Jerry Jones has second hip replacement in six weeks


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is more durable than some of his players.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jones had his second hip replacement in the last six weeks last Friday, and plans to be on hand Sunday when his team plays the Giants.

Jones had his left hip replaced just before the start of training camp, and was encouraged enough by the results to get the other one done now.

Jerry’s doing great,” Cowboys spokesman Rich Dalrymple said. “He’s excited to have both procedures behind him before the season begins. He’s looking forward to being pain-free in a few weeks, which hasn’t been the case for several months. He’s very much looking forward to being at the game Sunday.”

The 72-year-old Jones spent most of camp riding around on a golf cart, but unlike a lot of players who travel that way during training camp, he’s expected to be back on his feet.

18 responses to “Jerry Jones has second hip replacement in six weeks

  1. Not a single other owner/executive/coach/player has as much passion for the game as Jerry. Get well soon!!

  2. Actually it was surgery to remove Jason Garret, who evidently was attached to Jerry at the hip.

    It was performed on the team bus during another wild party…

  3. It’s crazy how much hip surgeries have improved recently. There’s a hospital in Chicago that now does outpatient hip replacements. Rather than cutting through all the leg muscle they simply retract it far enough to get to the bone. The recovery is much faster, as the muscle damage is essentially a sprain.

  4. The most unnecessary medical procedure of all time is joint replacement surgery. As long as blood flow remains to a joint, that joint can heal its own self if given the raw materials to do so. The raw materials to do so are not found in food and are a hell of a lot cheaper than this. Look up a product called Osteo FX by youngevity. A couple cans of that a month with some other youngevity products and a cleaning up of his diet and he could have avoided this deadly procedure. He will not live a whole lot longer after this.

    Google this to learn what I Know (in part). “dr joel wallach arthritis and joint replacement”

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