Report: RG3 played scout-team safety this week


Through chronic stupidity sometimes comes a flash of potential wisdom.

At a time when Washington isn’t willing to do the smart thing and cut quarterback Robert Griffin III, they’re doing a mind-boggling thing. Via Jeff Darlington of NFL Media, Griffin spent time this week playing on the scout team. As a safety.

On one hand, it increases the chances of Griffin suffering an injury. If he suffers another concussion while practicing as a safety, the temptation to not get cleared until December 2016 will be stronger.

On the other hand, the temptation in the short term to quit the team — and to give up his $3.249 million guaranteed salary in 2015 — is getting strong, too. Or maybe Griffin will offer to take less money in order to get away from the indignity of playing a position other than the position he normally plays.

Regardless, a messy situation is quickly getting messier. And Washington needs to find a way out of this one before they lose $16.1 million in cash and cap space for 2016.

70 responses to “Report: RG3 played scout-team safety this week

  1. Not a surprising move from a low class organization. Seems very petty. If I were a player and saw them great players like this, they would be my last choice of team.

  2. This franchise is a joke. RG3 is obviously a bust, but at least have the decency to cut the guy and let him try to resurrect his career elsewhere.

  3. Boy that has to rank up there with the Herschel Walker trade as the most lop sided trade ever……..actually its more lopsided since at least Herschel was a good player.

  4. Unprofessional and this is why Washington is a perennial loser. I’m glad Gruden is gone from Cincy.

  5. The Redskins organization is so stupid. If he gets hurt their on the hook for $16 mill next year.

    The skins have seriouy hit a new low!

  6. What are they going to do to him next week?

    Have him hand out subway sandwiches during practice?

    If they have no future plans for him, then cut him and move on.

  7. As a cowboy fan even I find this whole thing sad. trade the poor guy to a team that will give him a shot
    “Poor guy”… Are you serious? RG# is anything but a victim. I don’t get what Washington is doing either but Griffin is anything but blameless.

  8. I know RGIII hasn’t been good, but I’m starting to feel bad for him. Kudos to him for not publicly whining or anything. He deserves an award just for sucking up all the crap the Redskins are putting him through

  9. Just when you think there is NO WAY this could get uglier, and BAM the Redskins find a way to prove you wrong… I love it. HTTR (Hail To Tony Romo)

  10. The short-term Mike Shanahan roll-dice decisions in a playoff game seemingly many years ago have had the most far-reaching effects on a franchise that I can remember. Concussions and native pride dopes didn’t wreck the Redskins: stupid short-sightedness did.

  11. First, I have to applaud Griffin for doing whatever they ask him to do, especially when it is such a dramatic change for him. I just do not understand that willingness translating into him possibly walking away from 3.5 million for this year, especially when he probably won’t see anything near that much if he gets cut. And before anyone says “Chip is going to trade for him,” that isn’t going to happen with 16 Million due, along with the “RGme” attitude he has.

    That being said, Snyder has completely jumped the shark now. Clearly RGIII isn’t going anywhere, and it could cost the team a huge cap hit on top of those wasted picks it took to get him. I just hope ESPN has the cajones to call the 30 for 30 “Dumb and Dumber” when they decide to tell this cautionary tale

  12. There is no trading RG3 unless he gives up his 2016 guarantee for injury. Nobody is going to take that risk.

  13. Dan Snyder has made mistakes that have cost much more than 3 million in the past and he has never been afraid to release the player or coach and pay them. They have to be holding out hope that they can trade him or that he turns things around.

  14. Projection: Schneider drafts Nick Saban to coach next year for $20mm per. Decides that all is good. Opens training camp with his $16mm RGIII as running back. Builds two additional limo garages at his (Schnider’s) house for Saban and RGIII to visit anytime

  15. I have been one of the people that have taken shots at RG3s leadership ability and lack of accountability.

    If the Skins did this to him its completely low of coaching staff. What does it accomplish? Trade him, let him walk just stop the circus.

    This puts a 100 times worse light on Gruden than it does RG3.

  16. He’s never been afraid to cut a player at a loss because the players have performed exaclt as they need ot justify a cut.

    Redskins = get your guaranteed money, get your spot on the bench. Get your retirement set.

  17. I think until I see video of RG3 playing safety I’m going to just assume he sat in the defensive box during walk throughs.

    I’m sure he kept his “don’t touch me” jersey on the whole time.

    If the Skins do cut him, wouldn’t you just loooove the idea of the Rams claiming him off waivers?

    Imagine all those draft picks the Rams obtained via the trade and then eventually getting RG3 himself?

    It’s like the Herschel Walker trade all over again.

    RGThre-ego, we understand you were the shiznit in high school, college, and your rookie NFL year. Times are a-changin’.

    Find an NFL coach that believes in you, listen to what he says, and you might have still have a career.

  18. If I was RG3 and I didn’t want to retire after this year) I’d waive the 2016 injury guarantee, if the team would cut me, so I could go elsewhere and get a fresh start. If I worked hard, then maybe after a year or two I’d get a chance to be a starting QB.

    On the other hand .. I personally would retire after 2015. With my millions, I’d go back to school and study something interesting and enjoy the rest of my life as a multi-millionaire. I wouldn’t blow a ton of money on a mansion or cars/boats. Just live well, without the risk of another football injury.

  19. This is like when Al Davis let Marcus Allen rot for the spite of it. RG3 is nothing resembling a future HOFer and is no threat to haunt the Redskins pathetic franchise in the future however. Just cut/trade the guy already before your money is no good to potential free agents in the future Snyder. Sheesh.

  20. For $16 million, I’ll run home and get my shine box.

    There is no indignity getting paid that much for any position, scout team or not.

  21. Okay. We don’t have all the vital pieces of information here. Read the referenced article in red. Something is up, and we sad fans are going to be last to know. Because This Makes Absolutely No Sense! The nobody QB guy playing safety for the Dallas Scout Team is not a first rounder or a ROY.

  22. At least Al Davis didn’t trade the house for Jabustus Russell. Pretty much the same result save a nice run at the end of RG3’s rookie year.

  23. Anyone who can figure this one out is a rocket scientists.
    They won’t cut the guy or the owner looks stupid for giving away the farm to get him. So what, their trying to piss him off so he quits and takes a pay cut to boot.

  24. How long before you hear the stories of season ticket holders for Redskins football leaving unused tickets under the windshield wipers of their car on game day only to return post game to find there are more than they left to begin with?

  25. You always hear players fabricate a reason to feel ‘disrespected’ to artificially fire them up.

    This is ACTUAL disrespect. Pretty embarrassing.

  26. I don’t really like RGIII as a player and I think he’s always been lacking the leadership skills it takes to be an NFL QB, but jeez, do they really need to humiliate the guy like this? I think Jay Gruden is looking really bad here.

  27. Wait a minute here. Bruce Allen is the team President and obviously making a lot of money. Do they just mail his check to a different address, or is he actually in the building? I’m wondering because I never read his name or hear anything about him. He was obviously hired and paid a lot of money for his football knowledge and expertise. Right? He’s George Allen’s son and has grown up around football. He worked under Al Davis in Oakland, and was in Tampa Bay when they won a super bowl. Whatever kind of Teflon he’s wearing, I’d like to market it.

  28. Folks PLEASE stop posting ‘trade him’, think about it before clicking submit. No one is going to roll the dice on that contract.

    If he were to ‘convert’ to safety and get hurt, making that 5th year kick in, then how much more would Kam Chancellor want to play the same position?

  29. Your preoccupation with cutting RG3 is embarrassing. It’s like you are trying WILL them team into doing it. Makes one wonder what is your ultimate motivation? And why are you so obsessed with this team anyway? You are clearly not a fan, so what is your deal?

  30. chc4 says:
    Sep 13, 2015 11:06 AM

    As a cowboy fan even I find this whole thing sad. trade the poor guy to a team that will give him a shot
    “Poor guy”… Are you serious? RG# is anything but a victim. I don’t get what Washington is doing either but Griffin is anything but blameless.
    Exactly right. He didn’t even know how many steps to drop back on passing plays last year. And if you don’t know, that matters, a lot.

  31. This is what happens when you combine Dan Snyder’s meglomaniac ego with his thirst for greenbacks.

    This is a repeat of the Jim Zorn situation, except with RG3 in Snyder’s place.

    Snyder is too prideful to admit his 2012 draft mistake, yet too greedy to pay that looming 2016 option. What better way to solve that dilemma than to humiliate your former starting QB into quitting? Regardless of what RG3 did to earn his demotion, that is an absolutely classless way to treat anyone within your organization. It speaks volumes about just how poorly the team from DC is run and how defined it is by a culture of backstabbing.

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