108 modern-era nominees for HOF class of 2016


Less than two months after the Class of 2015 got their bronze busts and gold jackets, the process for next year has begun.

On Wednesday night, the Pro Football Hall of Fame named 108 nominees for induction in 2016.

Players on the list in their first year of eligibility include quarterback Brett Favre, receiver Terrell Owens, guard Alan Faneca, and safety Lawyer Milloy.

Also back on the docket are the finalists who didn’t achieve induction in 2015: kicker Morten Andersen, coaches Don Coryell, Tony Dungy, and Jimmy Johnson, running back Terrell Davis,
linebacker/defensive end Kevin Greene, wide receiver Marvin Harrison, safety John Lynch, tackle Orlando Pace, and quarterback Kurt Warner.

Other first-year-eligible players on the initial list are running backs Clinton Portis and Brian Westbrook, linebackers Keith Bulluck and Mike Vrabel, safety Darren Sharper, kicker John Carney, and long snapper Ethan Albright.

Surprisingly (and deservedly), defensive end Simeon Rice has made it to the list of 108. Last year, he wasn’t one of the nominees. Many believe he should be inducted, not just nominated.

As to Darren Sharper, many believe he should be disqualified from consideration due to his incarceration for rape. In theory, post-career misconduct (and any off-field misconduct) should not be considered. As a practical matter, Sharper won’t get much farther.

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  1. If Owens doesn’t make it on his first year the HOF is a joke. Dude was a baller, top 3-4 WR of all time (still in the era of where offense wasn’t as easy), and never got into any legal trouble. Put him in!!

  2. Jimmy Johnson??? He owes the success he enjoyed at Dallas to Mike Lynn for the biggest bonehead trade in the history of the N.F.L.
    Look at his record in Miami and you see he was a very mediocre coach at best. A 62 to 7 loss to the mighty Jags in the play-offs was his signature game.

  3. How a second rate scrub like Bettis made the HOF while a stud like Terrell Davis may never make it goes to show how absurd the NFL is.

    Of course, the commissioner is another second rate or worse scrub who makes $44 million a year and cannot seem to get himself fired no matter how much he makes pr nightmares for the league a daily m.o.

  4. 95 people on the list are better than Jerome Bettis, he will likely remain for the rest of time as the worst player in the HOF.

  5. How is Kevin Greene not in the HOF 5 years ago is a crime!! Greene posted monster stats for four different teams over a very long and productive career. 166 sacks, 23 forced fumbles, 26 recovered and throw in a hand full of picks and that’s not Hall of Very Good it’s Hall of Great!! They need to put him in!!

  6. It’s going to be tough narrowing that down, there are a lot of good players on that list. Starting with last year’s finalists, I think Warner, Greene, and Harrison should be absolute locks. From this year’s list, Favre, Owens, and Faneca should be locks as well. I don’t know enough about Milloy to have an opinion on him. And I have absolutely no idea how Mike Vrabel ended up on that list – solid player, but nowhere near HOF caliber in my opinion.

  7. Brett Favre owns the record for most INTs, that should be his legacy. If he is overlooked Peter King and John Madden will throw temper tantrums.

  8. I guess anyone makes it to the hall of fame now, Faneca? Milloy? Lynch, portis? Wtf?? Vrabel? Lol might as well throw in David Tyree, Tony dungy? Might ass well throw in Tom flores, who deserves it, the hall of fame is not sacred anymore , anyone can make it

  9. Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy. Willie McGinest, Mike Vrabel, Richard Seymour…..Tedy Bruschi….among others.

    That 2001 Patriots D had some Playas….no wonder they put the smack down on the Rams in the Super Bowl.

  10. I agree Jerome Bettis probably shouldn’t be in, but he is certainly not the most undeserving player in there, that would be Bob Griese

  11. There are 3 people on the list who need to be in the HOF:

    Brett Favre (1st in yardage)
    Henry Ellard (3rd all time in receiving yards when retired, plus KPR)
    Kevin Greene (3rd all time in sacks)

  12. Orlando Pace should be in the hall of fame, and should be a lock. He was dominant, and anyone who disputes that is either crazy or has a short memory.

  13. Favre has stats but a perv and a guy who laid down to hand his buddy Strahan a sack record, kinda cheaty?
    Owens, since every hall needs a narcissistic clown prince?

    I loved Vrabel, meh for HOF.
    Dungy, Really? 1 SB, soft schedule, dome team with Manning at QB otherwise meh.

    Time for 2 Halls, Fame and Pretty Good.

  14. Seniors Comittee did a good job with nominating Snake Stabler, but the biggest farce is that Cliff Branch isn’t already in the HOF . Just as deserving of not more so than Lynn Swan. Speed Kills

  15. Kenny “the snake” Stabler should have been in 20 years ago. He was the baddest man on the planet on and off the field for a decade.

  16. Unbelievable some folks are still whining about the overdue election of Jerome Bettis to the HOF. Never mind he finished his career with the same yards per carry average as John Riggins, or was in the top five all time in yards and 100 yard games.

    Looking forward to the manufactured outrage when Hines Ward gets the call. Won’t be first ballot, but his resume compares favorably to many WR already in the Hall. Ward had more TD receptions than roughly 15 HOF WRs. Just like Bettis, the same failed, feeble, arguments will be presented, but the outcome will be the same.

  17. What about one of the greatest guards in NFL history, 5 time world champion, 5 time all pro, and is currently the only player on the NFL’s 50th Anniversary All-Time team not in the Hall: Jerry Kramer

  18. My short list would be: Favre, Morten Andersen, Orlando Pace, Marvin Harrison and Kevin Greene. All mentioned are very good, but the Hall is reserved for “special” talents.

  19. Kevin Greene should have been first ballot…him not being in is a crime. collecting the stats he did while not rushing from the qb’s blind side is truly impressive. I believe all the sack leaders in front of him all came from the blind side.

  20. Lol. Sharper. Doesn’t belong on this list even with vrabel on it. The Terrell Buckley of safeties. 7 picks/yr, 30 blown coverages. Short memories on how many times we had to watch that clown running 5 yards behind randy moss into the end zone, then greg Jennings.

  21. I get a kick out of people that think the HOF is actually the “Hall of the pretty good”.

    the guy was on the team you were a fan of. He was pretty good (even maybe great for a couple of years), so, of course, he belongs in the hall.

    It doesn’t work like that. There is a simple way to tell if someone is likely to get in, its not foolproof, but it is a really good indication. Look at the number of times they were selected by the AP for first team all pro. If its less than 4, its a crap shoot. The guys that vote for the all pro team are are among the people that have HOF votes. If the guy also had some years where he was voted second team all pro in addition to 4 or more first team selection, that strengthens his case.

    Forget about worthless pro bowl selections, that’s a popularity contest. The formula also doesn’t work with QB’s because only 1 can be selected first and second team each year, but it is a pretty good measuring stick. Again, not foolproof, sometimes the voters reconsider a guy after the passage of time, but a pretty good rule of thumb.

    Therefore I “think” guys like lynch and greene “could” get in, eventually, but I wouldn’t put a lot of money on it

  22. BTW the only absolute locks this year are Favre and Terrell Owens. I personally think Favre is overrated if you think of the names that should be considered on the G.O.A.T. list but he is 1rst ballot, no question. Same with Owens.

  23. Peter King said Sharper needs to be considered because voters cannot be influenced by off-field issues. Are you serious!?!? This guy was a serial rapist. He is in prison for the next 9 years. No he shouldn’t be in and OJ should be taken out.

  24. Please explain how Bob Kuechenberg, Steve Tasker and Jim Plunkett are not in the HOF? But Jerome Bettis is? Bettis is just very lucky that Big Ben made the saving tackle on that Colts defender when he coughed the ball up at the 1 in that playoff game. They should rename it the Hall of Pretty Good with Outstanding PR!

  25. Yes the HOF is a joke that I will not attend..Warren Sapp is in but Jerry Kramer of the Packers who led the league in scoring kicking field goals and running lead block on the most fabled play in NFL history”The Power Sweep”
    Yeah,,Warren Sapp did more

  26. Where iss Tom Flores??Super Bowl rings as player, assistent coach and 2 as head coach. Are they going to wait until he is on his death bed, like they did with Hank Stram?

  27. Bobby Beathard was an important front office man for 3 different teams that played in and won Super Bowl’s. If Bill Polian is in the hall, so should Bobby Beathard.

  28. The only people defending Bettis are Steelers fans, because they’ll blindly defend one of their own, which is fine. But that’s how you know he’s not worthy, fans from other teams don’t look at him and say “yeah he was a hall of famer.” Hall of fame calibre players will elicit that reaction, even from fans of that team’s biggest rival, for instance, Tim Brown, I hate everything about the Raiduhs but can tell you Tim Brown was exceptional and deserved his spot in Canton.

    Bettis was never a top 3 player at his position, certainly never one of the best players in the game. He had 2 truly great years, some good to pretty good years and then a bunch of not good years. He played a long time and compiled stats from that, not from ever being a truly great RB who dominated the game. If he had the same career but played for the Rams the entire time, no Steelers fan would be talking about how “great” he was.

  29. Favre and Warner are locks, the rest are a grab bag given the voting process the last few years (Sapp>Strahan? Please. That was just so Strahan could go into the HoF same year Giants stadium was getting its first super bowl)

  30. QB Ken Anderson should get in before Kurt Warner too …. Riley’s & Anderson’s Bengals were overshadowed by being the most overlooked/small market arguably #2 team in the AFC & Central (& possibly the entire league) division behind those all time Steel Curtain teams of the ‘7os

  31. Since the Pro Bowl is a joke now, the writers should narrow the playing field by using the First Team All Pro selections. The All Pro selections do narrow the playing field on how you were versus your peers each season and we can all agree on that.

    Here’s how the list breaks down.

    Faneca: 6 First Team All Pro Selections
    Owens: 5 First Team All Pro Selections
    Davis: 3 First Team All Pro Selections
    Pace: 3 First Team All Pro Selections
    Favre: 3 First Team All Pro Selections
    Harrison: 3 First Team All Pro Selections

    The rest have two or fewer.

    I would put Jimmy Johnson and Tony Dungy ahead of both Marvin Harrison and Terrell Davis. However, since I need 5 modern day candidates, my enshrinees would be the following:

    Alan Faneca, Terrell Owens, Orlando Pace, Brett Favre, and Jimmy Johnson. Eddie DeBartolo is my contributor and the senior vote, Ken Stabler, is an automatic. Let’s get “The Snake” in and stop being prejudice toward wide receivers when quarterbacks have more rules protecting them.

    As for Sharper or anyone in the Hall of Fame with a violent criminal offense or repeated criminal offenses, let them in the Hall but don’t let their busts be in Canton and give them jackets.

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