Who are the top 10 NFL quarterbacks?


If every quarterback who believed he is a top 10 NFL quarterback were actually a top 10 NFL quarterback, there would be like 20 top 10 NFL quarterbacks. So who are the top 10?

Albert Breer of NFL Media recently asked a “large number” of NFL decision makers to project the top five quarterbacks as of the end of the season. While that’s not really a current top 10 list, it’s the closest thing we have to one this morning, so work with me on this.

Here we go:

1. Aaron Rodgers;

2. Andrew Luck;

3. Tom Brady;

4. Ben Roethlisberger;

5. Tony Romo;

6. Peyton Manning;

7. Drew Brees;

8. Philip Rivers;

9 (tie). Matt Ryan;

9 (tie). Russell Wilson.

Not making the cut were Matthew Stafford, Joe Flacco, Carson Palmer, and Eli Manning — who didn’t even get one of the 14 spots in Breer’s list.

So what does it mean for today? Not much, unless either or both of the Manning brothers see it and give it any credence. Peyton doesn’t get a spot in the top five, Eli doesn’t even show up on the board.

Flacco also should be a little miffed, since folks in the know apparently regard him as not elite.

Feel free to debate any and all potential topics arising from this info in the comments, including the most favorite topic of the man known as PFT Commenter, who visited me earlier this month, wrote a long-form article about it (long-form! . . . Pulitzer!), and who actually is a normal, friendly, engaging guy when he’s not in character.

77 responses to “Who are the top 10 NFL quarterbacks?

  1. Anyone who puts Luck above Brady on the list hasn’t been watching either guy play the last few years.

    Luck is good but fold under the type of pressure that Brady thrives on.

    45-7 and multiple crushings by the Pats before that. Maybe if he played for a better team and not the Indianapolis Marshmellos he might raise his level of play.

  2. Looks about right but Peyton clearly is still only on a list like this because of past accomplishments not current potential. People that made excuses for his decline last year(he was injured) don’t like others bringing up the fact his performance fell of the cliff the entire second half of the season not just when he got hurt against the Chargers near the end of the season

  3. Is this based on game day performance or does age factor in? How is luck better than Brady relative to leadership/importance etc. ya id take luck due to age but that’s about it.

  4. I’m shocked that Bridgewater didn’t even get an honorable mention. Oh well, I guess you have to beat a team with a winning record at least one time to crack the top 30.

  5. As a Vikings fan… I hate to say this, but you can’t argue number 1 on that list. But i’d be switching Brady and Luck around.

    Rogers is 1… Put more talent around him and he would have more rings.

    Brady eats pressure for breakfast

    Luck is good, but like manning, can fold under pressure.

  6. I’m a Packers fan but I think Romo is #1. Top rated QB last season and he should have been the NFL MVP.

  7. Big Ben is too high. But I like the list. People saying teddy will be top 10 after this season. Those people are also in the psych ward

  8. .
    Like I’ve always said : ” If my life depended on winning one football game, I’d choose Andrew Luck over Tom Brady.”

    PS – Albert Breer hates the Patriots with the power of a million suns.

  9. Wilson equal to Ryan? I am not even a Seahawks fan, but Wilson gets no love. Seahawks had Sherman, Lynch, Chencellor, Earl Thomas… they were all on the team before Wilson was drafted. Is it a coincidence that the moment they drafted Wilson, Seahawks became instant Super bowl contenders and made back to back super bowls?

  10. Everyone in the world acknowledges Rodgers as #1, other than a few delusional Viking fans; which is just one more reason that no one takes you people seriously.

    I’m really starting to feel badly for the sane Viking fans and I really hate it that the sane ones are disappearing fast because they’re so embarrassed by the crazies.

  11. Matt Ryan and Drew Brees play in a pathetic division, had horrible seasons, one was so bad they got their coach fired, and here they are, on the list.

    That should tell you how important this list is.

  12. Brady is way above Andrew Luck and not having Flacco on this list proves how many fools run teams. Ryan fails under pressure every time while Eli wears two rings.

  13. This looks like a poll of fans and not of “NFL decision makers.” I get this list is specifically aimed at the end of this season so time will tell. Glad my guy Big Ben made the top 4.

  14. Silly people. Brady has the best regular season winning % in SB era AND the best post season win % for QBs with at least 20 post season starts. You saw Thursday night what he is going to do this season. Rodgers post season record is 6-5. He is overrated. Brady is GOAT

  15. “People in the know?” For all the scouting; endless “expert analysis” we get hit with before the draft we still see Alex Smith taken #1 when Aaron Rogers falls to #24 – and these people are supposed to be about winning Lombardi Trophies not fantasy football awards of Buffalo Wild Wings dining certificates which this list sounds like : gotta win ??? Give me Big Ben ; Flacco and Eli before Ryan, Romo and #18

  16. Any list that puts Luck ahead of Brady, is a farce.

    Did no one see Brady put the beat-down on Luck’s Colts, while Luck managed 7 points?

    Any list that does not have Tom “Been to six Super Bowls, won FOUR of them” Brady at Number , is a farce.

    If you need to win one game, everyone picks T. Brady.


    Aaron Roger’s mother picks Tom Brady.

    By the way, Romo over Peyton???

    Now I know you’re on crack.

  17. Romo is better than Brees? Really? Brees led one of the top offenses last year while Romo was missing games and practice with a back injury and DeMarco Murray ran for +1800 yards, so somehow that means Romo is better?

  18. Ben too high? He only T-1 for yards last year, had like a 3-1 TD to INT ratio, and is great again the rush.

  19. Andrew Luck = the single most overrated QB in NFL history. I don’t understand why they are trying so hard to make him the league’s next big thing. I really don’t. Maybe if he’d won some titles and big regular season games I’d understand the hype but he hasn’t done anything except perform well in fantasy football.

    Only Brady and Rodgers should be fighting for the number one and two spots. I wouldn’t even put Luck In the top five. Those spots should go to Big Ben, Peyton, Brees and Flacco.

  20. kev86 says:
    Sep 13, 2015 10:36 AM
    Head to head when a big game matters most, Eli outperformed Brady, Rodgers, Romo, Ryan.
    Umm, no he didn’t. The last NFC playoff game against the 49ers, his last seven drives were all 3 and outs. They got two field goals on fumbled punts. All Eli’s wins were with a dominant defense, not because of him. Thus the rankings.
    Eli hasn’t sniffed a playoff game in what 4 years?

  21. Your list has a ton of “Peyton Manning’s” on them. By that I mean guys who are great regular season qbs qlwho suck in the post season. This includes your number 1 and number 5-9. I get why but it just makes the list look like you didn’t put a ton of thought into it. I just find it hard to be the best when you consistently fail in the post season despite having the best team in the conference/league like Rodgers(first round exit with 15-1 team) tomorrow(last year and 2007 come to mind) or rivers who despite having the best team in the NFL more times then any of these guys combined and never even made a super bowl.

  22. Playoff records

    (21-8) T. Brady
    (10-5) B. Roethlisberger
    (10-5) J. Flacco
    (8-3) E. Manning
    (6-2) R. Wilson
    (6-5) A. Rodgers, Favre is (13-11). Long way to go.
    (6-5) D. Brees
    (3-3) A. Luck
    (11-13) P. Manning
    (4-5) P. Rivers
    (2-4) T. Romo
    (1-2) C. Newton
    (1-4) M. Ryan
    (0-2) M. Stafford
    (0-4) A. Dalton

  23. Show us the rank at the close of the season, not the start. This is nothing more than an opinion piece, and you know what they say about opinions……….

  24. People dissing Romo need to do their homework already. He was the best passer last year. Highest completion %, most yards per attempt, and the best passer rating. Should have been the MVP. HE ALSO OWNS THE #2 passer rating of all time. I wish Romo had the Ravens, Steelers defense when they won SBs. Or the Giants defense in their playoff runs where they gave up 14 points per game. He would have had multiple championships by now.

  25. Tom Brady should be no.1 on the All-Time list, let alone the contemporary list. Why people have an agenda against this guy is beyond me.

  26. Since becoming the day one rookie starter 8 years ago – Joe Flacco is 81-45 which includes 10 playoff wins, a Super Bowl title and a Super Bowl MVP. That is more than every other QB on that list – including Brady (who was hurt one full year). Flacco has never missed a single game. If Rivers, Romo or Ryan even dreamed of a track record like that – they should wake up and apologize. Flacco has also done it without the benefit of offensive weapons like Gates, Bryant, White, Jones & Gonzalez. He makes a less money and has a whole lot more to show for it than those guys. Kiss the ring with no “*” beside it. Joe is elite when it matters most – and glad he is on our team.

  27. I don’t think that any QB without a Super Bowl win should be on the list. They may be good QB’s but if they can’t make it to the big show what good are they? Matt Ryan (1-4) doesn’t belong on the list at all. Romo (2-4) has had some great teams around him and he still doesn’t get it done. Super Bowl and playoffs W-L record is a much better indicator of greatness.

  28. Andrew Luck would be ahead of Brady if you could pick whomever you want to build a team with, due to Brady and Luck’s age.

    That list is a joke, MegaHead is completely shot and he’s #6?

  29. “Seahawks had Sherman, Lynch, Chencellor, Earl Thomas… they were all on the team before Wilson was drafted.”

    Bennett, avril, Irvin, Wagner all came in with Wilson. Not to mention Dan Quinn took over and revamped the defense. 4 defensive stars with a new defensive coach.

    Wilson had an 0-7 record when his defense has a bad day and allows 25 or more points.

    Wilson has had 2 of the worst games played in the playoffs by a qb, and never was the sole reason they won anything in the playoffs.

    Wilson was a the epitome of being in the right place at the right time.

  30. Anybody can keep a job if it is giving Opinions.
    Peyton is a top 10 Used to be… Sorry but if SB Rings count, his Brother is better, taking that into
    consideration Brady is NO1 Eli #2 then the rest tumble down into place.
    This is a Team sport. QB’s that are one man shows
    don’t have as many rings as the Team QB’s.
    Ask Palmer, Rivers, Newton, Stafford, Kelly.
    Then look at Bradshaw and Aikman.

  31. Tom Brady is better than Luck…now. Ill give you Rodgers because his numbers are so good. Me? Id want Brady in a playoff game. But Rodgers is fair.

  32. joetoronto says:
    Sep 13, 2015 12:25 PM

    Andrew Luck would be ahead of Brady if you could pick whomever you want to build a team with, due to Brady and Luck’s age.

    “Old Man” Brady is 12 years older than Luck, yet he still SCHOOLED Luck in the AFC Title game.

    How’s Luck’s youth looking NOW?

  33. Brady has ever changing scrubs for receivers with one legit elite in Randy Moss who was 30 years old when he teamed up with Brady. Brady re- structured his contract to get him. Moss broke Rice’s with the most TD record per season and the Pats went 16-0

    Brady is not physically gifted like those chosen above him. He was 199th pick for crying out loud. But he wins more than any of them. Why don’t those freak young QBs with elite receivers win more than Brady? That should be the question and the answer to who’s the best QB.

    The experts can keep their opinions; we’ll keep and hold on to Brady. He’s crumble free.

    It would really be nice if BB would give Brady an elite young wide receiver to partner with Gronk instead of trying to recycle old elite ones. We can still dream of the wonderful possibilities.

    What’s Luck doing in number 2? Seriously? His name should even be below Russel Wilson’s. Must be his name. Lucky duck.

  34. Anyone who seriously considers Luck the #2 QB, or better than Brady needs to watch today’s game with the Bills, start to finish.

    Luck was shown up by a rookie starting his FIRST game!

    That last drive late in the second half, was HORRIFIC! He overthrew, underthrew, completely missed receivers, and then threw an interception.

    Hate to tell you Colts fans, but that’s NOT what #2 quarterbacks do. To see what “elite” quarterbacks actually DO, go watch the film of how Brady handled the Steelers Thurs. night.

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