Amari Cooper: I didn’t know I hit my head on helmet

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Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper’s NFL debut took a strange turn on Sunday when he wound up in a tussle with Bengals cornerback Adam Jones in the second quarter.

Jones and Cooper wound up on the ground where Jones ripped Cooper’s helmet off and slammed the back of his head into it before the scuffle was broken up. Jones was penalized for unnecessary roughness, but avoided an ejection.

“Football is a physical game,” Cooper said, via “Things like that happen. … I feel like the refs didn’t see it well. If they did, they probably would’ve given a harsher penalty.”

Jones said after the game that he was “in the moment” and “just out playing football,” something Cooper didn’t seem to take much issue with when asked if he thought that a harsher penalty should be coming Jones’s way this week.

“I don’t think he should be suspended,” Cooper said. “We were just playing physical. I should’ve been playing physical. Honestly, I didn’t even know I hit my head on the helmet.”

We’ll find out in the next few days if the league agrees with Cooper’s take after making a big deal about cracking down on fighting during the preseason.

22 responses to “Amari Cooper: I didn’t know I hit my head on helmet

  1. If a raider did that you better believe a flag would have been thrown, complete joke that there wasn’t one.

  2. If there is no suspension for this then the NFL can just stop pretending that player safety and specifically concussions are important to them. The only way for an act to have more violent intent would be if Jones pulled out a weapon.

  3. I don’t know what the deal is with Coop, but Pacman should definitely be suspended a few games and the three or four refs standing within ten feet of the incident and watching it occur right in front of them should all receive negative marks on their reviews. Pathetic!

  4. That absolutely deserves a suspension. If you’re giving a guy 4 games for “allegedly” deflating the ball by 1 psi, then that’s a suspension all week long

  5. I respect Amari’s stance here by not giving an inch but come on…knock his helmet off while sitting on his stomach and then grab his head on the sides and slam it into said helmet? One of those steps could be “in the moment” but all together seems quite suspension worthy.

  6. thepowerofchriscompelsyou says:
    Sep 14, 2015 10:15 AM
    I agree he should have been ejected, but a suspension? Come on


    There was nothing in the flow of the game about that “play” – what the NFL and it’s concussion worries and image concerns should do to a player who commits a felony on the field is kick him out of the league.
    In the moment! How many times has a cop heard this on a domestic violence call?? The three refs who stood there and waited to see what he would do should all be bagging groceries next week.

  7. “If a raider did that you better believe a flag would have been thrown, complete joke that there wasn’t one.”

    Watch a video — they are everywhere — and you’ll see that they did throw a flag. You don’t remember it because it was offset by two flags on the Raiders (Holding and Unnecessary Roughness).

    Also, let’s not forget that Hudson targeted George Iloka with a late hit, so don’t pretend your guys were playing inside the lines the whole time.

  8. In typical Oakland fashion once they start getting beat they started taking cheap shots. Jones just got caught retaliating. If you watched the game Oakland had it coming by their reaction to the beatdown. They should have shown that spunk with their play, not post whistle play.

  9. Oakland was taking late hits and cheap shots all day. They were butt hurt that they were getting embarrassed in their “black hole”. Yeah that hole got deep yesterday. No Pacman should not have gone that far but with all the cheap shots the Raiders took it was bound to happen.

  10. Don’t worry bengals will be embarrassed come play offs again and will add to their super bowl rings. Oh that’s right they don’t have any 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Bengal fan here, but 2 things come to mind. Adam-C’mon Man that’s stupid on your part. Regardless what Cooper did to u before you lost your composure. #2 – Amare Cooper I hope you rock the league. Classy of you to brush this off as no big deal. Glad you didn’t take to position of a whiner. Too many whiners out there playing a very rough sport where emotions run high. Good luck next week Raider Nation. Glad we were able to finally win a game at your place.

  12. Will anyone be suspended for the cheap shot that took Iloka out of the game? Nobody is feeling sorry for Oakland if you watched how the game unfolded.

  13. So Amari how does it feel to be lie to the American public? You know you started that whole thing with a punch to Pacman’s throat. It’s too bad he didn’t crack your skull open, You are a real pos. You start this issue and let someone else take the fall.

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