Report: Jarvis Landry, LaMike James had altercation this week

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In Sunday’s one-liners, we mentioned that the Dolphins took a visit to the Lincoln Memorial during their road trip to Washington this weekend.

That monument honors the man who was in the White House during the Civil War and the visit came after a week that saw the Dolphins dealing with squabbling within their borders. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that receiver Jarvis Landry and running back LaMike James apologized to their teammates on Thursday for fighting with each other on Wednesday.

The altercation happened during a special teams meeting when something Landry said upset James, who reacted physically although no “personal attacks” were reportedly involved. Per Jackson, “pushing and shoving” followed before the two players were separated.

In addition to the apology to the team at large for creating a distraction, Jackson reports that Landry apologized to James and the team hasn’t taken any action against either player.

5 responses to “Report: Jarvis Landry, LaMike James had altercation this week

  1. Fighting among themselves. How out of control is this Dolphins team?
    The teams name should be the “Miami drama club”. Every year it’s something else. This team has no discipline and will never amount to anything. Bringing in Suzie-q will only make things worse. How many games will this cheap shot artist play before he gets suspended.
    Dolphins fans continue to get shortchanged. No playoffs again.
    Maybe a notch above the Jets,but maybe not.

  2. Cyclo is an obvious troll. Anyone that has watched or participated in football knows that fights happen. Anyone that has watched this offseason also knows this team is better than the Jets and significantly so.

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