Matt Cassel “starts” at quarterback for the Bills


Tyrod Taylor won the Bills quarterback job in a competition this summer, but he didn’t take the first snap for the team’s offense in the regular season.

The Bills opened the season in a Wildcat look that had Taylor split wide and Matt Cassel taking the snap, which would technically make him the starting quarterback if one wanted to be pedantic about it. The change in direction didn’t cause much of a problem for the Colts.

Cassel handed the ball to LeSean McCoy, who was promptly swallowed up by Kendall Langford for a six-yard loss. Taylor took the next snap and hooked up with McCoy for a 20-yard gain on a pass and added another completion to Percy Harvin before being forced to scramble short of the markers on a third down.

There’s no score in Buffalo halfway through the first quarter.