Difference between Seahawks and Kam Chancellor just $900,000

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Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor’s fines and forfeitures for his contract holdout have reached $1.87 million and they continue to climb.

But a little less than half that amount may be all that stands between him and a return.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, there appears to be some framework for a compromise.

The two sides have talked during camp, even though he wasn’t there, and he’s looking for $9 million in 2016. The Seahawks have reportedly offered $8.1 million. He’s currently scheduled to make $5.1 million next season.

Of course, the difference of $900,000 isn’t the only thing between them, as Chancellor also wants his fines waived. That’s something the Seahawks apparently aren’t willing to completely forgive.

But for a messy situation that has wiped out training camp and spilled into the regular season, there could be room for the two sides to figure out a way forward.

20 responses to “Difference between Seahawks and Kam Chancellor just $900,000

  1. Seahawks offering Kam what sounds like a $3m bump in salary next year when he has three years left on his deal seems like a move that would infuriate 31 other teams. That he would go to this length attempting to get $3.9m seems outrageous.

  2. Had teh Seahawks caved in, then Kam would have made relatively little the last season of his contract. What would have then prevented him from holding out? He would have little to lose, since most of the money would have been accelerated into the prior year.

    You can’t have it both ways. If you want security, sign a multi-year contract. If you want max pay, then play year to year and take the injury risk, like Revis did with a year in Tampa and a year in New England.

    If Seattle caved in to Kam, they would look weak and encourage similar behavior.

  3. Maybe if seattle keeps winning without him they let him sit out the entire year and pay the fines…..maybe when you put your family name on something you should have a little pride…

  4. Who cares. He wasn’t even the best safety in the nfc last year. That honor belongs to Harrison Smith who had better stats in all categories including ints pass deflections tackles and sacks.

  5. The problem with letting him play after a couple of missed games is he will be rust after having missed pre-season and the regular season games. It will take him a few games to get back up to speed. So that’s inferior performance at an “inflated pay”.

  6. Standard union procedure. All punitive measures and disciplinary actions are expunged upon signing the deal. Exerting dominance, setting precedent flys in the face of a deal. No hawks fan, but that’s the way it works.

  7. So in essence Kam wants all the money from his five-year deal to be paid in four years. His salary in 2017 will be nothing so he’ll be asking for another $8M or more per year. I don’t see how they can afford that with all the other big money contracts they have. At some point they are going to have to cut their losses. You can’t put one person, especially a safety, over the entire team. If Dion Bailey plays well, Kam will have ZERO leverage and all he’ll do is continue to hurt himself but he’s probably not bright enough to realize that.

    I’m surprised they are even negotiating with him. I’m sure Michael Bennett is too. They should have said he has to wait until year four of his deal.

  8. One way Seattle screwed up – they waived the last year of his rookie deal and gave him 4 relatively equal years.
    They game him money, that allowed him to hold out.
    They should have structured the contract so it would be more painful for him to hold out.

    For example:
    Year 1 – his base pay is the Vets minimum, but his signing bonus is bumped up by the difference (around 4.5MM).
    This way a hold out will host an additional 1.125MM).

  9. Common aspect of teams that pay extortion is that they don’t win championships. So let’s research this. Has any team in the NFL won a SB after caving on a hold out? For one example, I don’t recall if the Lynch cave came after Seattle’s trophy or before it. This is a black and white issue. To cave is to give up a single dollar that was not negotiated in the contract.

    Regarding other teams, they are happy to poach good players. In some cases it works but they usually pay too much. And they bring in a head case. Very few of these malcontents find success with other teams. The cycle eats them all up in the end. Team chemistry, winning chemistry, is hard to build and near impossible to recover if you lose it.

  10. Considering that the Hawks have already added more than 3 million to the year he should be running to sign. Negotiations are give and take, it seems like he is only wanting to take.

    At some point, the agents of these players need to explain to them what a salary cap means. Yeah he makes more this year but ends up getting cut before the contract is over because they can’t afford all of the contracts.

    Russel, Sherman, Lynch are all contracts that they will pay for Kam’s if it came down to it. Not to mention Wagner and Thomas, and that isn’t taking into consideration the OL that are about to come up.

  11. i know it won’t happen but i wish for once one of these owners would refuse to negotiate and then make Kam pay back his 2Million in fines and then laugh in his face when he went through all of that and still LOST

  12. Paul Allen does not order the team to stop talks with anyone. His plate is full of life and life takes time. Not much time to worry about the employee. Wake up fools, John and Pete run the whole show up here.
    Go Hawks!

  13. listen to all the dim whits saying they shouldn’t negotiate with him, its because they don’t want Kam to play because their team has half a chance to beat the Hawks without him


    Hawks know they need him back, compromise and move on, he’s worth EVERY penny of it and you know it

    NO ONE scores 34 pts against the Hawks! NO ONE!!! with the LOB in tact anyhow

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