Zimmer remains confident in Bridgewater despite Week 1 “clunker”


Vikings coach Mike Zimmer says he remains confident in quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, despite a rough night in the opening loss against the 49ers.

“This is the first time I’ve really seen him like that,” Zimmer said of Bridgewater, via ESPN. “Usually he’s got so much composure but he did seem that way,” Zimmer said. “A couple times [he] didn’t pull the trigger when he had opportunities to, and even when it’s third down, he goes and slides and almost doesn’t get the first down instead of going headfirst and getting the first down. Things like that that are not typical of what he’s done and what we’ve done in practice as well.”

The Vikings’ home opener is Sunday against the Lions, and Zimmer believes Bridgewater will be better.

“I do not think that Teddy’s going to throw another clunker,” Zimmer said. “I’ve never seen that side of him. I think it’s probably just an enigma that this happened. But we’re going to have to find out with what we see.”

After an offseason in which the Vikings became a trendy playoff pick, a loss Sunday would drop them to 0-2. They can’t afford another clunker.

97 responses to “Zimmer remains confident in Bridgewater despite Week 1 “clunker”

  1. Year 2 means there is tape of Teddy Bilgewater.

    Everyone knows he isn’t accurate or able to throw a deep pass.

    Now he has a beat up offensive line and those skinny little legs and tiny hands are going to become issues.

    Start thinking about next years draft MN. Maybe Christian Hackenburg!

  2. the whole team wasn’t prepared. It was not Bridgewater’s fault. Every player out there was not playing at a pro level. Actually I blame Zimmer for not having them ready to play. I like him but this team wasn’t prepared to play.

  3. Starting to look the Vikings maybe should have traded AP during this off season since he had multiple teams interested and the fact he’s 30. Buy low and more importantly sell high.

  4. A quarterback should never go “head first” Mr. Zimmer; else, they could end up like Josh McCown (Cleveland QB) going on an unexpected helicopter ride.

    Speak of the devil, here’s the current entry on his Wiki page:

    “Joshua McCown (born July 4, 1979) is an American football ‘[helicopter)’ for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL).”

    By the way, I did not write that edit, in case you were wondering.

  5. The expectation was Peterson was going to have this huge impact.

    Well he did. He laid a dud and the whole team followed.

    Should have traded him. He’s done.

  6. He was 1-9 on 3rd down and 0-2 on 4th down. But, he completed 72% of his passes. People: disregard stats. They’re for losers. You can always complete a five yard pass on 3rd and 10. It’s only week one, and you can disregard one game. But the guy I saw at Louisville was below average at best. How you draft this guy in round one is beyond me. Don’t people watch tape? Ridiculous. The Vikings are building a decent defense, but Bridgewater isn’t going to beat playoff caliber teams.

  7. The last throw before halftime Teddy was more concerned with getting a completion by throwing it short than throwing the ball into the endzone.

  8. as much as I whine about west coast teams having to play at 10 am PST , which means a 5:30am wake up call after a coast to coast flight, it also make no sense an east coast team should be playing at 1am est

    as far as zimmer…..what do you want him to say?

  9. I expected Minnesota to do it with defense. They are not exactly an offensive juggernaut. Bridgewater is not a top tier quarterback. Peterson might have lost something after a year off for beating his kid bloody. They don’t have any decent receivers. Their defense might be a long way from great. Doesn’t look good for Zimmer.

  10. Actually Teddy was the only one out there making plays. Either San Fran has one of the best defensive fronts or Minn has a terrible O-line. While you’re throwing Bridgewater under the bus, don’t forget the terrible offensive game plan by Norv Turner. Use Peterson as a decoy? OK that’s gonna win games. What about the Minn defense making Carlos Hyde look like Eric Dickerson. Did they have a clunker?

  11. I thought he had a stronger arm. I’m a little concerned about him having so much air under his throws. It’s going to take a bit more zip on the ball for him to be successful and for his receivers not to get wasted.

  12. I always hear people refer to him as Check down Teddy. I pretty much saw that last night. That might explain why he had high percentage on his passes.

  13. So all the Vikes fans proclaiming Teddy B the best QB in the draft last year over Carr now your going to see what it’s like to play a REAL schedule. Not that cupcake schedule you played last year. Derek Carr as a rookie last year played the NFC West plus his own Division AFC West, plus AT the Jets/Pats/Browns and home against the Texans/Bills…aoutstanding defenses teams with top notch defenses and elite pass rushers and Carr still put up the 4th most TD’s for a rookie in history.
    Teddy played a depleted niners team WITH ADRIAN PETERSON and got smoked. Carr played a better niners team last year with the worst running game in the NFL and horrible WR’s.. his best WR last year up until last week was out of the league (James Jones) and Carr killed the niners with 3 TD’s. Better buckle up Teddy.

  14. I’m a huge Vikings fan and I can’t believe how weak his arm is. Is that side arm loopy slop his fastball?
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a visible weak delivery. The boy needs some HGH.

  15. Not concerned at all, the late game in CA on the road opening night on a sloppy grass field. Had loss written all over it. They will bounce back.

  16. Bridgewater saw flashes after that show 2 blitzers then at the snap they drop back or show 5 blitzers and send 3. Mangini called a masterpiece on D. Can’t blame Teddy for that. For comparison watch SB 48 and see what rushers coming from every level will do to a QB. And Payton is one of the GOATS. Sleep on SF if you want to. Going by so called pundits who have clear bias.

  17. The Norv Turner outdated 8-10 step drop is not helping. Chargers fan who lived through Turner’s inability to make significant changes at halftime.

  18. This wasn’t merely the case of Teddy throwing a “clunker.”

    Teddy couldn’t perform because the Niners D shut the entire Vikings offense down!

    The Niners got Zimmer babbling so much, he doesn’t know what he’s saying. LOL

  19. Does he still have confidence in that atrocious defense?

    If it wasn’t for San Francisco’s own poor play, the might have racked up 600 yards on these purple clowns.

  20. Everyone knows he isn’t accurate or able to throw a deep pass.
    Who threw that perfect 50 yard pass to Wallace in the end zone (yes, it was pass interference that wasn’t called).

  21. He wants Little Teddy Bridgewater to dive head first? Is Zim Zim familiar with the NFL’s concussion problem? Does he care about the long-term future of this dumpster fire of a franchise?

  22. So much for not blowing one game out of proportion. Christmas came early for all the trolls, can’t blame them, payback is payback. Vikings fans dogged the trolls for “The Collapse” so fair is fair. I also see that there are 15 more games to go, so it’s time for the team to pick themselves up and dust themselves off and move forward. Getting soundly beaten on MNF should provide an early test to see how they respond. I don’t have much confidence in the makeshift line getting immediately better but I also will not be making excuses, they gotta step it up or this season will be torpedoed early. It’s easy to sit there and bang on Teddy,he didn’t play well, but the man is still young and this won’t be his last bad game but I also know that the good plays he’s made in his short career aren’t flukes and it’s cute to make tiny hands jokes and all that and label him a bust but in reality it was his 13th start, not many qb’s come in and just cruise through their first season or 2 without any speed bumps.

  23. Doesn’t anybody remember the Rick Spielman, Dave Bumstead era in Miami? They traded a second round pick for A J Feeley in 2004 & set the team back for years with all there bad drafts.

  24. Bridgewater, the Vikes latest Savior at QB, is a long, long, way from being just that.. If he continues to play like he did Sunday the Vikes are in for another miserable season.

  25. It’s one game. Lets see what happens in the next couple of games. If you go by one game,then thats means GB “D” is going to suck all year. GB “D” will get better, or it will be along year.

  26. I like Teddy Bridgewater, I think he tries hard, and I know for a fact that Brett Hundley considers him his little brother.

  27. I am a disappointed fan….The guy did not improve from last year. It means, get out the draft board- this guy isn’t the man to make it happen. Too mentally lazy to bring it to the next level.

  28. Bridgewater seems like the second coming of Chad Pennington: good football IQ but lack of arm strength – can win some games but would need a lot of help to make any playoff noise.

  29. His best throw of the night was a deep ball right on target to Wallace in the end zone, the one with the uncalled DPI. That ball was right on the money though.

    Overall the line was just shockingly inept. That’s not something that will just fix itself either. Losing Loadholt and then Sullivan is too much for them to overcome and not like they would have been elite before they went fown. Anyway. Detroit has a good defensive line so not getting easier.

    This team probably not as close as we thought. Maybe next year.

  30. It wasn’t Bridgewater’s fault. Mangini had him discombobulated with exotic blitz packages and disguised zone looks all night. You’ll feel better next week after Niners do the same to Roth.

  31. Bridgwater hardly “clunked” he was carrying that offense with no run game. Kaepernick was the clunker getting carried by Hyde, commentators were gushing on his 5 yd checkdowns to the TE…

  32. It looked to me like neither the Vikings or the Niners were prepared to play that game. It was like a really bad preseason game, except that it counted. It’s like both sides knew Berman and Dilfer were calling the game and didn’t even bother trying to play well.

    My Lions wilted in 105 degree weather last Sunday, but you can’t play like you did last Sunday and expect to beat us.

    And I agree with the people who blame Zimmer. I was not surprised the Niners were a mess … I thought the Vikings would wipe the field with them. I did not expect the Vikings to be an even bigger mess than the Niners. What is happening over there?

    So yes, please play like you did last weekend! Ha!

    Good luck!

  33. Coach: “This is the first time I’ve really seen him like that,”

    was he scratching his head with his cap in hand? why didn’t he use the word “reckon”? hahaha oh, man. comedy gold (& purple).

    Clunker: “see what had happened was…”

  34. While Bridgewater wasn’t very good against SF, he spent the game running for his life. The OL was constantly being overwhelmed by the 49er defense, and the running game proved ineffective.

    I know the Vikings are down two starters on that line, but when they had the opportunity to upgrade by adding Evan Mathis, they passed on it. How smart does that look now?

    If Zimmer wants TB to play better this Sunday, he can start by getting the problems with the OL fixed. Making sure his defense doesn’t get steamrolled again might help the team win this week. The Vikings had a lot of problems on Monday night;Bridgewater’s play wasn’t even close to the top of the list.

  35. Teddy’s numbers were very good in the stats except for that one interception. I am not sure why all the fuss about the QB. I didn’t watch the game, only highlights I watched.

  36. Teddy will be fine if the OL can play better. Now, I am not sure they have the players to allow the OL to play better this season.

    And, to those of you complaining about Zimmer saying to slide head first, on the play in question, he could have dove head first on that play without opening himself for injury. He would have split between the two defenders and not been in position to take a big hit. Yes, you slide feet first as much as possible, but you also have to know when you need to get a first down. Zimmer isn’t suggesting he always go head first, just when it makes a difference of a first down.

  37. The throw to Wallace in the endzone wasn’t a pass……it was a prayer. It was in the air too long, a toss-up, anyone’s ball, and allowed the defender to get in position to break it up. Interference may have been called if the game was in Minnesota, but just the same, it was not an accurate pass.

  38. For some reason TB gets a pass from most people. I think he’s a good kid but will never be anything more than a check down charlie . The guy has no field awareness the play Zimmer refers to Teddy could have had 5 more yards and he just falls down.Like other posters have eluded to its easy to throw for close to 70% if you throw four yard passes on third and nine .

  39. Monday night was a bad game. They happen to every team. The only thing that matters now is Sunday. If the Vikings show up up and beat Detroit, everyone forgets about Monday. Laughable how reactionary people are to one game.

  40. Clunker? The guy was beyond awful. The long ball before the halftime penalty went all of about 40 yards. When it landed on the 20 they wasn’t even a player in sight. I know people are going to say he threw it away, but we all know you never throw a ball away in bounds. He has ZERO arm strength. Another awful draft pick by the purple. And AP? hahahahahahahahahaha

  41. zvickers says:
    Sep 15, 2015 8:56 PM

    I always hear people refer to him as Check down Teddy. I pretty much saw that last night. That might explain why he had high percentage on his passes.

    There is something to be said about the cliche “taking what the defense gives you”. If the defense leaves the flats and the backs uncovered, the QB should be taking those yards all night. Nothing wrong with checking down the whole way down the field IMO, as long as they score a **** TD.

  42. I could pile on Teddy but what’s the use. For those of us that had eyes, they are who we thought they were! Only the blind media and skol slaps wanted to crown them. They have lots more to prove but I suspect they won’t (just like every other year).

  43. It’s pretty obvious that if your D repeatedly bites down on play action and lets guys run free at the middle level, Teddy can tear you apart. On the other hand, if you restrict his options to deep outs and/or high velocity throws into tight windows, he’s pretty much screwed.

    In his defense though, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that will every be an INT machine. He’ll check down or if he can’t do that he’ll throw it away or take the sack. I think he’s a great fit for Norv Turner’s offense but he clearly has some limitations that Norv (or any other OC of his in the future) will need to work around.

  44. Teddy is Ponder, Version 2.0

    Small pockets of success in Year 1 just to tease the Viking fan base and then he settles in on his true talent level which is not that high to begin with.

    The Vikings stick with him until the sample size increases to the point of being obvious, so obvious that the Vikings are forced to squander yet another first round draft pick. And that first round pick is directed by none other than Spielman who hasn’t drafted a QB and between the Dolphins and the Vikings, he has had more chances than he truly deserves.

    Geez, how hard is this to figure out?

  45. A lot of people are going to look pretty stupid by the end of the year. Young quarterbacks are going to have bad games. Heck, Aaron Rodgers had a couple of really bad games last year and I don’t see anyone calling him a bust or having small hands. I’ve watched every game Teddy has played, not just the ones on national TV or against the Packers. He has his limitations but he also has the “It” factor. You won’t see another game like that again soon.

  46. jazz11001 says:
    Sep 15, 2015 10:57 PM
    Did the NFL apologize for the missed PI in the end zone? Teddy was right on the money on that one

    The pass was on target, but the WR initiated that contact. That awful commentator may have had you believe it was PI. Only cuz he was yelling about it, other things he may have had you believing, Carlos Hyde is an actual bellcow, Kaepernick is the only QB in the history to go through his progression to find a 3rd WR, he also managed to make him look as if he had one of the beat season openers in league history and throw for 600 yards even though he wasnt close. Just because someone causes a big commotion and talks about it really loud… doesn’t mean it was accurately portrayed.

  47. Why are we surprised we lost?? 2-17 the last 19 night games. Vikings can’t play at night .

  48. This shouldn’t raise any alarms. 2nd Monday night game it was already doomed to be a loss by the schedule. The Vikings will play like a different team the rest of the season. They don’t play well at night. 2nd Monday Night game. R U kidding me, no Vikings fan should care about the performance. Total anomaly.

  49. Don’y be discourage Viking fans.
    I invested in a clunker when I was a kid, and it lasted me about 2 years, so keep your heads up! Tomorrows another day.

  50. purpleandgoldforever says:

    Can’t wait until the Packers have their own “clunker” when they play the Seahawks at Lamebeau on Sunday!

  51. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Sep 16, 2015 10:49 AM
    A lot of people are going to look pretty stupid by the end of the year. Young quarterbacks are going to have bad games. Heck, Aaron Rodgers had a couple of really bad games last year and I don’t see anyone calling him a bust or having small hands. I’ve watched every game Teddy has played, not just the ones on national TV or against the Packers. He has his limitations but he also has the “It” factor. You won’t see another game like that again soon.

    I know he’s young and every QB has a bad game hear and there, but I don’t see any “it” factor with him at all.

  52. Hoculi’s crew had their usual rotten performance. Oline matched it as well as the run defense. Not sure why people here want to rip Teddy from that game.
    Its as bad as the trolls that went after AD when he had 10 carries.

  53. Theodore wasn’t impressive is why people are giving him grief. All off-season football fans had to hear how “Great his Acc.” was. He was off by a bit….

    Whos fault is it that AP only had 10 carries? Is it the coaches fault? “The Greatest RB ever” Only got 10 carries? Why is that is it, is it because he doesn’t fit into the new system? He only played in it, in 2, games in two years…. maybe the coaches don’t trust him…

    If Peterson isn’t going to be a leader on that offense Theodore needs to step it up, and he was not very good. He was awful at moving the chains and keeping the offense out there. It added up and the defense got wore down which is why Hyde was nearly instobable the 20 minutes of game.

  54. Talking about Offensive line and Defensive line,
    Drafting for speed is fine but not on the lines, Defensive line were being thrown around like rag dolls, No Stinting, No Pressure, I have never seen so many players just Standing around in my life.
    If that is what Zimmer is talking about “playing in the system” it is going to be a long season.
    O line was getting pushed back into the backfield.
    Again they were standing around. Teddy was running for his life, and just ran into his Left tackle
    that was just STANDING behind the Right Guard???
    It MIGHT be November before they win their first game if they play like that.

  55. An early poster said the NFL has tape on Toddy now, and that’s a good point. I listened to a Drew Bledsoe interview on the radio once where he said a pro QBs must elevate his game as his career progresses. Like a pitcher developing new throws. The good ones do it, you can guess the rest. Bledsoe also said the second year was the hardest for him. That’s where TB is.

    Of course this has nothing to do with the Vikings’ horrible O-line, a very confused running game and a run defense that didn’t look good in the preseason either. Lots and lots of $$ spent there. Yikes.

  56. We will see how good the Vikings are against the Lions. The first team that plays against a new
    system, from a team that they don’t play often,
    have trouble with them. But the Vikings looked slow, players on both sides of the ball were just standing while the play was still going on.
    Hell Teddy ran right into Clemmings who was just standing back in the RB pre snap spot?? WTF?

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