Storm clouds gather around Pagano


As the Colts enter a season of high expectations originating from their owner, the team’s head coach could indeed be entering the last year of his run in Indy.

Both Jay Glazer of FOX and Jason La Canfora of CBS addressed Chuck Pagano’s future with the team as he enters a contract year, and La Canfora made a surprisingly strong statement: “Those closest to Pagano believe it’s inevitable he’ll be coaching elsewhere in 2016.”

The team consistently has denied the existence of a rift between Pagano and G.M. Ryan Grigson, but whatever it is and wherever it comes from (possibly, owner Jim Irsay), it’s clear that both sides are feeling the stress of Pagano’s status. He declined a one-year extension, opting instead to bet on himself.

That approach allows the Colts to move on without a buyout obligation, if Irsay decides that he could hire any coach he wants given the presence of quarterback Andrew Luck.

The guys in the locker room are confused by the situation. “How can our coach possibly be coaching for his job this year?” Glazer said the players are asking.

And so Pagano becomes this year’s version of the former coach in San Francisco who once was the quarterback in Indianapolis.

43 responses to “Storm clouds gather around Pagano

  1. I like Pagano. Seems like a nice guy but I would have kept Arians. I think he’s the better coach. Harbaugh would be cool but he just started coaching at Michigan.

  2. For crying out loud, the Colts only got the the AFC championship game last year. Leave him alone. Teams benefit from stability at the head coach position. Just look at the Patriots and Steelers for proof of that. If a team changes head coach every few years, you end up with the Washington Redskins. How’s that working out?

  3. Storm clouds will go away with a super bowl victory, which is likely. But just like the Denver Broncos did last year, when they let John Fox go, the Colts have high expectations. The 49ers even pushed George Seifert out the door, even though he had the highest al time winning percentage and had already won two super bowls. I’d say, just about every coach should be on the hot seat, unless they’re coming off a super bowl win. That’s what they sign up for and get paid millions of dollars. It’s not your average business.

  4. I feel for you Colt fans if it is true if there is a rift between the head coach and the GM. Sounds like a similar situation when AJ Spliff and Marty Shot was with the Chargers…they should’ve let AJ Spliff go.

  5. Tough to coach when you have a pill popping owner and a Gm who thinks he’s a coach. Grigson is the problem here but Irsay doesn’t see it cause he’s too buzzed.
    I luv it… Turmoil in Indy.
    Pat’s own ya! Remember that colts fans.

  6. Pagano seems the classiest amongst Grigson and Irsay.

    If anybody doubts Grigson helped set up the Deflategate sting is getting their supplies from Irsay.

  7. Colts, you “Sucked for Luck” but for what?

    No team that celebrates their “participation” in a championship game is ever going to win a Superbowl.

    Maybe if they had burned that banner on the 50 yard line, if you showed your disgust with your performance and fought hard to improve, you might have a chance.

    But celebrating failure? Proudly hanging failure from the rafters for all the world to see?

    Not the qualities or character of a Superbowl caliber team.

  8. “I don’t know anything about deflated footballs, nobody told me about it, I didn’t notice any difference, they all feel fine to me.


  9. wte1 says:
    Sep 13, 2015 12:46 PM

    I have two reasons why Grigson needs to go instead of Pagano:

    1. Trent
    2. Richardson
    ——————————————————Let me add 2 more:
    1. Bjoren
    2. Werner

  10. Pagano doesn’t need to win the Super Bowl this year, but he greatly needs to improve the defense. When it comes down to it, Pagano is touted as Defensive minded coach. Having luck essentially takes care of the Offense for the next 15 years.

    If Pagano can’t turn around the unit, there’s no need to have him there. The Colts don’t need someone who can do O, they need D. Same problem they had under Manning.

    If Pagano can’t get the job done, there are a lot of coaches that could.

  11. Irsay has that addict personality that wants everything all the time right away.

    He’s the Veruca Salt of NFL owners.

  12. I knew Pagano in high school and afterwards. He’s a hard guy to root for and the main reason I hope Andrew Luck is this generation’s Peyton Manning (i. e. playoff choker).

  13. If the Pats run up another 40 points on the Colts in week 6, no doubt, Pagano probably will (and should) go.

    You know how much the Colts love getting beat by the Pats.

    More than likely it will happen as the Colts organization will spend all week worrying about what kind of voodoo the Pats and BB have placed on them.

    Be worried Indy. Be very worried.

  14. Grigson will take the pressure off himself midseason by coordinating another sting operation with his league office buddies against NE.
    deflect deflect deflect

  15. Colts are a mess, and it all stems from Grigson. Guy hasn’t done a thing with the defense, and he’s built a soft team. Excuses are ingrained in this franchise, going back to the last regime. Can’t beat them, then change the rules.

  16. This is why other teams say the Colts are not real contenders. When you play in the worst division in football you need to be a 12 -13 win team. Your automatically going to playoffs and should be able to make personnel decisions based on playoffs. They did that this year with veteran help.

    Pagano is a damn damn good coach he shouldn’t be on the hot seat however their inability to take advantage of a down right pathetic division will push ownership.

    I’m rooting for Pagano..

  17. Colts tried to cheat and whine their way into the SB, just like they cheated their way into Luck. The football gods are not amused.

  18. I was going to give my opinion on the Colts, Grigson and Irsay, but it looks like I have to get in line. Monday night Oct. 19th. Get ready to reap what you have sown. Your media, owner and GM have smeared the Pats for the last time. The Pats win because they work harder than anyone else, no other reason. Setting up the deflated ball sting was one of the lowest moves I’ve ever seen in any business in my life. It’s right up there with throwing an entire season to get the #1 draft pick.

    I hope the Pats hang 70 on you.

  19. Players seem to really like Chick and that’s important. Ask me I agree with several of the posts, it Grigson and the entire scouting team that needs to go. I’ve been pissed since last year’s draft. Front office needs to address defense, not scour Baltimore and the browns for players they are willing to part with. Front office disaster. Give the coach some players, cut roster spots on offense, build both sides of the line. If I was lucks agent I would tell him to find a team whose front office wants to win.

  20. Grigson admitted to the AFCCG league officials at half-time: “Gentlemen, we’re planning with a small brain”.

    But somehow the NFL misheard!

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