The full text of Tomlin’s comments about communications issues


Earlier, MDS provided some snippets of Steelers coach Mike Tomlin’s comments about the problems the team experience with the coach-to-coach communication system. A full transcript of his post-game comments have since been released, and we’ve cut and pasted the full extent of his comments regarding the situation.

Q: There was an ESPN report that your radio went out, your communication?

MT: That’s always the case.

Q: Here?

MT: Yes.

Q: Are you saying that every time you play here –

MT: I said what I said.

Q: What exactly happened?

MT: We were listening to the Patriots’ radio broadcast for the majority of the first half on our headsets.

Q: Coach-to-coach or coach-to-quarterback?

MT: Coach-to-coach.

Q: Is there anything you can do when that happens? Do you alert the official? Did they shut their headphones?

MT: We let the league officials on-site handle it, is what we did.

Q: Did you get satisfaction?

MT: Eventually.

Q: Is that something you’ve experienced in any other place?

MT: Guys, I’m answering questions regarding what happened in that stadium right there. So, if anybody has any more questions about what happened tonight, I’ll be happy to address it.

Q: That’s a very serious thing that you’re indicating.

MT: I’m not indicating nothing. I’m telling you what happened.

Q: So you’re saying there are always problems here?

MT: Guys, let’s talk about what happened in that stadium tonight, please.

Q: Did you say anything to Bill Belichick about it?

MT: No. No, shoot, that guy is coaching his team, I’m coaching mine.

The league has issued a statement downplaying the matter and explaining that the league, not the Patriots, control the communications systems. Still, with everyone finding more and more reasons to be suspicious of the Patriots, plenty will be suspicious about this incident — especially since Tomlin’s comments are oozing with it.

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  1. Sour grapes. the NFL handles headsets and thanks your whining this might start another -gate that everyone but Patriot haters don’t want to see happen again

  2. NFL: In the first quarter of tonight’s game, the Pittsburgh coaches experienced interference in their headsets caused by a stadium power infrastructure issue, which was exacerbated by the inclement weather. The coaches’ communications equipment, including the headsets, is provided by the NFL for both clubs’ use on game day. Once the power issue was addressed, the equipment functioned properly with no issues.

  3. Whhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Their cheating…………freakin trolls.

  4. Let’s be VERY clear about one thing: at some point that communications link is wireless and at that moment ANYONE can control it. The league may bring the equipment and be in charge of making sure it isn’t broken or missing batteries, but if I dial up the amps on my broadcast on the same frequency as your broadcast I will own your radio. That is how radios work. Some jackhole Pats engineer wanting to mess with the NFL/steelers would need the strength of a 1 year old to turn the dial in the control booth to make that happen. The FCC has very strict rules about signal strength so am/fm radios etc can blast each other out of the water, etc.

  5. Is it possible/likely a group which is a subject matter expert in wireless communication engineering have an ability to find a vulnerability in the NFL’s or Motorola’s/Bose’s encryption approach? Would you find it odd that this group, MIT is in close proximity to Foxboro? Smoke… Fire… ESPN Outside the Lines, please follow up.

  6. The league has issued a statement downplaying the matter and explaining that the league, not the Patriots, control the communications systems. Still, with everyone finding more and more reasons to be suspicious of the Patriots, plenty will be suspicious about this incident — especially since Tomlin’s comments are oozing with it.

    What? So someone who’s responsible can literally take the blame and you still point fingers at the Pats? Insane.

  7. It’s a perfect example of the rest of the leagues paranoia.

    Bugs, walkthroughs, radios, stealing plays sheets. Not one shred of evidence for any of it.

  8. Belichick and the Pats own so much real estate in haters heads it amazing! Its like they got their own country-sized land taking up space in your brains! We’re on to Buffalo

  9. Is every team that gets beat by the Patriots going to start whining again. Why be suspicious of the Patriots if the NFL is in charge of communications system. Maybe Goodell was there in spirit and wanted to screw the Patriots one more time.

  10. On the many previous occasions when the visiting team had communications problems. were the Patriots headsets turned off to ‘equalize’ the disadvantage? I’d be interested in some data on that.

  11. Tomlin later mentioned his NFL issued Fleshlight was experiencing issues and full of residual noise.

  12. LMAO! So now Belichick controls the radio frequency channels, controls the weather, controls the air pressure of footballs, controls the judicial system’s judges, controls walkthrough practice tapes, controls bugged locker rooms, controls the minds of millions of feeble hater grasping at straws for reasons why the Patriots are the best team in all of sports.

  13. Oops, go ahead and send me 118 emails and complain about your smarmy coach who is also a world class smart a_ sed coach who knows he is a know it all, smarter than God short guy who will do anything to come out on top….selling his soul to win has sadly put him in a position where he has to beg Roger to say it was the NFL’s problem causing the foxboro, “only visiting team’s” headphones to play the sad pats home radio for 1/2 on the coach-to-coach system.

    Now, the thing is belicheat should have called timeout and called “Rag” and let him know they should suspend play until things were fixed, an easy 1o minute fix at that, because belicheat knew by the half there was no way Pittsburgh’s secondary could keep up!!!!

    The point is…at best they looked bad due to his no halting things !

  14. “Can’t understand how this could have happened. But, the Patriot organization is working to get to the bottom of this and will spare no expense to ensure that the communications system works as intended. ”
    –The Patriots

    The problem being that it is working as intended

  15. Seems to me the Steelers’ ability to hear the Patriots’ coaches on their headsets is something the Patriots have a bigger complaint about than the Steelers. You don’t want your opponents to hear your coaches radio talk. Anyone who thinks this is some sort of Patriots plot isn’t thinking logically.

  16. The Press are the ones who stir all this stuff up. Not the league, not the coaches and not the players. The press loves drama and controversy. ESPN is the worst when it comes to drama. They love them a good ol “quarterback controversy”!

  17. Tomlin is the perfect guy to address the nonsense by fake reporters, who many have no business calling themselves journalists.

    “I said what I said.” By stating facts, they want to conclude Tomlin implied a history of cheating and he put them on blast, making them concentrate on the “moment”.

    I can assure you one thing and that is that Mike Tomlin will not be toyed with by simpleton fans or media, with an agenda. Just the facts, is enough to focus attention on an organization that trouble always finds and that always gets the benefit of doubt.

  18. Because the Patriots would intentionally do something like this immediately after the whole Deflategate nonsense with the eyes of every league official and fan on them looking for them to break a rule somewhere. That makes so much sense.

    Tomlin needs to shut his mouth and take his loss. The Steelers were awful on defense. Maybe he should worry more about that

  19. I understand that the opposing team’s headsets are turned off when either team experiences problems, appearing to equal things out. But, with a young and inexperienced secondary, I think not having the headsets available hurt the Steelers more than the Patriots last night.

  20. “The league has issued a statement downplaying the matter and explaining that the league, not the Patriots, control the communications systems.”

    Yet the first comment is still there, and this is still getting more coverage.

  21. As if it would be so hard to send some rogue ball boy on a little adventure to find out which frequency the Steelers are on so they can jam them with nonsensical delusional jibber jabber. This of course all had to happen after the ball boy had to take his potty break on the way to the field. The team is owned by an enabler, run by a psychopath, and quarterbacked by a narcissist. The only joke of a franchise resides in that dumpster of a land mass called New England.

  22. They disabled the head phones for the patriots as soon as the steelers quit working so I wouldn’t call that cheating as it didn’t give the patriots any advantage. Do you steelers fans wanna start blaming the rain now because it made it hard for Ben to throw

  23. If your plan includes a communication system and that system has to be shut off because someone figured out a way to hack it that is a disadvantage. Shutting off isn’t necessarily a level playing field. Just because the NFL supplies the system doesn’t mean it can’t be hacked. And yep, past history shows the Pats would do this even with the “eyes of the world” (except mine) on them. Teams need to bring this stuff out in the open every time it happens.

  24. The only communication issues I see here are the defense failing to communicate effectively to the Pats offense that “we” will stop them because they didn’t. Go use those towels for something good like taking a shower for once.

  25. diehardgiantsfan says:
    Sep 8, 2015 10:29 AM
    It’s only Pats fans who think they have a dynasty. Belicheat hires 3 men to come up with ways to cheat so they cheat 100 ways every week to beat the 2 win Jags and brag. The players don’t have a choice. They’re all tarnished. You guys keep forgetting what you’re not getting caught at. Belicheat needed to cheat because he had the worst QB and roster ever.

    I celebrate real successful franchises. Not fake ones. I don’t hate untarnished real winners.

    Packers 13
    Bears 9
    Giants 8
    Steelers 6
    Niners 5
    Cowboys 5
    There’s a bunch with 4, 3, 2, and 1 without cheating.

    **** puts the Pats at -4. That’s what the Pats fans call the greatest dynasty ever when every other NFL team has a classier tesm to root for. They won 0 without the greatest cheating coach in NFL history.

  26. If the NFL handles the headsets then why are the Steelers listening to the Patriots radio station what a bunch of malarkey, this game was set up from the beginning to be the golden boys return game which the suspension overturned was a scam anyhow! Any other person would have never had four games scratched off the suspension list

  27. The Patriots two top backs were cut by teams that see themselves as directly competing with the Patriots for the AFC spot in the super bowl. Dion Lewis was released on September 16, 2014 by the Colts and signed by New England Patriots on December 31, 2014 to a future/reserve contract. On November 17, 2014, LeGarrette Blount left the game against the Titans early and was subsequently released by the Steelers. On November 20, 2014, after clearing waivers, Blount signed a 2-year deal with the Patriots.

    Not only did theses teams give away Blount and Lewis, no other team claimed either player. Ryan Grigson, the guy that cut Lewis (and gave up a 1st round pick for Trent Richardson) would soon initiate deflategate and see it blow up in his and Goodell’s face. Pittsburgh Head Coach Mike Tomlin would throw a mini-tantrum during his post-game interview after losing the opening game of the 2015 season to the Patriots, implying they tampered with his headset. Shortly thereafter it was revealed that the Steelers didn’t check the batteries in the headsets.

    Just two examples of teams who had the Patriots in their heads instead of looking at their own personnel decisions and on-field play for the answer to their inability to beat the Patriots.

    Haters are so delusional that they even say the Patriots cheated to get these two players.

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