NFL reinstates Pats staffers suspended over Deflategate

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The Patriots’ request to have John Jastremski and Jim McNally reinstated after they were suspended for their roles in the Deflategate controversy has been granted.

In a statement Wednesday attributed to an NFL spokesperson, the league said the “Patriots have satisfied the league’s requirements for reinstatement and the league has granted permission for the employees to return.”

Jastremski is an equipment staffer and McNally is a locker room attendant. Both men were cited in the Wells report as being involved in tampering with footballs; their text messages and appearance on surveillance video were prominent in the Wells report.

A source told PFT last weekend that the league would not be imposing discipline on either man and that NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent sought a meeting with them not to interrogate them but to discuss their roles going forward.

135 responses to “NFL reinstates Pats staffers suspended over Deflategate

  1. Now the Pats need to get their draft picks back. Put this foolish witch hunt to bed entirely.

  2. So… two guys who supposedly did something wrong, causing a $5 million dollar investigation and a trip to Federal Court are back to work. Nice. More evidence that there never was any deflation, except in the ego’s of Colts and Ravens GM’s and fans. Nothing to see here folks, please keep moving along. Nothing to see here, says Roger.

  3. But the PATRIOTS suspended them according to ESPN. LOL. The article on that site is ridiculous. It states that Adam Shefter is reporting the employees have been reinstated. But then it balks at Shefter’s report that it was the NFL’s doing in the next paragraph of the article. It’s an absolutely mind blowing piece of “journalism.”

  4. Next week the internal memo will be leaked naming them as two new executive VP’s.

    They’ll be doing public appearances and autograph signings with Greg Anderson in a year or two.

  5. It’s a total sham these two clowns weren’t put under oath or at least questioned in the clear. Obviously the NFL decided that what they knew would be so damaging to the integrity and reputation of the game they decided it would be better to sweep it under the rug.

    If only Goodell had the guts to do what’s right.

  6. So, the NFL reinstated 2 guys that they have denied suspending every step of the way through this debacle. Sounds about right…..

  7. Very telling when it comes to what was left out of the Well$ report. If they had any hard evidence theses guys wouldn’t be offered reinstatement their only choice would have been whether or not they wanted a blindfold.

    What a pant load this entire fiasco has been.

  8. I’m surprised that the NFL did not release this info on Friday afternoon.

    Do you really think that the NFL would essentially give in on the rehiring without disciplining them if they thought they did something wrong? This shows just why Goodell chose not to bring them in for the appeal hearing and swear them in under oath – there was nothing incriminating to hear.

  9. Bellicheck and Brady may get all the negative attention there but if Goodell accomplished anything with all this it was that he made Robert Kraft look a pushover. Anyone who has an objective point of view knows Kraft has a big heart for a filthy rich businessman. But in the NFL seeming weak is worse than actually being weak. Goodell may have gotten one over on Kraft, but there are too many people around the NFL who see it as Goodell picking on him in a moment of weakness. And that makes Roger look weak. Kraft doesn’t have to do anything but let Goodell keep digging himself a bigger hole.

  10. Watching the deflategate case crumble is so much fun.

    And after each damming story comes out I get to enjoy my new favorite pastime, seeing which Tom-Brady truthers abandon the sinking ship and which desperately cling to their stupidity.

  11. So the NFL was supposedly convinced that these two committed some nefarious deed counter to the integrity of the game. A grand conspiracy that caused the biggest controversy in the history of the sport and embroiled arguably the League’s greatest all-time player and an issue for which the legal team is still pursing litigation. Yet the NFL allows the two central characters in the “plot” to be reinstated? The unscrupulousness of this league continues to amaze.

  12. I wonder if Roger Goodell fantasizes about going back in time to the AFC Championship and not screwing the whole thing up from the beginning. His legacy right now is that of a commissioner who managed to avoid a strike, but who did everything else so incompetently that he became the butt of jokes on late night TV.

  13. Good for the Pats. These were victims of the science ignorant witch hunt that were completely replaceable and didn’t have any recourse against injustice like the NFLPA.
    Next thing required for justice is draft picks back and apologies from the NFL head office.

  14. Although deflation duties have already been reassigned, there are a wide variety of cheating roles available on the patriots.

  15. Either you think Brady is guilty and that these two were just following orders or you think Brady is innocent and nothing happened…… Under both circumstances shouldn’t these poor guys get their jobs back?

    Unless anyone here truly believes that these guys were deflating footballs, if they deflated footballs, on their own without direction. And that’s just silly.

  16. So how does the anti-Pats mob respond to this one? Because the Pats were paying these guys hush money to keep them quiet, right? Or was it proof that the Pats were guilty because they fired these guys, and if they were innocent, why fire them?

    I can’t keep the idiocy straight.

  17. Also, before I see “just because NFL asked the Patriots to suspend them doesn’t mean that should have” argument in these comments…. with what the NFL did to Brady for “non-cooperation” you think that that’s a great idea? Fact is, Pats were put in an unwinnable position here. Framed.

  18. Do they still expect us to believe they’ll be appealing the Brady verdict? How would “we reinstated the employees supposedly at the heart of the nefarious ball-deflation scheme without any talk whatsoever of punishment” go over at an appeal hearing?

    Hopefully this is the final sign that the league is moving on from this, forever.

    That ball PSI will only be measured randomly going forward is the last sad note of this complete travesty of an “investigation”.

  19. Goodall himself publicly stated a couple of weeks ago that the nfl had nothing to do with the suspensions. Could he have lied? Unless ESPN is making this story up about the nfl reinstating them I guess that is proof he did. I wonder what else he has been lying about……..

  20. Osiris,

    Those two, as well as Tom Brady were all under oath during the multiple interrogations Welles put them all through. In fact Jastremski and McNally underwent over SEVEN hours of questioning, yet Welles in his great wisdom and competence only included 2 sentences out of 7 HOURS of testimony in his report.

    You would think that the alleged guys that supposedly committed the crime would be worth more than 2 sentences of testimony if anything actually did anything.

    So your “under oath” complaint is just ANOTHER myth that is going around, fueled by haters who don’t really care about the truth only about the “hate”

    Now you know.

  21. Still got ROBBED of two draft picks, including a first-rounder. They want parity so bad, and they’re probably sick of every other team complaining, “Pats OP, NFL pls nerf” for the last 15 years, that they have to drum up contrived excuses to take draft picks.

  22. This is at least the second time the league tried to steal a Super Bowl trophy from the Patriots, and arguably the third. Plus this time the Commissioner of the NFL called the police and told them to be on the lookout for Patriots fans that might mess with his vacation mansion. That was something that actually happened.

    An apology to Kraft is not going to cut it anymore. We rescind our offer.

  23. Everyone knows that if you get away with something once…you are bound to try something again. This isn’t the last we’ve heard of these two. It’s not like they are going to walk the straight and narrow now…will they OJ?

  24. I wonder if any mediot will ever take the time to document ALL of the League office’s direct lies during the last 8 months or “framegate”. Along with this one, I imagine it would be a lengthy list.

  25. The NFL really screwed up by not getting the hard evidence from these two. If it existed then that’s where it was. Florio’s articles to this point were concise and the League’s lawyers screwed the pooch.

  26. raidernation210 says:
    Sep 16, 2015 6:15 PM
    Would love to see these clowns swear under oath in federal court

    Brady already did. The NFL didn’t believe him.

  27. Hope they’re getting back pay.
    Well one guy is a game-day-only part-timer, so how much back pay would he be owed for the off-season – including pre-season games?

  28. .
    From the statement by the NFL :

    Commissioner Goodell authorized the discipline that was imposed by NFL Executive President Troy Vincent, pursuant to the commissioner’s disciplinary authority under the NFL Constitution and Bylaws and the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the NFL Players Association.

    “We reached these decisions after extensive discussion with Troy Vincent and many others,” Commissioner Goodell said. “We relied on the critical importance of protecting the integrity of the game and the thoroughness and independence of the Wells report.”

  29. It is clear that there is no evidence the balls were deflated in the first place.
    The texts between these dopes seemed damning. When one considers when they were sent, how many were sent, and what was said exactly it is beyond inconclusive that anything happened in the AFCCG

  30. In a response to an ESPN article that the nfl suspended McNally and jerstremsky, commissioner roger Godell stated on 9/8/15:” absolutely not! That was the decision of the Patriots”. Direct quote

  31. The deflator seemed to really dislike Brady and was talking about serving up watermelons and rugby balls in their texts. The communication between each other as well as taking the balls into a washroom violated NFL rules and cost the Pats a fine, draft picks and reputation. It almost cost Brady 4 games.

    This is some second chance by their employer!

    The only reason I’d bring them back is to poke Goodell in the eye or if these two had something that could cost me more than I’ve already paid. Or both.

  32. Roger is such a liar. He had to be the one who suspended them. I mean why would the Pats?SMH.
    I bet Roger destroyed 40 Spygate game tapes in Foxboro, not “about 6” like he claimed.
    What a snake.
    Classic love / hate relationship with NE franchise.

  33. Why doesn’t the Media ask Goodell directly…

    How come the league has to re-instate people you claim they didn’t suspend?

    Roger needs to be asked this question.

  34. Do you really think that the NFL would essentially give in on the rehiring without disciplining them if they thought they did something wrong?
    Yes. If what they did had been going on for 8 years and not just one game that would call so much of the NFL’s integrity into question. Why would BOTH sides not want them on the record about their roles? The only answer is that what they would say would be incredibly damaging to Brady AND the NFL.

  35. According to the Gospel of Wells, Brady was generally the ball boys deflated the Balls. With that being said, the NFL is appealing the Brady Verdict. So if these two guys were guilty….. How can the No Facts League reinstate two obviously guilty men.
    Oh wait…. Wells found zilch! (Except for $5 million dollars from the No Fooling League)…..

  36. This has been nothing but a witch hunt from the very beginning. If Kensil & Vincent were not ignorant of Boyles Law they would have known there was no deflation.
    The big question is why the NFL NEVER corrected the erroneous PSI levels? That poisoned public opinion against the Pats. Most still believe the LIE of 2 PSI. It was only 0.2 PSI after taking Boyles Law into account.
    An apology should be the next thing the NFL announces, along with the draft picks being returned.

  37. The NFL had one very serious problem in proving that the Patriots tampered with the footballs. It was such a serious problem that the NFL resorted to putting out false information without correction to win in the court of public opinion. The problem the NFL had was that the footballs were not deflated. There is not a person on the face of the earth that could tell the difference if the footballs were in fact .20 PSI under what the Wells report goes to great lengths to AVOID Publicly saying for obvious reasons.

    listening to all the talk and reading the posts over the last several months would lead you to think that these two equipment guys were world class secret agent operatives able hide all the direct evidence and also able withstand questioning from highly skilled investigators with the entire sports world looking in order to score a couple of autographed items which all locker room helpers on ALL teams get from the players anyway.

    All the damage cause by this investigation cannot be undone but it is a step in the right direction to let a couple of regular guys, one of whom has a loose bladder get their job back.

  38. They were suspended by the Patriots. The Patriots have already paid the fine for their involvement and for failure to cooperate. There is no reason for the NFL not to let them come back. But neither man will get their old jobs back. It’s in the books, there is no clearing of any one’s name. In the NFL’S eyes all three are guilty.

  39. You do realize that Brady and the Patriots were not found innocent in the court case, right?
    Not in the Judge’s final ruling (it wasn’t his job), but he certainly made it clear that Brady was NOT GUILTY in EVERY step along the way.

    Yet another NE win..

  40. The most corrupt organization in professional sports.
    Agreed. The NFL has indeed surpassed FIFA.

  41. It looks like Kraft got played big time by Goodell. Supposedly they were both in the middle of this debacle, were not suspended by the NFL, but the NFL had to reinstate them. Kraft basically rolled over, paid the fine and agreed to losing the draft choices. Then Goodell stabbed him the back and the heart and went after Brady. And Goodell said on ESPN radio that all is well between him and Kraft. Goodell couldn’t tell the truth if he had to but I find it hard to believe that he and Kraft are OK with how everything went down.

  42. Quote “It is well known that a suspected offender, who chooses to take there case to federal court risks recieving a much stiffer outcome as opposed to taking a plea bargain. It’s apparent why the federal court system beat Vegas odds with a 95% outcomes in there favor!

    -H. Michael Steinberg

    The Patriots Franchise has not only been beating there opponents convincingly for the past 15 years, they have been doing the same to Vegas!

  43. ncphinsfan says:
    Sep 16, 2015 7:31 PM
    I guess Patriots Fans still don’t understand that although they got away with it… Does not mean they were innocent. See OJ Simpson Trial.

    Right, because murder is the same thing as deflating footballs.

  44. The NFL never had a case….total mess, accusing a good football player of crime he didn’t commit. The judge threw it out because the NFL had no case. It wasn’t a technicality….it was simply no case. Then the red herring claim about the destruction of the phone to play to the media….their behavior was and is reprehensible. The NFL hierarchy needs to change , the owners must realize they have incompetence at the top.

  45. “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”


    He’s talking about you NFL, ESPN and Haters…

    Enough said.

  46. Have you noticed that the “Brady wasn’t found innocent, he got off on a technicality, if those two guys didn’t do anything then why were they suspended?” Crowd don’t tend to read much?

    Too bad. If they did they’d have had the best Summer reading assignment I’ve had in my life: The Evisceration of the NFL.

  47. It pays to keep your mouth shut, that conversation Brady had with them in the QB room to keep quiet and I’ll take care of you talk, good to see he is a man of his word…next up politics…..

  48. The desperation has become palpable for those who have gone so far out on the Brady/BB/Pats limb that they have no graceful no way back. The insults are as plentiful and vile as ever but one by one the detractors slip away. It should be clear that no matter how many time you repeat it or type it in caps it’s still a lie that anyone tampered with footballs in NE. Analogies to OJ are particularly heinous as are references to teaching children. These are pathetic last gasp attempts to justify some bizarre vendetta.

  49. osiris33 says:
    Sep 16, 2015 5:51 PM

    It’s a total sham these two clowns weren’t put under oath or at least questioned in the clear. Obviously the NFL decided that what they knew would be so damaging to the integrity and reputation of the game they decided it would be better to sweep it under the rug.

    If only Goodell had the guts to do what’s right.

    The total sham was that the NFL would not turn over the notes and testimony of these two for the appeal. What that tells you is after several interviews each the NFL had nothing. Otherwise they would have turned over the notes as required for a fair appeal process.

    And we already know that the NFL was found to be lying about the actual psi levels and thanks to the NFLPA’s filing to Berman we know he was lying about what was said during the appeal, too.

  50. These two put one over on the officials. They should be fired, along with the officiating staff. There’s something wrong if I can arrange for the balls to be a certain weight.

  51. Let’s just assume that more than one team is adjusting football pressure whenever they deem it necessary. No one ever cared before the colts decided to talk out of school. They broke the code. More goes on than anyone outside the league knows and it wouldn’t be good for anyone if a guy like Specter rest his soul got too deep.
    Not every game ends fairly and sometimes it’s no one’s fault. Big boys don’t go running to the principal when they lose. Simple as that folks.

  52. ebdug says:
    There’s something wrong if I can arrange for the balls to be a certain weight.
    Well, the rules allow pre referee inspection pressure to be anywhere within a specified range. What is so “wrong” about that?

  53. Btw who are the people in the nfl with “integrity”? The 49rs or the Broncos that cheated the salary cap? The roided out steelers of the 70s? Jerry rice with his stickum? Tomlin tripping opposing players? The 49rs putting Vaseline on their o linemen jersey’s? The Ravens and their deer antler spray? The Seahawks players that have turned Seattle into the PED capital of the world…….

  54. Professor Robert Blecker was on Sports 60 Minutes
    If there is still any open minded person that believes the NFL you may want to Google the segment and listen and learn what most Patriot fans figured out back in January

  55. Not that I much care, but the fact that the NFL approved the Patriots’ request to reinstate these two is not, in and of itself, proof that the NFL suspended them in the first place. After noting that the Patriots had informed the league of Jastremski and McNally’s suspensions, Troy Vincent’s disciplinary letter to the Patriots goes on to state that:
    “Neither of these individuals may be reinstated without the prior approval of NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent.”

  56. And this period will go down in history like the steroid era in baseball. The records mean nothing at this point. The apologists defy logic in their complete disregard for the obvious connection between the text messages and their relationship with Tom Brady. You people are living in the dark and it’s sad. Read each one of the text messages and you’ll find the light. The NFL’s good of the game argument wouldn’t allow for the full truth to emerge. Brady squeaked by with an attack on the process, not the facts. The deflation has been occurring for quite some time. How long have the records been tarnished?

  57. I can only conclude that the anti-Patriots here has not kept up with the news of a complete lack of evidence that any ball was ever deflated, or the fact that once falsely accused and punished Kraft had no recourse with the league at all short of suing the NFL (i.e. the other owners) and risking losing his franchise.

    The only guy with any recourse here was the player, and he exercised that right by taking the league to court, utterly destroying them and getting his bogus punishment vacated.

    If after all this you still want to scream “cheater” you are either illiterate or simply a troll.

  58. Since when does the NFL have the right to approve or disapprove the hiring of non-contract laborers for a private organization?

  59. I’m glad the air is finally beginning to go from this story, leaving all the trolls utterly deflated.

    But forgive me for pointing out again (for the third time in comments to such reports) – the NFL is using extreme sophistry when saying “we didn’t suspend the two ball guys, the Pats did!” According to Schefter, back in May (on twitter and on radio) the NFL rang the Pats and “advised” the Pats to suspend them. So, technically, the Pats did it, but it was at the behest of the NFL. Hence Goodell’s very weasel words. Anyone still like him?

    And the joke is (as 6ball refers above, and I’ve commented on before) the NFL’s original announcement of the ball guys’ and Brady’s suspensions, even clearly states at the bottom that Goodell is directly quoted as saying “We reached these decisions…” (i.e. plural, for all three men, not just Brady). I just can’t understand how the media, even sometimes on PFT, kept missing these points.

  60. mcnally, you rummage the wastebaskets and cross-wire the headsets.

    jastremski, you pee in the gatorade, and run the videocamera.

    i’ve got the media guide with 11 of 12 facts significantly incorrect for chris mortensen

    break on three…ok, 1, 2, 3 — BREAK!

  61. You know what?


    They measure the air pressure. Which is in Pounds per square Inch, which is not the same thing as weight. Yes, there is less air inside a deflated football, but since it is literally the weight of air, that’s not how you figure out if it’s been deflated.

    You take the air pressure. With a gauge. A calibrated gauge. In a controlled temperature environment. Then check the ideal gas law to see if the inflated levels fall in the expected range given the conditions in which the ball was inflated, or when the pressure was last taken.

    Of course if any of these procedures isn’t followed the whole thing would be meaningless, but who would do such an idiotic thing? Haha. Hahaha.


  62. There is not now, nor was there ever, any real evidence that anything was done by anyone from the pats.

    There is a boatload of real evidence that NFL lied repeatedly. That colts tampered with a football during a game. That this was a setup starting about 2 seconds after Brady told the ravens to do their homework.

    These are FACTS.

  63. The Haters who believed Goodell when he said the NFL didn’t have a say in their suspension are eating crow now

    Seeing as the cited their suspension as “proof” of guilt, I’m sure these same Haters now accept that the NFL reinstating them is proof of innocence, yes?

    If not, they’re hypocrites

  64. As for who suspended McNally and Jastremski, of course it was the Patriots. But, it was definitely under the instruction of the league. The two equipment guys worked for the Patriots organization, not the NFL. Kraft signs their paychecks, not Goodell. So only the Patriots COULD have suspended them.

    But the Patriots team is a part of the NFL league, and team must adhere to what the league tells them to do, or any stipulations they must follow. So of course when the league told them to suspend them they did, in the spirit of “full cooperation”. And the best proof of this is that they required an OK from Vincent for their reinstatement, which has now been done.

    The distraction is over now. Feel free to focus on league controlled headsets and legal line shift plays.

  65. For all those wondering whether the deflater lost weight, it looks like he lost 40-50 lbs.

  66. Kraft (the consumate “nice guy”) screwed this whole thing up by not fighting the draft picks.

    This was all about nothing from the get go. Goodell and Kensil should be the ones being suspended!!!!!!

  67. without saying a word…the fact that these two are being put back to work with the Pats with NO discipline speaks volumes on exactly how much evidence the NFL had of ANY wrong doing…..

  68. Wasn’t the NFL hell bent on ‘protecting the shield….for the integrity of the game.” So the shield needs no protection from these two guys and they are clearly no threat to the “integrity” of the game. (or whatever is left of it)

    After all of the nonsense all summer, there was nothing to this saga whatsoever. Just a couple of butthurt, sore losers trying to explain away their own organizational inadequacies- one purple team that doesn’t understand eligible receivers and another team that cannot stop the run. #crybabygate

  69. #DeflateGate… The Story that keeps on giving Roger an Ice Cream headache.

    I think the Pat’s should have these guys be honorary captains in Buffalow.

  70. For all of you screaming “cheaters” look at 60 Minutes Sports piece on Deflategate….there is NO THERE THERE Also pursue your team cheats .com.

    Ask yourself why you are screaming “cheaters” and then realize you have been fed misinformation by the owners through Goodell because they can’t figure out how to beat the PATS. Then ask yourself why you are on the bandwagon…because YOUR TEAM can’t beat the Pats either. Good luck with another .500 season…

  71. I hope their new job titles are Directors of Communications and Video operations, Kraft Productions.


  72. This seals it for me. Nothing happened in the AFCCG with deflated footballs. This is/was nothing but a witch hunt that ended very badly for the NFL. And I don’t see it getting any better with the appeal that the NFL filed.

    Judge Berman was smart to write up his findings against the NFL because they’re going to be very hard to overturn.

    With that said, NE should get their draft picks back because as Judge Berman asked the NFL, “do you have any evidence that Tom Brady did this” (to paraphrase)…The NFL’s answer was NO!

  73. So… To Recap

    Winners : Tom Brady , McNally, Jeskremsky, Pats Fans , NE Patriots Team (they got thier QB)

    Losers: The NFL League office and its cast of idiots, Wells, Goodell, Kinsel, Pash ect ect, Mort,BSPN, All the Ravens Fans , All the Colts Fans, All of the NYC Media including the Radio guys and everyone else who spun their truths that the Patriots were guilty.

    This was an unfortunate situation and frankly Bob Kraft should get his apology from the League… instead he got punished for nothing and the loss of the Draft picks is reprehensible…

    I personally want to thank Mike Florio and the PFT team for not losing their perspective in all of this… Their reporting was right down the middle and at times contrary to public opinion!!!

  74. alfredogarciashead says:
    Sep 16, 2015 7:11 PM

    Pats fans Brady wasn’t found not guilty. Why should the picks be reinstated?

    Legacy still tarnished!!!

    Only tarnished in the eyes of the agenda driven media and the cry baby haters and who really cares what they think? KissTheRingS!

  75. ampatsisahypocrite says:
    Sep 17, 2015 10:50 AM

    South Park was classic last night! My favorite line:

    “I’m going to admit I was wrong and take my punishment like a man. I’m not Tom Brady.”

    Yes, always better to be validated by a cartoon, rather than a Federal judge! Classically Moronic!

    I’m sure there’s a lifetime suite available for Judge Berman at Cheat Stadium as long as he wants it.

  77. alfredogarciashead says:
    Sep 16, 2015 7:11 PM

    Pats fans Brady wasn’t found not guilty. Why should the picks be reinstated?

    Legacy still tarnished!!!


    A federal Judge… and now several other very credible sources… SI , Washington Post, NYU legal , The wells report was torn to pieces… and they all agree this was a sham from start to finish… The league perpetrated a sting and a witch hunt which all culminated in one question Judge Berman ask Nash in court.
    Do you have any evidence Mr Brady did any of this (paraphrasing) ???
    Nash : No your honor.

    What else do you need??? They are reinstating the two principals the wells report was based on!!!

    Its over!!!

    Just keep on hating!!!

  78. Lol @ Pathetics fans upset over killer case comparisons. Your whole organization has been getting away with bloody murder for over 15 years.

  79. It would take a very creative mind to come up with a story line as bizarre as this deflate-gate story.

    Right from the beginning to end (if there ever is one) nothing that anyone could could possibly imagine would be more surreal.

    The most distressing part are the hoards of sheeple who insist on sticking with their “clandestine conspiracy cheating theory” even in the face of a wealth of contradictory facts and science, all predicated on a couple of vague text messages and a barrage of irresponsibly misleading media reports.

    Lack of evidence = Not Guilty

    End of story.

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