Bruce Allen says RGIII has been cleared after concussion


The last time the Redskins announced that quarterback Robert Griffin III had been cleared to return to action after suffering a concussion in the preseason, there was a quick reversal that has left Griffin on the sideline for the last two weeks.

We’ll see if the second clearance has more staying power. During an appearance on WTOP with George Wallace, Redskins president Bruce Allen said that the quarterback was cleared by doctors on Thursday night.

Earlier this week, coach Jay Gruden said it was too early to say who would be the No. 2 quarterback behind Kirk Cousins because the team was waiting to see if Griffin would be cleared. Now he’ll have to decide whether it will be Griffin or Colt McCoy and the decision could be complicated by the fact that the team would be on the hook for Griffin’s $16.2 million salary in 2016 if he were to suffer a serious injury in a game this season.

That may well turn out to be a moot consideration whether Griffin is second or third in the pecking order, but it’s still part of the equation the team has to ponder heading into Sunday.

24 responses to “Bruce Allen says RGIII has been cleared after concussion

  1. IF/when he is cleared they need to roll him up in bubble wrap and put him in a closet or cut him. That 5th year injury provision is too scary to contemplate even letting him near a practice field

  2. The heck with the bubble wrap. Cut him and call it a day. Get him out of there and into a team that isn’t poison. Maybe he can still play, or maybe he has been wrecked by Washington. But there is no reason to keep him around for the rest of the year. He is not the Skins future, so make him part of the past.

  3. if he wasn’t so much of an ego maniac I’d feel bad for him..hopefully on my ride home I will hear..breaking news rg3 has been cut

  4. The REDSKINS aren’t going to be able to handle the Dolphins front seven this weekend so they better get all three qb’s ready. Maybe at least Griffin can run for his life!

  5. Gonna have to be bubble wrapped and mouth duck taped. Put in a closet so media stops following him around. Chip Kelly might take him off the street just to get our playbook off him. And RG3 probably is very angry. Not good. We are stuck. That fifth year option screwed us more than usual. Sucks any way you cut it.

  6. This guys scrambling abilities are horrid. His natural reaction it to jump straight up in the air. Trust me you don’t want him in there V Fins.

  7. I thought some more about it. And we only have to keep the poor unfortunate lad in what amounts to clipboard bondage for about four weeks. By then, we will have a better idea if it matters at all if RG3 gives our playbook away. I am hoping like heck it will matter and Kirk is doing great. But if not, we can cut RG3 then because we will be in the 2016 draft sweepstakes for a high pick at QB.

  8. Giving the playbook away? As if rube gruden has some magical offense that other coaches haven’t caught up with. Cut the bum and move on.

  9. Feel bad for RG3 in his situation? Bruce Allen and Snyder have been his biggest supporters! What is wrong with people? RG3 can’t makes bad decisions under pass rush pressure. That’s it. That means you can’t play in the NFL, son. No O-line is perfect. Aaron Rodgers makes plays out of the pocket all the time. RG3 can’t… move on. Just cut him.

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