Dez Bryant breaks bone in foot, likely to have surgery


The Cowboys rallied for an improbable win over the Giants late Sunday night, but the team lost star wide receiver Dez Bryant to a broken bone in his foot in the fourth quarter.

“We want to be careful about making the entire judgment on it but Dez did break a bone,” Cowyboys coach Jason Garrett said in his postgame press conference. “We anticipate him having surgery. The initial diagnosis is he’ll be out 4-6 weeks.”

That 4-6 week target range is also what Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters after the game, and Bryant tweeted that he’ll “be back soon.”

The injury didn’t stop Bryant from leaving the locker room in compression shorts to celebrate with and greet teammates. The video in this tweet contains adult language.

Bryant caught five passes for 48 yards in the Cowboys’ 27-26 win. The Cowboys play at Philadelphia next week.

60 responses to “Dez Bryant breaks bone in foot, likely to have surgery

  1. Cowboys got it done, tip my cap to them.

    Giants on the other hand gave that one away!

    That’s the kind of loss you look back on at the end of the season when you’re missing the playoffs and think of the games you let get away.

  2. The Cowboys have enough depth to overcome the loss of Bryant. As long as the Cowboys have a healthy Romo, the Cowboys can still win the NFC East. Super Bowl Bound!

  3. Wow thats going to be a huge lose for Dallas. They got lucky this week but without Dez thats going to hurt in weeks to come. Whats up with Gregory

  4. Gee, where are all the Tony Romo haters?? You know, he is not clutch, Tony H—, etc. etc. He just set franchise history, by throwing the latest winning t/d ever thrown, even by Staubach 🙂 When in actuality, he has had one of the highest comeback percentages all through his career!!!!
    GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The New England Patriots are and the FUTURE champs…What a crock of crap 345 Park Avenue is!

    Can you even imagine having an office in that building… Get the NFL out. Just so you know even the NFL doesn’t own the building!

    Although it’s rumored Bill Belichick is renting space in their heads!!!

  6. Damn. Not a Cowboys fan, nor a hater – (nor do I own him on any of my FF teams )… but this sucks… Love watching this guy play…

  7. When are we going to discuss the elephant in the room that the NFL is poisoned with amateur referees, and this game was blown by the refs more than any mistake the Giants made?

  8. Huge loss obviously. Without Dez on the field, teams can give extra attention to Witten. While the other skill position players on Dallas aren’t terrible, none of them strike fear into a defense.

    Expect to see a lot of 8 in the box, and pressure from every angle. There is no reason not to when you aren’t scared of their guys outside. Which could spell trouble for Romo and his long iffy back.

    Plus, Philly has a pretty easy first half of the schedule, they may not be able to afford any slip ups or they could be so far out the race is over before it starts

  9. That has got to shake up Fantasy leagues across the board. Hope he gets well but I remember Julio Jones having a similar injury and him missing the rest of the 2013 season.

  10. I used to think Dez was a knucklehead. My shame for reading a book by its cover. After reading his Rolling Stone article to hear about his crappy upbringing, and where he is now; I’m team Dez and wish the kid a speedy recovery.

    Seattle fan

  11. Dallas played over 95% of this game without Dez. We will be ok. Dallas has been preparing and practicing without him most of the time. Missed most of training camp and all preseason. Dallas has been over prepared for this set back. It will take a while for Dez to get back in full swing but Dallas is more than capable of moving the ball from any point of the field. Cut the mistakes, give Darren McFadden more reps and the Eagles will fall to a 0-2 start. Eagle’s nation is looking ahead of the Falcons and focusing on us too soon. R.I.P Romo choke jokes. Go Cowboys!

  12. Not good for this team. I like romo, but they have a lack of weapons outside of dez. Terrance Williams, witten of course, Beasley and Escobar will have to step up.

  13. Let’s hope it’s not the dreaded Liz franc injury. That’s usually more than 4-6 weeks. Not a cowboys fan but I do like watching dez.

  14. That video actually makes me like him a lot more; guy is genuinely happy that his team won and doesn’t seem in the least bit bitter that he wasn’t the star of the game.

  15. 3rd and short, and Coughlin wants to pass it. LMAO I make better decisions on running the clock in Madden. Who passes there? Why didnt Manning just fall and take a sack? Wow. These guys get paid millions to lose on purpose. Surely it had to be on purpose. It looked like Coughlin and Manning sabotaged that win on purpose.

  16. I don’t care how great you are ….this is what happens when you skip all the OTA’s and training camp…didn’t look ready at all…IV in the first half when you know the temp is hot in there??…that’s your house??

    A very lucky win

    From a boys fan

  17. Yes they will be facing some tougher defenses but Romo can spread the ball around just fine.

    I’m concerned about Randles pass blocking next week

  18. Don’t kid yourselves Cowboys fan. Foot injuries don’t snap back into shape in 4-6 weeks. Fez won’t be himself until late this season, if not next.

  19. As an eagles fan, I feel bad for Romo is a solid QB and is absolutely the definition of clutch. His problem has always been consistency not talent.

    If I was a Cowboys fan I would be more concerned that they were only able to muster 81 rushing yards and 3.6 YPC against a team that was 18th against the run last year and was missing their start MLB and one of their better DL’s. They were solid in pass protection but they claimed that their success running the ball had little to do with Murray……

    Good luck with that,

  20. While many are lamenting the fate of their fantasy teams with this news, I’m on the other end. Looks like having Witten will go in my favor. It will be interesting to see how Dallas does on offense while Dez is out.

  21. The Cowboys and Giants both looked equally bad… Nice drive at the end of that game… but really surprised that Coughlin and Eli didn’t have enough smarts to run the clock.

    With that, the injury to Dez is huge. Anyone who can’t see that is blind. The running game is NOWHERE near what it was for them last year and the passing game will take a hit because of that. Without the command of attention that Dez drew from the secondary, their game plan will need to change and will be less of a threat.

  22. A broken bone in a foot is not something to play around with (literally and figuratively). Especially since the team just signed off a lucrative investment in the player. I guarantee that this impulsive, ego driven ownership is going to rush the guy back and he’ll aggravate it, thus making it worse, then limp him out on the field during a pivotal stretch in the season when he’s not even close to being effective. Just short term IR the dude and survive until he’s healthy; the NFL season truly begins after Halloween.

  23. Eagles fan here. Glad he won’t be playing against us, but never wishing injuries on people. Would have loved to see if our DBs were in any way improved against one of the best wideouts.

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