Terrelle Pryor clears waivers, now a free agent


Terrelle Pryor is out of the NFL entirely.

Pryor, who was waived by the Browns yesterday, cleared waivers today. That makes him an unrestricted free agent, free to sign with any team.

It will be interesting to see if any team will sign him. Although Pryor wasn’t able to make it work as a quarterback, he has undeniable athletic talent and the kind of height and speed combination that teams are looking for in a wide receiver. He averaged 6.9 yards a carry during his year as the Raiders’ starting quarterback, so he clearly knows how to make plays with the ball in his hands.

But Pryor also may have run out of opportunities: The Browns were the only team interested in bringing him to training camp, and he wasn’t able to make it onto Cleveland’s Week One roster. It’s possible that Pryor’s days in the NFL are done.

25 responses to “Terrelle Pryor clears waivers, now a free agent

  1. Shame was ; Pryer was a great high school basketball player that received numerous scholarship offers from major college basketball programs.
    Maybe he would not made the NBA but he had the talent.

  2. Hasn’t been in trouble off field since taking money in college. Yes that’s against the rules but a lot better than hitting a woman, pulling a gun, or breaking and entering like some of these guys.

    Played hard behind bad offensive line in Oakland. Suffered a hamstring pull once with Cleveland. Tough transition from QB to WR and was good enough to cut after 37 other guys.

    If he keeps working on the WR side of things, he could easily make a team happy first year as KR, fourth wideout, emergency QB, and more with development. I’m guessing he’s picked up Tuesday so a team won’t have to guarantee his full year contract is all.

  3. “He’s way to tall to play corner. He’s 6’5 for crying or loud.”

    Tall was bad for CBs until Richard Sherman (6″3) and Brandon Browner came along (6″4).

  4. The word was out all over the bay area that this kid is dumb as a box of hair.
    Does anyone think he got smarter when he changed positions?
    The playbook is the playbook. If you can’t learn one position, another one won’t be easy. Receivers have to know as much as a quarterback on a pass play.
    The fact that he had ideal size isn’t the whole story. He has to understand football at the NFL level.

  5. The biggest knock I heard was that he doesn’t have the physical training for the position…so trying to switch to WR was causing him a lot of issues that he hadn’t encountered before, like hamstring. Sounds like the Browns thought he had some skills, but not the make-up.

    Someone might want to mention that throwing shade at the one team that was interested in you is not the best way to get a new team interested.

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