A.J. Green, Bengals join the big-money extension party


In keeping with the theme of teams and players hustling to get contract matters resolved before starting their regular seasons, the Bengals and wide receiver A.J. Green have agreed to a four-year extension.

The Cincinnati Enquirer was first to report that the deal was completed Friday, just before a team-imposed deadline to finish it before the Bengals fly to Oakland for Sunday’s season opener.

The Enquirer report said Green will get more money, sooner, and on average make more per year than fellow receivers Dez Bryant, Julio Jones and Demayrius Thomas, all of whom recently signed contracts in the neighborhood of $70 million over five years.

PFT has confirmed that a key negotiating point was the Bengals not guaranteeing money past the first year, making the duration of the deal key to Green’s representatives. He signed a four-year extension worth $60 million that puts his total contract in that five-year, $70 million range; settling on a four-year deal, not five, helped the sides get the contract finalized.

The No. 4 overall pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, Green has helped the Bengals to four straight playoff appearances and made four consecutive Pro Bowls while catching 329 passes for 4,874 yards and 35 touchdowns.

36 responses to “A.J. Green, Bengals join the big-money extension party

  1. Obviously Mike Brown is paying for regular season stats cause he sure ain’t paying that much for the 13 receptions and zero touchdowns Green has put up in the playoffs. He’s done nothing when it counts the most… nothing.

  2. This is kind of stupid on my part, but I thought they extended A.J. Hawk by $60 million and nearly fainted from disbelief. My face was so contorted.

  3. Him and julio are the future of how wr’s will be in the nfl.

    Not only do they just straight out-produce players such as dez bryant, they do it with a professional, for the team mentality.

    Got to love it.

  4. I TOLD YA.

    2014 NFL Targets:

    Demaryius Thomas – 184 targets – 77.1 yards per game
    Dez Bryant – 136 rargets – 72.3 yards per game
    Julio Jones – 163 targets – 88.4 yards per game
    A.J. Green – 117 targets – 81.2 yards per game

    Imagine A.J. Green’s statistics if Bengals owner mike brown got the team a REAL #2 wide receiver to prevent opposing defenses from loading A.J. Green’s side of the field.

  5. Good contract considering they don’t need to save money to resign Dalton, and Jeremy Hill still a few years away.

    Definitely a freak athlete but not as talented as Odell, Dez, Julio, Demaryious, but definitely just as important to his team.

  6. I read the clip from rotoworld about his extension. They believe he is a top 10 wr. This dude may be the best in the game. The comparisons imo are just ridiculous with Julio (who is a stud). He has outperformed most wr’s in the history of the game through his first few years in the league. Add that to having an inconsistent Dalton throwing him the rock which imo just adds to his case. Dude is an elite wr and a top 3 or 4 wideout. Would be crazy to watch him with a top QB. Im not even a bengals fan and I see the greatness.

  7. 69goatboy says:
    Sep 11, 2015 1:44 PM


    Mike Brown pays players that put butts in seats and make jerseys fly off the shelves.
    AJ does all that and play football rather well.
    If that makes Bengal fans happy than hey all the best to ya(not being sarcastic either) I just would think playing a pivotal role in big games would be more of your concern than Mike Browns bottom line.

  8. Congratulations to him on money well earned. Glad to see him locked up for the foreseeable future. I think everyone in the area knew this was coming, the only question was when and for how much.

    The man is a beast. As much as I loved Chad Johnson, and as much as he was entertaining, it’s nice to see a top-flight WR who rates a solid 0 on the diva scale.

  9. This is the type of player that actually deserves this type of money. Just look through the comments and you’ll notice there are very few negative comments. Fewer than normal anyways.

  10. Congratulations to AJ and the Bengals organization! Now, lets win a Super Bowl!!! Mr Brown deserves a chance to hoist the trophy in the air with all the crap that nay sayers have said about him and his organization!!!! Who Dey!!!

  11. its not Green,s fault in the playoffs if Dalton could stop throwing passes at his head or feet maybe he could catch them instead of getting blasted by the defense.

  12. If I got to play against the secondaries in that division 6 games out of the year, I’d stay with the Bengals too. Steelers look horrible, Ravens secondary is in shambles, and the Browns are the Browns!

  13. humbleminded85 says:
    Sep 11, 2015 1:33 PM

    Obviously Mike Brown is paying for regular season stats cause he sure ain’t paying that much for the 13 receptions and zero touchdowns Green has put up in the playoffs. He’s done nothing when it counts the most… nothing……………

    Says the Ravens fan……120 million reasons why your comment is laughable.

  14. Heck of a player and still on the rise. Like most of the recent extensions this made too much sense not too happen, which is a refreshing change of pace for Bengal’s fans. In the past Brown has been notoriously cheap. Maybe he is feeling his mortality the last couple of years but more likely it is reflective of the actual cash spending requirement.

  15. He can use all that money to comfort him when the Bengals yet again don’t make it out of the first round of the playoffs.

    Great receiver, but his HC and QB still leave much to be desired

  16. Maybe the hate stops for Dalton if he has a whole season with more than one legit receiving threat.

    Not holding my breath, though; becoming a smurf isn’t on my bucket list…

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