Marshawn’s mother calls Bevell “the worst play-caller ever”


Given recent Super Bowl history, the Seahwawks giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch on a fourth down and short situation in overtime of their season-opening loss last Sunday to the Rams was predictable — too predictable, apparently, as the Rams stopped Lynch short and won the game.

Lynch’s mother thought it was too predictable, too. Per multiple reports from those who have seen it, Delisa Lynch took to Facebook Monday and called Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell “the worst-play caller ever” and said the final play of Sunday’s game was about what happened last February, when the Seahawks threw a pass at the goal line that was intercepted by Malcolm Butler of the Patriots.

She also said Bevell “should have been fired.”

The Seattle Times has the post screenshotted as part of its story on the posting and play call.

The entire post by “Sunshine Lynch” reads: “Too the smart azz media who wrote that’s why marshawn didn’t get the ball in the superbowl ,how many times did russell get sacked yesterday. Dont worry i will wait on the answer plus it was totally different at the superbowl the line was better than yesterday no blocking and to the offense caller who should have been fired yes i said it Fired !!! He is the worst play-caller ever the only reason he called that dumb azz play yesterday is to be able to justify the 1 yard that wasn’t called in the superbowl ,but most fans already figured this out .were still on a mission but i know the Seahawks staff loves that play caller more than a win ,go figure ‪#‎nfldontpayme# I love this team and will stand up to anybody who tries to destroy it boom!!!!”

So, Delisa still loves this team. She’s just about that Facebook action, boss.

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  1. He is the worst play-caller ever the only reason he called that dumb azz play yesterday is to be able to justify the 1 yard that wasn’t called in the superbowl ,but most fans already figured this out .

    This is priceless. HAHAHA.

  2. I’m a Rams fan I saw that play coming from a mile away. Whenever he was lining up parallel to Wilson you knew he was going to get the ball. Knowing the Rams weaknesses from having watched them for so long I would have opted for a screen pass to Lynch IMO.

  3. Can she do all of Marshawn’s media interviews as his “Anger Translator”? That would be some gold right there.

  4. It’s always the play callers fault that the two multi million dollar players couldn’t pick up a yard each. Sometimes you just have to man up and beat the person in front of you. You got beat because you couldn’t block the Rams. That’s it.

  5. Yea classy as many of you are on a regular basis… It’s amazing how many of you get on here and say whatever but then expect everyone else to act with class… On here talking about people’s mother Lmao… She is the only person that really has room to speak on this out of all if this because her son is involved and I bet she knows waaaaay more than we do… Smh

  6. Bevell sucks. Almost goes into a game with the O prepared to sustain any attack. He always needs to make half time adjustments because he isn’t good enough to adjust on the fly. If Wilson couldn’t run around like crazy man extending plays and making something out of nothing Bevell would have been gone long ago.

    Good call Ms. Lynch… Fire him please.

  7. Hindsight is 20/20 and these Seahawk fans (in this case, a mother) are absolutely embarrassing themselves by criticizing every play call AFTER already knowing the outcome.

  8. The fact that her son couldn’t punch it in from the 1 yard line once out of the 5 times he had it in his hand last year probably had nothing to do with the seahawks going with “Plan B” in the SB.

    The fact that he got the ball in a win or lose situation and only had to get one yard and didn’t make it shouldn’t matter.

    It was the play calling. Marshawn would have picked up that one yard in the 5 previous situations where he didn’t (now 6) if just the right play had been called.

    And I will win powerball if just the right numbers come out tomorrow.

    As “alwaysaz” said, I have “already figured it out”

  9. All the sudden so much unrest and greed in Seahawk land. Even Petie Carroll is looking stressed. Saw this coming, once everyone was eligible to get paid, no way they could fit them all under the cap. Then the key was deciding who to keep. Hawks should have kept Chancellor and traded Sherman. Sherman is very good, but much more one dimensional than Chancellor (plus, IMHO Sherman has an annoying loud mouth that can be a distraction, especially if things go sideways in Seattle) Here’s to hoping Chancellor gets his money with another team!

  10. I’m a Rams fan I saw that play coming from a mile away. Whenever he was lining up parallel to Wilson you knew he was going to get the ball. Knowing the Rams weaknesses from having watched them for so long I would have opted for a screen pass to Lynch IMO.
    I was thinking roll out, possible pass, possible Russell for the run.

  11. I will give a million Internet dollars to whoever can dub a reading of that over an Oscar the Grouch scene.

  12. Look, nobody wants to admit it…

    But on both plays, Super Bowl and Rams game…The Seahawks DID NOT execute.


    Blame the play call all you want… But Russell stared down his received and then threw a pass too far in front of his reciver on the slant, and the pick route was run poorly…

    In the Rams game…Aaron Donald was in the backfield (Along with Brockers and others in a billionth of a millisecond…

    There was no play that they would have run that would have been blown up.

    But sure….

    Always use 20/20 hindsight when showing your intelligence.

    If you execute the worst play call in the world….guess what you get ???

    That’s right..

    A super bowl win…

    And an opening day win.

  13. The O line has been bad this whole run. Got a qb that needs an offense tailored to his skill set. The O has been good enough to not ruin what is a great defensive run. Be careful what you wish for, not sure baby jesus would thrive in say a Norv Turner drop back offense.

  14. The better question is why did Seattle kick an onside kick to start overtime? Must be that they don’t have much confidence in their defense.

  15. As said before, the Hawks lost because they couldn’t block the Rams.

    Pete & Co never seem to have a completely cooked OL until Week 10 or so. It sure would be nice to get a stable lineup there.

  16. Stop yo whinin’ lol The Seahawks lost the Super Bowl because Russell Wilson’s final pass was not thrown with enough velocity. lol

  17. She’s 100 % right. The Rams knew what was coming. Belichick in the Super Bowl could see the uncertainty of the sidelines and didn’t call a time out to let off the hook.

    Seattle has had 3 defensive coordinator get hired for head coaching jobs while Bevell has looked for the same jobs. He is still here and I have hoped he would be gone. Seahawks win despite Bevell. Predicable, bad formations, no rhythm to his calls and always late on exploiting mismatches.

    Sure Wilson needs to execute better, he deserves his share of blame but the OC is the weak link in Seattle and has been for years. Glad that its getting out there in the press so somebody finally is on the hot seat. Hopefully he makes some improvements.

  18. I know most of you don’t understand much about football, but one game doesn’t make the season.

    In fact, after the first game last year the combined record of the four finalists (AFC and NFC championship games) was 1-3.

    And after four games the four finalists were a combined 8-7 (Seattle had a bye).

    Both GB and Indy started 0-2 and Seattle and NE started 1-1.

    Relax and don’t hate, appreciate.

    We’re still going to be there.

  19. “She also said Bevell “should have been fired.”………Easy Lady. Bevell isn’t the one who couldn’t manage to get 1 lousy yard. Just feel better he flopped here instead of in the Superbowl. At least there, the goat horns got to be worn by Willson and Beast Mode got to enjoy his offseason believing “I coulda’ got that yard’. Now we know.

  20. I sat near Mama Lynch (name on her Seahawks jersey and CAL hat) at the CAL game couple weeks ago. She really knows her stuff and was calling out the plays before they happened many times or saying what the running backs were supposed to do. I knew Marshawn back in college and through some charities. He’s a very funny guy and pretty smart. Don’t judge him by the way he looks and talks. That’s the way all the guys “in the hood” talk. Peer pressure is tough.

  21. if you have watched the seahawks the last three years, you know she is telling the truth.russell wilson has saved this guy job. i scream at him every game for dumb play calls. look at how he wasted the 3rd quarter of the super bowl with piss poor play calling.

  22. I hate the popular notion that when a coach makes a call that doesn’t work or if a player screws up, you must fire that coach or he immediately becomes an idiot overnight.

    Bevell is one of the better OCs in the league and will be a HC sometime soon. He called a play, the QB threw an interception, that’s football… It makes as much sense as Greg Roman being blamed for Kaepernick throwing an interception to Richard Sherman in the 2013 NFC championship game or the Packers firing the special teams coordinator because Brandon Bostick did exactly what he wasn’t supposed to do on an onside kick.

  23. In the SB, Carroll called a pass from the 1 instead of a run which everyone in the stadium was expecting. Why? Because, in the the NCAA Championship game against Texas he called a run on a 4th down to ice the game and everyone KNEW he was going to do it and it was stopped. Texas went on to win the game. He was castigated for doing the obvious.

    So, he calls an unexpected play – a pass – and it fails. He is castigated for not doing the obvious.

    Now, again, he does the obvious thing and it fails – he is called out again. The guy should just flip off the media and run his team the way he wants.

  24. Well, he couldn’t use Percy Harvin and I fear he doesn’t know how to use Jimmy Graham.

    If you can watch a Seahawks game (any game) and come out thinking, what a great series of calls, you need to stop drinking or stop watching football.

    Marshawn’s mom is 100% right. Lynch and Wilson have succeeded despite Bevell’s presence, not because of it.

  25. I agree that Bevell sucks, but as a players mother, you need to pipe down. Especially with how you expressed your feelings. With the cursing and the misspelling words. So trashy. Act like a grown up, Not like trash.

  26. I would love to see what she and everyone else who is pretending to be an expert would have said had he NOT gotten the ball and they didn’t get it either. Can you imagine?

  27. Someone recently argued to me that Bevell can’t be that bad because the Hawks had the most explosive plays (20 yards or more) of any team. My question…were those designed plays or just amazing improvisation by the offense when the play that Bevell called fell flat?

  28. ….and we should pay attention to her because she used to coach where? Right, she has no more idea what she’s talking about than any other untrained person. Basically, it’s just Marshawn’s mommy standing up for him. I thought he was grown enough to stand up for himself, but, whatever……

  29. He is.

    Zero ability to adjust his game plan as the game progresses. It’s like he’s calling plays with a blindfold on and can’t see how the game transpires.

    When it comes time for a big play call he doesn’t have the creativity or logical thinking to make the right call.

    He is WAY too conservative in the red zone.

    He concedes the run when teams stack the line. He won’t even run play action…he just abandons the run and goes empty backfield. Defenses then can defend the pass without any threat of Sea running.

    How many plays did he run Sunday with an empty backfield in a 4 wide set against one of the best d-lines in the league? After the 2nd sack out of two plays you would think he would get it. No…he must have ran 5-6 more empty backfield plays. None of them I think resulted in a positive gain.

    The 4th and 1 shotgun, delayed handoff, 7 yards deep in the back field against the best d line in the league. THIS is best play call you can come up with when the game is on the line???

    Super Bowl…passing was the right choice. But that route could have been disastrous numerous ways. For a 5’10” QB…that ball could have hit a helmet, been tipped, deflected….whatever. He had 2 6’5″ receivers who were more than capable of catching a flare pass in the corner. Or…play action to Lynch and roll Wilson out and give him some options. If nothing was there he could throw it away and the clock stops and you still have a timeout.

    WILSON needs to start taking ownership of this offense. He needs to use audibles, call time outs, change the play in the huddle….whatever. I’m tired of Wilson’s out being “the defense made a great play”…when the play call was doomed from the start.

  30. all these Seattle trolls talking down on Lynch’s Mother, something they’d not day do to Lynch’s face. Computer cowards.

    And she is absolutely right. Everyone who watches Seattle games knows that Bevell should be fired 2 years ago on his predictability alone. Stinkin trolls don’t know jack!

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