Carlos Hyde rushes for two touchdowns in 20-3 victory over Vikings

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Despite the return of Adrian Peterson to the field for the Minnesota Vikings, Carlos Hyde was the best No. 28 on the field Monday night.

Hyde rushed for 168 yards and two touchdowns as the San Francisco 49ers pulled away in the second half to an easy 20-3 victory over the Vikings.

Peterson was a non-factor in his return to the field. He rushed for just 31 yards on 10 carries and had three catches for 21 yards. Matt Asiata replaced Peterson in the backfield in hurry-up situations for the Vikings.

The game looked like the latter stages of a preseason game for the majority of the first half. Phil Dawson had a 28-yard field goal blocked by Andrew Sendejo on the 49ers opening drive of the game. After a lengthy return of the block by Marcus Sherels, the Vikings came up empty with a missed 44-yard field goal by Blair Walsh.

The 49ers finally broke through to get the first points on the board. Hyde spun away from defenders in the backfield and followed a lead block from quarterback Colin Kaepernick into the end zone to give the San Francisco 49ers a 7-0 lead.

After a 37-yard Walsh field goal got the Vikings on the board, Hyde scored on a 17-yard run to extend the 49ers lead to 17-3. Dawson added a 25-yard field goal on the 49ers ensuing possession.

Hyde is the firsts 49ers running back with 100-plus rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns in a Week 1 game since Garrison Hearst in 1998.

Kaepernick was solid for San Francisco in completing 17 of 26 passes for 165 yards. Teddy Bridgewater was decent as well for Minnesota. Bridgewater completed 23 of 32 passes for 231 yards and an interception for the Vikings. However, Minnesota was just 1-for-9 on third downs and couldn’t get the running game working.

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  1. 3 Questions:

    Is it true that the Vikings didn’t even get into the red zone until the last play of the 3rd quarter?

    Is it true that the Niners ran for 230 yards on the “new and improved” vikings defense?

    Is it true that this is Adrian Peterson’s Stat line? 10 rushes for 31 yards?

    I mean…sweet Jesus…this team is TERRIBLE.

    Worst in the NFC North by far.


  2. Game started out ugly for both teams, and stayed ugly for the Vikings. Where are all the fans who claimed them contenders? WHERE YOU AT? Haha! Comical.

    Checkdown Tiny Hands Teddy is not the answer, he can barely throw the ball past the line of scrimmage. Going to be another LONG season purple.

  3. What’s up with Peterson? Looked horrible.
    Barr,and Smith are good.
    Kali, Floyd are injury prone.
    Teddy is a bust. In way over his head.
    Rhodes can’t cover a crock pot. Bust.
    Patterson is the invisible man. Gonna be a long season if your offense can only get ya 3. Just saying.

  4. Wow, as a niners fan, I never dreamed that they would come out the gates( second half) balling like they did… Great job fellas.

  5. But but I thought the Vikings had the most talented team in the NFL! I thought Peterson was the greatest thing since sliced bread! I thought Teddy was the best QB ever!

    Oh Vikings fans were saying that? Oh no wonder lol!

  6. I’m so confused, according to vikings fans, teddy was gonna lead them to a superbowl this year. Oh well, just wait a few short months and the vikes can become off-season champs once again.

  7. I’m not too sure that the 49ers had more talent than the Vikings since both are in such short supply, but the effort level was much higher for the 49ers.

    After hearing so much noise in the media leading up to the season opener about what a surprise team the Vikings are going to be, this was truly a suprise, a surprise on how gad awful the Vikings truly are.

  8. After the semi rough start we looked solid out there. D looked really strong and the O is a work in progress. Kap looked way more poised and relaxed in the pocket, while he has work to do i saw improvement. Cut reggie i figured he would last till at least game 4. Good win!

  9. Not a Niners fan, but man, great to see Bowman back in the field and dominating. Also, Hyde is the real deal

  10. Check down Teddy is King of the 3 yard Completion. Zimmer was out coached, and Norv is not a genius

    AP looks old. Trade him to Dallas and begin the rebuild. Lets get a real QB in here with the #1 overall pick.

    2020 is our year!

  11. Honestly thought the seahawk-lites would have won handily. Looks like i was wrong. Nice win, Niner’s, but man they need to clean up the penalties and sloppy play.

  12. That performance was completely unacceptable. The Vikings were humiliated on offense and defense. Bridgewater was not decent, he was bad. When your offense scores 3 points, your quarterback was bad. I understand that the line didn’t give him much time and he got robbed on the pass interference in the end zone that wasn’t called. It doesn’t matter. The opportunities were there and nothing happened. I’m sure it will be better next week, but they should have been ready to play this week.

  13. That loud, deafening thud you just heard was the reality of regular season crashing down and crushing all of the Viking fans delusions everywhere.


  14. Wow what a terrible game.
    Teddy is even more inaccurate this year (so much for his goals)
    his check downs look good tho, really his bread and butter
    Whats up with AP? looks like he hasn’t played in a year. tentative and running scared
    That defense tho, whats going on? Every vikings “fan” told me this was going to be a great defense

    and the niners are just garbage, all the good players left, all they have left is kaep, their running QB, who they wouldn’t let run, once they did they were making positive yards, go figure

  15. Man.. I talked a lot of crap! I apologize to every Bear, Deteoit, and Pack out there! The Vikes looked terrible tonight. I Guess the Pack or the NFC again….hopefully my guys turn it up a few notches!!! SKOL!!!

  16. Packers start the season right where they left off last season. All alone in 1st place. By the looks of AP and Bridgewater the Vikings will finish in their usual last place. They will have another top 10 draft pick and blow another draft. So predictable

  17. The five worst teams in the NFL:

    1)Minnesota Vikings
    2)Washington Redskins
    3)Oakland Raiders
    4)Cleveland Browns
    5)Tampa Bay Buccaneers


  18. Offseason darlings.
    Good thing preseason narratives mean zero when the season starts.

    But this is a tough one for the haters who thought SF would be cellar dwellers this year. Seattle is in sole possession of that title right now.

  19. Wow.

    Well, Vikings fans say that when a team rushes for 183 yards on your defense that it’s terrible.

    What does it mean when a team rushes for 230 yards against your defense?

    Don’t speak. Just don’t even talk. At all. For the rest of the season.

    Also, good game Niners. Looks like the west is going to be up for grabs this year. All 4 teams have the talent to take it.

  20. No TB was not decent
    Kaep improved
    SF looked great
    Tomsula needs to wipe his head
    9er cheerleader outfits > jerseys

  21. The Vikings, easily the most pathetic team in the league as of week 1. What a complete joke of a defense they have.

    If it wasnt for San Fran shooting themselves in the foot in the first half, the score would have been like 40-3.

    Once again the Vikings embarrass themselves on national TV.

  22. As a Vikings fan I am embarrassed by that performance. Looked like the whole team had jet lag. Pathetic, just pathetic effort. 3 points, are you kidding me? Either Carlos Hyde is the next Barry Sanders or the Vikings defense has taken 3 steps backward. I wouldn’t want to be on that plane ride home.

  23. I’m not acting like we beat the pats or anything but I knew we wouldn’t be garbage. For all the critics and las Vegas, if you had the Vikings winning, you don’t know football lol Great job #9ers, Just clean it up and finish more next week!

  24. Our defense looks great, and I love the 3 tight end sets to set up the run game… Carlos Hyde looks like the second coming of Ricky Watters, I think we are going to do a lot better than most expected. Maybe this off-season leached out more bad blood to make way for the new, who knows… Hard to base everything off of one win against the Vikings in week one, but it looks a lot more promising than the pundits would have you believe… Rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated….

  25. The Viking are terrible. So much for Pederson running mad… More like running like an old man. It must suck for the preseason to be over. Good old check down looked like we thought he would look. Crickets….

  26. Someone needs to tell my Vikings that glaring holes in your offensive line are not something to just ignore.

  27. I’ll take the win. It was a sloppy game but the defense held until the offense clicked in. Hyde has made the case that he can replace Gore and hopefully he can continue perform like that. Bowman is now the leader of that defense and it’s inspiring that they played with an intensity that showed they’re not done despite all the off season conjecture.

    Again, I’ll take it one week at a time. It was painfully obvious that Hayne has some work to do if he wants to be a starter and our O-line can’t afford to have drive killing penalties. We join St. Louis (LA) and AZ at 1-0 and there’s plenty of football left but the Niners aren’t DOA.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

    P.S Chris Berman needs to retire for the sake of us all and I swear if Trent Dilfer refered to Kaep as a Ferrari one more time I was gonna throw the remote through my TV.

  28. Remember that both of PFT’s guys picked the Vikings to win. MDS had the Vikings winning 34 -10, said this one was going to get ugly for the home team.

  29. Not a fan of either team, but AP has some serious rust to shake off to get back in the game and be the back he once was. The year off has really effected him and not in a good way. Bridgewater looked lost on a lot of his throws and reads. The Aussie rugby player looked good in his debut and I bet more teams will be looking elsewhere for running help in the future.

  30. Worst offseason in the history of sports but the one light at the end of the tunnel was YOUTH…this is a young mans game and we got a lot younger this offseason…trials and tribulations will also help that talent grow…gonna take lumps this season but mark my words when these young guys start performing this will be a dangerous team…Minnesota is not a great team yet but still a quality win for a franchise in turmoil

  31. This moosejaw from THE Ohio State University can’t string together 5 words; but as long as he can run the foosbawl, I guess that’s alright..

  32. All of this love for Teddy needs to stop. He looked awful tonight. As always, most, if not all of his completions were thrown under 10 yards and plenty under 5 yards. Anything over that were terribly overthown, underthrown, widely thrown, etc. I think he might have hit just a few over 10 yards that were caught and decent passes. What is so special about him?

  33. I know it’s only week one…but you boys at PFT have jumped on the doom and gloom bandwagon for my niners. Maybe you guys should man up and eat some crow.

    Go Niners!

  34. “Teddy Bridgewater was decent”??? I know it was a late kickoff, but watch the game next time instead of just reading the box score.

    Bridgewater was AWFUL. Start looking for a new QB, Vikings.

  35. I love the Vikings but I hope all other Vikes fans refuse to make excuses for this one. The run defense was pitiful at best, the offensive line was atrocious and Bridgewater looked mediocre at best and threw an ugly interception. The only bright spots were McKinnon,Smith and Barr. Wallace actually ran some decent routes and had a couple nice plays(I still don’t know how the ref standing a few yards away missed the blatant PI in the end zone on a nice throw by Teddy), but as a whole I give the team a D- overall on this one. Too many mistakes, too much pressure on the qb, no run defense. Missing Sullivan and Loadholt was huge but SF has almost a completely new line this season and they looked fine to me.I trust Zimmer to get it figured out but for week one this was an utter disaster of a game, had that been a really good opponent, the game would have been way more out of hand, I know it’s week one and it’s supposed to be a long season but I was disgusted with that performance tonight. That is all.

  36. 49er doom and gloom was overstated. Roster still has talent.

    Seahawks are in last place in the NFC west. Somewhere Kam Chancellor is smiling.

  37. Wasn’t sure if I was watching the Special Olympics or NFL football, with Krapernick and Bustwater on the same field it was a little of both.

  38. Ha ha ha The great Minnesota Vikings where are you fool your team stinks what up piece of crap that team is

  39. Bridgewater what a poor excuse for a quarterback and Minnesota tryed to cheat bloody cheaters and they still lost

  40. 3 points against a defense with 6 or 7 new defensive starters.

    And the awesome Viking defense gave up the most rushing yards of any defense in Week 1.

    After all of the Vikings’ fans talk, their performance in this game was absolutely hilarious.

    And you got beat by a team with a rugby guy who just started playing football a few weeks ago.


    And Peterson looked pedestrian, except on that pass play where he carried about 8 49ers with him for extra yardage. I guess after that, he was gassed.

    It was great.

  41. Decent? Really?? Oh come on!!
    There is no use in sugar coating how bad Teddy B was.


    A large number of his completions were checkdowns within a few yards (or behind) the line of scrimmage and/or way short of the line to gain.

    If not for some garbage time yardage on the last drive or two, he would have averaged around 6 – 6.5 yards per attempt.

    He missed at least a full handful of throws – badly sailed them, including the miserably timed INT. And that doesn’t even include the pathetic noodle-armed Hail Mary(ish) attempts at the end of the first half.

    He failed to account for blitzers multiple times, and with the “help” of his OL took 6 drive-killing sacks.

    The 1-9 on third downs (which was mentioned) is a wretched showing for a guy who has recently been touted, repeatedly, by Viking fans, as the next great QB – the steal of the 2014 draft, etc.

  42. SKOL!!!!!! LOL!!! The Vikings couldn’t beat most college teams!!!!

    Please NFL, don’t put them on prime time TV again!!!! The 49’ers are a mediocre team, and dominated the boys in purple.

    They’ll win 4 games if they’re lucky this year!

  43. Dont forget Niner Faithful, the narrative is this:

    York fired Harbs, so no-one wants to play for us, everyone has left or retired and we are due a 3-13 season if we are lucky. The Vikes are a hot tip for a deep play off run and the vast majority of “expert pundits” give us zero chance after the off season turmoil, Kap can follow his progressions and our offense is hopeless. Our coach is a nobody and has a staff of nobodies with him.

    So I guess its Vikings 20 – Niners 3?

    Oh wait………..

    Hang on, now the narrative will be “its only week 1″….. watch……..

  44. Hey Vikings fans….. What happened? I thought your team was going to go 16 and 0 this year?????

    Same old Vikings……. Ha ha ha …..

  45. What the hell were the Vikes doing?

    O-line gets smoked.

    D- gets freight-trained.

    No AP……What in the hell is going up there?

    Linebackers looked slow… no edge coverage.

    We need heelp!

  46. Aaaaaaand there’s your blueprint for beating Teddy. Late rotations in the secondary and heavy underneath coverage. Was I seeing things or did he seriously fail to get it to the endzone from 65 yards away? Is it possible the Vikings workout with him consisted of him throwing 5-15 yeard passes? That would explain why they were so giddy over him. Looks like another Ponder to me.
    Not to mention he’s going to get shelled behind that O line. When will Vikings fans learn to let their teams play speak for them. They show up in droves starting as soon as the packers season ends and proclaim their superiority. Then at some point they dissappear. This year it only took a week. Hooray.

  47. The Almighty Cabbage says:
    Sep 14, 2015 10:15 PM

    mtb2253 says:
    Sep 14, 2015 9:52 PM

    and you know this how?


    Ya know what? You’re right. I don’t know it to be 100% accurate. But I DO know that Rodgers has never been accused of any wrongdoing, other than what occurs from guys like you.

    If that’s what it takes for you to feel better about whatever team you root for, have at it. I’m not going to lose any sleep over it and I would have to think Rodgers wouldn’t lose any sleep over it either.

    Now let’s all go tune in to MNF, where the Vikings set off on their quest to win Super Bowl number 76 of the 50 that will have been played at season’s end

    I have no clue what your last paragraph means but the Vikings seem to have hit a speed bump

  48. man! i don’t care who you are but Carlos Hyde is gona be special, i haven’t seen a back that big and so explosive in a long time, the kid has a ton of talent and as long as he can stay healthy i think the niners are gona be allot better than most people think, and that terrible offensive line everyone kept talking about looked pretty damn good if you ask me, minus the penalties and all, but they gave kap plenty of time to throw and step up into the pocket and constantly got Minnesota’s d line moving laterally which normally leads to huge cutback lanes in a zone run blocking scheme, and also the defense looked solid and played smart sound football throughout the game, and especially in the trenches, they maintained great gap integrity and completely shut down a.p. , so all in all just a good showing for the niners who were supposedly poised to have the number 1 pick next year lol, one more thing, ill always love Frank Gore and all he did with the niners but Hyde is clearly a huge upgrade for us

  49. This viking team sure looks tough. I can see how their fans think they’re going to compete for the super bowl. The offensive line is absolutely pathetic. The run defense looks even worse than my teams run defense. Bridgewater has got to be one of the most inaccurate passers in the NFL. Am I missing something? What is so great about this team?

  50. WAY too early to be too impressed, but the 49ers might shut a few mouths this season. Would kind of be funny after Big Media killed em, buried em, danced on their grave and then laughed about it all summer.

  51. Zimmer is overrated as a coach and either the Norv Turner or Teddy is a dud.

    Or the 49ers are unstoppable.

    Which is it?

  52. The Vikings got handled last night. Looked like they were ready for bed, not football. Good game 49ers

  53. Hopefully this will put a damper, if only for a week, on the Pavlovian haters. Yes, the 49ers lost a lot of players. But the 49ers, unlike many NFL teams, try to plan for most of the losses and develop young players to fill the holes they’r expecting in the future.

    So while the 49ers did lose a lot of players, replacements were (with few exceptions due to two unexpected retirements) already in-house. And while the 49ers may not necessarily be a Top-5 team, I think the early results are encouraging and that they’re showing they’re going to be a good, competitive team.

    So, I’m hoping, but not expecting, that last night may just have illustrated that the off-season vapors and fainting couches may have been a just a bit over-dramatic.

  54. where all the people that had the vikings in the playoffs and the niners 3-13?? The face that Baalke kept taking 1st round talent in later rounds even if it wasnt an immediate position of need is paying off. Anybody who payed attention to the roster and the players filling in for all the people we lost would of known better than to expect us to be terrible this year….sit back and enjoy #NinerEmpire

  55. First off all real Niners fans knew Hyde was going to have a monster game and season. It was said all last year he fits in perfect with our system, and he did. The defense was great as usual, like us true Niner fans knew it would be. I was laughing all night about the naysayers saying Niners were going to get smashed by Minnesota.

  56. tundra67 says:
    Sep 15, 2015 2:22 AM
    Decent? Really?? Oh come on!!
    There is no use in sugar coating how bad Teddy B was.


    A large number of his completions were checkdowns within a few yards (or behind) the line of scrimmage and/or way short of the line to gain.

    If not for some garbage time yardage on the last drive or two, he would have averaged around 6 – 6.5 yards per attempt.

    He missed at least a full handful of throws – badly sailed them, including the miserably timed INT. And that doesn’t even include the pathetic noodle-armed Hail Mary(ish) attempts at the end of the first half.

    He failed to account for blitzers multiple times, and with the “help” of his OL took 6 drive-killing sacks.

    The 1-9 on third downs (which was mentioned) is a wretched showing for a guy who has recently been touted, repeatedly, by Viking fans, as the next great QB – the steal of the 2014 draft, etc.


    And he got 53 cheap passing yards in garbage time before halftime which included a severely lame underthrown hail mary and what would be a check down on a hail mary after the underthrown one….that ypa stat is meaningless as is completion percentage …. everything he throws is a checkdown hence the high completion % …. and his actual yards a pass is thrown IS the worst/lowest in the NFL

  57. Why would anyone take viking types seriously in the off season with their track record of boasting without accomplishment?

    For more than 35 offseasons the vikings say this is our year and we are going to the Super Bowl.

    The regular season always proves them wrong.

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