Bill Belichick knows how to keep Bills fans quiet


The Bills are feeling their oats right now, fired up about their upcoming game against the Patriots.

And their fans are following suit, creating an atmosphere as loud as Ralph Wilson Stadium has been in years.

But Patriots coach Bill Belichick knows how to stop that.

“We always expect crowd noise on the road,” Belichick said, via Tom Curran of “That’s something we’re ready for every week if we play away games. I’m sure it’ll be loud there. It’s loud everywhere. It’s a lot louder when you’re not doing well. If you’re moving the ball and getting first downs that tends to quiet it. If you’re ahead that quiets it too. It’ll be as loud as we allow it to be.”

That caught the attention of the Bills official Twitter feed, which seemed amused by Belichick’s apparent lack of fear of their aural capabilities.

But Belichick admitted that the kind of swagger the Bills are trading in now, on and off the field, can be a factor.

“Emotion’s definitely a part of football,” he said. “A good part of it. As a team you don’t ever want to lose that. Usually, high emotion, high energy leads to better execution. I think that’s a good thing but at the same time, there’s a line you can cross where you end up getting a penalty or overreacting to something or being vulnerable to something else – a reverse or a pass – whatever it is that can set you back. It’s a balance.

“Emotion is part of it. It’s a good thing, it’s not a bad thing. But you don’t want to negatively let it affect you. High energy and positive emotion can go a long way. There is a balance there.”

At the moment, the Bills fans seem to be tipping the scales.

50 responses to “Bill Belichick knows how to keep Bills fans quiet

  1. It’s going to be a great game. I think Rex will turn out to be a disaster as a HC like he did in NY but he can game plan defense with the best of them and the pats are the SB he is never going to get to.

  2. The New England Patriots are coming to town. This is Buffalo’s Super Bowl.

    For New England it is game #2, “the first Buffalo game”.

    That is all.

  3. The fact that people are surprised Belichick prepares for crowd noise, the most fundamental obstacle in half of your regular schedule, is sad.

    It’s probably why teams have to resort to accusing the Patriots of cheating rather than accept responsibility for their own lack of preparedness.

  4. Honestly, he didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. If the Pats come out and put up 28 in the first half, the Ralph will be a morgue. That’s the case for any NFL team or fan base. I say this as a Bills fan. The lead up to games has almost become intolerable. The media trying desperately to drum up click bait stories and the fans eating it up. Just get me to Sunday already.

  5. Why shouldn’t the Bills fans be excited?
    Rex brings that excitement were ever he goes. The trouble is the defense gets to many uunessessary penalties and he babies his QB and Shady.
    This in not the Pats first show.
    Lets roll.

  6. We hope you’ll enjoy getting that asterisk kicked as much as you’ve enjoyed gloating about ill-gotten gains.

    Stay “classy”, bahhhhhhhhhhhh-stin.

  7. Trash-talking might feel fun when things go well but, as the Jets found out under Ryan, it can also breed ill-discipline, disunity and cause implosion when things don’t go well for a few games. And apart from providing bulletin board material, it’s a waste of time and energy better spent on preparation – and it’s unsportsmanlike, ungentlemanly.

    Regards fan-noise, a while ago, another unsporting line was crossed, where fans simply weren’t cheering their D, but actively making noise to interrupt the other team. You don’t see this in other sports, and is just as bad as Tomlin trying to trip a passing player. And the same fans who wilfully interrupt a team’s communication, don’t see the irony of crying foul if another stadium pipes in that noise, or if they think an opposing organization has turned off headsets to interrupt their team’s communications! Be a good sport, just cheer FOR your team and not AGAINST the other.

  8. He doesn’t know “how” to keep Bills fans quiet; instead he knows “what” silences home crowds like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry. Bring it on and let’s see how the Patriots feel when the final whistle blows and they can’t hear it.

  9. You know, Pats fans keep saying how the Bills are overreacting because they beat the Colts…but I’m sorry, the Steelers aren’t any better of a win. As far as I’m concerned, both teams are 1-0 and both beat teams with bad defenses, and good QBs. Ranking the Pats to #1 in the power rankings is giving them the benefit of the doubt more than anything else.

  10. On a side note, how do the Bills get back to back home games to start a season? The way the schedule is supposed to be done, to be fair to all, there is no logical reason for any team to play two home or away games on the 1st two weeks, period.

  11. Remember the Seahawks’ 12th man?

    BB did not say anything new here. Crowd gets noisy when their team is winning, quiet when they are in the cusp of losing. Patriots fans behave the same way. Pats played in very noisy stadiums before. The Bills are not offering a novelty.

    Rex got the Bills fans into frenzy. What is he going to do when they lose? We Pats fans got beat really bad last year. We were wildly written off by the whole country , but we know we can bounce back because we have BB and Brady. They are proven winners. Rex on the other hand….

  12. As a Dolphin fan within the same division as these two were going to sit back on Sunday while we face a scout team in the Jaguars and let Buffalo get over hyped this week to come to Miami next Sunday and watch all of that mojo dwendle down because it was all put in to this Sunday against the Pats. I’ll have my popcorn ready!

  13. based on some of these comments, im sensing a little bit of nervousness from cheater nation aka the pats

  14. Belichick says it will be as loud as he allows it to be? Clearly an investigation is needed to discern how he can control decibels.

    Also, to Bills fans saying that they will punish the Patriots for cheating. Cute. But it means nothing.

    If the Bills win it is because they are better on that day. If the Patriots win it is because they are better on that day. Means a lot to either team to get a division win, but will probably mean very little by the end of the season.

    I think Bills fans can probably stand to calm down a little bit.

  15. The norm in the NFL is that any team is lucky to win on the road. Rex Ryan is a good coach, he was screwed by the perennially awful Jets management team. (how the Jets management has spread it’s incompetence to the NFL front office is beyond me.) The time of year , the location, the Bills D, I can understand the Bills fans optimism. I don’t see a harder game on the Patriots schedule.

  16. It’s good to see Bills fans happy for a change. It’s one of the best stadiums to visit for an away game. No is going to jump you and the tail gaiting is good.

  17. gronkasaurus says:
    Sep 16, 2015 9:20 AM

    You know, Pats fans keep saying how the Bills are overreacting because they beat the Colts…but I’m sorry, the Steelers aren’t any better of a win. As far as I’m concerned, both teams are 1-0 and both beat teams with bad defenses, and good QBs. Ranking the Pats to #1 in the power rankings is giving them the benefit of the doubt more than anything else.


    It’s not because they won week 1 at home against the hapless Stillers. That was a given before the game. It is because they won the superbowl last year. The prior year’s SB winner is almost always grandfathered in at #1 on the Power Rankings until they prove they are worse than the prior year.

    It should be a good game. I sure hope it is a good game. Runaways are really not all that much fun to watch.

    Why don’t we wait and see how the two teams play before anyone starts crowing about domination of the division.

  18. based on some of these comments, im sensing a little bit of nervousness from cheater nation aka the pats

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    Of course we’re a ” little bit” nervous. We always are no matter which team we faced.” Every given Sunday” heard of that one?

    We’re a little bit nervous when we faced the Ravens, Broncos, Seahawks, Phins, Steelers etc. Bills is not beyond that category.

    Cheater nation? We got fined once on putting the camera on the wrong spot. Brady beat the NFL in Deflategate which the NFL heaved on us with no proof of guilt. Bugs, head set?PATRIOTS DON’T CHEAT 😎It’s all in your head. Hard to believe we own the whole NFL ( including the Commish) without cheating. We are so darn phenomenal and incredible that people believe we ” cheat”. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice and doing your job well that’s Pats core. It’s easier for you to accept the vile notion that your team lose because the Patriots cheat. It’s easier than making your team accountable. It makes you feel better. Cheater? Got solid proof loser nation? My solid guess is none.

  19. gints1017 says:
    Sep 16, 2015 9:58 AM

    based on some of these comments, im sensing a little bit of nervousness from cheater nation aka the pats

    It’s one game. As someone mentioned, everyone had the Patriots breaking up after their loss to the Chiefs last year. We saw how that turned out.

    The goal of good teams like the Patriots is to play in the Super Bowl at the end of the season, not in week 2.

  20. Rex Ryan just doesn’t learn to keep his mouth shut! Bills fans will learn what NY Jets fans learned, the more Rex runs his mouth the more embarresed they are after they get their ass beat!

  21. The Bills are much-improved and always play well in front of their fans. They have a legit chance to win because, well, The Patriots can’t win EVERY time, can they? Still, it’s only one game and NE seldom loses at home, either. I expect a very close game and won’t be upset if the Bills sneak by.

  22. Dear Bills Fans,

    Once you find out which hotel the Patri*ts will be staying at (and you will) please quietly drive by and blow your car horns all night long.

    For the more adventurous soles among you, please feel free rent a room at the same hotel and “accidentally” blow your air horns every 15 minutes or so.

    Basically, if the Patri*ts won’t stop cheating then the time has come to give them what they deserve… even for a regular season game.


  23. Rex was able to beat the Pats when he could put pressure on Brady with only 3-4 rushers, then he floods the secondary with 7-8 guys and they play the passing lanes, keeps Brady from getting rid of the ball quick and makes him move out the pocket…..with Darius back in the line up I expect him to do this on Sunday…..

  24. I think the best part is when Rex is doing his post game spill and telling the Bills fans that it was he “Rex” that let them down, not the players. So blame me, he will say. Poor Bills fans really rallying behind that bag of hot air. Rex is all talk.For someone who just got fired 9 months ago, he sure is full of himself.

  25. clarencewhorley says:
    Sep 16, 2015 6:03 AM

    Oh Bills fans, how quaint you are.

    Brady 35, Bills 24 with 4 turnovers


    You’re delusional!

    Your Pats barely put up 28 with Brady ON FIRE last week, at home, in the season opener.

    They may win 16-10 or something with Buffal0 committing 4 TOs, but 35 ain’t gonna happen!

  26. goingthextramile says:
    Sep 16, 2015 11:53 AM
    I can see the Patriots getting their asses handed to them in this game.


    Really? I can see the Jets going to the Super Bowl this year.

    There–we’re now both officially insane.

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