Matthew Stafford ditches arm wrap for Wednesday’s practice


Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford hurt his right arm during last Sunday’s loss to the Chargers when linebacker Melvin Ingram drilled him on a third quarter throw that resulted in an interception.

Stafford wore a large wrap on his arm at the team’s facility on Monday, but he ditched it in favor of the arm sleeve he wore after taking the hit in the loss to San Diego. Stafford said he would be good to go for Week Two when asked on Monday and reaffirmed that on Wednesday, although he opted not to discuss what happened to his arm last week.

“I feel good, ready to go,” Stafford said, via the Detroit Free Press. “I’m not here to talk about last week. I’ll talk to you guys anything you want to know about this coming-up week.”

While Stafford appears set to start against the Vikings, the Lions may be without linebacker DeAndre Levy for another week. Levy didn’t practice Wednesday after missing the opener with a hip injury that has now kept him off the field for several weeks.

13 responses to “Matthew Stafford ditches arm wrap for Wednesday’s practice

  1. If you’ve watched enough football, you can tell whether or not a QB has “it”. Those blessed QBs perform with efficiency, precision and consistency. Boisterous or not, they have a lust for excellence and their tangibles and intangibles elevate inspire the surrounding cast. Stafford has not consistently shown that he can play the QB position with precision, poise and determination nor has he elevated the play of those around him. A seemingly nice enough guy who can make a lot of tough throws, Stafford simply does not possess the “it” factor and is not likely to dramatically improve to championship level performance. Slightly better than average and significantly below excellent, he will make a few big plays, pocket big money and eventually shuffle along with or without his sleeve.

  2. Oh look, there’s a picture of him getting drilled in the head that was never called and gave the ball to the Chargers. Good thing the Lions should have the entire right side of their offensive line starters ready to go this week.

  3. Everyone above seems to be worried about his throwing arm and the Vikings’ pass rush, but I can only assume those comments are made because the game wasn’t observed due to the late hour and terrible quality of play — based on the Vikings’ defensive performance in that game, all Stafford has to do is hand the ball off to that Abdullah guy.

  4. I expect to see zimmers defense come out pissed and swinging. they contained and shut down the lions offense twice last year.

  5. Both teams laid some eggs last Sunday. the Lions for two quarters and the Vikings for all 4.

    This game is the Vikings home opener. If they lose this and go down 0-2, doubt will really creep in. They were, after all, the pre season darling.

    I originally had my Lions starting out 0-2, with two tough road games. However, the performance by the Vikings Monday, and the guaranteed victory by Griffen has me thinking that they could easily come out of this with a win.

  6. “The Vikings will come out angry” They said they same thing about AP after missing a year. He ddn’t even reach his season total last year yet. The back up was more effective in the offense. Probably, because the back up has been in the system, for a year, and the coaches trust him more. Peterson has played in the system in his 2nd game in two seasons, nad didn’t practice with the team at all last season.

    If they contained and shut down the Vikings offense twice last year how come they didn’t win either of those games.

    Forunately for Vikings fans is they can’t play any worse than they did on MNF.

    It stinks to say but I think two of the greats at their positions are winding down in their careers in P. Manning and Peterson. Some players try playing a season too long and they step on the field the first game, and they didn’t look anything like their usual selves.

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