Washington cutting kicker Kai Forbath after loss

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The culprit has been identified.

After losing to the Dolphins yesterday in what the visitors felt was like a home game, they’ve found the appropriate scapegoat in Washington.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Washington plans to cut kicker Kai Forbath, and is bringing in former Bills and Saints kicker Dustin Hopkins.

Forbath missed a 46-yard field goal yesterday, which hardly seemed like a deal-breaker at the time. He hit 24-of-27 field goals last year, and has hit at a 88 percent clip in his previous three seasons there.

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  1. Kind of surprising. But they need a guy to kickoff out of the end zone since special teams are atrocious right now. I think the guy’s name is Dustin ‘Hopkins.’ He had a big leg @ FSU/long of 56 and 5 0f 6 from 50+ in 2012… We’ll see though…

  2. 24/27 a year ago and you get cut because you miss a 46-yarder? I realize the punter did a very good job last year and doesn’t deserve to be cut either but if you’re going to blame anyone shouldn’t it be him for not getting much of any hang time on a punt and out-kicking his coverage so that Landry is able to return it for a TD?

  3. It sucks this guy is out of work, especially considering he’s the scapegoat for THIS team.

    On a related note, it is extremely amusing to see someone so rich (Dan Snyder) be so incredibly stupid (every move ever made by the Redskins since his arrival).

  4. As with most former Redskin kickers, I’m sure he’ll sign with another team and become wildly successful and finally go to the playoffs.

  5. It wasn’t long ago the Skins had the wisdom to cut some nobody kicker named David Akers. And later got rid of some under performer named Sean Suisham. The Skins have been terrible for a long time in kicker personnel evaluations.

    What’s sad is how the Skins fans initially claimed this guy was a star, when he was never more than average. But is he really worse than any new guy they sign now?

  6. I wonder if any of you guys watched that game? Or did you look at the score and start chiming in with the usual comments

    I know the Redskins have been awful and all but I dont think this team is as bad as advertised

    The offensive line played well for a change and Rookie Brandon Scerff held up very good against The best interior D-lineman in the league

    Alfred Morris ran for 122 tds against a stout D-line

    2 Ints and multiple penalties did them in!

  7. Skins fan here. Inside of 50 yards, Cobra Kai as we called him on the Redskins forum, was pretty much money when it came to FGs. His problem was kick offs. He was the second worst in the league at kick offs last year. He wasn’t the reason we lost the game though.

    The offense didn’t put up enough points. I’ll say what I’ve said for the past three years. Cousins is a good second string QB. He isn’t a starter in this league. Despite the special teams problems, we win the game yesterday with good QB play.

  8. Sometimes, getting fired is a blessing. I hope he lands another job (there’s only 31 others), but getting out of Washington has to be a blessing.

  9. the Redskins organization refuses to take the blame for their actions. it seems like this organization is in denial. Glad for Kai Forbath getting out of there. Who wants to deal with that circus.

  10. Here’s an idea! FIRE THE SPECIAL TEAMS COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. If Kai could get the ball into the end zone on KOs he would still be here. Scot knows what he is doing. Coaching is not the problem on Special Teams there have been a lof of coaches here and the same thing happens over and over. It’s time for those players not getting the job done to go.

  12. The Redskins have one of the lousiest coverage units in the league. They need a guy who can get a touchback every time. Kai got a touchback maybe half the time, and he got injured when he tried to change his kicking style to get more.

    He could do well on a team with a really good coverage unit, where touchbacks are less important, because his FG% is pretty solid. But for the Skins, the priority has to be touchbacks.

  13. Really, you score 10 points, your QB spent the winter being trained by the HC’s brother, when will Snyder run this joke of a coaching staff out here. Tennessee look pretty good with a previous spread QB, how many points did they put on the board yesterday 🙂

  14. ….if your kicker can’t boom the kickoffs deep into the end zone on kickoffs…your gone.! It’s maddening for a coach to have his team score 7 but your kicker puts the other teams offensive right back in it when the kickoff returner has a chance to return a KO and put his team back in it on the 30 or 35. That’s why he’s being cut….it’s not FG. That’s why Alex Henry, Conner Barth, Calib Sturgis, & Novak ar’nt playing right now.

  15. Fire the guy holding the ball on kicks. It’s his fault. The whole season rides on him “DOING HIS JOB”! This Gruden is priceless. I’ve never quite seen a finger pointer like him as a Head Coach in the NFL.

  16. 1. Griffin is not the best QB on this team, as evidenced by THE LAST TWO YEARS…. 7-25. He is a shell of 2012, and has regressed with each passing season since then. Not saying Cousins or even McCoy are the answer, but Griffin is done. If anything, he’s proven in 35 starts that he is DEFINITELY not the answer in Washington.

    2. Kai had a nice FG % inside the 45, sure. But dude is probably the only kicker in the league that can’t put the ball out the back of the end zone (even after moving up to the 35!!). That has more repercussions than most people realize… Field position was a HUGE problem for the Skins last year; they were worst in the league at starting position, and worst in the league at opponents’ starting field position. For those of you who don’t think that’s a big deal, go watch more football and tell us how average starting field position at the 33yd line doesn’t benefit a team over an average start at the 20yd line.

    3. I always laugh at the Dolphins, Browns, etc fans calling the Redskins a wretched franchise- not that they aren’t- but seriously, how many division titles, playoff appearances, Super Bowl wins have any of those other franchises had in the last 20-25 years? I’ll give you a hint; it’s not that far off from the Redskins. 4-12 and 8-8 might as well be the same thing, because it only means 106 players are still watching January football from their own couch.

  17. but we keep a guy that can’t read the defense of a pop warner mighty midgets team who can slip in the shower at the facility, tear his ACL and be guaranteed 16 million dollars. The NFL owners need to get together and take the team from Snyder. They need to create a Wonderlic test for idiotic owners.

  18. Way too soon! So he missed a 46 yd FG. That’s not why the team lost, his kick offs have been better.

    Maybe if Gruden had run the ball a bit more close to the redzone and set up Kai to have a few more makeable FGs, the team work have won the game.

  19. @abanig

    First I want to say that the Redskins did not lose because of Kai. That said I can see why they cut him. He is bottom two in the league on kickoffs and he lacks the big leg for long distance kicks. In the game yesterday, the team passed on a 53 yard FG attempt and punted it because Kai lacks range.

    Truthfully, as Redskin fan that lives in South Carolina, I shake my head every time I see Graham Gano boot a kick off out of the endzone or nail a 50+ yard field goal with plenty of room to spare. Heck, the Saints have Hocker, our draft pick from last year, kicking for them now.

  20. WOW!!! I don”t speak footballnese………but it is well known – You don’t throw out the baby in the “BATH” water!!!!!! Dustin Hopkins, if you miss a kick they will be “DUSTING” you off for your trip back to the Longhorn state!!!!

  21. Love the football geniuses on this site. Well of course Forbath was shown the door after game 1 and here we are in week 17 and the Skins have already clinched the division. By the way, the reason Forbath was cut is because he couldn’t kick it into the end zone consistently.

    The Skins signed Dustin Hopkins who could do that and he has had 47 touchbacks on kickoffs since week 2. It also happens to be the exact same number of touchbacks that Kai Forbath had as the Redskins’ kicker in three years from 2012-2014. Teams chances of getting touchdowns or scoring points for that matter increases when they start drives on their 30-35 yard live versus starting on their own 20. That is a pretty basic concept that the dissenting opinions on this post missed.

    Add in the fact that Hopkins actually has been more accurate in kicking FG this year than Forbath and it was an even wiser move that was made here.

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