Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett? Bill O’Brien won’t say until Sunday


Texans coach Bill O’Brien is declining to name his starting quarterback for Sunday, until Sunday.

O’Brien, who benched Brian Hoyer for Ryan Mallett during the Texans’ Week One loss to the Chiefs, said he’ll make no announcement about which one will start Week Two against the Panthers.

“Every decision we make will be in the best interest of the team, no matter which position,” O’Brien said. “Whatever decision that is made, whoever starts the game against Carolina, it’ll be in the best interest of the team.”

O’Brien said he already knows who the starter will be, and presumably the secret will spill out at some point this week because someone will blab about which quarterback is taking the first-string snaps at practice. But O’Brien wants to keep the identity of his quarterback secret, for as long as he can.

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  1. O’Brien tries to do the whole noncommittal thing that Bill Belichick does. But when Belichick does it he’s being canny, but O’Brien just looks indecisive.

    I think he’s desperate, because if he knows that Houston having a bad season will get him canned. Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak were long-time friends, and Smith threw Kubs under the bus to save his own job. He won’t hesitate to do the same for some nobody from Penn State.

  2. BOB was completely out coached yesterday. Hoyer threw an interception at the 10 yard line on his first pass. He was no where close to a receiver. BOB has no idea what he doing.

  3. Dude…the hook was too short for Hoyer. Don’t get me wrong–he isn’t the long term answer. But neither is Mallett. They should have stuck with Hoyer for 2 or 3 games at least. Now either guy who ends up starting is going to wonder if he is only one bad play or series away from being yanked.

    I don’t get the haste–the Texans are not a “we must win now club”. Didn’t they just hire this coach?

  4. These types of situations never seem good for a team. No matter who gets the nod, they will be looking over their shoulder the every time they play.

  5. Hoyer won the starting job, so he should keep the role for more than just the first week regardless of how badly he performed. Isn’t that the point of the offseason and preseason? To determine the depth chart based off of a larger sample size of reps?

  6. If Hoyer is all “I feel like I’ve let everyone down” he doesn’t have the stones to be a QB. Save the drama for your mama. If you feel you’ve prepared as best you can, then you’ve got nothing to feel bad about. It’s up to the team to determine if your best is good enough. If you’ve let people down, then you know in your heart you didn’t prepare to your maximum. If you feel that way after two more games, you need to do something else for a living. Maybe Riff Raff in a Rocky Horror Picture Show revival.

  7. O’Brien cackled gleefully when he unveiled Brian Mallet, his Frankenstein’s experiment gone awry

  8. katientony says:
    Sep 14, 2015 3:45 PM

    Dude…the hook was too short for Hoyer. Don’t get me wrong–he isn’t the long term answer. But neither is Mallett. They should have stuck with Hoyer for 2 or 3 games at least. Now either guy who ends up starting is going to wonder if he is only one bad play or series away from being yanked.

    I don’t get the haste–the Texans are not a “we must win now club”. Didn’t they just hire this coach?
    Excellent assessment.

  9. I would add that we know Hoyer isn’t the long term answer.

    We can assume Mallett isn’t either, but he’s never been given the chance anywhere. I’d let him play and see what he can do.

  10. Bill seemed mighty snippy at his presser yesterday. I guess watching your D get lit up by Alex Smith will do that to you.

  11. Mallett played pretty well last year until he was hurt. And Hoyer looked awful on Sunday. I dont get what the debate is about…

  12. Hoyer is garbage. Inability to find a starting quality QB will cost O’Brien his job. Having said that, the Texans were TOTALLY screwed over by 2 inexplicable non-calls on PI. Both cases likely would have resulted in TD’s. One was a long pass in the first quarter that would have given the Texans the ball deep in Chiefs territory. The other happened in the endzone. In both cases the DB tackled the receiver a full second before the ball arrived. Both were HORRIBLE non-calls. The best highlight of Mallett all year will likely be him yelling at the ref who blew the call in the endzone. If this is what the NFL has to look forward to this year then I’m looking forward to the next strike by the refs. They were simply horrible in this game.

  13. Chiefs Fan here, if O’brien does not start Mallett, then he should be fired on the spot. There was a stark difference between the two qbs yesterday.

  14. Houston will have Robert Griffin III by this weekend. After the MNF game tonite, the decision will be made, and tomorrow morning it will be announced he was cut, by Wednesday night or Thursday morning help will have signed. They need a QB, and he needs a fresh start. Niner fan btw.

  15. I keep hearing how mallet is garbage but what I want to know is how people know this when the guy has not really been given a shot? This was not a qb competition they had already pegged Hoyer as the starter. Mallet should of been in the lead for the job based on last years performance.

  16. If I were O’Brien I would put off making that choice as long as possible, too.

    Would you like to be punched in the face or kicked in the fork, sir?

  17. I think you have to play Mallett. Hoyer has started enough games in the NFL to see that he’s probably not going to get much better and is a career backup. Mallet is a better passer and has more upside than Hoyer, got nothing to lose by playing him.

  18. BOB seemed out of his depth yesterday. Indecisive all day long. The Texans MVP (after JJ) was the video operator. 3 times he re-ran plays over and over to show BOB he should challenge. He only did it twice and won both times.

    The two PI’s were a joke. Same video operator made sure everyone saw them multiple times.

    That said, the team played pretty lifelessly. Handing KC 14 points on turnovers was never going to end well.

    I know KC fan said Mallett was much better, but the game was over by the time he came in.

  19. louiegrandie says:
    Sep 14, 2015 4:52 PM
    Best interest of the team? Then you don’t pass on 4 QBs and settle for these two backups.

    That’s an easy out. Unfortunately there were no “franchise’ QB’s in that draft. Bortles, Manziel, Bridgewater and Carr were the QB’s. None of them have been proven to be franchise QB’s yet and I don’t see them doing so anytime soon.

  20. gdublud says:

    Houston will have Robert Griffin III by this weekend.

    If they’re looking for another QB, I would think they would be looking for an upgrade.

  21. Give Mallet some real time. Games not quarters. He has a cannon for an arm. Belichek drafts football players. We all know this. Mallet is exactly that. Son of a coach. It’s in his blood. Give him a real shot.

  22. For a guy that has done absolutely nothing, o’brien is pretty arrogant. Hes a flat out punk.

    Hoyer sucks. We saw how inept he was in Cleveland. Mallett is the taller midget between the 2.

  23. Love O’Brien and think the Texans roster is very talented but the reality is they don’t have a true NFL caliber QB on their roster. If you could somehow put Mallet’s physical abilities together with Hoyer’s football IQ you may have a serviceable QB…… The Texans will struggle until they can find a serviceable NFL QB to run their offense, unfortunately the earliest this could happen is more than likely 2016.

  24. How about neither, Rick Smith. How a GM can spend 9 years calling the shots and has yet to get this team a real franchise qb is beyond me. Bob McNair is a good owner who wants to win but he is too loyal imo.
    We need to mortgage some draft picks and get a franchise qb this organization has never had instead of putting a band-aid on the position with garbage qbs…

  25. I’d rather take my chances with Mallett. He will make some bad decisions and miss the odd wide open receiver but he has the arm talent to make up for it and he can stretch the field as well as anyone. And, Houston has some talented receivers.

    That TD pass to Hopkins was impressive. I don’t think Hoyer could get the ball there in time.

    Mallett’s height can’t be ignore either. He can see the field.

    If BOB is not saying anything it is likely because Hoyer is starting and he wants to hold off the backlash in the press for as long as possible.

  26. Where’s Hoyer’s Confidence?
    Coach O’Brian is very familiar with both QBs. He coached them in New England. He coached Mallett last year in Houston before they signed Hoyer this offseason. After watching both QBs during the offseason, his careful evaluation was to go with Hoyer.
    After so many weeks (and years) of observation and thoughts you decided to go with Hoyer. You should give him at least a few more weeks. What could’ve changed in just one week of play? What kind of message does that convey to other players and the organization? What would people think of his judgement?
    Any QB can have a bad day, but Hoyer didn’t throw 4 INTs. If you take out that pick 6 in the opening drive, I didn’t think his performance was that bad. That’s how he normally plays. That doesn’t mean you lose your confidence in your QB. This is not a confidence booster for the QB.
    What did Coach O’Brian expect, a 4 TD performance from Hoyer? Coach should’ve known better because he saw how average of a QB he was with the Cleveland Browns last year.
    Hoyer didn’t help much of his case during the presser. He said he had felt like he let the entire organization down. No. He should’ve said, “I made a mistake and I’ll correct them in the next game with more preparation.”
    Mallett, by the way, played pretty good and led the offense down the field to score a TD. He did show a good command over the offense in his limited outing last year before getting injured.
    Mallett showed some real passion for the game after Hoyer was proclaimed starter. He was so upset, that he missed practice next morning (rumor has it he overslept). This proved he had a feel of ownership for the team which is important for a QB.

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