No league discipline coming for Jastremski, McNally


As the NFL considers whether to reinstate Patriots employees John Jastremski and Jim McNally, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the league will not be imposing discipline on either man.

According to the source, executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent intends not to interrogate the suspended employees but to discuss their roles going forward. The team will have representation in the room during the meeting.

A discrepancy has emerged regarding whether the Patriots or the NFL suspended Jastremski and McNally. The truth could be that, while the league didn’t direct the team to suspend them, the NFL suggested that the Patriots suspend them.

Regardless, the suspensions apparently will soon be ending, with the league taking no further action against them.

69 responses to “No league discipline coming for Jastremski, McNally

  1. Like all criminal organizations the Patriots adhere to the code of omerta. Stoolies are dealt with harshly.

  2. Good. League has no right to suspend these guys. Even as big a knuckleheads as these guys were, the NFL is using them as scapegoats, and has ruined their lives. The least they can do is let them work again…

  3. 1. League source – which means wait until something actually happens.
    2. But, according to the NFL, these two clearly engaged in a conspiracy to overthrow all that is holy in the NFL. But, no consequences.

    smh so hard my eyes are falling out

  4. So McNally and a member of the Gillette Stadium headset-equipment maintenance staff walk into a bar. Everyone turns around and says, “way to get away with murder you cheating bastidges!”

    That wasn’t a joke. That’s just something that’s likely to happen one day soon.

  5. Well if true, its the right decision. And an acknowledgement by the NFL that Deflategate should never have started in the first place. Only three issues remaining. Overturn the Patriots team penalty, cancel the appeal and fire Goodell.

  6. Media Literacy Definition

    Media literacy empowers people to be both critical thinkers and creative producers of an increasingly wide range of messages using image, language, and sound. It is the skillful application of literacy skills to media and technology messages.

    The dudes are innocent. Nobody, repeat after me, NOBODY tampered with any of the footballs.

    If you want to have an opinion on the subject, you must actually educate yourself and read ALL the data on that subject, not just the summary.


  7. That should tell any clear thinking individual volumes. These two guys allegedly conspired to deflate footballs yet there will be no punishment? Confirmed witch hunt.

  8. So having them reinstated does what?

    Are they now going to be collecting jockstraps or become new spies

    Old duties can’t be done anymore

  9. One guy spent his life working at the lower levels of the NFL and the other is using this as a second job.

    Way to go NFL, you’ve really done a great job with this.

  10. Go back to work with a lot more money in your bank account for keeping quiet.

    Nope. No cheating at all. Ever.
    Except for that one time… and that other time… and that other one…****

  11. For further clarification on what LIES Goodell has told see 60 minutes sports, on show time. Attorney Robert Blecker , who is not a Pats fan, but “one who cares about the truth”, calls it a “carefully constructed false appearance of truth” . It is worth the time .

  12. Well, according to Twitter, the Deflator was at Gillette the other night sitting behind the Steelers bench. All the tinfoil idiots will claim he had a radio jammer in his pocket.

  13. kickinpuppies says:
    Sep 13, 2015 3:36 PM
    Why didn’t they “interrogate” them prior to the whole mess this summer? Seems like they may have had some useful info one way or the other.
    You’re either kidding or you’ve been on Mars for the last 7 months. They were both interrogated by the NFL 3 times (all voluntary on their part) and by Wells for 7 hours and they apparently didn’t add anything to the NFL case because not one word of what they said made Wells report.

  14. So these guys text about how they hate Brady’s guts and steal shoes and other equipment (according to their go to ESPN text threat) and the PATS welcome them back with open arms? I wonder if these two have something on the team?

  15. I forgot how Brady did with those “regulation” footballs in the SB, and then again on Thursday. Can someone remind me?

    Then again, the actual amount of deflation of the footballs in the AFC title game measured by the gauge the ref said he used: 0.0 PSI.

    So even a Steeler fan would have to expect Brady would play about like he has over his entire career.

  16. bostontdparty says:
    Sep 13, 2015 3:43 PM
    They will be reinstated once they agree to say they were guilty.

    I heard that from a league source

    No names of course

    This poster sounds like a Mortenson Exclusive……. LMAO……….

  17. Word is the NFL asked aggressively of the Patriots about JJ and JM, “are you going to suspend them? Or are we?” At this time the Patriots were still trying to be cooperative with the investigation. Again, a tactic by the NFL to slant the narrative. Just like Brady Destroying his phone, when the NFL knew it was inconsequential, they never needed or wanted the phone.

  18. lmao at the people asking why they weren’t interrogated. Really? you truly believe the league didn’t interrogate them ?

  19. getakluwe says:
    Sep 13, 2015 4:04 PM

    Go back to work with a lot more money in your bank account for keeping quiet.

    Nope. No cheating at all. Ever.
    Except for that one time… and that other time… and that other one

    care to elaborate or are you sticking with “I am groot”?

  20. this is the cherry on the sundae, and what should have no done a long time ago. to this day there’s been one and only one infraction, prove me wrong.

  21. The league already got it’s pound of flesh out of Kraft to the tune of $1M and draft picks for something that a lot more probably than not they are far more than generally aware of not happening. How much more pathetic would they look stringing up poor Beavis and Butthead?

    Enough already, time to drop the pathetic charade…er appeal…too. Goodell has had more stuff blow up in his face than Wiley E Coyote. The season has started PLEASE just let football happen.

  22. Whatever happened to limakey and letsgobuffalo4? Limakey said for months there was no way Brady would go to court, let alone win, and letsgobuffalo wouldn’t shut up about if the ideal gas law was real then why no other QB had noticed deflation of footballs in cold weather games before. Both are a shining example of hater nation.

  23. Correction…
    I….read that Patriots paid Jastremski while he was suspended. McNally is a game day employee and has missed three games to date. I’m not sure if he has been compensated for three days of work.

  24. I’m a patriots fan!

    So these two go unpunished, which means the balls were not deflated. No crime.

    But Brady and the team are nailed to the wall??? For what?

    This whole episode is the most mismanaged pile of crap I have ever witnessed.

    Goodell needs to resign, or the NFL is the most incompetent business in the USA.

  25. These guys gave plenty of testimony, but the NFL suppressed it because they never confessed to any of the false accusations. Releasing the testimony would only back that up and alter the public narrative the NFL has carefully orchestrated with their “leaks” to lapdog broadcaster BSPN.

  26. Pretty much a slam dunk lawsuit if the NFL doesn’t reinstate them. All the NFL has are texts about inflating the balls to the size of watermelons and they know it.

  27. I guess all we need now is for the appeal to be denied so that this whole failed witch-hunt can finally be over.

  28. getakluwe says:
    Sep 13, 2015 4:04 PM

    Go back to work with a lot more money in your bank account for keeping quiet.

    Nope. No cheating at all. Ever.
    Except for that one time… and that other time… and that other one…****

    Please educate us all and site the “other time” and “the other one”. Proof please… Accusations don’t equal fact. Accusations equal sour grapes. Proof equals Credibility…So far none of the haters have shown any. Only crickets…KissTheRingS!

  29. I tend to believe they want to know what the roles will be since Vincent barred Jastremski from prepping game balls and McNally from being the refs locker room attendant.

    As for the NFL not telling the Patriots to suspend these two, that’s BS. Schefter has reported it twice. They shouldn’t need these two to discuss it, all they need is the VP of operations. There are any number of things either could do.

  30. Just re-set the PFT “Days without a Goodell lie” counter

    Goodell doesn’t want to admit that he made the Patriots suspend him because he knows the Haters are fond of using that as “proof” that the Patriots “fired them” because they were guilty

    Have these gullible fans STILL not woken up to the fact that just about everything coming from the Commissioner’s office is a LIE?

  31. fanofsportsman says:
    Sep 13, 2015 5:08 PM

    But, it doesn’t matter in the court of public opinion Brady will forever be labeled a CHEATER!

    Only by the weak minded agenda driven haters who think that warm Gatorade cause losses. Get yourShineboxandKissTheRingS!

  32. The haters are a bunch of bitter wackos on the margins of society who have embarked on a recent Patriots hate crusade. These inept liars are so busy obliterating, truncating or revising facts (when they’re not entirely ignoring them), that the true story (to them) has somewhat drifted out the window.

  33. So correct me if I am wrong the league said they never suspended them but they have to apply for reinstatement.

    They have not been proven guilty of anything but the NFL is going to decide what roll they cam play in an organization.

    The NFL has stated in its independent report that one of them deflated footballs but you are now going to allow him to get his job back.

    The NFL has delegated this to Troy Vincent, we know his track record.

    The NFL will take no action yet it will continue with its appeal that says these guys are guilty despite them apparently being innocent.

    I guess the depth of lying and, misinformation and incompetence that is clearly on display here knows no bounds!

  34. getakluwe says:
    Sep 13, 2015 4:05 PM

    ….Keeps wining and winning and winning and winning, while you keep whining and whining and whining and losing and losing and losing…KissTheRingS!

  35. patriots123456 says:
    Sep 13, 2015 5:42 PM

    The haters are a bunch of bitter wackos on the margins of society who have embarked on a recent Patriots hate crusade. These inept liars are so busy obliterating, truncating or revising facts (when they’re not entirely ignoring them), that the true story (to them) has somewhat drifted out the window.

    Diagnosis: Clinical insanity with an advanced case of butthurt.

  36. Ha ha!!!! The non-Pats fans are so distracted with all this stuff that they can’t focus 100% on cheering for their own teams, instead just caught up in the NFL Management Council’s manufactured propaganda.

    I am a fan of my team and when at games, I make sure that I give 100% positive energy cheering on my team. It’s all about what I choose to focus on and love for my team. I don’t get distracted with all the noise.

  37. Haters. You win the public opinion bowl, while the Patriots win AFC Championships and Super Bowls. You are reduced to calling them names. Awe, how cute… All you’re left with is name calling. Please keep the cute little quips coming. You’re just reinforcing what we already know. The PATs are in your kitchen and eating you out of house and home! PATs win and you…Well, you know what you do…KissTheRingS!

  38. It’s great being a patriots fan! They win all the time. They make your team look stupid. They even cheat better than your team. I love the how unhappy all you haters get when the patriots win. Keep up the whining, it just adds to my entertainment.

  39. Of course they will be reinstated. There is no proof that either of them ever did anything wrong. Even if Kraft doesn’t want his million back, or Brady doesn’t bring the league up on defamation charges, these two have the ability to sue the league for unlawfully suspending them.

  40. Well… Sometime in the middle of the night, in say November… ESPN will announce that the league will drop its appeal against Brady… and with it this sorry and sad attempt to tarnish one of the greatest teams in NFL history will end …

    Some influential owners got their pound of flesh… they stuck to Bob Kraft … dragged is team through the mud… in the end… this whole mess was alot to do about nothing… it was just… school yard justice!!!

    This is going to make a great movie someday and the the league is gonna look really bad.

  41. The league already does look bad. REALLY bad. What they attempted to do, primarily at the behest of the lackluster commissioner, is completely transparent to anyone with even half a brain. Why they did such a thing is a little harder to fathom.

    Judge Berman’s ruling on the inequity of the Goodell ruling and appeal included scathing opinions about the inaccuracy of the initial ruling and lack of evidence, even though that wasn’t what he was called upon to arbitrate.

    People like to say that there were no winners in this deflategate debacle, only losers. They are dead wrong. There was one very big winner: The NFLPA, who won a decision that will greatly erode the commissioner’s authoritah. And by extension, all the rest of the players in the players union won.

    There was also a big loser, and that was the league commissioner, and by extension the 31 owners and the city of Green Bay (owners of the Packers) as they lost some of the totalitarian control they previously enjoyed over the players.

    Why the owners would allow, or (even worse) actually encourage the commissioner and league to take such a risk is the real mystery here. The only thing I can come up with is that these owners are lazy and did not take the time to read the factual evidence and testimony that was available to them, and instead, like many of the vocal hateful dead on this discussion board, chose only to believe the leaked false reports that the league’s front office put out throughout the witch hunt.

  42. NFL:

    Reinstate the draft picks you stole from the Patriots for no good reason at all.

    Return the $1 Million you stole from the Patriots for no good reason at all.

    Do the right thing.

  43. Florio says “A discrepancy…regarding whether the Patriots or the NFL suspended Jastremski and McNally. The truth could be… the league didn’t… [but]…suggested that the Patriots suspend them.”
    Schefter stated (both on Twitter and on radio, back in May) that his league sources confirmed to him that the NFL “advised” the Pats to suspend them. Who you gonna believe, Schefter or proven habitual liar Goodell?

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