Leonard Williams says he has to get in better condition


Jets rookie defensive lineman Leonard Williams found out in a hurry there’s a difference between college shape and NFL shape.

The first-round pick said he thinks he can play better, primarily when he gets himself in better condition.

“I don’t feel like I played to my best abilities to be honest,” Williams said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “I think part of it is just conditioning. I feel like in college we did a lot of conditioning. It’s kind of like up to myself now to take care of that on my own like after practice.”

While there’s certainly a difference in level, Jets coach Todd Bowles said it might have had as much to do with nerves as anything cardiovascular.

“I thought he got winded because I thought emotionally he was too high,” Bowles said. “You come out and you’ve got spit on the side of your mouth and you’re slobbering and you’re in warm-up in pregame. That is typical to happen to a rookie the first time out. They come out hyperventilating.”

But between not playing a full game in the preseason and a few long drives against them last week, Williams said he was feeling it Sunday.

15 responses to “Leonard Williams says he has to get in better condition

  1. I think for the next 10 years…(not counting J.J Watt of course)

    Williams and Aaron Donald are going to be the NFLs dominant defensive lineman.

  2. But but but…all the teams that passed on him were so stupid for not knowing he was the next Warren Sapp!

    How is this possibly true?!? Media, you couldn’t have been wrong…could you???

  3. Bowles said ’emotionally he was too high’.

    I think we can just go with ‘too high’ and leave it at that.

  4. This kid is the best defensive player in the NFL right now. A great centerpiece to build a defense around. He’ll make plenty of highlights, but he’ll also open it up for the other guys to make plays. Opponents will have to double and triple team him, and that usually creates problems. Very few human beings were created like this guy.

  5. Going into this Indy game, the national media will say they suck and because Indy has Luck it will be a blowout. Jets don’t have a franchise QB, etc etc

    …but if you really look at this game, the Jets have a good O-line and solid backs. Indy is bad against the run. Jets will gash Indy on the ground. That sets up the play action passes, which Fitz is decent at. On the other side of the ball, if Hilton is out or limited, check Andre Johnsons stats whenever Revis is on him. He does squat….and we know Indy will have trouble running against the Jets D-line and LB’ers, because everyone does.

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