Jason Pierre-Paul posts video of workout, a glimpse of hand

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The Giants might have finally found out how many fingers Jason Pierre-Paul has last week, but now the world knows.

Sort of.

Amid reports that his comeback isn’t happening any time soon, the Giants franchise-tagged defensive end posted a workout video to Instagram last night, vowing to return to the team soon.

Via the New York Daily News, the 14-second video came after their sources said there was “a lot of damage” to his right hand. That wasn’t immediately evident in the grainy video — you can tell the index finger is missing and there are bandages on his thumb and middle finger — in which he’s shown dragging 270 pounds on a weight sled.

Attached to the video, Pierre-Paul wrote: “God can turn any situation around for the better. Your hard times will lead to the best times of your life. Don’t believe the hype … Be back soon! #90PC #ImAFighter#PutMeInCoach.”

That last line sounds like a plea to the Giants to reconsider, after they reportedly told him to come back in six weeks when they deemed him not ready to play. He’s hoping to be able to return then, but the Giants don’t sound as sure, with a source saying: “We just don’t know.”

Pierre-Paul was scheduled to make $14.8 million this year, but he’s losing $871,000 each week he doesn’t sign and play. The Giants can wait until Nov. 17 to rescind the tag if they want, but there’s no apparent reason to do so now.

10 responses to “Jason Pierre-Paul posts video of workout, a glimpse of hand

  1. For JPP’s sake, its good to see that (at least in one video) he is working hard to try to get himself back to work. Unfortunately, he suffered permanent, serious injuries from his own reckless behavior that could have hurt family, friends, and neighbors. Hopefully, other people who might have considered setting off fireworks themselves will learn from JPP’s awful accident to leave explosives to professionals.

    In the video, JPP does indeed look like he has dropped a lot of weight, like reports last week said he had, and while many NFL players benefit from favoring speed over size, it looks like JPP has lost 15-20 pounds of crucial muscle. The video also doesn’t shed much light on whether his right hand will be in condition for him to play NFL level football any time this season (or ever again). JPP may be able to get his stamina and leg strength back to an NFL level, but if his right hand is no longer capable of enabling him to shed blocks and make tackles at an NFL level, then he won’t have much of a future in the NFL. Also, given the reports that he had another procedure on the hand last week and how he seems to be holding it still while working out, he doesn’t look like he will be able to weight lift with it in the next couple of weeks, which means that getting back to a good NFL size and strength level in 2015 for JPP may be out of the question.

    If I had to make a bet on a possible return date for JPP, I would bet that he won’t play in 2015, but will work out and heal further (reports are his right thumb was badly broken and that he lost of the tip of it, as well as that he has had skin grafts on his hand) in an attempt to resume his career in 2016.

    Don’t set off fireworks if you are not a professional expert at doing so. If you know non-professionals planning to set off fireworks in the future, please strongly encourage them not to do so.

  2. What have we got to lose? I’m sure we can put something in the contract that if he reinjures the hand or can’t really play on it that he doesn’t get paid. So, what’s the problem?

  3. I’d rescind the tag.
    Low ball him a price to prove he can play.
    If he plays like he should, give him a contract.
    Tag him or give a contract commensurate with his play next year.

  4. JPP, that one year was nice. Everything else has been a major disappointment. I’d say “deuces bro” but that seems in poor taste…

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