks his foot in his mouth constantly and has no concept of reality.

  14. One of the best 2 qbs coming out of school his yr – the other is marqueis gray – neither are qbs anymore – marqueis gray, however, is on a roster

  15. I can’t believe this much ink has been wasted on Prior and Turbin. Both guys are NOT NFL caliber players. They belong in the CFL with the limited talent they possess.

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