Justin Gilbert travels with Browns despite road rage incident

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A road rage incident isn’t keeping Browns cornerback Justin Gilbert from making the team flight to New York.

Gilbert is traveling with the Browns for tomorrow’s game against the Jets, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

The 23-year-old Gilbert, Cleveland’s top pick in last year’s NFL draft, reportedly crashed his Dodge Charger into a drainage ditch in an incident that began as an altercation with another driver, a 55-year-old man. Police haven’t released the full incident report, but Gilbert and the other man reportedly exchanged words and middle fingers, and Gilbert threw a cup full of tobacco and spit on the other car’s windshield.

Gilbert was cited for driving with a lack of reasonable control and the other driver was cited for aggravated disorderly conduct. Neither man was injured.

Off-field issues were reportedly a concern of the Browns during Gilbert’s rookie year, and the Browns suspended him for the final game of last season. This latest incident suggests that Gilbert still needs to learn to conduct himself like a professional, but the Browns aren’t ready to suspend him again.

13 responses to “Justin Gilbert travels with Browns despite road rage incident

  1. He threw tobacco spit on the other guy’s windshield, but he’s the one who crashed? Lucky guy. With a stunt like that, he could have caused the other guy to crash, leading to one or more fatalities … and he’d be spending this weekend in jail.

    This kind of behavior isn’t unique to football players. But unlike many other industries, the NFL has the financial resources to provide all its players anger-management counseling to help them learn to leave their aggression on the field. Maybe it’s time the league became proactive in routinely providing emotional support for its most valuable assets rather than doing spin control after an incident occurs.

  2. Not every off field issue needs to be handled with discipline from the team or league.. we have a criminal justice system that deals with these sorts of things.. if it doesn’t effect his ability to show up on time and do his job than his employers need to care less about what goes on during Gilberts personal time when it relates to minor offenses.

  3. season not shaping up well for the Brownies…another 1st round bust and, starting at QB, Josh McClown (you know a lot of fantasy owners are starting him this week)…

  4. Stats speak for themselves, on average of arrests
    tho representing 8-13% of the population, Blacks
    composed of over 50% of crimes. I didn’t make that up, it is a fact.

  5. wayne1693 says:
    Sep 12, 2015 5:26 PM
    Aren’t you guys sick and tired by now of reporting all this outside-the-lines garbage…?

    This isn’t a site for actual football knowledge. It regurgitates other people’s work.

  6. NFL needs a 3 strike rule like California!
    3 strikes and you’re out, starting in High School!!
    If Teams made as big of a deal of Personal Responsibility as speed, it just might be a respectable game again!
    I’m tired of answering questions about players on the news from my Child!!
    I grew up in the 70’s and was a father late in life.
    This S**it didn’t go on back then. Time to take the HOODS out of Sports.
    Isn’t anybody else sick of it? I personally know a player from Sheldon Iowa, His stories of what some of the Players do is sickening.
    He said some work harder at fooling Drug tests than playing the Game!

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