Bills can bump up Tyrod Taylor’s pay at any time


The Bills signed quarterback Tyrod Taylor to a contract that cries out “backup.” Now that he has swiped the starting job, the Bills can upgrade his pay whenever they choose to do so.

A league source has confirmed that nothing prevents giving Taylor a new contract now, even though he signed his current contract with the Bills earlier this year. There’s no indication that this will happen, but there are plenty of indications that maybe it should.

For starters, the new starter signed a three-year deal with a $400,000 signing bonus and a first-year salary of $750,000. So with more and more quarterbacks making more than $20 million per year, Taylor’s cap number currently falls below $900,000.

Then there’s the fact that the Bills dumped Matt Cassel and his $4.1 million salary before bringing him back at $2 million. It makes sense because he came in as the presumptive starter, and he finished as the backup.

It also makes sense take that $2 million and give it to the guy who won the job. While Taylor has plenty of other things to worry about as he prepares for his debut, it’s hard not to wonder whether Taylor is thinking about his compensation package — and hearing about it from people close to him.

39 responses to “Bills can bump up Tyrod Taylor’s pay at any time

  1. Somebody just loves spending other people’s money. Of course, you know what they say about free advice. It is worth what you pay for it.

  2. How about seeing him prove he is worthy as a starter in some real games before talking about giving him more money?

  3. That’s crazy!! Just because he was given the starter’s job doesn’t mean he will remain the starter. He hasn’t proved anything yet. So does that mean if the Bills revert back to Cassel at some point (maybe next week) that they should bump his salary back up? I’m all for players getting paid but there’s no reason to give someone a new contract when they haven’t even played a down in a real game. Ideas like Florio’s is what causes teams to have salary cap problems.

  4. Just because one bag of garbage doesn’t smell as bad as the other two doesn’t mean it smells good….

  5. Starting QB is just a title.

    Teams love to show their guys the money after the earn it, not on faith.

  6. How about he plays a little first? Maybe throws a few passes too. Unless you’re in Philadelphia the Hall of Fame talk is way too early.

  7. Uh, shouldn’t he like, do something, play a game, complete a pass, run a couple of yards, before you start wondering about his salary? He may not make it through the first game that he has ever started in his career and you think that they should up his pay.

  8. Let’s see if he plays like a starter…… before he gets paid like a starter. A full season would be a good test.

  9. Seems like Tyrod has a lot more to worry about than his compensation package at the moment. He’s likely more concerned about getting the job done. If he proves he can win games, he will be a very rich man regardless.

  10. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I recall a lot of incentive $$ that bumped him up in the event he started.

  11. There’s escalators in the contract. It’s only 2 years, too. He could be in line for a monster contract if he performs. This is a nonstory.

    After today the nfl will see what a winner this kid is.

  12. Give him an intensive contract… If he sucks… He gets Nothing… If he wins a super bowl, he gets 2 million. If he sweeps the Pats…

    He gets to punch Brady in the nuts…

  13. Breaking: This article could have been written about any player in the league who has or may outperform his contract.

    Maybe we should wait to see how he does first before members of the media (especially those who defend the Pats at every turn) whisper these types of things that might cause dissension a few hours before TT’s first NFL start.

  14. Way to stir up trouble where there is none, Florio. Still doing the Pats* work, I see, not just for Deflategate. How about not deleting this comment this time, or are you scared that people see through you and so need to censor them?

  15. I know that Rex doesn’t need my advice. He’s got the whole Head Coaching in the NFL thing down!
    Anyway….Rex, I’d wait a few weeks before you bumped up Tyrod’s salary too much… Just to make sure that you are right about him being your franchise quarterback.

  16. “there are plenty of indications that maybe it should.”

    Relax, turbo. Let’s see how the kid plays first.

  17. His contract has incentives in it pertaining to how much he plays. This guy hasn’t even started yet. Trying to stir up a controversy when there isn’t one

  18. Tyrod seems like a good guy but……..he basically won a tallest midget in the room contest. Career backup who happened to beat out 2 other guys who play like career back ups. Truth be told he won’t last the season as a starter. Don’t you dare increase his pay

  19. I’d like to see all NFL contracts “incentive based”.

    Then people would get paid for their actual performance.

    Also maybe this would eliminate having “business agents” who at times seem to cause more problems than they are worth.

  20. They chose to spend their money on big time defensive players. Because no qb’s out in fa deserve a big payday. Hence they would’ve already been signed.

  21. They extended Fitzpatrick and gave him a massive raise at one point in the past if I remember right. Giving Taylor a big bump seems like a Bills thing to do.

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