Pete Carroll says no change to Kam Chancellor’s status


They said he’d never miss a game check. Barring a last-minute change of heart, he will.

Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor continues to hold out for an adjustment to the three remaining years of his contract. On Friday, coach Pete Carroll told reporters there has been no change to Chancellor’s status.

Carroll’s statement came one day after running back Marshawn Lynch made a strong statement by wearing Chancellor’s jersey to practice.

“I thought it was a statement that all of us understand,” Carroll said. “We all wish Kam was here. So I have no problem with it. We don’t need to keep doing it, but I think it was just that.”

So while Carroll seems to not want to see it a second time, he seems to be OK with the fact that it happened once.

“It’s over,” Carroll said. “It’s done. It’s just not a big deal. You can try to make it a big deal but it wasn’t.”

The entire situation is definitely a big deal for the Seahawks, who play the Rams on Sunday in the team’s first game since swallowing one of the most bitter Super Bowl pills in NFL history.

34 responses to “Pete Carroll says no change to Kam Chancellor’s status

  1. Speed-bump was done the second Edelman ran him over in the SB.

    4th quarter for the ages. I think the Pats ripped the seagull’s heart out for good.

  2. Kam Chancellor and his agent are both idiots.

    Since 2011 no player has held out in this CBA because is losers game to play. I believe Kam is the best SS in football he was paid like before all the other star players on the team. If Dion Bailey balls out, I know many Hawks fans wouldn’t be shedding tears if he was traded.

  3. If there was only a year left on the contract I might be more sympathetic to Kam; since there is three years left on the deal that he signed, what, like ten minutes ago? – I would urge the Seahawks to not budge on this one.

  4. Can we PLEASE stop talking about Cam Chancellor, just for a day! There are so many other worthy players on that team to talk about!

  5. Leave it to Florio to bring up last year in a story about Kam Chancellor holding out. No one brings up the fact the best team in football last year gave away the NFC Championship game.

  6. Is hate to lose Kam but with three years left on his contract I just can’t sympothise with his position. The Hawks are all about “next man up”, if Kam doesn’t cave he could see himself losing a lot of money because his replacement took their job seriously. Time to man up and except the fact that you make more in one year under your current contract than I’ll ever see in my life, Kam. Get to work.

  7. Vernon wasn’t even knocked out. The since 2012th man sure gets mad when you bring up old stuff but they have no problem doing it themselves

  8. Kam is great and he has made some legendary hits (and picks) in his brief career. He is The Enforcer and he set the tone right away in SB48. All that said, he was a 5th round pick and thanks to the Seahawks’ scouts, coaches, defensive scheme, and great teammates he is now a very rich Superstar and his holdout is a very disappointing way to show gratitude for all that IMO.
    The ‘Hawks will be fine without him, but they’re better with him and vice-versa. I hope he realizes this and soon.

  9. The only resolution may be for the Seahawks to trade him. No way they can redo his deal with 3 years left on his contract and when he inevitably returns to stop forfeiting game checks he isn’t likely to be a happy locker room presence. No matter what it’s a huge blow to the Seahawks secondary. I understand Seahawks fans trying to be optimistic about Dion Bailey stepping in and playing well but Kam is one of the best in the game and the boom in the LOB, a huge part of what makes that secondary special. Without Kam they just won’t be the same.

  10. KC has 2 options, report to the team or don’t and retire. I have a feeling Hawks won’t trade and could be a similar result as the Lions had with Barry Sanders

    If you miss too many games than what you are trying to accomplish with holding out you will end up losing money

  11. Week 1, against a relatively weak opponent, the Sea Squawks are not going to cave in to Kam Chancellor’s demands. If they lose, they may blink first, because the next week they will travel to Lambeau to play the Cheese, and they cannot afford to go down 0-2.

  12. Speed-bump was done the second Edelman ran him over in the SB.

    4th quarter for the ages. I think the Pats ripped the seagull’s heart out for good


    That is unlikely. We are legit SB 48 champs. We know we’re the best and would have won SB49 if it weren’t for injuries. No one outside of NE believes you have won a single legitimate championship and they NEVER will…..sad but true….

  13. So no more Unger and no more Kam the two (according to players) locker room leaders on their respective sides of the ball…lets see what happens next. Personally from what I’ve seen through pre-season the O line is going to be a much bigger concern this season.

  14. The hawks better win this year, because after what Wilson got $$$ they are going to decline rapidly.

    Not enough $$$ left to pay for a top notch supporting cast. Just part of salary cap football.

  15. Kam illegally launched helmet-to-helmet at Edelman in the SB and Edleman ran him over anyway and hasn’t surfaced in public again. coincidence?

    over-rated and d-o-n-e, we all knew the seahawks were a flash in the pan

  16. If seattle actually believed they would be fine without him, he would be traded already. Although I wouldn’t expect the most ignorant fan base in all of sports to realize obvious things like that.

  17. “decon49 says:
    Sep 11, 2015 11:18 PM

    Vernon wasn’t even knocked out. The since 2012th man sure gets mad when you bring up old stuff but they have no problem doing it themselves”

    Davis didn’t return after being crushed.

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