Titans pull Marcus Mariota after three quarters


If someone said before Sunday’s game that Zach Mettenberger would be quarterbacking the Titans in the fourth quarter of their game against the Buccaneers, your first thought probably wouldn’t be that things went well for Marcus Mariota.

Mettenberger is in the game in Tampa, but it isn’t injury or ineffectiveness that caused the change. In a move we usually see in college games, the Titans have so thoroughly trounced their opening opponent of the season that they’ve decided to give the first-string quarterback the rest of the day off.

Mariota’s day ends with 13 completions in 16 tries for 209 yards and four touchdowns, which is a pretty good way to introduce yourself to the NFL. The Titans added scores on a Coty Sensabaugh interception and a Bishop Sankey run as well and lead the Bucs 42-7 in the fourth quarter.

Mettenberger may not be doing much throwing given how lopsided the score is at this point in the game, but any passes he does throw could help build his value as a trade chip down the road. With Mariota getting established as the starter in Tennessee, a trade involving Mettenberger could be on the offseason agenda.

26 responses to “Titans pull Marcus Mariota after three quarters

  1. Now that the Titans are in their prevent defense, Winston can “redeem” his horrible game stats.

  2. A lot of missed tackles by Titans D. Score should have been 42-0, with 7:00 remaining in the 4th Q.

  3. Mariota sure didn’t look like someone who was starting his first game. Aside from one play, he looked poised and confident. The Bucs are going to regret passing on him.

  4. The Titans surely must have been grateful that the Bucs chose Winston in the draft so they could get Mariota and even more grateful today as they stopped a mud whole in the bucs and walked it dry…

    Mariota has proven he is the supierior of the two…
    Much more!!!

  5. Buccaneers and raiders are mere dummy teams today

    I saw guys from those teams celebrating touchdowns while down 28 or more. I can’t believe coaches allow that.

    Must be this generations ‘participation trophy’ mindset.

  6. A toast to all you Marcus haters *raises glass*..so much for being a bust for not being in the right offense? Winston on the other hand is who we thought was going to be.

  7. Thank you “analysts” for saying Mariota wasn’t going to be as good as Winston so that he was able to slide to the 2nd pick for the Titans. You are the real heros

  8. He’s going to be a great QB, for sure. Bucs should not have passed on him, although, every team has it’s own style and although I don’t like Winston, he has some natural talent and football instincts and he will eventually learn how to play in the NFL. I don’t think anyone assumed he’d be NFL ready….so this is basically a throw away season for Tampa.

  9. Winston surprised me in how slow of foot he is. There is not going to be any run out of him. He is a drop back only passer because the speed of linebackers at this level is way too fast for him. Hope he has a good arm

  10. Lovie Smith may be the world’s greatest defensive coordinator and an all around nice guy — but he sure is not head coach material.

    After he greets canned this season in Tampa Bay, maybe there’a a defensive coach spot for him in Green Bay.

  11. Mariota did great, but let’s remember that the Bucs really suck.

    “jimmysee says” is right about Lovie….he is a great defensive coordinator but as a 50 year Bears fan it was frustrating to see him TRY to build an offense…he simply could not do it!!!

  12. Not saying Mariota didn’t have a great day, because he did, but it was the Bucs you know. Let’s not crown him until he has a more legitimate opponent. Currently the Succaneers and train wreck are equal.

  13. not saying Mariota didn’t have a great day, because he did, but it was the Bucs you know. Let’s not crown him until he has a more legitimate opponent. Currently the Succaneers and train wreck are equal.


    As a Titans fan you could’ve said the same thing about the Titans before this game if Winston had played well. But he didn’t. And Mariota did.

    And never forget this either. Any NFL defense is much better than the best college defense. So yeah, it was still pretty friggin impressive.

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